The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?
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Apr 14, 2019




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to www.brilliant.org/nutshell and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.
Gabe Saravia
Gabe Saravia 3 days ago
So quarks are made of energy
xboxgamingbro 8 days ago
Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell why 688
Grace yoon
Grace yoon 11 days ago
@I Like Food too
Rubens Cavalcanti
Smite_NoOne Month ago
@Manegu Man The heat stays kinda. All the spinning energy can be converted into heat energy.
Gabriele Mignemi
Gabriele Mignemi 6 hours ago
practically, the strangelets are Rey Ayanamy during the Third Impact, the collision between two neutron star si the third impact and the sea of ​​strange metter is the sea of Lcl
siggi9400 11 hours ago
protons and neutrons are like introverts
Astr0id Day ago
What is Kurzgesagt's obsession with birds?
Peter Lustig
Peter Lustig Day ago
Du hast echt interessante Videos...schade das du clickbait betreibst (clickbait, irreführender titel um mehr clicks zu generieren). Da dein content in englisch ist, solltest die Videos Bitte auch dementsprechend in englisch bennen. Aboniert wirst du deswegen nicht, auch wenn ich es eigentlich sofort gemacht hätte. Und ja, ich bin des englischen mächtig, aber clickbait= sux. Ergo muss ich mir leider andere anschauen, weil ich finde das Clickbait nicht unterstützt werden sollte. Echt schade, weil deine Vids sehr informativ sind und gut aufgemacht sind.. Aber wenn es geändert werden sollte, haste einen mehr an der Backe ;)
Neelam Shukla
5:56 "like a virus, we could never see a strangelet coming" me: you can see a strangelet because it's like a virus and you know a virus is visible to a microscope!!
Wait... if strange matter is possible... is charm matter also possible?
Alpha Q
Alpha Q Day ago
But surely if quarks dissolve into up and down quarks the same would be the same for strange quarks if they were not inside a neutron star, meaning that we aren't at risk of stranglets consuming our planet.
Ailsa Brown
Ailsa Brown Day ago
Mohamad Nassr
If the neutron star's crust is keeping this strange matter contained why don't we just make use of it as well in our experiments in the future
【달팽이 톱】Snailtopi
*Jimmy neutron stars are evil!*
Julio Negron-Yslas
SCIENTISTS EVERY DAY: “Oh, look, here’s something that could end the world as we know it”
Kurzgesagt: Like a tiny virus, Sciencephile the AI: Unlike a virus, Me: *visible confusion*
Imanhuwel Lalo
maybe we are the strange matter
Mishmello Day ago
Tell me where did the bang come from
Roy requires WiFi
But we don’t really know if quarks exist it’s a maybe
Eracnet 2 days ago
Wow, and I thought dark matter was scary
Sophie Dainty
Sophie Dainty 2 days ago
Kurzgesagt videos make me question how the hell earth has made it this far without being destroyed every single time🤣
Rebecca Gaskins
Rebecca Gaskins 2 days ago
So we can pencil in “death by strangelets” for later this year...
why am i like this
I heard the word *might* in there and that leads me to assume there's a sizable chance that, instead of changing all matter it touches, it could be used as a building tool to hold massive amounts of energy, and/or anything else you want
Big Hairy Wampa
Big Hairy Wampa 3 days ago
altaextreame 3 days ago
So strange matter is basically virus on crack
Abbas Mehmood
Abbas Mehmood 3 days ago
Anugerah Rompis
Anugerah Rompis 3 days ago
So, kinda like Tiberium from Command and Conquer?
How The Fuck is this real??
Jinhong PARK
Jinhong PARK 3 days ago
strangelets: green my garden plants: *also green* me: just finishes watching video me: *HELL NO*
Bastieneitsab 3 days ago
You may not like it, but this is matter at peak physical condition.
Vignesh Krishnamoorthy
Makes you wonder if Synthesis was the right ending to Mass Effect 3. Strange matter is the true state of matter. P.S. I picked Destroy though 😌
Ruheschrei 4 days ago
When they started to guess what happens inside a neutron star with quarks.... that's when this all became fantasy. I bet you it's different as I bet the rules are different too. We just know nothing. Thousands of years humanity and new knowledge that always threw over past knowledge and we still have to learn that we know nothing.... 😂😂😂
Kutloano Thebe
Kutloano Thebe 4 days ago
This is all a theory right? 👀😅
Waffle Iron
Waffle Iron 4 days ago
Newby Ton
Newby Ton 4 days ago
I like the way he says quarks, it sounds like a bird quacking with like a Russian accent
Newby Ton
Newby Ton 4 days ago
I love how the narrator says quarks like quacks It makes it somewhat seem like he's a bird like the avatars in these videos
K4yr4h 4 days ago
Has a strangelet conversion ever been observed? Sounds like internet knowledge
The Derp Llama
The Derp Llama 2 days ago
There are a lot of scientific things we have never actually seen. For example, we have never observed a quark, but math and physics show us how they most likely exist. In other words, I would not just call it "internet knowledge". We hadn't observed a black hole for the longest time, but again, math and science pointed us to believe they existed. Eventually, we were able to take a photo of one. As for strangelets, they are a theory backed up by math and science as well. That is why the narrator uses the words "probably" and "most likely".
Sun uv eh Beach Bolt
Maybe Strangelets will be the Great Filter. If they out number stars then they would be one of the most probable " filters"
It'sGood 4 days ago
Um, actually, everyone knows that the omega particle is the most dangerous thing in the universe!
yan nardes
yan nardes 4 days ago
this look like heay metal who's seen familiar
Alex Ceric
Alex Ceric 4 days ago
The Omega Particle
SSS S 5 days ago
Strangelet: I am the dangerous substance in the universe. I destroy everything I come in contact with. Black Hole: Sure thing. Come on in, then! Strangelet: Nooo!
