The most insane motherboard I've ever seen... ASUS ROG Dominus W3175X

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Trev 4 days ago
Intel has been doing this for years with their xeons. They don't actually do separate runs for their top xeon's and top consumer chips.. In fact many runs of xeons are unlocked.. but usually hard lock multiple processor support for the consumer chips... They then give the best bin runs to xeon branding.. but they are IDENTICAL chips. and charge 2-4x as much for them. Occasionally they even have high count multi-core processors that fail to run all their cores, so they get down graded to lower models and the cores are hard disconnected.
Crusader1815 8 days ago
Forget the Dominus... My Biggus Dickus board will crush it.
Mr. Dorsey Production's
0:44 Actually I have RUvid Red so it is offline
WEREWOLF 8 days ago
That is one naughty board
AFNAN RAJVEER 8 days ago
Fuck you talk very long...
jipieyaayee 9 days ago
republic of kill your budget with just one board
Imtiaz Fahim
Imtiaz Fahim 9 days ago
Make a video about CAT designing please.
vjxpiro evo
vjxpiro evo 9 days ago
We going backwards, motherboards are getting bigger and bigger, like the way they invented the first big computer!😂😂😂
Mario Martins
Mario Martins 9 days ago
Its clearly a mining Mobo! :)))
FreeQuest 9 days ago
Yep you
Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith 9 days ago
click bait
Cofet 9 days ago
teeth whitening strips please get them
Medallion -
Medallion - 10 days ago
Can run roblox?
crudkick 10 days ago
Your hair is awesome!
Major Nomad
Major Nomad 10 days ago
but... can it run crysis?
CJ 10 days ago
4:02 Please don’t fucking do that. Be clever not obnoxious.
Hot Pepper
Hot Pepper 10 days ago
So you are playing with pc parts , Hmmmm why do you have that yellow hard hat ?
heavyset0223 10 days ago
Server grade, haha. My home server is a core2duo and it does everything I need.
Asus is working with NASA to build super computer
bigliftm 10 days ago
no esd saftey.... nice ruining a 3000 bucks cpu... ruvid.net/video/video-oQmd3Uu43LY.html
RumpleFoldSkin 10 days ago
you think that's insane? check out military use multi proc boards like urbana
Andrew Barbro
Andrew Barbro 10 days ago
SWEET a Mother Board for my lottery computer, now just need to hit the lottery.
DRTMaverick 10 days ago
That motherboard would go great in a now extinct Caselabs TH-10... Damn I'm going to miss caselabs. :(
jimhans1 9 days ago
DRTMaverick I have an STH-10 that it will work perfectly in!!
DRTMaverick 10 days ago
Damn I just spent the same amount on a rear bumper w/ tire carrier and bunch of other features for my truck for the price of that freakin' motherboard. I need to finish this vehicle build and get back to building monster PCs.
DRTMaverick 8 days ago
+comedyman112 Shit only $4000? That's like the cost of just my CPU, mobo and RAM.
comedyman112 9 days ago
Not worth it. After building a 4000 usd pc I realised gaming all day is a waste of life. Lol
Luredreier 11 days ago
Amazing motherboard. :-P
NamxZero 11 days ago
Tobias Timpe
Tobias Timpe 11 days ago
Lol it only has 2 USB-C ports?
Joshua Scholar
Joshua Scholar 11 days ago
If you want something kinda extreme but not maximal you can get older xeons. My own computer is a two xeon one with sandy bridge, 16 cores, 32 threads. That was $4000 worth of cpu when new, goes for about $180 used now. Also I think with how much bigger stuff was back then, it's actually bigger chips than threadripper. But at 32nm feature size they could make huge chips without defects.
endo 11 days ago
Rip PS/2 how I connect my keyboard
Chronic Gamer
Chronic Gamer 11 days ago
This mother board cost more than one of the best asus gaming laptops
Artemis Kitty
Artemis Kitty 11 days ago
I sure hope this thing is ESXi\Level 1 Hypervisor compatible... because if so? It's a beast for home servers, especially at that price. 28 cores is also plenty to split up into 4 gaming VMs that way. Especially Xeon cores. Do you know if it will run Tesla compute units instead of graphics cards? That'd definitely be a good way to use the 3rd and 4th slot, if so. You could feasibly use a single board to set up a 4-way gaming-tournament style LAN array on precisely matched hardware. 6 OC'd xeon cores for each player, 32GB or RAM or more, a nice powerful GPU, and then use the remaining 4 cores to run the server. (In most cases this is more than enough, as long as the RAM/HDD/SSD and such aren't bottlenecks, which isn't an issue with m.2 nvme.)
