The Most DISRESPECTFUL Random Duo ROASTS Ninja... (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Apr 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Mark K
Mark K 8 hours ago
Ahh the good days when u could find something other than pistols in chests and traps as floor loot 2020
Kane Reyes
Kane Reyes Day ago
BigGamae 552
BigGamae 552 Day ago
Y does everyone think Xbox is trash because, you can’t plug it in, YOU CAN 🤦‍♂️
Driving Day ago
Definitely a misleading title
Smokey 2 days ago
These kids are so annoying they are a like flies with ADHD and they never shut the f up.
Gee Uchiha
Gee Uchiha 2 days ago
Not all Xbox players use batteries
Dylan Allsup
Dylan Allsup 5 days ago
I will just shoot them from a distance as he get closer
Christopher Thornton
he said i have no mats "steals the whole llama".
Splatking 6 days ago
jeremy martinez
jeremy martinez 8 days ago
You can get this thing that let's you charge the xbox controller so ...
Jonathan Pereira
Jonathan Pereira 9 days ago
Yes we totally need batteries for controller on xbox we defiantly dont have chargeable controller batteries
mMati Playz
mMati Playz 9 days ago
7:15 finnaly
Nico Lacko
Nico Lacko 10 days ago
He's a wanna be daquan
spencerthepro 10 days ago
kid: ninja is toxic sypher: most disrespectful kid roasts ninja
Marron Silva
Marron Silva 10 days ago
7:10 that hurts like a lot
Richie Wong
Richie Wong 10 days ago
omg, they be calling me out when the kid said that the one guy was extremely short at 5'5". I'm 5'5"
Spyrovsgnorg 10 days ago
"controller takes no skill" this man is a time traveler
Adriel Oliveras
Adriel Oliveras 11 days ago
streamers not hitting snipes is more impressive than them hitting them
Alruzee 11 days ago
my guy is 9 years old and he goes on to say prick...
Amanda Lynch
Amanda Lynch 11 days ago
By the way I think when y’all were in storm there was a gold scare
Amanda Lynch
Amanda Lynch 11 days ago
I thought your name on Fortnite was SypherPK
Emily Coyne
Emily Coyne 12 days ago
flywicked 12 days ago
pls like & sub on my 1st vid 🙏
Ayden Secrest-Pu
Ayden Secrest-Pu 12 days ago
He missed a p90
Frankrx26 Bozic
Frankrx26 Bozic 12 days ago
8:29 No way?
Preston James
Preston James 12 days ago
Hamlitze is around 5’5 and I’m 5’4
Psycho Gaming
Psycho Gaming 12 days ago
Sypher PK 2019: Did this kid use profanity?!
Kid Savage
Kid Savage 12 days ago
He’s been capping the whole vid😂😂😂😂
Noah Pearce
Noah Pearce 13 days ago
Him shit Syther did he just me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
random games
random games 13 days ago
Where is when he roasts ninja
Your A bot
Your A bot 13 days ago
That kid is a bot I'll like to 1v1 trash talking booger eating kid
Fatal 13 days ago
Still less toxic than ninja
Christian Duncan
Christian Duncan 13 days ago
Who else is watching this again in 2020
Norden Tamang
Norden Tamang 13 days ago
Who eles remember that minecraft guy looks sane like syperpk
Memes !
Memes ! 13 days ago
Carson Demille
Carson Demille 13 days ago
Controller is easy?!?!
Luke Sneed
Luke Sneed 13 days ago
John Hambleton
John Hambleton 13 days ago
i laughed so hard when he said i have two snippers 😂😂
Richard liu
Richard liu 14 days ago
you should have told him that you were sypher
Alan Kaplan
Alan Kaplan 14 days ago
the kid is named springtrap witch is the name of the gold-yellow animatronic in fnaf 3
EDGE Clan 14 days ago
I love how sypher is roasting controller players but in 2020 he becomes one
Howdy 14 days ago
Rip tilted towers Also, the green pump did 78 damage. I want it back like that!
Oce_Flow 14 days ago
Good old days
Maddox Paul
Maddox Paul 15 days ago
Who’s here during Coronavirus?
Spexzy 16 days ago
I’ve had enough of hearing about aim assist in a negative way
Safe_Zone 16 days ago
Y 666 doe??? Suspicious
Graeme S2008
Graeme S2008 16 days ago
You can charge some Xbox controller
Andrew Whaley
Andrew Whaley 16 days ago
He has 666 in his name
Louis Baker
Louis Baker 17 days ago
14:50 sypher leaves p90 and keeps smg
NOT RXQ 17 days ago
I mean I got 162 wins in the span of 3 season
ImDefoNotJay StayAtHome
It triggered me when he said Xbox controllers ALL need batteries
Zachary Reed
Zachary Reed 17 days ago
sypher misses every gold scar
Joseph McLean
Joseph McLean 17 days ago
I’m at 4:14 and this kid is not disrespectful
Raul Hernandez
Raul Hernandez 17 days ago
It’s pretty bogus to call the kid “ MOST DISRISPECTFUL KID ROASTS NINJA” like the whole vid he was nice and in one part he just called ninja toxic
Matthew Calamia
Matthew Calamia 18 days ago
What season is that
YNWscorpsKai YT
YNWscorpsKai YT 18 days ago
Luke if you notice he called a kid a pri*k
Charlie Gilliam
Charlie Gilliam 18 days ago
sub to my channel charliegilliam follow me on twitch @charliegilliam
Kaden Kubicz
Kaden Kubicz 18 days ago
You can plug in an Xbox controller
Frog Gamine
Frog Gamine 18 days ago
*SypherPK and a kid bullying Hamlet for 18 mins*
jacobpollard17 18 days ago
You can plug in Xbox controllers
YusanGames 19 days ago
I just realize that the thumbnail matches the ninja skin so much and the skin wasn’t even released when he made this video
GC Boost
GC Boost 19 days ago
7:05 When the kid said that about controller players I was like okayyyy budddddyyyy. Seriously kid it may take less skill but it still takes skill
Linkあう 19 days ago
i use pro controller to and switch is my console
Alphine 19 days ago
9:55 this kid said that Xbox need batteries when Xbox also has a charger 🤦‍♂️
Logan Black
Logan Black 19 days ago
GOD 19 days ago
At 10:09 he said damn I barely noticed it
P.B .J
P.B .J 20 days ago
He should have reveled that he is the SYPHERPK
Atomic P3
Atomic P3 20 days ago
xbox have chargers
Little Hail
Little Hail 21 day ago
10:00 My Xbox controller is wired
Nicole Dow
Nicole Dow 21 day ago
Yah I like sypherpk
Michal Kuca
Michal Kuca 21 day ago
the thumbnail is kinda harsh
Anita Stern
Anita Stern 21 day ago
Dude he is not disrespectful
William Castillo
William Castillo 21 day ago
This is the worst video I’ve ever seen Xbox is better
DisabledDuck 907
DisabledDuck 907 22 days ago
You can plug Xbox controllers in!!!!!
DIRTYPUPPY 22 days ago
1:50 aim assist? Locked on to him
Brackwring 22 days ago
how is this kid disrespectful
WDB_ Fracture
WDB_ Fracture 23 days ago
"He dosent know how good pc players are" well that hasnt aged well.
Monju Hasan
Monju Hasan 23 days ago
Sylhet just aimboted that guy when he was gliding
Aaron 23 days ago
this kid said I have no mats right after having an entire llama to himself
RAIL230 23 days ago
Xbox is much better
Link Tomis
Link Tomis 23 days ago
Who else is watching this in quarantine?
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