The Most DISRESPECTFUL Random Duo ROASTS Ninja... (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Comments 100
Fellas AndFriends
Fellas AndFriends 44 minutes ago
I don't play fortnight but I just want to say I really like how you treat these kiddos you play with ..I have a lot of respect for ppl who treat children with kindness. Treating others with respect and kindness is supposed to to be the norm but nowadays it's rare..so thanks for being a good guy.
L.C. Olson
L.C. Olson 21 hour ago
Had him convinced lol
Luis Morfin
Luis Morfin Day ago
"Did he just use profanity
lifegawd 2 days ago
he wasn't that disrespectful. I dislike ninja too.
Sonny Powell
Sonny Powell 2 days ago
Says he has recon expert, with 2 kills. hMmmM
Chris Dogg
Chris Dogg 2 days ago
6:40 kid ant lying he was killing people at tillted towers saying like and here's shitfue killing emm
iRYANMB 2 days ago
Mouse and keyboard takes no skill. Just put arrow on head and click=zero skill
Sadie Dixson
Sadie Dixson 2 days ago
Your about to get bashed for that controller and headshot comment
Sos Miim
Sos Miim 3 days ago
playing with a bot
Ethan Reese
Ethan Reese 3 days ago
Aim bot hahah
Your channel sucks sypher go back to being a minimal wage fry cook piece of shit
Anime Reaction
Anime Reaction 3 days ago
You know someones mad when they die to controllergod666
pandawizz Z
pandawizz Z 3 days ago
Click bAit
BLOODY SHOTZ YT 3 days ago
Ha Xbox players need freaking batteries
bikes, hikes, outdoor sports
Fuck sylhet
IDontTry YT
IDontTry YT 4 days ago
“Controller doesn’t require any skill” *facepalm*
Test 4 days ago
Brush he’s using a mouse and keyboard and told the kid he’s using a controller
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 4 days ago
This is why i fucking hate sypher. Least favorite streamer clickbait trash
mimi babu
mimi babu 4 days ago
hahahaha so cute :-)
GT_Cool 3000
GT_Cool 3000 5 days ago
Syther stop!
GT_Cool 3000
GT_Cool 3000 5 days ago
Can pc players stop saying aim assist is overpowered because when y’all play on console y’all have 800 ping and can barely build
1Tap Mello
1Tap Mello 5 days ago
Well like your not gonna be able to build with 800 ping lmao
Chilldudesam 5 days ago
Love these vids ha
Can we Hit 5000 subs with no vids Let's do it
And I use portable chargers not batteries cause they cost to much every month I would spend atleast 70 dollars a month on batteries
Can we Hit 5000 subs with no vids Let's do it
Atleast us xbox players can be anywhere in the foom and play while some of u ps4 players cant move far at all
Shadow 5 days ago
"Yea i play on controller, that's why i headshot everybody"... instant dislike
raymon brown
raymon brown 5 days ago
Adam Ramirez
Adam Ramirez 5 days ago
He roast others but puts ninja so he can attract attention smart , what a friend though
Scarez 7 days ago
Kid: Don't Rush, Don't Rush! Sypher: I'm just going to shoot from a distance. Still rushes him.
kevin martinez
kevin martinez 7 days ago
How he takes all the loot
Supreme Sandifer
Supreme Sandifer 7 days ago
That kid is a devil child
BlueSkeletonKing 7 days ago
This kid young and stupid. He actually thinks it takes no skill to play competitive fortnite on a controller.😂😂😂😂
Charlie Grace
Charlie Grace 8 days ago
How many wins do you have? Kid: too many to count... But I can only count to 10
Destin Adeniran
Destin Adeniran 8 days ago
Do not enjoy the epic name u used
Drove 8 days ago
Why do pc players continue to bash on controller players? Like damn, why do ya keep trying to start beef?
Saba 444
Saba 444 8 days ago
You are triggering sooo many 9 year old controller players right now 😂 😂 😂
Zak T
Zak T 8 days ago
I use xbox i charge them over night
Zak T
Zak T 8 days ago
Yes u can stupid
CYPH3R Gaming
CYPH3R Gaming 8 days ago
Bro this is crazy I remember watching you back in eso days now you got 1.6 million subscribers keep up the good work brother
Jason Repay
Jason Repay 9 days ago
Intrickit27 9 days ago
You shouldn't rep that set of numbers. Not even as a joke. You just lost a subscriber.
