The Most Spectacular Ship Anchor Drop Failures 2018

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Daryl Halliday
Daryl Halliday 8 hours ago
Imagine how much money's worth these huge chains are.
ryan olson
ryan olson 23 hours ago
Love the first one where the brake shoes catches fire!
Stan Knight
Stan Knight 3 days ago
Hey Todd, how are you doing? Fine? Good. I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to go to the bottom of the sea and retrieve the anchor we just lost. If you would do that it would be great, thanks!
n3wbee 4 days ago
Haha there is a filipino guy in the first vid he said "hala ka no more anchor" Wich means "screw you theres no more anchor"
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 4 days ago
I thought they just let it go without a care in the world
Alton Rowell
Alton Rowell 4 days ago
Anker away. A long way.
Bionic Paul
Bionic Paul 5 days ago
Malik Traders 786
Intresting 👌👌👌👌👌 Love From Pakistan❤❤
Ali Syed
Ali Syed 7 days ago
Gravitational potential energy -> kinetic + thermal energy
Owen Bredley
Owen Bredley 11 days ago
Kestas Smaid
Kestas Smaid 15 days ago
Debyly 2
Ajesh T K Onakkoor
Ajesh T K Onakkoor 16 days ago
നൻങ്കൂരം ഇടുന്നതൊരു നിസ്സാരസംഭവമല്ലല്ലേ..... 🙄🙄🙄
joshin jacob
joshin jacob 9 days ago
john hannahan
john hannahan 17 days ago
Why not use a cable instead of the monster chain with the same anchor ..
Piotr ek
Piotr ek 18 days ago
I'm a mechanic, but this is f.....g engineer mistake :-)
Piotr ek
Piotr ek 18 days ago
...i w pizdu wylądował
Debayan Basu
Debayan Basu 19 days ago
Allah hu Akbar!!!
Military Community
Military Community 19 days ago
that so awesome, we strong
Military Community
Military Community 19 days ago
that so awesome, we strong
Erik Hägglund
Erik Hägglund 19 days ago
I saw most of these in 2017. And 2016. And 2015.
C L Thomas
C L Thomas 19 days ago
In some of these you can actually see the moment when the operator says “well, shit”.
BoilerBloodline 21 day ago
What are “Fathoms”?
Godflesh 29
Godflesh 29 24 days ago
Damn boatswain mates!!!!!
Godflesh 29
Godflesh 29 24 days ago
Thanks to the asshole dipping the camera down we didn't get see that chain whip around on last vid.
Chuck Harper
Chuck Harper 26 days ago
DMXiNc 26 days ago
so we can keep "producing content" ??? so collating videos is producing? damn son they need to rewrite the dictionary for you lot lol
Lance Revell
Lance Revell 27 days ago
Happened on my Navy ship in 1983. We left it and went on our cruise. The anchor had been recovered and sat on our pier upon return. Embarrassing. But we got it back.
Tankrit Kiddo
Tankrit Kiddo Month ago
@2:00 Bahala ka! No more anchor! Dropped all the way! 😂😂😂🇵🇭
Innaman Joubert
Innaman Joubert Month ago
Anchor overboard to Davey Jones' locker and f the consequences.
brizzlefizzle Month ago
When you’re approaching the skull fort too quickly
Carlos Rodriguez Von-Samosa de Aquas
Having dropped a few anchors in my time, I have never seen such a bunch of half ars*d amateurs in all my life
billy 626
billy 626 Month ago
Fucking thing is still sinking.
Alexander LaVey
Alexander LaVey Month ago
Reminds me of taking a cocaine shit
Dale Nelson
Dale Nelson Month ago
How fing long is that chain
Old Skool Nutter Bielefeld BBC
Let the blame games begin,he did it you did it you should have done it and could have done it but you done it Wong master Chen
alvyno Month ago
I bet no one like this comment
Edward Myers
Edward Myers Month ago
Why didnt they slap that guillotine looking thing shut?
Ed H.
Ed H. Month ago
End was shit!
Werrner Erstead
Werrner Erstead Month ago
wow the last (and best) one is a study in team incompetence, every last person down to the cameraman manages to fuck up beyond his wildest dreams... seriously, i dont care if any or all of those people died as a result of an accident like this but YOU SOMEHOW SPAZ OUT AND RUIN SUCH AN EPIC MONEY SHOT, MAYBE 5 OR 6 FRAMES AT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART?! pointing the camera down for a split second and then back up again as soon as the climax is dunzo? fuck you cameraman. fuck you in the butt
gustavo xar
gustavo xar Month ago
You can allways fish it out with a magnet
Jill LeRoy
Jill LeRoy Month ago
that garage on 2572 apple valley road in Brookhaven Georgia has been stopped disassembled do to laziness abuse and lying I want the perpatratior locked up in an insane asylum
Mike NJ
Mike NJ Month ago
Are you supposed to let 1 link at a time go? How do you prevent that from happening with that much weight?
Marc Wouters
Marc Wouters Month ago
Just order a new one on ebay with free delivery . Not satisfied , money back . So simple today !!!!!!!!
BatteryH1862 Month ago
I use Amazon Prime to get it free in 2 days...
Marc Wouters
Marc Wouters Month ago
These ships now sail more eco friendly with less weight , win win situation !!!! lol !!!!
Sebas Rodriguez
Sebas Rodriguez Month ago
intern has to swim down and get it
Tim Bibin
Tim Bibin Month ago
The chains weigh more than the anchors
WootTootZoot Month ago
There's always someone in Navy who doesn't know their job who will stand around with their hands in their pockets shouting "Muv-uh fuc-uh"
Bada Bing Bada Boom
Captain thinks to himself, Oh crap I should have bought 2 when I was at walmart yesterday.
