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These dogs love children and children definitely love these dogs. If you want a pet for your children, this top is for you.
This breed of dog, best known for the Snoopy cartoons, is very affectionate, intelligent, cheerful and has great energy to play with children.
It is the best company for active and energetic children, with which they will have hours and hours of games and fun. It has an obedient, intelligent, loyal and active temperament, so it is advisable to have it in open spaces.
It can’t be overlooked that the Cocker Spaniel, this is a happy, affectionate, playful, sociable breed with adults, but especially so with children.
The Bichón Frisé is a good option for children; they are playful and charming, because they have the appearance of a cute white stuffed animal.
Considered one of the most intelligent breeds, it is active, easy to care for and ideal for children with allergies, since you can keep its coat very short or even shave it.
Despite its somewhat sad appearance, this dog is known as "the eternal puppy", because even when it reaches adulthood, it will continue playing with inexhaustible energies, making it an excellent playmate for children, it is even very likely that people get tired before the dog.
It is ideal to play with children and the best thing is that you will not have to be so aware of your children because the Collie acts practically like a guard dog.
This is a good breed for children, it is very versatile, intelligent and obedient by nature, ideal for any family because it is easy to train.
Intelligent, affectionate, obedient and educated by nature, the labrador is a good playmate and one of the best breeds for children.
The Golden Retriever is a good playmate, is characterized by its beautiful fur, being friendly, playful, learns easily and is also excellent for bringing and carrying objects.
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Comments 80
Srinithya Nishan
Srinithya Nishan 14 hours ago
I have a golden retriever I year
Emily Maclatchy
Are Golden Retrievers good guard dogs
Hugo Leon
Hugo Leon Day ago
What about the Havanese?
Khai Pu
Khai Pu 2 days ago
You said 15 when it says 17 on my phone,like.....bra.
Sachin Pathak
Sachin Pathak 2 days ago
I want to get a labrador retriever......... Who likes labrador retriever... Like below
Ogo Nkwonta
Ogo Nkwonta 4 days ago
I have a corgi named Olaf and he is ADORABLE! He is 2 years old and loves going out for walks and swimming
Ogo Nkwonta
Ogo Nkwonta 4 days ago
i like how they put part of one of the "Buddies" movies in the beginning
Sara Taurus
Sara Taurus 4 days ago
I will get a dog 10 years later.
JavenPlayz 5 days ago
You forget the chocolate labor!
Moondelagoon plz stop
What about a cavapoo that’s what I have my dog is so playful to children
Sabitha Venugopal
Hey bright side you haven't included the Pomeranian dog that dog is good family member and a child campanion
Nathan the Nintendo Gamer
I’m stuck between the Labrador and Golden Retrievers. Which one should I get? Only answer if you have experienced having one of the retrievers.
William Dow
William Dow 5 days ago
My black lab is 14 in human years and you say they live up to 12
Acacia GB
Acacia GB 6 days ago
What the heck!?👿 You forgot the pitbull breed! You know, the best breed EVER!
Most of videos you showed on Collie's where not pure bred ones they where mixed with shelities and roughs loved this video but I think its a bit inaccurate
Devils Knight
Devils Knight 7 days ago
I have a German Shepherd which I grew up with
Scarlett 9 days ago
Scarlett 9 days ago
I have a german shepherd and she is cute and I also have a multi poodl
Scarlett 9 days ago
Destiny Harrison
Destiny Harrison 10 days ago
Victoria Saevar
Victoria Saevar 11 days ago
Icelandic sheepdogs are the best mine has never bite ever
Alosha Fernandes
Alosha Fernandes 12 days ago
3:20 u said "15 years " but 17years was written over there
C V 13 days ago
3:18 this dog to 15 years of life or 17 year of life ? Because now I 'm confused
Cool wolf Della The furry
I have shih poo and lab husk
Onkar Chand
Onkar Chand 15 days ago
Pavan Octavia RS.
Pavan Octavia RS. 15 days ago
Why not a Doberman?
Ryleigh Woods
Ryleigh Woods 19 days ago
I have a terrier mix
The Saucy Tiger
The Saucy Tiger 19 days ago
Well in my opinion this list needs to have a Bernese Mountain dog
MINI XT GAMERS 20 days ago
I have 1 cocker spaniel and 1 pug! Both very friendly and cute
Hemal Karambelkar
Hemal Karambelkar 20 days ago
St Bernard, Newfoundland, Siberian huskies are are also very gentle with kids.
Ron Si
Ron Si 20 days ago
I love dogs. Muah. My little babies.
Clarissa Isa
Clarissa Isa 24 days ago
My Labrador retriever named Princess died 1 like = rest in peace Princess and if you fell bad for me 😭.
Kiara LionessTM {Kiara Fray Fairchild}
All these movies at the start are my childhood favourites! 😁 Beethoven Marley & Me Cats And Dogs Air Buddies Lassie Literally my childhood 😍❤️
Yasmin Platková
Yasmin Platková 26 days ago
What abt Walesh Corgi Pembroke? He's so cute and friendly
Quineysha Sorias
Quineysha Sorias 27 days ago
I love German Shepard
Ginof329 Plays
Ginof329 Plays 27 days ago
I have a cocker spaniel and I am 6 years old.
