The Most Advanced Guitar That Nobody Knows About!

Darrell Braun Guitar
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I'm always on the lookout for companies pushing the boundaries of what a guitar can be! Relish Guitars has produced an instrument without gimmicks, focusing on amazing versatility, beautiful construction, and fantastic playability! Best, of all, it's a guitar that just sounds great!
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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 100
Robert Chick
Robert Chick 23 hours ago
It probably costs as much as a lamborgini, couldn't afford one.
Daniel Paul Debs
Daniel Paul Debs 4 days ago
My 1972 Thinline Tele shits on it. LOLOL. Wouldn't trade it for 10 of these.
Bob A
Bob A 4 days ago
Perhaps 007 should be playing this in his next movie armed to the max!
Strong Spear
Strong Spear 5 days ago
I need one
FlightSimDev 6 days ago
Have you heard of a Onyx Viking Custom Guitar ? I can't find anything online about it.
Forine 7 days ago
as someone who's into pc building, this seems like it should be a regular feature in all electrics.
Harrick V Harrick
Wow. Seems to sound far better than anything I ever heard. Super clean and clear! Very distinct change of sound with different pickups and pickup settings! Wonderful.
MrCheese 8 days ago
Relish Mary one
gabriel vazquez
gabriel vazquez 8 days ago
What can we expect from a swiss made guitar..."the Relish Mary A One", cool but youd have to own a Datsun Fairlady Z as well.
Rothbe Kirkendall
Rothbe Kirkendall 10 days ago
kinda reminds me of Mattel ...
Exo Zen
Exo Zen 10 days ago
Funny he mentions all names of "High end" brands not knowing that the most expensive guitar ever made was a strat
Faded Blue Jeans
Faded Blue Jeans 11 days ago
If this guitar was crafted by Americans, it wouldn't be made here anymore.
Danny Fournier
Danny Fournier 11 days ago
It definitely sounded like a tin can when you played it clean but dirty seems to bring out the best yet wierd sound it makes . I wonder if mustard and ketchup comes with all that Relish 🤔
Greg Pohl
Greg Pohl 12 days ago
Nice imovations, but FUGLY body design!!!!
Scott Hewes
Scott Hewes 13 days ago
A guitar is a block of wood!!! Can’t be any more simple than that! What’s the benefit of making it any more complicated than that?
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller 13 days ago
What's the 9v battery for?
Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D 13 days ago
Aucturuss Jagaard
Aucturuss Jagaard 16 days ago
Whats it cost
vainer vassoler
vainer vassoler 18 days ago
Miraposa Jehano
Miraposa Jehano 20 days ago
It is very nice as it is brand new but this magnet system both for the back cover and the pickups....will it aged properly??? I mean magnets tend to weaken after a few years....and how about interferences with other electronic gizmos???
KingGrio 24 days ago
"So what exactly can we expect from a Swiss made guitar ?" Well, to be overpriced, to have completely lost any of the essense of blues or rock that normally is in a guitar, and to appeal to people who have run out of ideas on how to blow their money.
Sticky Croissant
Sticky Croissant 25 days ago
That's the best looking, and built guitar I've seen. HOWEVER, I can't get it because it seems the left-handed community isn't acknowledged.
sexyguitarboy69 28 days ago
* The Most Advanced Guitar That Nobody Knows About! * Not true! I reviewed it for a well-established German guitar magazine. So a lot of people should know this guitar company by now.
A. W.
A. W. Month ago
Darrell, haven't you learned from my previous comment with your review on mega pricey amps?? THIS IS A $6k GUITAR. So to make it as brief and to the point as possible - SCREW YOU DARRELL, It's clear you'll never learn that people don't care about gear they can't afford.
Graham Ambridge
Graham Ambridge Month ago
Why are adverts suggesting going to new Zealand whe its closed🤔😑
Jonesy Bonesy
Jonesy Bonesy Month ago
Wait you can swap any pickups with that magnet thing? Got me a little confused
Jonesy Bonesy
Jonesy Bonesy 15 days ago
Thats really cool. Might have to get one of those guitars lol
Chandler Month ago
Um......Na, I’m good.
jiros00 Month ago
USD 4,000. This is custom shop pricing. Is the tone as good?
ed.Thai. Hansen
ed.Thai. Hansen Month ago
ez to say they will mount for ya. at xx cost plus shipping. Defeats the whole purpose ! Right. synth and midi Piezo bridge PUP's should have been added
ed.Thai. Hansen
ed.Thai. Hansen Month ago
where is that tone for holly body wood sound ? No rmc midi synth output ?
ed.Thai. Hansen
ed.Thai. Hansen Month ago
need ebony fingerboard ! alum. I'm sure that great tone for acoustics. ??
David MacPhee
David MacPhee Month ago
Is that your thumb with an expanded nail? I love that way of playing with no pick. Flesh meets bone and so many nerve endings to the brain.
