The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay
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From Amy's Baking Company to a pigeon in a kitchen.
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Mar 17, 2019




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Comments 14 567
Nickle pickle
Nickle pickle 15 minutes ago
"Perhaps you planted that mouse"
Hannah Ellery
Hannah Ellery Hour ago
That “Aussie” meat pie doesn’t look blood Australian at all 😂😂 I think all Aussies would agree
Kevin Ekstrand
No wonder why the USA is the country that uses most of the world's recorsers😂😂😂
William kuyateh
Gordon ramseby the uk rudest person
Akshat sharma
Akshat sharma 2 hours ago
Dead mouse was a paid actor!
Kevin Rocha
Kevin Rocha 2 hours ago
1:14 How my friends describe me
Sirlie08 3 hours ago
The last one... WTF 😂
Lynn Yueh
Lynn Yueh 6 hours ago
"Gordon will love our food" Every kitchen nightmare episode ever
Lynn Yueh
Lynn Yueh 6 hours ago
Will Gordon ever get sick from all the shit he touches... If he does, I feel so sad for his doctor...Something big must have made Gordon feel sick lol
Renee Lubke
Renee Lubke 6 hours ago
Me * crying : Please...... Mr. Ramsey put some gloves on....... Gordon Ramsey :Not until I get some good food
Plazmer 800
Plazmer 800 7 hours ago
Poor chicken, all killed only to be put inside a room to rot. This is horrible.
dj 9 hours ago
13:40 lmfao!!!!! 14:45 i'm dead
Jack Powell
Jack Powell 9 hours ago
I often wonder if some of these shocking scenarios are deliberately set up.
the eye
the eye 9 hours ago
this is why i never eat out at ANY restaurant
SBR cupcakes
SBR cupcakes 15 hours ago
The lady screaming while people were tryin to eat while her hair was falling down 😂💀”you mfs think you can come in here...”
random internets person
I feel sorry for the waiter
Google User
Google User 15 hours ago
Imagine ordering a Tomato pasta and being Muslim or Jewish and finding a PORK bone and sausage in your food🤢🤢🤢
AmericanPewDiePie 16 hours ago
We are The alliance
We are The alliance 16 hours ago
you come to my restaurant and buy my food?OH FUCK YOU AND YOU AND FUCK YOU TOO.
Tanner Kucharek
Tanner Kucharek 16 hours ago
9:17 "God bless America" *fuck off fly*
Breanna Rojo
Breanna Rojo 17 hours ago
What episode and season is the first clip from? The one with the dead lobsters
Shebat Mohamed
Shebat Mohamed 17 hours ago
8:27 "that Australia pie can fock off back to Australia" wow. They giving Australia bad image
Shebat Mohamed
Shebat Mohamed 17 hours ago
He called to ask who is buying the products by the actual person who's is responsible..
JaysArtEscape 18 hours ago
“Don’t FUCK with me” holy shit that was the most intense fuckin thing I’ve ever seen
Gracie Taylor
Gracie Taylor 19 hours ago
*fookin pigeon*
jcogs04 20 hours ago
10:55 John: "I've had enough" *proceeds to masturbate furiously*
Symone Marco
Symone Marco 21 hour ago
If u want a laugh read this! My father is a druggy and a drunk so he was incapable of raising his 8 kids which one is now dead and his wife or my mom is to. So Hilton or my biological father thought it would be a good idea to open a restaurant which almost killed all my brothers and I new it was going to be bad so I didn’t eat it or anything he ever tried to feed us for that matter. Maybe the first week of being open it turned into a meth lab and a year later it blows up with pregnant me in it! I was 15 at the time but I survived and so did my babies and my dad got 20 years but he got out because his business partner paid of a lawyer and some other dude I’m pretty sure. Parent of the year award goes to!...ME! I was actually there for my kids I’m only 17 but I can take care of my 6 remaining brothers plus my 2 kids! And the worst parent of the year award goes to!... MY DAD! He almost killed me and my babies in a explosion and he abused us oh and he is a drunk and a druggy and he killed my Mom! and u can’t forget the time he pt me in a coma! I HATE U DAD!!!!!!!!!
