The most insane motherboard I've ever seen... ASUS ROG Dominus W3175X

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20 фев 2019




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Onix Strick
Onix Strick 23 минуты назад
3:10 🤔 Uhh what Intel? Pentium D? The time AMD put out the first mainstream dual core CPUs (Athlon x2) and Intel had to literally solder two independent single core Pentium 4 processors (CPU dies) together just to keep up. They were over a year behind in the late 2000s and that was desperate lazy attempt to put two CPUs together when they couldn’t figure out proper dual core design. Now they want to attack AMD for doing two CPU dies on a chip right in 2017? epic fail.
Benjamin Stroud
Benjamin Stroud 2 часа назад
I'd love to see an amd motherboard that big with same setup for threadripper 2nd gen coming out this year but for an Intel Mobo this is insane geez probably need two 1600 watt or higher PSU for this thing if you want to get full use of it I could see this build going as high as 15k to 25k
Christopher Melvin
Christopher Melvin 2 часа назад
I'm skeptical...these monstrous behemoth workstation CPUs are usually underperformers at gaming. And I'm sorry- there's no way I'd buy a CPU at tye price of a used car JUST to game on. Talk about a massive waste.
Cheng Zhang
Cheng Zhang 5 часов назад
When I was just looking at the title, I think this is a LTT video. LOL
Matt 5 часов назад
Oh wow a mother board for the 1%
Chuck Philpot
Chuck Philpot 10 часов назад
The fact that Nord vpn can offer 75% off means that they are literally fucking most people paying full price right in the ass. Get a better service.
Ucko Zucko
Ucko Zucko 11 часов назад
he must go to dentist 0:26
CULT_GG 12 часов назад
Core series Xeons have not "Always been locked down" the majority of the 16** Xeons, from all versions till 4, are unlocked multipliers. You can see this, by as you said with the ram. Look at competitive overclocking results of the past, lots of Xeons in there. I myself ran a Xeon 1680 V2 overclocked on RIVBE, and Tooshort on OCN had a Sandy Bridge that was 8 cores I believe. Now come Boradwell E there was a change, V1, V2, V3, ES chips were multiplier locked, Retail were not. V4 ES chips are not Multiplier Locked, and retail chips are. However the Point stands, every series, Sandy, Ivy, Haswell, and Broadwell all have Overclockable Xeons. With Broadwell, you have to buy ES, but it still exists. Just trying to throw some good info to ya, it's a common myth that Xeons are all always locked, that's not at all true. You can have your ECC and overclock too :p.
Anurag 13 часов назад
does it include proccesor ?
sebastian Johansson
sebastian Johansson 14 часов назад
you need to water cool the s*** out of it, run 4 graphics cards maybe? also water cool the ram XD or oil bath? =P
Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis 17 часов назад
“We saw it at cvs”
Daniel Brooker
Daniel Brooker День назад
NO 9:37, your going to immediately give that board to me! Haha
Aaron Engleka
Aaron Engleka День назад
L C День назад
You need to buy insurance on that PC if you're getting a motherboard like that
Anatoli Ivanov
Anatoli Ivanov День назад
EK Annihilator EX/EP ekwb.com/news/ek-is-announcing-the-annihilator-ex-ep-server-grade-cpu-block/
A Happy Potato
A Happy Potato День назад
great 19 fans to cool that shit
yourleftnut1 День назад
That thing better be able to make coffee and cook breakfast for me
Amnesia Iforget
Amnesia Iforget День назад
Didn't ASUS kind of go to crap after moving factories from Japan to China? Last i used them they switched to cheap China caps instead of the solid jap caps.
Cihat День назад
Lol Asus exploited players under the name ROG for many years...
Brad Marris
Brad Marris День назад
The way you marketed the VPN makes me sick, it's people like you with the tin foil hat claiming that your ISP is "spying" on you. Get a fucking grip, they collect data on the mass for advertising reasons, they give no shit about your data. Marketing it literally towards uneducated people on the topic, it's just wrong, fuck you.