Alexandria Marcoux
Alexandria Marcoux 11 days ago
Asus whythehellnot Extreme
vaprex 11 days ago
The crazy thing is, where I work we consider a MoBo / system like this mostly 'entry level trash'. The "decent" systems are at least 2-processor 8280 (112 threads on Cascade Lake proc), and the high performance systems are 4P and 8P 8280's, with 1.5TB or 3TB of memory, dozens of enterprise SSD, 25/100GbE, multiple 1800W power supplies, etc... I get to play with in-development pre-release versions of servers like these every day at my job - but unfortunately, not to play games. We test these with mission critical enterprise workloads (DBMSs, J2EE app servers, hundreds of VMs on a single system, etc)... Not exactly glamorous, especially since our job is to find performance problems on what is essentially beta-level hardware ...and then help fix them.
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez 11 days ago
You lost me at “cheaper than a Starbucks coffee “
agus2001 11 days ago
1 minute 35 seconds just for advertising. Lame.
iBoolGuy 11 days ago
6:48 that scared the holy flying fuck outta me Jesus Christ!!!
CRAZY KITTY CAM 11 days ago
Ner ner ner
Rodin Hyzen
Rodin Hyzen 11 days ago
Some day I will have a computer with this much power in it! I SWEAR ON MY UNBORN CHILDS STUDENT LOANS!!!
I creamed myself, watching this while eating a pickle from Jimmy John's
Nathan Pratt
Nathan Pratt 11 days ago
I would love to have that It would be in service for years upon years lol
Kamen Minkov
Kamen Minkov 12 days ago
Wondering how the drivers for this are, because AI Suite for my X99 is quite s**tty honestly.
Limes 12 days ago
Quadro RTX is needed for this board
John Buick
John Buick 12 days ago
By the way, what case are you going to use.
John Buick
John Buick 12 days ago
About the AD, I've been using NordVPN for over a year now and anytime I'm using it and I go on Amazon Prime they tell me to shut off my VPN before I can watch a movie. If Amazon can do it so can your ISP.
sa kurdiah
sa kurdiah 12 days ago
This dude reminds me of Hills have Eyes
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 12 days ago
"We're approaching ludicrous speed!!" ;)
Jacques Laroche
Jacques Laroche 12 days ago
gotta love that vpn used car salesman plug at the start... ruvid.net/video/video-oja3UzuuqGQ.html
Levy Wilson
Levy Wilson 12 days ago
Part 2?
JD Shemp
JD Shemp 12 days ago
And Lockheed P3D simulator will bring that system to its knees...........
Proof 200
Proof 200 12 days ago
I would never put this thing in a case, too sexy
Drunken Hamster
Drunken Hamster 13 days ago
Karl-Markkus Hiiemäe
Ocerclock it and submerge it in liquid nitrogen ;-;
Otto Grunwald
Otto Grunwald 13 days ago
This mobo is like the lamborghini aventador of computer hardware 🙇‍♂️
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Why is this under the ROG brand tbh, it doens't make any sense. Unless there's some fkiung weirdos running games on Xeon
JBjokke 14 days ago
Now you said duel Lan, which is correct, but 1 of them is 10!Gbit lan... Which can be a big deal
Cage07 14 days ago
so to have this set up u give 3000$ on the cpu, 1.800$ on the motherboard and 1000$ electricity bill per month hahahahaha
TheDaggz 15 days ago
Jay, I love your videos. I loved the fact that you listen to fans and put in some metal music in videos during the graphs. I'd like to request some Geto Boys, perhaps "Mind playing tricks on me" for a video where something doesn't really make sense. That'd make my day, for sure. Thanks for your great content Jay and Phil and whomever else is involved n the production of these videos. Have a great day and stay Jay!
boocraftgaming 15 days ago
This motherboard costs more than my pc (And I have a 1080ti)
Synthetic Teapot
Synthetic Teapot 10 days ago
Dude, same. My entire system costs less than this motherboard.