77MrAH Month ago
I'm a pirate and I find this video really humiliates us pirates. Take it down you landlovers! 👊
S J G Month ago
😂😂 exactly what I was thinking
Luca Diamante
Luca Diamante Month ago
Message for ship designers: provide two or three brakes pour anchor, not only one
Flatfoot2282 Month ago
ummmmmm...Didn't the captain mention about needing a new anchor or sumptin just the other day?
mr cynical
mr cynical Month ago
Chinese crap
Jake Foster
Jake Foster Month ago
Real men lift there own anchors
charlie frost the first
Someone hooked chuck Norris
Paul Naylor
Paul Naylor Month ago
The first vid the Captain comes out and says “now go get it”
Passion On Fire
Passion On Fire Month ago
So who's jumping in to retrieve that one
Steve Wyatt
Steve Wyatt Month ago
These are some oldies but goodies........I love when people are too stupid to understand the cold-brake problem, it seems they would not be allowed near the anchor
Steve Wyatt
Steve Wyatt Month ago
That could smash your finger
punanie05 Month ago
Holeyyyyyy s***. The guy at 4:10 got mighty lucky.
nomad with a camera
*anchor has left the chat*
nomad with a camera
I suppose thats what you get when you buy an anchor from china
firstname lastname
Why are they dropping anchor where the chain is too short to reach bottom? They don't know how deep it is?
blahfasel2000 Month ago
To be fair, after the dust settled all those anchors were dropped fair and square...
Dawgator Month ago
How deep that water is?
Josh N
Josh N Month ago
It's an anchor that speaks to whales.
P. Butler
P. Butler Month ago
A cable failure can cut you in half, there's nothing like the North Atlantic in a storm on a big ship but on a small boat i wouldn't want to try. A good read is "Grey Seas Under" by Farley Mowatt, amazing men of the sea.
Bobby Greenwald
Bobby Greenwald Month ago
Who fills out the lost anchor form. Note to workers break the security camera.
Bobby Greenwald
Bobby Greenwald Month ago
Can someone tell me why the end of the chain is not hooked to the ship?
eejay H
eejay H Month ago
I can smell the burning brake bands from here
Graham Turner
Graham Turner Month ago
I wonder how much it costs to buy a new anchor and chain after some douche drops it too far and loses it.
Lord of the Wood
This is why I use rope on my ships...
Chris Perry
Chris Perry Month ago
Damn I'd say don't crank it that many times and give it that much slack to just take off like that
Michael Eugene
Michael Eugene Month ago
The first video reminds me of a track song that sounds like the opening of "flava in ya ear"
SoggyFries Month ago
Perhaps some rubber matting on the ramp
Art Z.
Art Z. Month ago
I think I just saw everything in my life
Lee C
Lee C Month ago
Now I know why ships are big. It’s so they can carry the chain!
Negrodamus Month ago
I would do that job like a man... with no ear plugs
Craig MacGregor
Craig MacGregor Month ago
lol at the first one. Thanks to Assassins Creed Odyssey we all know what the guy shouted as chain vanished over edge hahah
Jared Anthony Bandalan
hala ka wala na ankor
Pro Rider
Pro Rider Month ago
These guys must’ve bought there anchors if eBay
Kyle Bennett
Kyle Bennett Month ago
LOL i was watching videos on 10 different ways to start fire without a lighter, i had no idea this was going to be yet another way.
Nestor Alegre
Nestor Alegre Month ago
Thats dangerous..fuck that
Joseph Patton
Joseph Patton Month ago
Anchor and chain away Sir ! 🆘🆘🆘
Joseph Patton
Joseph Patton Month ago
Hold my beer man,, I got this... Famous last words
illbbback Month ago
FYI. In the first one I heard them speaking Greek.
Nikolay Yurievich
Никого не убило?
alper sarı
alper sarı Month ago
a.s. durmaz.
gOsHtFaCe Ballaz
RiP 2 Chainz
Joe Citizen
Joe Citizen Month ago
They deserve to have their cheap ass brake systems burn down ... and to lose their anchor and chain ... spend some shekels and upgrade jews.
*Wonka* Month ago
thing is the chain was hung on the notch link..these idiots kept losening the brake anyway...boom dah dah zing.
F B Month ago
Now we know what may have caused some earthquakes and tsunamis in the past
Deon Potgieter
Deon Potgieter Month ago
Ear candle
Syclone0044 Month ago
LOL 2:10 I swear I saw that on TV when I was about 15 -- now I'm 38!!! 🤣😂
Anim musicTM
Anim musicTM Month ago
Its sound like a train running for 100000 kmph
Blake Month ago
Easily a couple mil lost
Fastlane racing co.
4:01 pretty sure that guy has broken everything getting slapped with that big ass chain he lucky to be alive.
Toyota4runner TrdPro16
I think that hot ass chick at the end of the video was the only good part
Guy8t4 Month ago
Low key on the first one , I mean are they dropping the anchor from space, seriously how deep is the dam ocean , I thought it hit bottom 30 years ago
flounder2760 Month ago
i wonder if the navy has ever thought about making those pulleys electric motors... os that as the chain is going out (which seems to be when most failures happen.... it can use its electrical generation ability when being turned with no current being fed to it... to add electrical power to the ship and also add massive resistance to the chain going out so the brakes dont burn out.
Dead Bambi
Dead Bambi Month ago
"The Most Spectacular Ship Anchor Drop Failures" I didnt even know this was a thing...and here I am watching the first clip drop an anchor in the fucking Mariana Trench
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