The Minigun Manual (Fortnite)

Luke TheNotable
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Written on a wall with a spraying Minigun
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Aug 17, 2019




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Comments 80
Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 9 months ago
Page #1 of the Minigun Manual Subscribe to Luke TheNotable
DJD__ 2 days ago
Cazie01 4 days ago
Ninjapuppet One
Ninjapuppet One 27 days ago
I listen to this video every night before I sleep
Oinkert Playz
Oinkert Playz Month ago
@Luke TheNotable I subscribed and I was your 1.91 millionth subscriber :) thanks for this manual :)
Lukas’ Gaming & Blogs
Page #2 of the minigun Manual Use code “Luke-Thenotable”
Communist Luigi
Communist Luigi 11 minutes ago
EA sports, Its in the game
StormyAJ08 20 minutes ago
The 552 dislikes are all of the Henchmen Guarding the vault ( they had a mini gun )
1 Shot Games
1 Shot Games 5 hours ago
This video sounds like it's sponsored by the minigun
Master D1
Master D1 Day ago
Me in 2020 with Brutus’s minigun: Luke would be so proud
Joshua Miranda
I’m glad Luke made this video it made defaults think they where good so I enjoyed destroying them
Luv Ghosh
Luv Ghosh Day ago
Luke would be proud now that their is a mythic minigun
LUCARIOGAMER 218 2 days ago
Luke minigun 1v1 me I dare you, i was already good with it but now my power is limitless
Apple Pies
Apple Pies 2 days ago
Any body else waiting for a fortnite hundred drop just me okay
NoSimp Zone
NoSimp Zone 2 days ago
Miniguns are for trash bots to spray with. Good it’s at least limited now
The gaming God
The gaming God 6 hours ago
yeah. You have to actually compete and come out on top in the grotto to get it. I agree with you. 100%
Tj Productions
Tj Productions 2 days ago
I like the old sound
Jacob Levin
Jacob Levin 4 days ago
old sounds better
Nolan Ferris
Nolan Ferris 4 days ago
Old mini gun sounds so much better
cheesewizard072 5 days ago
Now it can only put out 45 bullets before overheating... -_-
The gaming God
The gaming God 6 hours ago
still op
Divine Smoke 2117
Can you make a minigun manuel for chapter 2?
The gaming God
The gaming God 6 hours ago
basically the same thing
Axsel Rojas
Axsel Rojas 8 days ago
idk but if he earned that doe then I will stay
Chaco3157 9 days ago
Here for Brutus‘s mini gun. 😂
Матвей Масалов
Oldeeeee: tktktktktktkkttaaaaaattatatatatatatatatatattatatakkttkkttktatatkatatatatkattataktatataktattatatkakatkataaktaktktatatatatkakttkktatkatatkatkakttakattttatakkataktatkkkkttatata Nuuuuuuuuu: trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrarrrauaaaaarrarararuuauarrarrauruuuuaaauuuuuuuuuu...
Матвей Масалов
"Huska la vista!"
Jari Spruijt
Jari Spruijt 10 days ago
Luke: makes this video Minigun noobs: write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 12 days ago
I like the old minigun Sound
Epic city
Epic city 12 days ago
I Also love the minigun When you get brutus minigun you just win!
Crystal cat
Crystal cat 14 days ago
Grotto 101
Soviet Comrade
Soviet Comrade 14 days ago
It costs 400,000 dollars to shoot Sasha for 12 seconds
Snake fang11
Snake fang11 14 days ago
Cup Cupy
Cup Cupy 14 days ago
2018 minigun op 2019 minigun bad 2020 minigun god
Micheal Lee
Micheal Lee 15 days ago
Okay, so I dont usually post in comments, but I plan on doing a Fortnite Battle Royale for the next season's battlepass once my twitter reaches 1k followers, @InFinite_Mixr once it reaches 1000 followers, I will do a battle royale and whoever wins will get the next season's battlepass!