Moth 15 days ago
Slap that thing in skunkworks
A3Dg/Awesome 3D Gamer
One question, is it possible to clock a very temperature tolerant cpu with 1 core up to 87 GHZ?
Ironic Zombie
Ironic Zombie 16 days ago
I still feel for the money as a power user workstation or small/home office server use case, your better off with a proliant ml350 g10 with your choice of platinum or gold zeons. Even with additional cost of a say a psu breakout board and add psu, to be able to put consumer GPUs into it, you still have that system for the price of this board and the cpu.
Vas Anth
Vas Anth 16 days ago
I won't mind if you donate me a gaming pc
Vas Anth
Vas Anth 14 days ago
+Gamer The Banning omg...Are you serious! ?
Gamer The Banning
Gamer The Banning 14 days ago
Vas Anth i can do it no joke
Zap Zap
Zap Zap 16 days ago
That is crazy motherboard. I wonder if you find proper e-atx case for it
Jaskaran singh
Jaskaran singh 17 days ago
can i use it with my g4560
Kosmonaut 18 days ago
The motherboard itself costs like a decent car in my country...
Saud AlSubaie
Saud AlSubaie 18 days ago
Wonderful vid. Noticed you could use with some scaling/cleaning for those pearly (notso)whites. :) Keep it up, nice content.
Aldiansyah Pratama
Aldiansyah Pratama 18 days ago
This motherboard price, just as same as my 2 and a half PC price, oh God.., so what for this motherboard ? Minecraft ?
ThePhilGrimm 19 days ago
10Gbps and 1Gbps Ethernet ports? Nice!
William David Wallace
In your ad for Nord you say the the ISPs want to shape traffic etc. Why could one not say that about the VPN corporation???
Afifi Adnan
Afifi Adnan 19 days ago
Even my motorbike not that expensive , my God and i take 3 years loan for that bike
WillHere 20 days ago
Can it run Minecraft?
woswas denni
woswas denni 21 day ago
you dont need that cpu for 99.999% of all home and small business server needs. you need i/o and ram for virtulisation. you can run 50+ employees with 10 virtual machines and 2 remote app on a 3k server easy. no need for a 3k cpu
woswas denni
woswas denni 21 day ago
@jayztwocents i know you may never read this but please do not advertise vpn with the speed argument. thats ridicolous. you just undermine your own credibility. yea we get it, they pay good, youre almost young and still need the money but hey... if you sell out at least dont bullshit
Maxx Buys
Maxx Buys 21 day ago
Question, could you literally run two computers with this thing?
formdoggie5 20 days ago
+Maxx Buys no worries man. That's a good starting point, and you can upgrade by adding more and higher capacity memory, and then youd want another hard drive and look at a couple case fans, cooling, etc, but that package right there is 4k gaming ready as a baseline, and the ryzen chipset means it's also far better at things like long rendering tasks as it has more cores and threads for half the price of intels current offerings.
Maxx Buys
Maxx Buys 21 day ago
+formdoggie5 Jesus man, thank you! That's fucking awesome. Sorry my reply is lack luster to what you said, but THANK YOU!
formdoggie5 21 day ago
+Maxx Buys m.newegg.com/Product/ComboDealDetails?ItemList=Combo.3894843&m_ver=1 There's a good example of what you should be looking at.