J B Month ago
Just need a Floyd rose we’re good to go
Tchinguitar Month ago
I triple agree with you, its an advance and modern guitar. Easy to operate and play it
Stac Master
Stac Master Month ago
Because of physical problems I can no longer play a guitar. I still love all things guitar
Scott Hewes
Scott Hewes Month ago
And don’t you change pick ups to get all sorts of different sounds? They only make four different pick ups so you are very limited.
Scott Hewes
Scott Hewes Month ago
I hope this pitchman knows he is compromising any credibility he might have ever had.
Scott Hewes
Scott Hewes Month ago
The most advanced guitar that no one knows about.........That’s because no one needs to. You can build a ten thousand dollar computer operated hydro electric toothpick, but when everyone realizes it won’t get your teeth any cleaner than a 1000 for one dollar wood tooth pick no on will care. And only the rich foolish people will buy it.
Scott Hewes
Scott Hewes Month ago
A guitar body is a “BLOCK OF WOOD” no more no less cause that’s all you need. Why would anyone needlessly make it anymore complex unless they were solving an age old problem to which they aren’t. So WHY???
Scott Hewes
Scott Hewes Month ago
They have the balls to call it “Game Changing” WTF game are they playing???
Scott Hewes
Scott Hewes Month ago
If P.T. Barnham had made and sold guitars this is the crap he would be peddling.
Scott Hewes
Scott Hewes Month ago
A total waist of time!!!
Scott Hewes
Scott Hewes Month ago
This manufacturing process is a century old. It’s a subframe construction. You start with a main or sub frame and everything (revolves around) or attaches to or inside of said frame. Apple has been building their MacBooks like this for ever. They made a guitar so complicated and solved zero problems!!! Why??? They literally set out to make a guitar needlessly complicated and oh so “technologically advanced “ for no other reason than to have a cool factor??? And their trying to sell a century old manufacturing process as new and revolutionary? It’s like the old joke about Raiders of the lost ark wherein Indi made no difference to the movie, with him or without him the German Army would find the Arc and be destroyed by it. This thing is the Indiana Jones of guitars🤣🤣🤣🤣
Clean sounds really good....distorted tones: give me a Ibanez S
Miuletz Mitzu
Miuletz Mitzu Month ago
yeah... with 4k you could just simply get like 8 guitars to match every pickup and every style you could ever wish for. And it's easy to change too, just plug one out and plug the other in. No thanks...
Nathan Schad
Nathan Schad Month ago
The white is cool, but the shape of the red pick guard makes me want to puke. It makes it look cheap
Nathan Schad
Nathan Schad 29 days ago
@Michael Goble stay in your lane bro, I’m entitled to my opinion. You entitled to yours. The minute your start insulting another human for their opinion is the minute you start being an ass. Art it’s subjective, if I wanna say Mona Lisa makes me puke, I’m within my human right. Period. end of story. Go home, and have a great day. CHEERS 🍻
Michael Goble
Michael Goble Month ago
Oh. Poor Nathan. You must have a very weak digestive system. Maybe you should try one of the other color combinations. Or maybe you should judge a guitar by how it sounds, or is that not important to you?
Chee Pen
Chee Pen Month ago
I was thinking about that socket pickups idea since 2010. Now I know I'm not the only one who was thinking about it. Lol
Grzegorz Mielcarek
Just checked the price and it's not so bad. Only one year without coffee. Oh and food, water and central heating. I'll manage. Just have to convince my family that they also have to. A doddle.
Brightfart Month ago
Very silly.
Nick *
Nick * Month ago
Beautiful guitars and beautiful playing. Great video and very informative ♡
buzzbester Month ago
actually switching the pick ups can be done easier , just watch Justin J with the 007 guitar which is more amazing then this one and will save you some money as well
jp willm
jp willm 19 days ago
A Citroen DS 8-) In France, we don't have oil, but ideas :)
Aurora Month ago
That’s Crazy! 🌹
Ken McIntosh
Ken McIntosh Month ago
An old Idea, I have 3 guitars built so that pickups could easily be changed from the back. A 70's Dan Armstrong, a 90's Mercurio and a 2008 Gibson Les Paul Push Pull model.
Guido Sarducci
Guido Sarducci 2 months ago
I liked and subbed. thanks for posting.
Rump[e Stillskin
Rump[e Stillskin 2 months ago
Lefty ???? and how much ?
How much cost this guitar / for left hand /.
Jeremie Dsouza
Jeremie Dsouza 2 months ago
One day when I'm rich.... One day....
Light Truth
Light Truth 2 months ago
A Day In The Life
A Day In The Life 2 months ago
"The most sophisticated and accurate time pieces known to humankind." They made the Antikythera Device and the Mayan Calendar? :O
Cris Clinciu
Cris Clinciu 2 months ago
The Calendar is inaccurate AF they said the apocalypse would happen in 2012 instead of 2020 😂
keithadams812 2 months ago
$4000 for this one..... I'm betting there is no resale value... 50% or less..... Resale value is the 2nd consideration when I'm buying a guitar.... And this one has a short history
hgmviewer 1
hgmviewer 1 2 months ago
looks idiotic
L 2 months ago
Pity the body shape is damn ugly.