KidDynamite101 _
KidDynamite101 _ 21 hour ago
Fuck off fly best line in the world
Can Tin
Can Tin 22 hours ago
2:30 How did he notice the mouse?
jennifer Isabel
jennifer Isabel 23 hours ago
the most freshed thing up in here is this pigeon
Destiel Trash
Destiel Trash 23 hours ago
im convinced the dead mouse at the entrance was planted. he was trying so hard to convince them it was there when he got there and his voice got so high
Ron Thunders
Ron Thunders 23 hours ago
reality tv is soo fucking gay and not real.
Queen Anxiety
I feel sick just from the first video...
John Brown
John Brown Day ago
That pork chop!!🤣😂🤣😂
David Ace Ray Ollsàn
you wanna fuck with me? well i will fuck with you because you wanna fuck with me i fuck with you, i wanna fuck with you because you fuck with me fuck you you fuck fuck you i fuck with you understand that?
Elyse Cortinas
“ f*ck off fly “ I died 😭😭
Kailyn Ball
Kailyn Ball Day ago
If i saw someone in Australia eating that ‘Australian’ pie.. I think I’d fucking punch them what the fuck.
some of the stuff gordons touches doesnt even make me wanna touch my own hands
9:19 Fk of fly XDDDDDD he’s trying to save the flies life lol
Sabeena Solomons
5:27 is no one gonna comment on that dude's facial hair? :')
Mariela Diaz
Mariela Diaz Day ago
That last clip made me want to commit RAMSAY rage
yas Day ago
If YoU WaNnA FuCk WiTh Me I wAnNa FuCk WiTh YoU!
Jordy Hayward
Charlie Clark
Gordon's "Don't fuck with me" was intense 13:57
No Pain, No Gain
Fuck off fly
Symbiote23 Day ago
I liked that last snippet where Gordon asks the customer "Hey just to let you know that $10 tip you just left your waitress, the owner keeps it." The owner got so fucking angry, like oh fuck you they aren't suppose to know that! Lol the fuck?! You pocket your employees tips and expect everyone to just be cool with it when it comes to light?
t-series Day ago
that aint no pork chop its a chicken that you fuking squished
Nine News YouTube/Mocks
I am Australian and I am disgusted and embarrassed with that pie. How dare him.
beyblade god 1
Gordan ramsay sucks !!!!!
beyblade god 1
beyblade god 1 2 hours ago
True true
Slap shot Studio2006
beyblade god 1 listen if Gordon was nice people would take advantage of him so he’s mean
beyblade god 1
beyblade god 1 2 hours ago
Slapi know but he is still being mean about it
Slap shot Studio2006
beyblade god 1 1. it’s spelled RAMSEY 2. He’s asked to come to these restaurants that are failing to why the businesses are failing
Sarah Day ago
“Would you like anything else?” “Yeah, a wheel for that bike, so I can get the fuck out of here.” 😂😂😂
Autumn Fox
Autumn Fox Day ago
When she said I make excellent food and a guy started laughing made me die
scorpleeon Day ago
Exactly why I eat out as little as humanly possible. If something's in my food that preferably shouldn't be, I did it not some schmo.
I agree with getting paid a good hourly rather than depending on tips. I don’t agree with allowing customers to tip who think their tipping their waiter and then taking the tip for yourself. Either tell the customers not to tip or let them keep the tips
Cameron Smith
9:43 lmao I’m dead 😵 🤣🤣
Mark Day ago
Dont fuck with me Yea you want to fuck with me I'll fuck with you Gordon: no I dont want to fuck with you
ExplodingPidgeon YT
*F U C K I N G P I D G E O N*
JammyDonut Day ago
“But I never seen a mice”.. Wait..what?
CrystalWolfDragon1 8 hours ago
JammyDonut u haven’t seen a a lot of mice before? Mice stands for lots of mouse btw Nice joke XD
Chris V
Chris V Day ago
when he started naming the states on the pork chop i lost it
Sahi Junior
Sahi Junior 2 days ago
fuck off fly😂😂😂😂😂
mohan bt
mohan bt 2 days ago
The cameramen, are they invisible to those people?
