The Most Unbelievable Predictions In NBA History

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Comments 80
ICE24 7 hours ago
Jimmys videos are like an essay. He has an introduction, does the actual title of the video, then goes over his video like a conclusion. Am I wrong?😂
Erwin Joseph Vergara
The Starters: Leigh Ellis predicts the exact game where LeBron will reach the 30 000 career points milestone.
Ariz Jafri
Ariz Jafri 12 hours ago
That most likely tho
Drinking Outta Cups
Celtics win 2021 NBA finals in 6 calling it
Lucas Livieri-Gagne
So back in NBA2k17 I was on my career, My contract had expired so I was a free agent, I went to the warriors who had KD and DeAndre Jordan, well now look what we have in the NBA
Peter Simpson
Peter Simpson 3 days ago
Tatum to the Pelicans in 2030
Emu TV
Emu TV 3 days ago
Before game 5 of the cavs-pacers I said to my bro “lebron gonna hit a game winner”
George 3 days ago
Millions of people predicting millions of outcomes. I am surprised there aren't more "miraculous predictions". LOL. With those numbers, some of the people are guaranteed to be correct simply by chance, even if they make very specific predictions. Nothing impressive. LOL. Simple math. Simply by the laws of statistics. The same laws apply to wrong predictions too. (the other video) Do you really think the lottery winners know exactly which numbers to pick? Lucky guesses happen ALLLLL the f'n time. Statistically speaking, you have an astronomically higher chance of picking the champs and the details of how they win it all, than winning the lottery. I have to admit though, I really do enjoy these videos. Predictions (right or wrong) are fun to watch afterward.
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan 3 days ago
In 2019, I said as a gift for my uncle's wedding, the Raptors would win the championship. And then they won the championship
yusuf abdali
yusuf abdali 4 days ago
mavs are winning this years finals called it
yusuf abdali
yusuf abdali 4 days ago
mavs are winning finals called it
Official RaxPhilip
My prediction: The lakers will win the 2025 championships
porquop 4 days ago
that andrew sharp is too accurate, i bet he just edited his post or smt.......im prolly just a lil toxic
xr. kip
xr. kip 4 days ago
Did anybody else read the most likelys
My Name
My Name 4 days ago
Guys just let the simpsons predict
Federico Bravi
Federico Bravi 5 days ago
Noone will win the 2020 NBA Finals💪🏻
Sachit Kapoor
Sachit Kapoor 5 days ago
Woah when I saw the thumbnail I was like how do they know my birthday
Guisei Ketsubo
Guisei Ketsubo 5 days ago
2024 NBA Finals Bucks in 5
Maphack 5 days ago
patrick ewing to the knicks edit: i know most of you don't know csgo, but someone predicted the freaking EXACT scoreline for the finals of c9 and faze. the final map required double overtime. the dude had to pick not only the score of the double overtime, but the fact it would even go to double overtime. that's crazy
In the desert You find some water
Jimmy ! This is called DEMON ACTIVITY! Dont kindle with such spirits! Depart from them!
Naruto Namimaki
Naruto Namimaki 5 days ago
I made a prediction years ago whenever Chandler Parsons was still on the Rockets with Harden. I basically remember seeing Chris Paul play, and I said that he’d come to the rockets, years ahead, and my dad and brother laughed at me... until it actually happened. It was pure luck tho
Maximus Gutman
Maximus Gutman 5 days ago
My greatest prediction was my dad is coming back with the milk someday, nope that wont happen
cdclayton8 5 days ago
Lakers in 5 if playoffs happen this year
yougotservedyo 5 days ago
in 3 years MPJ is gonna have a 29 9 7 with 54% fg and 43% 3pt
Gabe E.
Gabe E. 5 days ago
My prediction: Knicks in 6 in the 2055 finals
Mellara Anzenberger
Clippers 2021 in 7 vs bucks
Wyatt Gilbert
Wyatt Gilbert 6 days ago
2080 Pelicans in 5
Wyatt Gilbert
Wyatt Gilbert 6 days ago
2048 Lakers in 7
Wyatt Gilbert
Wyatt Gilbert 6 days ago
I’m calling it that the Clippers are in 5 against the Raptors
🔥 *nice action* 1:20 💕💙💓 👇👇👇👇
qwe asd
qwe asd 7 days ago
Celtis at 7 2023 finals
Sami Reyes
Sami Reyes 7 days ago
Someone smart is going to like this called it
No Name
No Name 7 days ago
Hot take of best players of 2020’s: 1. Giannis 2. Luka 3. Nikola Jokic 4. Ja Morant 5. Zion 6.Trae 7. Tatum 8. Beal 9. Donavon Mitchell 10. Davis Bertans 11. AD 12. Ben Simmons 13. Kawhi 14. KD 15. Curry, also Tatum will team up with Trae, and Ja will team up with Zion.
Theil Lola
Theil Lola 7 days ago
"I recommend this guide: *euna.best/zcode-guide/6fA* So grateful it exists in 2020."
Maze 8 days ago
Year 2850 : portland will win the nba finals
Jason Lundgren
Jason Lundgren 8 days ago
When I worked for B/R, one of my writers predicted Chris Weidman would become the first man to beat Anderson Silva in the UFC, winning the middleweight title in the process. He wrote the article in 2011.
