The Most DISRESPECTFUL Random Duo ROASTS Ninja... (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Apr 12, 2019

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Comments 2 802
Diego Cornejo
Diego Cornejo 14 hours ago
What's your most og skin Kid: "Carbide" 🤨🤨🙄
Magic Pickle
Magic Pickle Day ago
Technically the most og skin is the default because its been in the game since the beginning
Jack crossan
Jack crossan Day ago
Aim assist is not op
TrubberDox 6 days ago
I'm surprised people think Ninja is toxic and Tfue isn't
Joseph Azevedo
Joseph Azevedo 6 days ago
weak when he started singing the pirates of the caribeen song
Ur mom fat jk
Ur mom fat jk 7 days ago
Any of you on combat pro and if you are can you do 90s?
Dylan Lozewski
Dylan Lozewski 7 days ago
Rlly tfue this gold digger
Emily Chidester
Emily Chidester 12 days ago
2020 anyone???????????????????????
LaZaR BeAsT 18
LaZaR BeAsT 18 14 days ago
Be quit sypher
Captain GreyJoy
Captain GreyJoy 15 days ago
I wish i could trap like sypher
xenox 16 days ago
Controllet takes no skill? NOT TRUE *****
Luke Psisi
Luke Psisi 16 days ago
This kids rich aye like pc good keyboard pro control and Fukien Nintendo
Kevyn_07 16 days ago
im 12 and im like 5 8
tavy wavy
tavy wavy 18 days ago
Did y'all heard when he said this little prick ? 18:13
Nash Horton
Nash Horton 19 days ago
My name is Nash to 😀 how unfortunate
Destiny Garcia
Destiny Garcia 22 days ago
kid: "shyte.." PK: "did he just.... use.. PRoFanity?"
QueasySkate 4869
QueasySkate 4869 23 days ago
Oh yeah my most OG is the default it's been around since the beginning 😂
Shark Bait
Shark Bait 24 days ago
Dude this kid honestly triggers me
Dtrx 24 days ago
You guys do know you can turn off aim assist, right?
TECH Rise 26 days ago
Yo I was 5’5 in like 5th grade
Kyla G
Kyla G 26 days ago
My OG skin is the default because it was the first skin
Bad Visuals悪い
Bad Visuals悪い 27 days ago
How is he disrespectful?? I'm confused
Getdownmrsobamanig Max
Anyone else play on controller and have controller swift?
Getdownmrsobamanig Max
I used to be top 200k of ps4 players but stopped playing for season 8 and went up😭
Ivan Cuellar
Ivan Cuellar 28 days ago
Welp the kid was pretty annoying😂
Try Hard
Try Hard 29 days ago
Xbox our her getting roasted
Mohammad Yassine
SypherPk: on controller you don’t have to aim since there is aim assist it is like an aimbot Me: that is not true ( btw pc is easier than controller /you can control better and faster on pc ) And the kid is not disrespectful at all * you think that he is disrespectful since he roasted ninga (you are disrespectful since you just hurt peoples feelings by saying that controller is easy and aimbot / I unsubscribed to your channel Sypher*i thought that you are my best youtuber but I was wrong )you said that you would do everything for getting subs but you lied 🤥
Samuel Monte-Arrieta
you should've told him who you really were :-)
Shark Deep
Shark Deep Month ago
Mr incredibles Insipid’s owl
I thought this was season nine and I saw the pump 😢
MyDullSkull YT
MyDullSkull YT Month ago
Make this blue if you love SypherPK (I make good content) | \/
Typhon Month ago
On xbox you can plug them in there’s a choice even with the battery controllers you can get a cord
Saben Love
Saben Love 29 days ago
Yeah but wires are annoying. Still love xbox though even though I'm a ps4 player
Liz Peralta
Liz Peralta Month ago
Do not ever put those numbers in a game again
Exotic chicken
Exotic chicken Month ago
PC is ez 😤
Havock TM
Havock TM Month ago
2:55 I see that sneak dis on nickmercs
JDS 344
JDS 344 Month ago
Kid: ninja is toxic Also kid: tfue sort of toxic Me: wtf are you talking about ?!
Bad Visuals悪い
Bad Visuals悪い 27 days ago
Nah it's true.
that square cookie
Im sorry i cant join but i did sub
Backup Khan
Backup Khan Month ago
This kid has no clue!!! He likes Tfue and not Ninja. He says Ninja is toxic when Tfue is just as toxic if more
XMTrevor Month ago
I didnt know hamz is 5'5 so im hes height and im 11
ItzNagol Month ago
you literally just described the way i play fortnite xbox and builder pro im sad now
MVK beast
MVK beast Month ago
DAE use on lap
N0T_ Galaxy
N0T_ Galaxy Month ago
Why does Sypher clickbait Kid: I don’t like ninja at all, well I kinda like him, he’s toxic *then instantly changes subject to Ghost Aidan and says bad stuff about him* Sypher: *Titles vid* “the most disrespectful random duo kid ROAST ninja
viVe_ claN
viVe_ claN Month ago
Jaylen Clark
Jaylen Clark Month ago
🤢 recon expert
Ashwaq Mahbub Abdi
i love ninja
Xd_sharkksss Month ago
Hey I’m in xd :)
Dead bot
Dead bot Month ago
How do pk always meets kids
Pixelite Universe
Watched the whole stream.. didn't see where he roasts ninja
YUNG FLY TY Die Month ago
I’m 5’0
YUNG FLY TY Die Month ago
Hamlinz is taller than me lol
Smiley Month ago
At the end he said “this was E Z!”...but he got carried
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