Ненад Илић
Ненад Илић День назад
But can it run GTA 5?
shooterjon mku
shooterjon mku День назад
I cant keep pausing and smacking my head. I'm Shook, This thing is crazy
Noah Spencer
Noah Spencer 2 дня назад
Dude...brush your teeth.
HARDCORE GAMES™ 2 дня назад
Charles Bales
Charles Bales 2 дня назад
You could use a Celeron based MB for a server.
Alman1234 День назад
You can use a SBC for a home server, the lower power usage is well worth it.
Charles Bales
Charles Bales 2 дня назад
Intel glued their Core2 Duo and their Core2 Quad.
Alman1234 День назад
This is 100% true, that FSB overclocking was fun stuff
fakeaintreal 2 дня назад
jeez.. my gpu gtx 660 will total look great on that
Troller Zocker
Troller Zocker 2 дня назад
Паша Киев
Паша Киев 2 дня назад
A single 250 mm fan would do
TheSillypig 2 дня назад
BUT.... will it increase performance while gaming vs a cheap motherboard? My believe is that the cheapest version of a motherboard gives the same FPS as the expensive versions.
TheSillypig День назад
+Tom Westphal No I'm not joking. If VRM can't handle the CPU clearly the wrong board has been bought. But let's say a range of boards for a certain CPU (any CPU) can handle the power, would a 100$ board perform worse than a 500$ board in gaming?. For example, I run a 5820K on a MSI X99-A motherboard. it's a motherboard from the lower end of the X99 range, and I highly doubt a board from the top end would increase my performance in gaming. My point is, a lot of these high-end motherboards are overpriced gimmicky boards that draw people by having RGB and all that crap. I'm not talking about this board in particulair, just the whole 'Gaming' branded stuff out there.
Tom Westphal
Tom Westphal День назад
I can't tell if you're joking or not but despite this beeing literally the only board for the CPU cheap z390 boards will make a 9900k for example perform worse cause the VRM can't handle the power
MR A 3 дня назад
after the competition, build a ultimate VR "gaming" rig with this... just because you can. Just a FYI guys the code for Nord bring the price for 3 yrs to roughly 110.00 USD or 50.00 USD for 1 yr. if your on the fence.
Daniel Grass
Daniel Grass 3 дня назад
Will we finally be able to run Crysis?
Fragaso luna
Fragaso luna 3 дня назад
10gb internet speed port
Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music
Threadripper says, "Hold my beer!"
The Happy Murloc
The Happy Murloc 4 дня назад
But can it play minesweeper lol
Porkleaker 5 дней назад
Also, how far we've come. I still remember getting my A7M266-D the dual socket Athlon board haha, early 2000's were interesting.
Porkleaker 5 дней назад
Asus, Dominus...Sounds like it'd fit in well with the lyrics from Ave Satani (The Omen) lol "sanguis ignimus. corpus minimus"
jrlc66 steam jcar1966 MC jcarmichael1966 mixer
You would have to mount that so the gpus are vertical straight up and down the back of the computer would be on the top of the PC case
F2P LOL 6 дней назад
Waiting for OC!!!
Choco Monk
Choco Monk 6 дней назад
Quad Titan RTX or i unsub lmao
Choco Monk
Choco Monk 6 дней назад
That intro tho
Vladislavs Dovgalecs
Vladislavs Dovgalecs 7 дней назад
I didn't see a single M.2 slot for NVMe drive...
Aiko Linner
Aiko Linner 6 дней назад
Vladislavs Dovgalecs you get the two dimm.2 (riser card for m.2 drives) plus 4 normal m.2 slots under that big plastic cover, so you get 6 m.2 slots out of the box
maximanimo 7 дней назад
4:01 Legend ! haha
Shaun Tebo
Shaun Tebo 8 дней назад
This may seem facetious but I was actually wondering if it came with the "good" DIMM.2s and you quickly showed that it does, in fact, come with two of the boards with their sexy passive coolers and not the bare boards.