White Dwarf 1119
White Dwarf 1119 5 days ago
Strangelet: Let’s contaminate the Universe with strange matter! Black hole: I am immune to your effects, so don’t try.
Querzty 5 days ago
Neutron stars are the densest thing that are not black holes Me: *No anime protagonist are*
Dingleberry DB
Dingleberry DB 5 days ago
What if strange matter was the thing that made us conscious, so life is the thing that holds the universe together?
Xeno27 5 days ago
but wait are they assuming it turns other matter into itself or is that a fact cause it seems kinda bs.
tadhg ogorman
tadhg ogorman 5 days ago
everyone: 2020 can't get worse June: 5:17
MonGnoM 5 days ago
What i don't understand is that Kurzgesagt said Up and Down Quarks are the most stable one, while all the others decay (Top, Bottom, Charme and Strange into Up and Down Quarks) Further into the video he's saying that Strange Quarks are perfectly dense, stable and indestructible. It doesn't make any sense to me
Eddie The Head
Eddie The Head 5 days ago
I love how down quark is feeling down
Yeetwall 77
Yeetwall 77 5 days ago
vivian Panditi
vivian Panditi 5 days ago
Kinon 6 days ago
Even the universe is in a pandemic
Ben Ives
Ben Ives 6 days ago
I'm going to bed. I'm not coming out until the heat death of the universe.
RazerSharp_ Ez
RazerSharp_ Ez 6 days ago
Narrator: "it's a bizzare thing" Me:JoJo BiZzArE AdVeNtURe
alex liu
alex liu 6 days ago
Then what's stronger? Nuclear pasta or strange matter? Google says it's nuclear pasta, but after Google said the inventor of the printer is Gutenberg, I don't trust him anymore.
Owen The Epic
Owen The Epic 6 days ago
Soooooo......... bed rock is strange matter? I mean it is indestructible🤔
0824moli 6 days ago
the chinese population dense is greater enough to create a strange thing. a coronavirus its extrmeley stable that it can infects every person when it get inside
Soaperadon 6 days ago
June : Hey!
오태경 6 days ago
2:31 Means Only Two(Up,Down) Quarks are Stable and Another of the turns into these quarks soon. Then Why we are been Scared about there Strange Quark? They will become Up or Down Quark while they are Floating or Moving around out of the Neutron Star. Someone:the Paradox Incomes.
오태경 6 days ago
4:00 Means More Strange Quark, More Strange Matter they make. But if they are Out of the Neutron Star, As the 2:31 Says Strange Quark Must be Chnage to the Up or Down Quark Quckly. Means We Don't need to Worry about it. It Seperate themselves from it From the Outside. Even we Faced problem like 4:48 or else
Dim Nimiish Casas
Are you telling me that all of the strange is Uranium?
MR.NUGGET 7 days ago
I've think I had seen one before How bizarre...
slimj091 7 days ago
Strange Quarks also show up at social gatherings uninvited, and won't leave you alone even when you are giving obvious clues that you are not into them.
willy yeremi
willy yeremi 7 days ago
so...droplet. i remember something similar that can infect other with droplet too and make chaos throughout 2020 (and this something created by bat-eater)
Robert Sulejmanov
A space Midas touch :)
smart soldier
smart soldier 7 days ago
Neutron stars are the densest things that doesn't suck "drum sounds"
Antithesis 7 days ago
"neutron star is the most dense thing--" **laughs in myself when talking with my crush**
Yuri, The Gun Modder Roleplays as the USSR
Bird: Exist Kurzgesagt: *It's a free real estate*
Gaming Exodus
Gaming Exodus 8 days ago
Has this strange matter been observed or is it just theory?
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 8 days ago
Shepard 8 days ago
7:15 That was so cute
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 8 days ago
it was XD
Thicc Penguin
Thicc Penguin 8 days ago
Kind of like the strange kid in the corner of my class. His dangerous especially after he started screaming pumped up kids
The follower
The follower 8 days ago
Dam seriously 4:25
Raul Da Silva
Raul Da Silva 8 days ago
With even more pressure in the neutron star it creates charm quarksmaking charm matter
Enabi Seira
Enabi Seira 9 days ago
I may be a little scared right now... But with more knowledge than before.
Mr Sato
Mr Sato 9 days ago
We found a huge deadly thing breaking the rules of the universe. Let's drop it into another deadly thing breaking the rules of the universe, and see who wins
Josue E Perlin G
Josue E Perlin G 9 days ago
June be like:
Raiyan Lynch
Raiyan Lynch 9 days ago
wouldn't strange matter immediately decay after leaving their neutron stars?
Zemo M.A.
Zemo M.A. 9 days ago
Positively charged strange matter does. But negative strange matter may be indestructable...tho we dont know if thats truly the case since noone came up and said "hey lets create lifethreatening matter for the lols"
Marino MacDonald
Marino MacDonald 9 days ago
I say we build a wall around our solar system to keep stranglets out. Then we make Andromeda pay for it.
Michael Zhang
Michael Zhang 9 days ago
If we break the rules how can we fix them? Hee hee
I really one to know who is this awesome narrater
InspirePerfect 9 days ago
The smarter you are, the more you realize the whole universe is trying to kill you.
Sean Griffin
Sean Griffin 9 days ago
_“If a strangelet comes into contact with the Earth, all the atoms could be converted into strange matter”_ 2020: *Write that down, **_WRITE THAT DOWN_*
Crystallized Wolf RR
Thanks, now I’m questioning the fact of how I exist.
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