Not You
Not You 2 days ago
The lobster one was really bad that guy could have died
Daniella Fónagy
Daniella Fónagy 2 days ago
BTS Paved The Way
14:34 the way he said fuck u was just hilarious 😂😂
Kristine Hede Burkal
"God bless America fUCk ofF fLy"
Hannah.Marie 2 days ago
*fucking pigeon*
Hylian Luke
Hylian Luke 2 days ago
What episode was the last one? That shit was getting good
KatnissRenn 2 days ago
*A fucking pigeon*
Julian e
Julian e 2 days ago
luke davis
luke davis 2 days ago
that is not an aussie meat pie its not even from bunnings
Shinead Shinners Daly
3:41 do you think I brought that in my back pocket? Yes Me: how? Why?
Shinead Shinners Daly
2:28 bloody hell
Abisai 2 days ago
Fack Off MatherFacker!!
TrainMaster15 2 days ago
Man: *has lobster and starts dying* Joe: “give me some fucking vodka”
Elizeu Fernandes
Elizeu Fernandes 2 days ago
Gordon visits the leatherface family kitchen, You won’t believe what happens
Alexis Syhaketh
Alexis Syhaketh 2 days ago
They just let the pigeon fly around the place XD
Haiden Wright
Haiden Wright 2 days ago
Those guys are embarrassing the fuck out of themselves "Fuck you im not joking fuck you bitch" "If you wanna be wienie get out of here"
Mitsyy 2 days ago
"God bless America." ... "Fuck off fly" I LOST IT
#TeamFuture 2 days ago
14:39 Fokiu FOKIU FOKIU!!!!
PhuckHue2 2 days ago
the mouse ate the food and died at the front door trying to get to the hospital
TAY Donald
TAY Donald 2 days ago
Mate I’m from Australia and that is NOT a meat pie Fucking disgraceful
Naisha R.
Naisha R. 2 days ago
4:20 Best scene!!!!! Mouse!!
Meg Williams
Meg Williams 2 days ago
That pie was offensive to all Australians Just wanna be clear and say our pies are so much better than that shit 😂😂
LegitGod991 LegitGod991
Look at this bun oh no no🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤯
LegitGod991 LegitGod991
Cockhead 🤣😂🤣😂
LegitGod991 LegitGod991
They not drum sticks they are crap sticks. lol 🍗
Ariana Diaz
Ariana Diaz 2 days ago
There's always the one who isn't fucking crazy and is like hey guys we should listen to what he says and make this a better place
Shockwave 4524
Shockwave 4524 2 days ago
TheOzone 1st
TheOzone 1st 2 days ago
I loved that little "Fuck, off fly"
Mr. Gemmy
Mr. Gemmy 2 days ago
Who else would like to see a video full of Gordon eating food he likes
Mr. Gemmy
Mr. Gemmy 2 days ago
Hey I didn't know Chuck-E-Cheese worked for that restaurant
hyperbolic time chamber
Nobody: Gordon Ramsey: fuck off flie!
DAZ 2 days ago
The last restaurant well if someone spoke to me like they would get my undivided attention swiftly followed by a punch or two-They are absolute Trash and have a dog shit attitude!!
Masterlegend101 2 days ago
Shelly uses amazing hair product 👌🤣🤣🤣
James Moore
James Moore 2 days ago
James Moore
James Moore 2 days ago
James Moore
James Moore 2 days ago
Gun in freezer wit James pack wit meat and access card
Jacoby Mendez
Jacoby Mendez 2 days ago
The last on bro
Josephine Baur
Josephine Baur 2 days ago
𝗧𝗵𝗮𝘁𝘀 𝗮 𝗳𝘂𝗰𝗸𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗽𝗶𝗴𝗲𝗼𝗻
Quickblood1 3 days ago
Honestly I sorta understand how a nice clean kitchen can on occasion allow standards to slip for a very short while but I honestly don't understand how you allow things to get this bad.
Spikey. 3 days ago
Amy: ".. You little weenies!" At least they have weenies, you 0 cm bitch.
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