The most respectful moments in UFC history: MMA is all about respect!

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There have been some emotional moments inside the Octagon over the years, and despite every fighter going in with the intention of knocking out their opponent, when all is said and done nothing matters more than the respect they have for each other...
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Nov 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Noaoah 9 hours ago
Jon Jones having a terrible reputation, I didn’t expect him to be on the list, but nevertheless is still somewhat nice to see him on it
Kadozu 19 hours ago
It’s hard to hold back the tears
600Cho 21 hour ago
Anybody peep festus Ezeli 😂😂😂😂
Bryton Duropan
*grown man crying on the ground* everyone: its free realestate :3
Paracetamol Girl
Paracetamol Girl 2 days ago
3:20 Is that 2Chainz?? Lmfaoo.
Guapan Messi
Guapan Messi 2 days ago
Glover’s literally the most respectful man and he’s not on here ;(
HaedreiX I
HaedreiX I 2 days ago
Am I the only one that gets sick of hearing Bruce Buffer?
Gareth 2 days ago
RIP abdulmanap
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia 3 days ago
These moments are so heartwarming
Wade 3 days ago
Good to remind people this is a sport.
RKS Playz-Random Gaming Content!
This should happen in youth fights hehe
No Effort
No Effort 4 days ago
“The most recpectful UFC moments Conor entered the chat: WHO THE FOOK IS THAT GUY!!
Sylar 4 days ago
Wish you'd included the Pat Barry vs Mirko crocop fight where Pat couldn't believe he was fighting his idol and I think even gave him a hug, mid fight
Marco Kerbl
Marco Kerbl 5 days ago
That is the other side of humanity
Jo Blow
Jo Blow 5 days ago
How can ya not like khabib nurmagomedov
Jerry Wil
Jerry Wil 6 days ago
See this? This is what martial arts is all about! Despite all the marketing and sensationnalism around this industry, it's all about respect.
Denk Scheet
Denk Scheet 6 days ago
Let's be honest. Nobody hates Stephen Thompson and Dustin porier
Haris saepul rohman
this beautiful moment keep sportif
Dan Quick
Dan Quick 7 days ago
10:23 Ronda yells “ NO!”
Shane Stewart
Shane Stewart 7 days ago
Adesanya vs Silva was like a physical chess mass. One of the most entertaining fights of all time. Silva got to prove that he could still roll with the best at 43. And Andesanya got to fight(and beat) his long time idol.
Piers Woodford
Piers Woodford 7 days ago
Joanna wasn't showing respect she was trying to influence the judges theres a big difference!
Piers Woodford
Piers Woodford 7 days ago
How did conor mcgregor make it into this video? He turned an amazing sport into a circus, glad mma is getting back on the right track again
Gary M
Gary M 7 days ago
rychard Feynman
rychard Feynman 7 days ago
Lmao silva learned his lesson of disrespect
Nas Pi
Nas Pi 8 days ago
I’m surprised khabib was in here, since he’s a piece of s. He was just spinelessly groveling though imo.
kingharjot 8 days ago
11:15 ronda before the fight: 😡 Ronda after the fight:😓
Myles Wardlaw
Myles Wardlaw 8 days ago
He really needs to stop saying this fighter is not the tapping type they always end up tapping out seconds later lmao 🤣 🤦🏾‍♂️
Iain young
Iain young 8 days ago
HOLLY 😍😍😍😍
Dagger - الخنجر
We humans are literally all brothers and sisters we just became too many that we couldn't keep track of every relative out there so we became many smaller families
Chris Groves
Chris Groves 9 days ago
crying like the girl he is....
Aravinda Patabandi
I did not see it from conor and kabib
Randy O-Marple
Randy O-Marple 9 days ago
Cm punk
Bigbike lover
Bigbike lover 9 days ago
All we need is respect
JB 10 days ago
It starts with Nick Diaz standing Anderson up and tells him to stop crying and ends with Anderson picking Adesanya up and tells him to stop crying. What a sport
cody collins
cody collins 10 days ago
Its just so beautiful to see these guys who just tried to knock out or submit the other guy step back and realise its a competition and a sport and to be good sportsmen and to congratulate each other win or lose.
Joseph 10 days ago
Wheres Mcgregor Khabib?
