The Most Ridiculous Moments On Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay
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From Amy's Baking Company to a pigeon in a kitchen.
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Mar 17, 2019

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Comments 17 487
Gilereth 5 minutes ago
"God Bless America"
At least Jimin has more jams than u
Why the food look nasty tho?!!
Shanos Hour ago
5:27 excuse me but what the fuck is that haircut
tackless Hour ago
Those last two are the epitome of batshit crazy. I would have knocked that old prick right through those glass doors if he put his hands on me like that. Believe me I'm about his age and he needs and ass whipping to remind him what it's like to be nice .
Craige Jones
Craige Jones Hour ago
That is not an Australian meat pie
Timur Badanov
Timur Badanov 2 hours ago
- There is the dead mouse at the front door. - He's delusional, send him to infirmary. - I saw the dead mouse... - No, you didn't. You DIDN'T. BECAUSE IT'S NOT THERE.
Leper Gorilla
Leper Gorilla 2 hours ago
Leper Gorilla
Leper Gorilla 2 hours ago
'god bless America' "fuck off fly!"😂😂
Hasan Alsahli
Hasan Alsahli 3 hours ago
Ooo it’s a rat ooo oo
Hasan Alsahli
Hasan Alsahli 3 hours ago
Ooo it’s a rat ooo oo
ChaiSpicedD 3 hours ago
Me in culinary school: fill-ets. My "teachers" in culinary school: FILLAYS Gordon fucking Ramsay: fill-ets
Paistin Lasta
Paistin Lasta 3 hours ago
I find it amusing that they are talking about Gordon planting a mouse in their restaurant for TV, and Gordon says fuck the TV, as mysterious hidden cameras record people's "private conversations".
TheLostInnocence -
TheLostInnocence - 4 hours ago
6:36. That burger THICC
TheLostInnocence -
TheLostInnocence - 4 hours ago
As soon as i laughed at the rat at blackberrys she said okay thats not funny. I immediately stopped laughing
Wrathborn 666
Wrathborn 666 4 hours ago
God bless America... fuck off fly
Patrick Bang
Patrick Bang 4 hours ago
seeing ramsays face trying not to go complete sgt on his arse when he floated the idea ramsay came with a damn dead ass mouse in his pocket fucking hilarious to see the mix of confusion and anger build in his face hahahahaha
Nguyễn Tú Anh
Nguyễn Tú Anh 4 hours ago
Honestly, what kind of fucking celebrity chef brings along a dead mouse to help a dying restaurant?? He had his reputation hanging on a fucking string just by deciding to help that restaurant, it all depends on the outcome. Shame. The owner guy must have received a huge blow to the head .-.
mr hidden
mr hidden 4 hours ago
Gordon: God bless America Also Gordon: Fuck off fly Fly:
Benson Chuang
Benson Chuang 5 hours ago
Is this real??
Jenny Juliana
Jenny Juliana 5 hours ago
Damn. Seeing Gordon getting mad to the owner keeping the tips made me so happy. I used to work as a receptionist in Pizza Hut and my boss keep it the tips 😑
rosé is everything
Oh bitch, everyone knows the truth and the truth is that mouse is from your front door.
Dmac 740
Dmac 740 5 hours ago
Why dump it on the floor your a idiot for that Gordon.
Victoria Quang
Victoria Quang 5 hours ago
porkchop had me flying
Blake Smith
Blake Smith 6 hours ago
mice in a restaurant gross… always be wary of where you eat
lewis bevan
lewis bevan 6 hours ago
What's happening behind that lady on 9:38
GamingOnRockstar 6 hours ago
How on earth is he able not to just smell stuff but stick his hands in it? I'd touch something slimy and throw up all over the place lol
Danielle Rhode
Danielle Rhode 6 hours ago
When he compared the pork chop to the continent i lost it 😫💀💀.
Remo Dow
Remo Dow 7 hours ago
Australian meat pie😆. As if, I'm from Australia and that looks nowhere near like the Aussie beef meat pie 😂😂😂😂. He should of just left it in Australia 😆
Jose lemons
Jose lemons 8 hours ago
Gordon: this burger is too big to eat and laughs Burger: am I a joke to you
Sweet Ui
Sweet Ui 8 hours ago
I was real pissed at the owner for saying that Gordon planted a DEAD MOUSE at the front door. Fookin pigeon.
Itzme MC Catunao
Itzme MC Catunao 9 hours ago
Sir Ramsey if you saw our freezer you will be shock AKA my mom doesn't like throwing food out
LaraD 9 hours ago
WTF that is NOT an Aussie meat pie! Revolting and more like soggy pastry in a jaffle machine which is just a toasted sandwich machine in a different shape btw.
Andrew Gonzales
Andrew Gonzales 9 hours ago
I don't understand y peaple get mad at him he's trying to help but u guess there to stupid in the head
Irnoman 9 hours ago
14:41 damn i would love to bash into his head what a fucking moron
Fortnite bros 64
Fortnite bros 64 9 hours ago
But actually the meat pie we have is a lot different than that piece of shit
Fortnite bros 64
Fortnite bros 64 9 hours ago
That is not a meat pie it can go back to Australia Australians: :(
Nayeli Dimas
Nayeli Dimas 9 hours ago
The second family just annoyed me. Swallow your pride okay? it's not- oh my gosh!!!
Ak47 T-Rex
Ak47 T-Rex 10 hours ago
Dam vegetarians.
Bleeding games
Bleeding games 10 hours ago
that pie is a shame to australia...
Miriah 10 hours ago
That chef “you gotta take responsibility for something or hows the man supposed to help us” at least someone was wanting some change
Geno Ooo
Geno Ooo 10 hours ago
Ok I get the idea but in the beginning that made no sense dumping chicken juice on the floor just made shit way worse. Fucking retarted
A B 10 hours ago
Wait... aren't lobsters supposed to be dead ? 😂
rachael smith
rachael smith 11 hours ago
Gordon should be on the show exposed
Shady Slim Shady
Shady Slim Shady 11 hours ago
Gordon:Focking pigeon Also Gordon:fuck off fly The fly and the pigeon:what did we do to you, you focking hooman????
L3l 11 hours ago
Omfg!!! I hate rats and mice! They scare me so much, and for Gordon to just pick that dead thing up... I can't 😭🤢
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 11 hours ago
Gordon: *softly* God bless America. Fuck off, fly.
mike Bordeaux
mike Bordeaux 12 hours ago
“Fuck off fly” ..... 😂😂😂
Service Dogs
Service Dogs 12 hours ago
The guy is in sane if he thinks Restaurants do not have mice I can probably tell you that 90% of the restaurants have mice and bugs I worked at a retirement home and we had a mouse drown in our chocolate syrup on the Sunday station we had roaches we had mice and they all knew when the exterminator would come and you could literally see a line on the wall of bugs coming down the different floors they become immune or they eat the poison and die out in the middle of the rooms which is probably what happened at this place this guy stupid if you thinks that his restaurant is not infested every restaurant and all He is doing by having the same exterminator come is making them immune to the chemicals
¿Carlos Morales?
¿Carlos Morales? 12 hours ago
*F U C K O F F F L Y*
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas 12 hours ago
My friends: are you alright Me: 11:58
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