The Most Spectacular Ship Anchor Drop Failures 2018

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16 янв 2018




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Anim musicTM
Anim musicTM Час назад
Its sound like a train running for 100000 kmph
Blake 3 часа назад
Easily a couple mil lost
Fastlane racing co.
Fastlane racing co. 4 часа назад
4:01 pretty sure that guy has broken everything getting slapped with that big ass chain he lucky to be alive.
Toyota4runner TrdPro16
Toyota4runner TrdPro16 6 часов назад
I think that hot ass chick at the end of the video was the only good part
Guy8t4 9 часов назад
Low key on the first one , I mean are they dropping the anchor from space, seriously how deep is the dam ocean , I thought it hit bottom 30 years ago
flounder2760 10 часов назад
i wonder if the navy has ever thought about making those pulleys electric motors... os that as the chain is going out (which seems to be when most failures happen.... it can use its electrical generation ability when being turned with no current being fed to it... to add electrical power to the ship and also add massive resistance to the chain going out so the brakes dont burn out.
Dead Bambi
Dead Bambi 10 часов назад
"The Most Spectacular Ship Anchor Drop Failures" I didnt even know this was a thing...and here I am watching the first clip drop an anchor in the fucking Mariana Trench
R Yeckley
R Yeckley 11 часов назад
If I could only make as much money as what gets ruined in a single day
Don_ECHOguy 11 часов назад
The big chain wheel on the first one needs a shot of PB Blaster.
Goodbye USA
Goodbye USA 12 часов назад
I got nothing.
mr hat
mr hat 18 часов назад
just tired
just tired День назад
I would have just grabbed the first one and stopped it. Pussies.
Dr. Rosenrosen
Dr. Rosenrosen День назад
Clickbait old crap, assface...
Common Sense
Common Sense День назад
Not enough brake.
MrRossm2523 День назад
the guy on the brake spent the night in the freezer for sure
Barry Tipton
Barry Tipton 2 дня назад
I take it they are not meant drop so fast lol
Lance Thompson
Lance Thompson 2 дня назад
7:42 skip to the interesting part
Wayne Ogden
Wayne Ogden 2 дня назад
C.W. ACO , cause you're a dumb fuck like me.
Russe 2 дня назад
Dont you hate it when youre watching a video and the cameraman fucks up the most exciting part,its like they all do it on purpose. Ya sit there through minutes of dribble till you get to the moment and they take a video of their feet or the sky.tip to future videoists,take the fkn shot
hifi noob 2018
hifi noob 2018 2 дня назад
Proving yet again....... people will watch anything!
DeepMindLab Visoneer
DeepMindLab Visoneer 2 дня назад
Im in the weird part of RUvid again.
Little Bit Pastel
Little Bit Pastel 2 дня назад
We lost er' Now if we need to stop and stay in place we pray.
PucK3001 2 дня назад
WTF! How do anchors even work!? That's what I'm off to find now!
Erlendur Sveinsson
Erlendur Sveinsson 2 дня назад
Collectively we have all lost over 2.5 years of our lives that we will never get back by watching this utter piece of shit. I hope we have learned from our errors.
perfect stranger
perfect stranger 2 дня назад
Nick Jimenez
Nick Jimenez 2 дня назад
Bored and surfing an incredibly dangerous combination. Now if I can remember what I was looking for in the first place?
gvo hosthenprofit
gvo hosthenprofit 2 дня назад
For those without hearing protection may your hearing RIP
Philscbx 2 дня назад
Yes,, a very weird spectacle to view 3iQ personel in charge of 40 tons of steel rope go freestyle. So, Cousteau,, if you're down there,, our ship dropped its necklace.
Travis William
Travis William 2 дня назад
Ganox Gage
Ganox Gage 2 дня назад
You're FIRED!
Troy Vandeventer
Troy Vandeventer 2 дня назад
Do you need leads? Go here: bit.ly/2Ju3E5e
azuci azuci
azuci azuci 3 дня назад
The start of the first vid sounded like it was the start to a music video.(I don’t know why but ya 😂)
kieran wright
kieran wright 3 дня назад
What do you expect Chinese knockoff
Fox Trouble
Fox Trouble 3 дня назад
Smoke on the water
Mike Mascow
Mike Mascow 3 дня назад
I thought we were going to see something cool...turned out to just be boring.