Hook Hand Tech
Hook Hand Tech 9 дней назад
Build a "home office server" or get a new used family car from 2012+ Uh, going with the car, Jay...lol
Simracingnoob 9 дней назад
Use an intel stock cooler on it
Jeremy A-Z
Jeremy A-Z 11 дней назад
I feel that after the competition, something this crazy needs to go into Skunkworks....
Mehmet Filiz
Mehmet Filiz 13 дней назад
install macos on it and render some videos using *final cut pro* and post the result to lame the apple *PRO* line series.
Chris Bautista
Chris Bautista 13 дней назад
It’s a workstation grade for enterprise motherboard, marketed to gamers who have more money than sense. Asus probably released it for the lols for tech tubers do over the top crazy build videos. Because why not sell a few more of these motherboard to enthusiasts? Most enterprise customers actually prefer prebuilt workstations from top tier vendor like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple. Mainly for dedicated vendor support. So you need a very special work case to custom build a workstation using this motherboard, over a prebuilt system.
mike se
mike se 14 дней назад
xeon e5-16xx V2/V3/V4 are unclocked, also you can overclock 771/775/115x/1366 xeons without problem, only e5-26xx and e5-46xx are locked
Wilmar R Ramos G
Wilmar R Ramos G 14 дней назад
worthy of that caselabs case....;)
Patrick Liang
Patrick Liang 14 дней назад
Wait, that CPU came with the motherboard?
Love Thy Neighbor
Love Thy Neighbor 14 дней назад
When Jay reveals the price, you have 2 choices: 1. Keep watching the video and dare to dream 2. Shut everything down and cry yourself to sleep
Johny666EU 16 дней назад
lool, who will buy this beast.......loooool
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman 16 дней назад
Will it run Notepad?
Froylan Elisan
Froylan Elisan 16 дней назад
Ilijas Ramic
Ilijas Ramic 17 дней назад
The only thing I dont get. Why doesn't consumer grade motherboard include more fan header. Like this mobo. Im pretty sure its cheap to add more.
whonggg 18 дней назад
3647 pin in this mother
James Erwin
James Erwin 18 дней назад
Xeons have not always been locked down. I built unlocked X3450 machines back in the day that I could move from 2.6 to 4.2ghz on water.
Joonas Sild
Joonas Sild 18 дней назад
The moment you said bitches i heard demonetized
Doug Cuthbertson
Doug Cuthbertson 18 дней назад
I really want to see you build something with this motherboard. It will be amazing
Fauzaan Mirza
Fauzaan Mirza 18 дней назад
When are you going to build a rig using this and 4 titan v CEO edition?
Susan Huyser
Susan Huyser 18 дней назад
love u r vids
Ryzen Core
Ryzen Core 18 дней назад
yeah jay, the line dividing the pin/pads on that xeon cpu//// there are 2 cpu dies/or NODES (Packages) on that full size cpu.. the ddr slots on the left incl. the dimm.2 nvme is probably traced from one of the dies, AKA Node0 (CPU DIE #1) while the ram slots on the right incl the right dimm.2 nvme slot uses paths from cpu #2 or NODE #1 (CPU DIE #2)
Ryzen Core
Ryzen Core 18 дней назад
i bet my life, if the cpu was de-Lidded you would find two xeon equivalents under that IHS
BlindPrediction 18 дней назад
👏👏 USE HYPER 212 👏👏
Lucian Peffer
Lucian Peffer 18 дней назад
Jay will you please review the Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Omega please.
Russ Cole
Russ Cole 18 дней назад
Am I only one who thought for a moment that there is a huge smartphone with a notch behind him?
lexzbuddy 19 дней назад
Im an engineer and we used to occasionally build some models that were so big we just couldn't get enough RAM into a system. Something like that would have been a God sent. There were times it would be all good then it would start to page... aaaahhhhhh. Oh look, it crashed... again.