formdoggie5 21 day ago
+Maxx Buys for your purposes, youd want to get a ryzen 7 with as much 3200 speed memory as you can throw at it, a solid 650/750 power supply, and as much graphics card you can afford. That will allow 4k gaming while also being excellent rendering and processing for any game creation hobbies you have without being overkill (ryzen is far better in this capacity than Intel) ...basically, the motherboard in this video alone costs more than your entire PC should. This computer is for office rendering use or sheer epeening. Completely overkill for a single user, and even the one I suggested for you could have 2-4 people on it all gaming at 1080p all at the same time. Like, this PC while being fully utilized would cause your electric bill to go up 120-300 dollars a month, levels of absurd (at least at California prices/kwh)
formdoggie5 21 day ago
+Maxx Buys a workstation is a place that acts like an individual computer, only the computer is either virtualized through a network connection or remotely placed. This computer you could stick in your living room, and each graphics card with four-display outs, for example, means you could set up 12 monitors and keyboard and desks and run everything off of just it. You dont need to buy 12 computers, just this one. My home set up has a a full tower set up downstairs, but then through network connections and virtualized desktops, I have a desk in 3 bedrooms as well, and everyone in the house just uses that one computer like its actually 4.
Admiral Hades
Admiral Hades 21 day ago
> Not a gaming board. >Sold by Republic of 'Gamers' (ROG).
cyber haxor
cyber haxor 22 days ago
SafeDrunkDriving 22 days ago
So this the ultimate PC build after you win lottery.
Ron White
Ron White 23 days ago
You may need a small air conditioner to cool it.
thAT waSepiG
thAT waSepiG 24 days ago
what was that fuckin noise ! you piece of sheeTT!
Paul Barker
Paul Barker 24 days ago
Pfft! NordVPN didn't have a clue what IRC is!
Mohd Thashreef
Mohd Thashreef 25 days ago
Please make your videos Short so that we can see full video ...
TK1960SubDude 25 days ago
This was the best tech porn I've seen in one hell of a long time!
The Mighty Watermelon
ThatXoneXguy 26 days ago
I want to touch the cpu pins
Pete Nielsen
Pete Nielsen 27 days ago
The comparison in the sponsor segment only proves that people are willing to pay too much for burned coffee!
JoseitoEdlVodao Month ago
VPN is a load of bullshit when it comes to being identified...cookies, advertisement id, etc, all help identify you....as long as you use the same computer and browser it'll be you, is like identifying you by your shoes.
Daniel Braga
Daniel Braga Month ago
I will buy one of these on ebay for 40 USD in 2039 for my XEON potato gaming rig. provided that the GPU slot do not changes.
Bartosz Maj
Bartosz Maj Month ago
Intel need 1800usd board and two psu to stand against threadripper which needs 300usd board and single psu. On top of that size, intel offers only 44 pcie lanes....
DudeDuderino Duderino
8, usb 3 ports, what a joke for $1,800:00 MoBo...what ripoff. For that price I WOULD EXPECT NOTHING BUT the latest of everything?
ForestNinjaZero Month ago
$1799 really isn't that expensive. If only nVidia would release a dual RTX Titan Extreme.
Yankee Red
Yankee Red Month ago
He Jay I met your brother in law and almost shat myself when he told me who he was. Was the first time I was in Cali and met him at his work (I drive truck and shut down at the petro) was awesome!!! Keep up the great content
CR Solarice
CR Solarice Month ago
...check out all of the greasy paw prints that have accumulated on this board throughout the video. Jeesh, if you're going to handle it so much try a "new" pair of latex gloves or something. Amateurs.
Mokhammad Angga Tirtakusumah
ROG Dominus Rex would be more beast name for her.
Micheal Morris
Micheal Morris Month ago
Your work area is like my dream... so many goodies
Micheal Morris
Micheal Morris Month ago
What happens if NORD sells your data records for more profit?
Blind Bob
Blind Bob Month ago
VPN "military grade" is actually just bullshit 1. they control your DNS, so they have a complete record of where u have been & what you do 2. they are "legal" which means tehy will turn your data over if a court order is issued 3. NSA LOVES VPN.... it gives a single key exit point for any data they need to sniff, instead of them having to subvert massive networks 4. The VPN supplier "holds the keys" so if they get a cort order , they can decrypt the traffic.
te0nani Month ago
1:51 I think a shitty operating system is to blame here ;)
Cathyrine Malazarte
Is that the best gaming motherboard
kenny kim
kenny kim Month ago
RoYal Status
RoYal Status Month ago
Asus Motherboard BUY NOw... amzn.to/2UlHFxH
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