EXOTIC_Clash 8 days ago
My predicition: Kevin durant Will have the viruis
Flashykbm 8 days ago
Predicting lbj quits in 2022
Flashykbm 8 days ago
Calling the nets winning finals in 2022
Jrippy 2k
Jrippy 2k 8 days ago
2021 Knicks and Magic in the finals Knicks win in 4 Edit: I am not a Knicks fan
Drew Bravo
Drew Bravo 9 days ago
Toronto a top 5 team....."last week #1"
Keenan Moore
Keenan Moore 9 days ago
yall imma be honest I really don't know what he means at 1:36 when he say "16,7,and 4 a game" explain?
Keenan Moore
Keenan Moore 6 days ago
@Lila Stroup Thanks, Preciate it
Lila Stroup
Lila Stroup 6 days ago
Keenan Moore 16 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists
BaroqueSand Jasso
Kobe Kobe Kobe I mean like the Kobe prediction
Diego Blount
Diego Blount 9 days ago
Giannis contends MJ for GOAT status. In 2029
Setric7 10 days ago
Bucks in 8 this year calling it
Josh Mishra
Josh Mishra 10 days ago
the raptors kid probably said raptors in 6 cuz hes a raptors fan, plus hes probably mentioning the 6ix
Dagm Aklilu
Dagm Aklilu 10 days ago
Dave Onyeka
Dave Onyeka 10 days ago
I predict the Pacers in 2040’s
DigitalCat 10 days ago
Woj tweeted before they announced the picks that’s how he knew I’m pretty sure
Sports Nation
Sports Nation 10 days ago
My dad predicted “AUBURN’S GONNA WIN THE FOOTBALL GAME!!” With the exact commentary, score, and player who would take it to the house, TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE GAME
Jake Ledbetter
Jake Ledbetter 11 days ago
When Johnny Manziel was beasting it in College, I remember telling my buddy this guy is a Bum he will be out of the league in 2-3 years. And he was.
zoel em
zoel em 11 days ago
I hope he realizes that that article could have just been edited, but they didn't say that it had been edited
Avi Bhagan
Avi Bhagan 11 days ago
Jimmy, you are on crap ... Raps was a shoe in for the finals once Lebron left the West and went to the East .. That was a prediction, anyone would make ,..
Naell 12 days ago
I predict that Ben Simmons goes to the Warriors next year..
Luka Vidackovic
Luka Vidackovic 13 days ago
2026: jazz in 5
Cambro 13 days ago
I predicted march madness
Mark P
Mark P 13 days ago
My prediction is half of these people commenting can’t hoop.
JrSwagKing 13 days ago
Champions 2021 Raptors 2022 Nets
Antoine Zavala
Antoine Zavala 13 days ago
Jimmy best nba player
Pokemon 2020
Pokemon 2020 13 days ago
After covid 19 Rudy Gobert will go 25 10
Gunjan Lahiri
Gunjan Lahiri 14 days ago
Nba finals going to game 7 is rare and that kid is a raptors fan. A blind guess stuck.
A. S.
A. S. 14 days ago
Trae Young next player to make at least 70 point game.
Logic Bex
Logic Bex 14 days ago
2021 Celtics and Warriors? win game 1 and 2 lose 3 lose 4 win 5 lose 6 and 7 Or rockets but it takes 7 games
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Corona virus ends up killing 132,481 people world wide. oops wrong video
MossFN 14 days ago
My prediction for this year’s finals will be... oh wait.
Ronald Simkin
Ronald Simkin 15 days ago
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT STARTED RAINING AT 5:37 PM EXACTLY AS SOMEONE SAID IT WOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---- My prediction is that whenever millions of people make predictions, sometimes your going to get some crazy ass predictions come true. DOKE'. It's not earth shattering like this silly youtuber seems to think.
Adi Sinha
Adi Sinha 15 days ago
NFL draft I predicted DK metlcalf would be the 64th pick by the Seahawks before they received the 64th pick in the draft
Parker ODonoghue
Parker ODonoghue 15 days ago
the Lucas Stagliano guy went to my school lmao
Vinny Chenzo
Vinny Chenzo 15 days ago
Astronomical odds? Uh, no. Assuming all teams have same likelihood to win (not even close to true) thats 1/30 and then to know the amount of games (assuming thats also equally likely) is either 4,5,6,7 so 1/4. Thats 1/120 . But given that realistically theres only ever, lets say 6 potential champions thats now 1/24. Also 6 games is more likely than 4 so its actually less than that. Impressive, not astronomical. Infact if the whole stadium guessed the final score for any game, considering its gona be between 80-150 for both teams, thats 1/4900 so moretime someone will guess right
Bochino 16 days ago
Predicion: Rudy Gobert DPOY cuz he shutdown the league
Migo-Migo 16 days ago
2021 Finals, Heat in 5!
Landon Burns
Landon Burns 16 days ago
Giannias Antenekoupo will beat Westbrook's 3 yr triple double avg
Lyon Tluanga
Lyon Tluanga 16 days ago
rockets are gonna be 2019-20 CHAMPIONS
Mason Elford
Mason Elford 16 days ago
Yeah that raps prediction was insane. My prediction was raps in 6 and I did that at the start of the playoffs. 😂
Jack 17 days ago
2021 Finals Bucks in five I’m calling
Lisa Hammond
Lisa Hammond 17 days ago
5:23 he says lucas buddy (my name is lucas) it scared me
Oso 11
Oso 11 17 days ago
Rob perez predicted the raptors would win, in 6 games, in march
Uriah 18 days ago
DW Ethiopia
DW Ethiopia 19 days ago
I'm gonna predict that Gobert will get the coronavirus.......
*-XxOriginal_ _AvengerxX-*
My prediction vince carter will play for atleast another 20 years at most hes gonna play another century
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