Orian de Wit
Orian de Wit 19 дней назад
"Republic of Gamers Dominus Extreme" -- This does not exist for high end workstations. This does not exist for CAD designers, not for pro league esports gamers, not for people who develop high end VR experiences. This exists only because there are rich teenagers who slide everything to "max" in the parts builder of their favorite PC retailer, no matter the cost/benefit ratio.
IdealSound & Performance : Mobile
IdealSound & Performance : Mobile 19 дней назад
All this board needs is 2 sockets.
IdealSound & Performance : Mobile
IdealSound & Performance : Mobile 19 дней назад
I wish I could have anything from that wall behind you..lol
joe886988 19 дней назад
anyone know where i can find a ASUS Rampage III Extreme DDR3 LGA 1366
Daniel Brookshire
Daniel Brookshire 19 дней назад
How Many PCIe lanes does the proc have?
W. Shawn Wilkerson
W. Shawn Wilkerson 19 дней назад
Overclock the RGB!
KangoV 19 дней назад
You don't get out much if that's the most insane MB you have ever seen :)
karim lavji
karim lavji 19 дней назад
Sharper knife please
hakuna matata
hakuna matata 19 дней назад
Gift it to me. If you give it to me I'll play solitaire and freecell on it. LOL
basspig 20 дней назад
Yes but is it powerful enough to run Adobe Premiere Pro with 4K 60p footage and lumetri effects?
S. Stallone
S. Stallone 20 дней назад
Are you going to make a part 2 to this? patiently waiting.
SugarHigh Gaming
SugarHigh Gaming 20 дней назад
733Rafael 20 дней назад
amd cpus are trash. although they may not be mossad compromised like jewintel.
Donald Bizelli
Donald Bizelli 20 дней назад
He mentions Netflix in the Nord VPN promo. Netflix doesn't work on a VPN.
Hogab Hogab
Hogab Hogab 20 дней назад
Jay please do a complete build once your finished oc,ing with it
6th Gear Tech
6th Gear Tech 20 дней назад
*uses Intel stock cooler*
psedog 20 дней назад
"Completely unnecessary for what we do." True, but I've become a subscriber to both of your channels because of the competition :D
psedog 20 дней назад
Jay: That's all about to change bitches! Me: Fuck yeah!
Mr Smile
Mr Smile 21 день назад
In year 2030 . This is Entry level motherboard like H 310 now
Jay Gonzalez
Jay Gonzalez 21 день назад
El madre
Adolfo Gonzalez
Adolfo Gonzalez 21 день назад
Would love to turn that thing into a Hackintosh
Michel van Briemen
Michel van Briemen 21 день назад
Bloody Windows schedulers, microsoft shame on you
Gordon Lawrence
Gordon Lawrence 21 день назад
And here's me going to the opposite extreme getting the maximum performance possible out of system using no more than 100W for CPU, cooling, motherboard, ram, storage, keyboard, mouse, and screen combined. I have another system which is not for high performance tasks that uses a piddly 30W total.
Jub Threesixnine
Jub Threesixnine 21 день назад
Tom St. Clair
Tom St. Clair 21 день назад
The last sentence says: we're coming for ya Steve. Again.
Jack Beames
Jack Beames 21 день назад
Noctua NH-D14 dual fan
Adrian XenoRay
Adrian XenoRay 21 день назад
for the ramsticks or for the vrms ? haha
MrJedi09 21 день назад
hey jay how come it seems that intel boards get more features than AMD
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU
Jimmy The Powerful ! FU 21 день назад
Since this is such a powerful system can’t you like use antifreeze to better manage heat dissipation ?
Xedhadeaus 21 день назад
Looked like something I would have picked up in like 3 years until I saw it needed 2 power supplies.
Raj Singh
Raj Singh 21 день назад
Now I am confused @Jay between gaming or producing something !!!
Dman41000 21 день назад
JayzTwoCents i was all in for nordvpn then you said military grade and i was like nope.
Bo Herrmannsen
Bo Herrmannsen 21 день назад
if anything it could go in Skunkworks :-D
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