żëńįth çhäīńłôč
żëńįth çhäīńłôč 3 дня назад
Fucking dollar store anchors 🤦‍♂️
M 3 дня назад
kool vid,, only 85 items blocked lol
Michael Berna
Michael Berna 3 дня назад
Some were funny, but a few should've been trimmed since they had to much time of nothing really happening.
Dan Friday
Dan Friday 3 дня назад
What happened in the 1st vid ?
Ben Adams
Ben Adams 3 дня назад
You can see them hopefully working on the brake even with fire coming out of the shit... then all hell breaks loose and they all run !
scottlp2323 4 дня назад
I'm assuming all that first ship was carrying was chains? :O
peek-a-boo! 4 дня назад
who do you think can hold those anchor? hulk, thor, captain america, iron man, superman, batman or wonder woman?
Cleo Patra
Cleo Patra 4 дня назад
I could have put out the fire...
Nakira 4 дня назад
🤔.... A bungee cord should do the trick, to recover chain and anchor with no problem at all 😂 😂 ROFLMFAO 😂 😂
C W 4 дня назад
Well this is all very terrifying.
topgallant32 4 дня назад
Old vid but still impressive as hell !
Brandon Morin
Brandon Morin 4 дня назад
Can someone explain why gravaty under water would pull this down so fast?
Brandon Morin
Brandon Morin 3 дня назад
+Purple Green slightly is the key word
Purple Green
Purple Green 3 дня назад
Guess what ... steel is slightly heavier than saltwater ....
The Mask
The Mask 4 дня назад
Seems silly to get pissed when a fish takes your hook now hey
piggypiggy pig
piggypiggy pig 4 дня назад
I simply can't fathom this out. :)
curtiswatling 5 дней назад
Man can you imagine how loud that is and scary
TucoBenedictoPacifico JuanMariaRamirez
Was Rodney Dangerfield driving that second boat?
TECHNOLOGY Service 5 дней назад
Stuped operate
RockinL7BuckingBulls 5 дней назад
I found it quite enjoyable and fascinating I’ve never been around a ships anchor and ...........ya I’m a looser at least tonight.
adrianTNT 5 дней назад
2:06 whoever dropped the anchor really hates Internet Explorer :))
Bob Dunchad
Bob Dunchad 5 дней назад
Holee Crap!! @ 4:00 Don't see how that much flying steel missed him.
Vladimir Nostromov
Vladimir Nostromov 3 дня назад
Quick tip: do NOT inhale the fine metal dust (like they all seem to do), if it doesn't kill you quickly: it WILL forever stay in your lungs (and organs and tissue). Like, forever. Heavy metals settle in a organism, with no way to leave the body.
Crissy B
Crissy B 5 дней назад
Idk how I ended up here but these comments made my day. Lol
Sam Eden
Sam Eden 5 дней назад
No you see it, now you don’t....ok duh
GDGUY4LIFE 5 дней назад
How bored are we to watch this shit.?
TaraLynn McKeigan
TaraLynn McKeigan 6 дней назад
The guy that had to "take a seat" on the deck for a minute at 4:37 Was it a close call, did he almost get killed or did it just scare the bejesus out of him??????
C. 6 дней назад
Holy malaka!
Gabriel Tobing
Gabriel Tobing 6 дней назад
Did people die in the last one or something.
FrustratedBaboon 6 дней назад
Is there a Megladon taking the hook ? Who designed this crap ?
Zurkster 6 дней назад
Totally misleading title, some of these clips are older than RUvid!
PrankerMilk 3 дня назад
Last one was USS Tarawa pulling into Hong Kong January 2001.
Pipeliner Skilllabro
Pipeliner Skilllabro 6 дней назад
AND the Next video is how to pull an anchor back up after it falls so fast that high tensil strength steel starts to burn.
Jay Lew
Jay Lew 6 дней назад
I know someone who would try and grab on to stop the anchor from falling
frank carlo guillermo
frank carlo guillermo 6 дней назад
so this is where mr. crab's house came from
D. Jones
D. Jones 6 дней назад
Why does every anchor catch on fire WTF
MauzerMacP 6 дней назад
What am i doing with my life
David Williams
David Williams 6 дней назад
What is the thing you keep seeing them turning. At first I thought maybe an air break. But as the things start to go crazy you see them turning it faster like their trying to keep up with it....