L 2 months ago
Oh it's so advanced... (sarcasm). You do realise all of those ideas are at least 50 years old.
N B 2 months ago
The battery stuck right there kinda kills it for me
Flex 2 months ago
Damn this thing is pretty cool, not gonna lie lol
selby16 2 months ago
what a load of crap , who wants to change pickups all the time bettere off with a deluxe strat any day , anything swiss is a fortune and its not that great
Regina Rena
Regina Rena 2 months ago
How much is that one?
Nirso Bruces
Nirso Bruces 2 months ago
Interesante tecnología
Jeff Payne
Jeff Payne 2 months ago
Line 6 Variax does a lot of this for 1/4th the price!
Al Was Here!
Al Was Here! 2 months ago
Relish it because you can't afford it. I can change pickups(sound) quick too just use the pickup selector or tone or volume knob or switch on amp. Its still nice if you have tons of money to spend.
Mathieu Lagrandeur
Mathieu Lagrandeur 2 months ago
They could have at least make it look cool
Apple O
Apple O 2 months ago
If only we made automobiles like this!
JSB103 2 months ago
One thing's for sure: Go with the Swiss, and you'll never miss.
Nguyen Nguyen
Nguyen Nguyen 2 months ago
How do I get one of this and what is a price?
Željko Ostrež
Željko Ostrež 2 months ago
make sure you don't have a bank card or similar near the magnet, because the magnets will erase the memory!
Seba92000 2 months ago
I don't hear any switched pickup differences via RUvid with my speakers...
Seba92000 2 months ago
DarkShroom 2 months ago
i tend to use just one pickup anyway, this seymour duncan metal one on my bridge... like many people say it doesn't make a difference, i got used to it's signal (which has good treble) and if i change settings in my DAW it sounds different, same pickup can sound like blues/jass or rock/metal so i wouldn't want this toy like hollow thing and any active processing
Ravin Chowdhury
Ravin Chowdhury 2 months ago
Solves my problem of having anything in my wallet
Алексей Прокопенко
This guitar sound ir really sharp and clean! Good one. I dont know how much it is, but it sounds really good even from smartphone speaker and it is classy!
Ammar Husin
Ammar Husin 2 months ago
M feel interesting to hear your advice abut giutar many many thanks to you
GAME LIFE 2 months ago
nice guitar . but i prefer to play a very cheap guitar .
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man 2 months ago
I noticed right as you took it out of the case that it also seems very light.... every gigging musician appreciates that
Luigi Tuazon
Luigi Tuazon 2 months ago
Now all this guitar needs is to solve the hassle of installing guitar strings and we're good to go.
Bob A
Bob A 4 days ago
How about a self-playing version and we are all set!
Yens 2 months ago
scrolled deep for finger nail comments, found none, realised because its only one hand that it is probably just for finger picking, right nice, i hope
Gary Cameron
Gary Cameron 3 months ago
I don't even play guitar and I want one of these!
motokev 3 months ago
I must, a cool and groovy and farout guitar
Rusty Weapon
Rusty Weapon 3 months ago
I want one...
Ibrahim shehab
Ibrahim shehab 3 months ago
Price 4k
J.C. Kohle
J.C. Kohle 3 months ago
brilliant . Sounds a million bucks . Pickups are probably a major play in the result but still I am excited to hear it. Not the instrument for bands that destroy their instruments at the end of a gig ! The first time I ever , saw pickups switched out during a riff. I even chuckled to see the hole appear and the tone continue , dumb but I sensed the magician at play..
Philip Rao
Philip Rao 3 months ago
Innovations are always welcome, some may be liked and some may NOT be liked by the musicians, But, Innovations should continue.
Nico Paragas
Nico Paragas 3 months ago
I was just watching relish recipes. What am I doing here?
Jammoko 3 months ago
No sounds there that I can't get on a Les Paul Jnr with a P90 (one), a volume and a tone control and some fingers... electronic garnish! lol
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke 3 months ago
Konnigsegs are swiss
JiTiAr35 3 months ago
Rmm...that would be Variax perhaps? I'm interested with your opinion about it.
glenn davis
glenn davis 3 months ago
WesternStar33 3 months ago
I would like to see Mikael Åkerfeldt demo one of these,, I know he is a PRS guy but would be interesting to hear him review.
Jaypee Consuelo
Jaypee Consuelo 3 months ago
Can I have a guitar, I totally dream of having a guitar to play. Hope you'll notice me. Thanks😍
Nate McDonald
Nate McDonald 3 months ago
I'll wait for Germany's 'Sauerkraut' to come out...
Jeff Huntsinger
Jeff Huntsinger 3 months ago
Won't the perimeter magnets screw with the pickups?
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