Charles Marshall
Charles Marshall 29 days ago
Goldies are the best!
get clapped bot L
get clapped bot L 29 days ago
Got a black Labrador retriever
andria khetsuriani
andria khetsuriani 29 days ago
I have a boxer
Esmeralda Joya
Esmeralda Joya Month ago
I wish i had a dog
Binu Surendren
Binu Surendren Month ago
Golden retriever fans l-l-like here 🐕🐕🐕💖💖💖🐶🐶🐶👍👍👍😁😁😁
Ajith C Kalanad
Ajith C Kalanad Month ago
Where is pug?
Ajith C Kalanad
Ajith C Kalanad Month ago
I have a Labrador Puppy
James Hutchins
James Hutchins Month ago
You forgot the schipperke. It is affectionate and protective by nature of children. Constantly a puppy active from the time it can walk/run it too needs training to not be over exuberant.
Daniel Hernandez
Thoughts on golden doodle? Mix poodle/ golden retriever I had 1 and loved it but it was when I had no kids anyone has 1 and can tell me their experience?
s f
s f Month ago
One of my dogs is named Bandit and im 7 and he is still very nice to me
MaryAnn Tarr
MaryAnn Tarr Month ago
I used to have a collie it wouldn’t trust anyone so we had to give him a shot and he died in September 3, 2016
Gayathri Sivananthan
I have a labrador he is so friendly with family
I love my poodle
Hope Batista
Hope Batista Month ago
Why not Pomeran
Jimmy Contreras
Jimmy Contreras Month ago
No corgis😟😟😟😒😒😒
AndyPorterMusic Month ago
If you have small children that like to run around a lot make sure you train the collie from a young age not to nip since they are herding dogs and like to here anything that moves. Also, 6:22 that is very dangerous to say, you should never leave a kid alone with a dog and expect the dog to look after them, contrary to popular belief, these dogs don't act like lassie and won't baby sit your kid.
AndyPorterMusic Month ago
You should be careful with boxers around small children not because they're mean but because it doesn't realize how big it is, they love playing but sometimes it can be to rough for little kids. They should also have an hour of exercise or more so if you don't have time for that I would suggest a different dog.
Shobana Ojha
Shobana Ojha Month ago
I like Germon Shepered
pemu Yolmo
pemu Yolmo Month ago
My cocker spaniel loves to be lonely
Youtube Zerkyyy
Youtube Zerkyyy Month ago
6:13 Rude
yadittya Month ago
Border collie forget
Rohit S
Rohit S Month ago
I have a little brother and we are taking German shepherd
E Dog
E Dog Month ago
Lets go number 6
sophia zhang
sophia zhang Month ago
Can a beagle live in a apartment?🐶🏬
Kim Cook-Stewart
I want to buy all dogs in the world cuz there soooooo cute
Molly Clausen
Molly Clausen Month ago
I love labs, German shepherds and golden retrievers
AlfredB12films Month ago
Those collies are very beautiful dogs with beautiful hearts
Amy Rouquette
Amy Rouquette Month ago
My golden right at 75 i thought it was overweight
Irene Sandoval
Irene Sandoval Month ago
You forgot husky
Dad and me
Dad and me 2 months ago
I will have a golden,labrodor retrieved
BayliRocks 2 months ago
I have a German Sheppard:) her name is Athena and she’s very tiny since she is the runt sry if I spelled that wrong
Jade X
Jade X 2 months ago
Trend max: puts golden retriever on 1st place Me: I am happiness
James T B
James T B 2 months ago
My pick would be the beagle.They are big dog in a small package.
farya fahad
farya fahad 2 months ago
I’m actually buying 1or2 baby labordors and a German shephered
Bella the equestrian
I have a house rabbit and all my dogs are good with him they just need to learn plus I have a Germanshepard and usually they will get prey but she doesn’t!
Gacha girl 21
Gacha girl 21 2 months ago
Voice: 15 years Video: 17 years
Calero XD
Calero XD 2 months ago
How about a pug?!
Serafina Fiechtner
Serafina Fiechtner 2 months ago
there is a breed that does not belong here!
Fire dog 17
Fire dog 17 2 months ago
Yay!german Shepard is number 3! German Shepard’s are my favourite dog!2nd is s schnauzer. 3rd is husky!
fennekin 5
fennekin 5 2 months ago
3:18 is it 15 or 17!?
ferran 2 months ago
me half way through the vid: oh i see there saving the pug for last me at number 1: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh where the pugs at
Cliff Banton
Cliff Banton 2 months ago
I have a pitbull!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶
Sean Inness
Sean Inness 2 months ago
I lean towards German Shepherds, Labradors and Goldens in that order. Unfortunately, since I don't think I can adequately care for one full time on my own (money/work thing- I want to make sure they are not lonely and well covered medically), I house/pet sit for friends of mine that have beagles, dachshunds, a golden and assorted mix breeds. I definitely hope to have one of my own someday soon. Home isn't quite home to me without one or two or three...
Ginof329 Plays
Ginof329 Plays 2 months ago
I got a English cocker spaniel.
Sarah Lamothe
Sarah Lamothe 2 months ago
i want a dog now
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