The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay
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From Amy's Baking Company to a pigeon in a kitchen.
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Mar 17, 2019




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Comments 24 605
Jonah Barden
Jonah Barden Minute ago
Is everyone gonna just ignore the fly at 9:18 who just wanted to meet Gordon Ramsay?
GlazoGamer 26 minutes ago
Whoever eats this need to be fired How do I fire someone eating there
RJ 51 minute ago
6:44 i can't even deal with him trying to fit that in his mouth XD
MegAlterMW 58 minutes ago
Look dude, there are some reality shows who do stage things for views, but not Gordon Ramsey. A chef with his amount of passion would never do anything like that.
The Hunting420
Mmmm its 00:46 am
techypurple 0914
Lol 9:02 😂
techypurple 0914
Lol 9:02 😂
Mourning Willows Weeping Glory.
Alexander Pumpkin
Alexander Pumpkin 2 hours ago
That poor man...
claire ott
claire ott 2 hours ago
14:00 this dude just asked gordon ramsey who he thinks he is the AUDACITY
CrivMizzet 3 hours ago
$39 for a BURGER? I would probably leave the restaurant if I saw that on the menu
Mud Fox
Mud Fox 3 hours ago
Your scaring the pigeon! Stop it
Adrian Gray
Adrian Gray 3 hours ago
I can safely say that Aussie meat pies are not that bad
Mirwell Duo
Mirwell Duo 3 hours ago
Hey thats grandma.. I watched that ramsay love the grandma food
Red Nightshade
Red Nightshade 4 hours ago
If you can't handle the truth, why would you have Gordon Ramsey come in to your restaurant?? That's like someone who is lactose intolerant going on an ice cream diet. Dumb af.
Pandy 1019
Pandy 1019 4 hours ago
Even the fly's no longer interested. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gooseneck Gaming
Gooseneck Gaming 4 hours ago
I do feel like half this shit is staged
Betty Bond
Betty Bond 4 hours ago
I love the part where the woman is like "I make good food" and the man just laughs
frizzij 5 hours ago
The whole episode with the mice and them blaming Gordon made me so god fuckin angry for him 🤣
cute mirror
cute mirror 5 hours ago
f*cking fly.......
ThaCHUBBmonster 5 hours ago
5:59 dab 😂 🖐
William Morris
William Morris 6 hours ago
I love the way when gordon find rancid food he poars the juice on the floor. Because. 'Fuck you' you nasty pigs.
hi me
hi me 6 hours ago
Amy should have stuck with with baking thing
alex s
alex s 7 hours ago
Stark The Slick
Stark The Slick 7 hours ago
3:48 hahaha look at that dilusional prick xDDD
Twilight Forest
Twilight Forest 7 hours ago
Gordon: what is this? Waitress: (insert food here) Gordon: It's awful Waitress: I'm sorry Gordon: it's not your fault that it's atrocious
MinecraftWolf13 8 hours ago
There’s a theme with these owners... blue collared shirt and glasses
Streifen Demon
Streifen Demon 8 hours ago
10:56 Bruh he jerkin off?
Soda Drunk Kid
Soda Drunk Kid 8 hours ago
"You think I pulled it out my pocket" "I think you did" For my next trick I'll pull out mouldy lamb sauce out my ass
Ayryn L.
Ayryn L. 9 hours ago
This is why I always check Google reviews before going to a new restaurant.
dstorm eightzerothree
I'm from Australia and I buy pies like 3 times a week and I have never seen anything like that mess
SneakyPotato 10 hours ago
I love how in the end of the video theres noiss of knifes against metal meaning that steak being cutted is hard enough to make those noises
Gillian L
Gillian L 10 hours ago
All their food can feed me through my 3 years of university
Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey 10 hours ago
‘Get me a wheel for that bike so I can fuck off out of here’ 😂😂
MayMayYt ツ
MayMayYt ツ 11 hours ago
Okay but why is nobody talking about this 14:33
Dabbing Unicorn
Dabbing Unicorn 12 hours ago
*”God bless America”* *”Fuck off fly”*
ツYarino 12 hours ago
Gordon be like “two seconds”
Faith Johnson
Faith Johnson 12 hours ago
He is so dramatic about the burger
Reshufflelife_ 13 hours ago
I think the entire Amy's episode should be put in this vid
Corrine Donovan
Corrine Donovan 14 hours ago
"we don't yell at the costumers, that's not how we are" *Proceeds to scream and yell slurs at costumers*
Ella No one
Ella No one 14 hours ago
God bless America F*ck Off fly -Gordon Ramsay
Correct content69 666
That is not an Australian meat pie don’t wreak our icon !
Adam Charteris
Adam Charteris 14 hours ago
Gordon Ramsey trying to eat the burger is hilarious
Billy McGee
Billy McGee 15 hours ago
Seen and had better pies at me local servo at 3 after a night out. Don't you dare claim that as an Aussie delicacy
lowike you
lowike you 16 hours ago
Come on guys u know the people that do the complaints are fucking actors right?
Forest 16 hours ago
So the owners/managers think he planted the mouse their while the bus boy knows the place is infested. As a man on the low end of the totem pole I believe that.
Iris Freedom
Iris Freedom 17 hours ago
“God bless America... fuck off fly”
Large Bastard
Large Bastard 18 hours ago
That last one was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.
Eifie Dreemurr
Eifie Dreemurr 18 hours ago
Why is no one talking about how terrible that last one is?
Evalyne Hikari
Evalyne Hikari 20 hours ago
What was the episode with the rats episode #
YA PEEPS 20 hours ago
14:33 is that even allowed? Opening a restaurant, then yelling at your costumers? If you open any place a shop, restaurant, doesnt matter. You HAVE to know you WILL get shit from the people
TheMMBAJ 20 hours ago
7:45 lol that ugly face
Lekeah Trew
Lekeah Trew 20 hours ago
As an Australian that pie shouldn’t be called an “ Australian meat pie “ ours are cooked properly and look way better then that .
X. Y.
X. Y. 20 hours ago
Chef Ramsey, the vermin planter
N0T_ECH0 21 hour ago
If you guys want a logo like mine Just tell me what you want! Tell me: One letter A colour Thats it!
Jesse Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez 22 hours ago
Gordon Ramsey actually owns their souls form how hard he clowns them
Jan Moore
Jan Moore 22 hours ago
Fuckin pigeon lmao
lean logic
lean logic 22 hours ago
He handed bro the dead mouse
Damn Rodz
Damn Rodz 22 hours ago
F*cking pigeons
DreamX 23 hours ago
Facka you!
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