Jakub Wierzbicki
Jakub Wierzbicki 9 days ago
Clickbait title and your gamer tag is stupid / misleading as you're playing on mouse and keyboard.. Try playing on controller actually and see if aim assist does all the work - it DOESN'T 😂
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller 9 days ago
Hopefully this kid doesn’t see this vid w the title
Jack Fox
Jack Fox 9 days ago
Why was he disrespectful
cory zhang
cory zhang 9 days ago
How tall is hamz
Krissky 10 days ago
This kido is a legend. :D Just die when i watch this! :D
m3rc_4_hi3r 10 days ago
The difference between PC and console is console takes skill
m3rc_4_hi3r 10 days ago
This kid thinks ninja is toxic? Yet he likes tfue? This kid is an idiot
Oliver Baker
Oliver Baker 10 days ago
Sypher is a bot, the kid is a bot, Ninja is a bot, Tfue only had a 2kd on destiny so he’s an above average player and anyone that replies to this comment is a bot
Xeno Games
Xeno Games 10 days ago
Tbh your being rude
Fohnandoh 11 days ago
i think controller is harder 💀
Jack Dean
Jack Dean 11 days ago
Sypher is the kind of guy that gets me hyped to play and want to win then i get shit on😂😂😂😂
Yassir I. Perez
Yassir I. Perez 11 days ago
This the firs time I watch a streamer play... Thus dude is cool... I'm subscribing
Levi Sims
Levi Sims 11 days ago
He knows both about how the controller works they are actually wayyyy more tough
brit Mandawoub
brit Mandawoub 11 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed the kid started humming the pirates tune when he started using the grenade launcher 😂
TheRealRaMar 11 days ago
offroad outlaws outlaw
U can plug in Xbox remotes and there is such thing as Xbox remotes without battery's
secret wind YT
secret wind YT 12 days ago
His most. Og skin is the carbide that's just sad
Trevor Wiggin
Trevor Wiggin 12 days ago
Why is there 7 condom ads?
James mackay
James mackay 12 days ago
I hate those kids
James mackay
James mackay 12 days ago
hE sWoRe
RinxStorm 12 days ago
sypher is so patient. that kid was so thirsty for his loot ((stole his llama, “i’ll finish him for you”)) and sypher continued to share his loot with him despite how rude he was.
Ani b
Ani b 12 days ago
controller definitely requires skill...
Mill x__x
Mill x__x 12 days ago
😢 ALL IM ASKING IS TO CHECK ME OUT ♥️ Or don’t I don’t care but I’ll buy you a cookie if you do ♥️
xXCatching SoleXx
xXCatching SoleXx 12 days ago
God this kid literally gave me a migrane
R Nies
R Nies 12 days ago
Who else got clickbaited
hunnersmells 13 days ago
i like his hair awww :D
Zach Scott
Zach Scott 13 days ago
Why the fuck does sypher have 666 in his name🤨🤨🤨🤨
MVPhurricane 13 days ago
that kid was great-- obviously a pretty clever kid
YT YNXxSilence
YT YNXxSilence 13 days ago
0:23 next thing you know lands tilted and wipes the lobby
Thanos Boi
Thanos Boi 13 days ago
sypher: the soccer skin getting all the kills me: the default in the back with a boom bow
big chungus
big chungus 13 days ago
You can plug a control in you dick heads
big chungus
big chungus 13 days ago
Xbox controlr
Pc players act like they’ve used aim assist before but they probably never have
xNightShadowz 12 days ago
IAMTYLER MATHESONNN ikr it’s not even OP if you’re actually on Xbox or PS4 only if you’re on PC with a controller
Logan Adams
Logan Adams 14 days ago
Fuck anyone who has something against controller players
spacelizard 14 days ago
The hisoka of fortnite
The Chef
The Chef 14 days ago
Y u hating on controller so much?
PwNiNg09 14 days ago
How is he the most disrespectful random duo? Seriously you not got enough viewers without bs titles?
Alex Conner
Alex Conner 14 days ago
I've seen ten times more toxic people
Alex Conner
Alex Conner 14 days ago
Alex Conner
Alex Conner 14 days ago
StarChild 14 days ago
Quoot video.
Ibby Rafiq
Ibby Rafiq 14 days ago
I know u never gonna answer sypher, but do you still play on your normal acc
bjquickshot 14 days ago
This kid was so annoying
Ninja 14 days ago
Aim assist barely does anything. It’s not even close to aimbot Sypher
Jefferey The Great
Jefferey The Great 14 days ago
Ou why do i wanna knock his lil ass out tho😫
Willie Gatling
Willie Gatling 15 days ago
I’m am tired of pc player disrespecting console players
Sindo 15 days ago
lol people dont realise you can use an android charger instead of batteries for the xbox one controller but everyone has iphones lol
Deuce Gaming
Deuce Gaming 15 days ago
Anyone Miss The Volcano Event? Watch it on Our Channel.
HunchoNicky47 15 days ago
He’s not even being disrespectful he’s voicing his opinion and backed it up
Venom83 gaming
Venom83 gaming 15 days ago
Aim assist 14:11 I know he on computer it was a joke
Hit the Gamer
Hit the Gamer 15 days ago
I know this man is joking but aim is assist does do alot but doesnt make any one a god
larry longway
larry longway 15 days ago
More Hilarious than disrespectful in my opinion Click bait xD
Soccersavage100 15 days ago
this kidsz 9 and he cursises
ツPikachu 15 days ago
He doesnt like Aydan because he says bad words? But watches Tfue??? What type of shit is this?
Katt Bredeson
Katt Bredeson 15 days ago
I won without pro controler
Yex 16 days ago
Anyone watching this while eating garlic bread?
JMan32 16 days ago
You say he is toxic yet you roast controller players the entire time🤨
Click flick
Click flick 16 days ago
Happy national sniper day!!
DAP 812
DAP 812 16 days ago
He is not disrespectful he is giving his opinion
Jewsh469 16 days ago
Kid dies....sypher gets final elim Kid says ez peazee lmao 😂😂😂
BETT MAN 17 days ago
Love your videos truly a nice streamer!!🤩❤
Tito Dorito
Tito Dorito 17 days ago
8:52 That satisfying moment when he gets out of the storm with exactly 50hp and a campfire.
Figgyman777 17 days ago
Click bait ass hole
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