Greg D
Greg D 6 дней назад
You had one job........one job!!
W P 6 дней назад
How hard is it to drop anchor... Hold my beer ;)
Sterni Deckel
Sterni Deckel 6 дней назад
@youtube algorithm: y u do dis to me?!
Mein Fuhrer
Mein Fuhrer 6 дней назад
2:00 malaka no more anchor!
Patrick Egan
Patrick Egan 7 дней назад
Monetising this compilation of videos (definitely not from 2018, and definitely not compiled by you as I saw this probably 10 years ago during training) is akin to people crowdfunding a personal holiday.
Tony Fedor
Tony Fedor 7 дней назад
Anchor people are notorious fuck ups..
mikelin7 7 дней назад
Skip to 7:42
Bobilator Realitywall
Bobilator Realitywall 7 дней назад
From what i seen its just retard who dont know how brake work . Just watch how mutch momentum they give the chain before they put brake . They dont know shit .
live&learn 7 дней назад
There, I watched it RUvid are you happy
Jay wiseman
Jay wiseman 7 дней назад
why the hell isn't the last link bolted to the chain bay
Drover Moore
Drover Moore 7 дней назад
Perfect....Third World Navy.
Mike 7 дней назад
Random piles of anchors and chains on the floor of the ocean. I wonder what one of those cost anyway.
umlax45 6 дней назад
200,000 lbs of chain and anchor prob cost at least $3/lb could be much more
mikedd87 7 дней назад
2018 and still filming with potatoes
nunya 7 дней назад
Is that normal?
Olli Oikarinen
Olli Oikarinen 7 дней назад
This should be renamed scariest youve ever been.
wg davidson
wg davidson 7 дней назад
What the hell was that anchor chain 9km's long?
ashegam 7 дней назад
can someone seriously explain wtf is going on here and why these chains start dropping so fast?
Mike G
Mike G 6 дней назад
The round thing that the chain goes around is a brake and is supposed to slow the chain down, but because the chain is so Heavy and the brakes are worn they just loose control and the chain pulls itself out of the ship.
Ibbz 7 дней назад
Do anchors just usually fuck up like this? Or is this the personnel’s fault? Also why not just make these digital and have them come out of the the side instead of this on deck design?
Goats 7 дней назад
It’s only 0930 and I’m already at this part of the internet
Eric Aasen
Eric Aasen 8 дней назад
cool new videos of anchor fails of 2018... and the last 40 years
Mwali Shah world
Mwali Shah world 8 дней назад
Please can you explain the reason?
first day
first day 8 дней назад
How long actually is the anchor ??? Seems to go on forever.
umlax45 6 дней назад
roger komula
roger komula 8 дней назад
It sad because any problem takes away time from sailors blowing each other.
Ob Fuscated
Ob Fuscated 8 дней назад
Ancient videos. Stupid caption. Disliked.
Keith Sergent
Keith Sergent 8 дней назад
Now it's time to watch, how to anchor a mega ship. Hopefully the method has changed.
baby song z
baby song z 8 дней назад
This is a disaster!
Robert Wicker
Robert Wicker 8 дней назад
The most impressive anchor drop has to be from the movie "Battleship" ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-mMdKnZKOhwk.html
Sargon Face Saaad
Sargon Face Saaad 8 дней назад
For how much meters of depth do they have chain?! It goes on forever (until it snaps anyway, LOL).
umlax45 6 дней назад
One video tells us. 180 fathoms plus the last part prob 200 fathoms or 1200 feet
Mini Maket Oti Na nai
Mini Maket Oti Na nai 9 дней назад
Και ακούγεται η φωνή ΜΑΛΑΚΑ!!!!!
A B Cars N’ Guitars
A B Cars N’ Guitars 9 дней назад
Those motherfuckers got balls standing next to that thing , fuck that I’m not getting ripped to pieces for no boat anchor , I don’t care how much it costs
PJ Ward
PJ Ward 9 дней назад
That had to be aftermarket Chinese brake shoes. With that said, I know nothing about ships, but if we can put a man on the moon, couldn't we figure out how to make this a little more efficient than a guy manually turning a wheel to create friction to stop the anchor? Couldn't it be computer controlled with a manual backup/override?
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