Mom’s spaghetti
Mom’s spaghetti 15 days ago
Chapter 2 Season 2 has the best mini gun yet
The ultra Panther
The ultra Panther 16 days ago
The new one sounds like a demon Also where’s the “I unlocked Midas in one day and this is what happened
Zain Ul Abidin
Zain Ul Abidin 10 days ago
The ultra Panther there is 1 month till that
karateiscoolturk 17 days ago
I got my first win with a minigun
thatguyLOL 18 days ago
Seeing this makes me wonder if fortnite was out of there minds to nerf the mini gun
Alexander Hefner
Alexander Hefner 18 days ago
Ggman2002 Goudeos
Ggman2002 Goudeos 18 days ago
*laughs in brutus minigun*
Ditmavipe BPOT
Ditmavipe BPOT 19 days ago
Comment nr. 3000
Thananiel 19 days ago
If only he Knew it would be vaulted, BUT IT IS NIW BACK
Anne Harsta
Anne Harsta 20 days ago
Ltn doesnt need 10 minute videos with ads. He truly is notable
Kanezilla 20 days ago
He should make this video private or the Soccer skins will learn
manticore453 20 days ago
Don’t run it’s the mini gun man
I got a fortnite ad in this 🤯
Wildman and Bean
Wildman and Bean 22 days ago
They should put it back to how it was, but make it harder to get
Jackguyan 4069
Jackguyan 4069 22 days ago
Mini guns are the reason i had a mental breakdown so I decided I would always pick one up
The_Blank 22 days ago
This actually helped, I won with the brutas mini gun
Storm Omega
Storm Omega 22 days ago
Brutus minigun
Yeet Jej
Yeet Jej 22 days ago
A mythical minigun egists
Exile - Gaming
Exile - Gaming 22 days ago
"secret manual"
Anderson Kwon
Anderson Kwon 23 days ago
2:39 ???
permissablebadpoo 23 days ago
Hour 3 of watching the mini Gun manual
Jason Pittman
Jason Pittman 23 days ago
Old sound better
Fabiols GaMER
Fabiols GaMER 23 days ago
Just fire
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith 24 days ago
kirby feels
kirby feels 24 days ago
It's finally back baby
Everything easy
Everything easy 25 days ago
u should make 100 drops at groto with brutuses minigun
Kai_lopez 98
Kai_lopez 98 25 days ago
I liked the old sound
jamie koseck
jamie koseck 26 days ago
Salty Chip
Salty Chip 27 days ago
You should make minigun merch
JrPrdx_ Saltador
JrPrdx_ Saltador 27 days ago
LTN: I miss the minigun Fottnite: Lets add an overpowered MINIGUN in CHAPTER 2 SEASON 2 LTN: 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Garfield 9 days ago
I mean
pro_ufos610 28 days ago
the old minigun
Mashie's Blob
Mashie's Blob 28 days ago
How much is the book? I'LL TAKE IT NO MATTER WHAT
MECHA RMK999 28 days ago
Wait till he finds out about the new minigun
Jeronimo de villa
Jeronimo de villa 29 days ago
Welp better link this to every pro player in fortnite
Damien Animations
Damien Animations 29 days ago
Useless Manual
HaveAPoptart 29 days ago
Why is Brutus the minigun boss and not this guy
Master D1
Master D1 29 days ago
You should land at the Grotto
erikbarrett85 29 days ago
Marcus O-Rourke
Marcus O-Rourke 29 days ago
Who is here after Brutus
WaltzPlay 27 days ago
Me haha
Spaceinvader spaz
Spaceinvader spaz 29 days ago
I bet you love the grotto because of the mythical minigun
Ralsei_cakes 29 days ago
I miss minigun
xxNinja games
xxNinja games Month ago
ES Gaming
ES Gaming Month ago
Most youtubers: sneak the sponsee into the video. Luke TheNotable: I need money
bIG_bOY_29 Month ago
Can we get a second part to the minimum manual
Javarius -_-
Javarius -_- Month ago
Here to learn to use a minigun so I can use brutus' minigun
bosheaheywood Month ago
The sacred text
Petition to make this a real book :)
Evil Huntsman
Evil Huntsman Month ago
*Laughs in Brutus’ minigun*
Ilia Ustinov
Ilia Ustinov Month ago
Thx Luke! I used the minigun to do a clutch in the final circle on 1 hp.
wutyoface wutyoface
imagine a hardcover version of the minigun manual
Bozhidar Pavlov
Bozhidar Pavlov Month ago
We need a revisited version now
nedeaj Month ago
What about Brutus’s minigun
Fable Dimensionz
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