Gea Retar
Gea Retar 11 days ago
Should of included Connor getting humbled by Khabib.
Mike's Adventures
Mike's Adventures 12 days ago
Would love to still see Conor vs Nate 3 !
Cortland Berlin
Cortland Berlin 12 days ago
After listening to adesanya after the fight was over with anderson, i kinda get the feeling that he had too much respect for anderson to knock him out during the fight.
Nightflight to erotic city
These are probably the best moments in MMA to be honestly
Hussnain khan
Hussnain khan 12 days ago
This sport is all about respect 💯
Ali.Alien 13 days ago
Where’s Masvidal vs Askren?
elbones1982 13 days ago
Jon Jones should not be in here. He should not be fighting pro anymore at all
GRIZZLY BANKER 13 days ago
Damn these punches and kicks must hurt, looking at their injuries!
حيدر الشمري
in the end we are "from dust to dust"
Dan B
Dan B 14 days ago
I cried like Joe Rogan watching this
Раби Баркаллах
This what we need 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
JAE FIZZ 14 days ago
Ronda is such an abysmal winner and sorest loser.. no respect
Denis Moran
Denis Moran 14 days ago
The DIAZ brothers are fkn legend's....
Vincenzo Pagani
Vincenzo Pagani 15 days ago
look at these bloody faces. they are human in 2020, big shame!!!
Константин Шмаков
Where is F. Emelianenko - A. Noguera?
alen kostomaj
alen kostomaj 16 days ago
No its all about money
Just Shemar
Just Shemar 16 days ago
2 Chainz in the cut but w.e
mike Penko
mike Penko 16 days ago
Dutch Van Der Linde
11:30 that guy on the right is more happy than Holly lol
Daniel Himawan
Daniel Himawan 16 days ago
Thats way i like this sport
Byzel 16 days ago
Ngl seeing Rhonda's face in a compilation of that kind is kinda ironic
allan mathew borja
allan mathew borja 16 days ago
Adesanya vs Silva. The best passing of the torch moment.
Aku Yudha
Aku Yudha 16 days ago
My idol,khabib it's islam soldier..
DontDoItSean DontDoIt
the people laugh at cormier for crying a little bit, look at silva hahahahha
Drew Chaisson
Drew Chaisson 17 days ago
That last one almost broke me , greatest moment in the ufc history
Artem Khlopkov
Artem Khlopkov 17 days ago
Каждый уважающий себя спортсмен, обязан уважать своего соперника, только потому, что он, на своей шкуре знает, как тяжел этот путь...
Jose Guajardo
Jose Guajardo 17 days ago
1:47 no one my drug dealer
buhramyou 17 days ago
3:50 "Everyone liked that"
Verónica Suárez Wilhelm
Esos luchadores tienen códigos!
Mɪᴋᴀɪ 17 days ago
12:33 *THAT'S A BIG ONE!* 😵😂
Dean Fernandes
Dean Fernandes 17 days ago
12:10 Joe Rogan trying to put the mic in so that people can hear what they are saying XD
dawjara 17 days ago
Where are Khabib and Conor?
Arian Dito
Arian Dito 18 days ago
the Dragon is such a class act he's so nonviolently devastating
Arian Dito
Arian Dito 18 days ago
GSP is so canadian he legit apologized for choking Bisping out
Trevor Phillips
Trevor Phillips 18 days ago
I wish the ufc games had the option to show respect to the other fighter at the end of fights or trash talk and then
Leo Esrar
Leo Esrar 18 days ago
Great to see such an attitude.
Sam Rock
Sam Rock 18 days ago
3:52 if that would always i would watch mma.
The Primordial Gamer
MMA is about Knocking the Sht Out of the other fighter.. If want a Respectful Sport, try Yoga or Zumba, or something like that..
Lennardus Youtube
Lennardus Youtube 19 days ago
4:45 I think Nate was ready to fight again
Low Enzo
Low Enzo 19 days ago
I love this
Гавриил Старостин
Все мы люди, все мы человеки
Ginger Finley
Ginger Finley 19 days ago
The humble UFC fighters are the best.
Iftii Alam
Iftii Alam 19 days ago
In the sport filled with mindless trash talks, disrespect and violence, few moments like these really makes my day.
juan G
juan G 19 days ago
Esta bien es muy sano, no así el.deporte
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