The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E4 Miami 2018

Martin Garrix
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The Martin Garrix Show: Season 3 Episode 4 Miami 2018
♫ Glitch with Julian Jordan is out now: stmpd.co/MJGLID
We’re back in Miami! This episode features the Armani event and the premiere of the documentary What We Started.
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Sep 24, 2018




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Comments 80
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix Year ago
Are you enjoying these episodes? Let me know 🙌
Music World
Music World 15 days ago
These are just so awesome. I can this whole day❤️❤️❤️❤️
Elena Massarenti
Elena Massarenti 19 days ago
Aaaaa, I was bored tonight so I decided to watch the entire Martin Garrix Show. Now I'm at this episode. Gonna finish all the seasons again🔥 Every time I miss you Martijn, I watch your show because it makes me feel closer🥺 Just wanted to say this🥰
Kbltgamers Month ago
ik hou van deze videos ik kan niet wachten op het volgende seizoen
Charles Brandon Perez
Of course I do! 😆
Timothy Leach
Timothy Leach 7 months ago
* y e s*
Bunny Month ago
Muhamad Dzaki Akram
7:54 The best footages combine with dope music
Levi Sweidan
Levi Sweidan 2 months ago
Martin: Haha I can become a makeup artist. Also Martin: *shit you can still see it*
Nicolás 3 months ago
El Cabron LIVE
El Cabron LIVE 3 months ago
king Carl
Anyelis Diaz
Anyelis Diaz 3 months ago
Martin Garrix this episodes is so excitng. Amazing
Anyelis Diaz
Anyelis Diaz 3 months ago
Martin Garrix this episodes is so excitng. Amazing
Anyelis Diaz
Anyelis Diaz 4 months ago
@martingarrix the episode 4 is better than the series of netflix.. I LOVE SO MUCH, LOVE YOUR ENERGY, ALL OF YOU.
Charles Brandon Perez
My home, Miami!! 🤩
loco292_YT 7 months ago
9:42 who is she?
Rosa Perez
Rosa Perez 9 months ago
miral desai
miral desai 11 months ago
Can i have the track list of this video?
Halsey Le Tissier
Halsey Le Tissier 11 months ago
Nobody: Literally no one: Martin: I'm too fat for all these sizes Also Martin: pizza makes you fat
Halsey Le Tissier
@Amy lim your welcome
Amy lim
Amy lim Month ago
@Halsey Le Tissier ty.
Halsey Le Tissier
@Amy lim 1:22
Halsey Le Tissier
Amy lim
Amy lim Month ago
What minute?
9:41 His Girlfriend?
nick fury
nick fury Year ago
miami 😎
Mike M
Mike M Year ago
Loving it will there be a new season in 2019?
Krish Thaman
Krish Thaman Year ago
5:42 i want my parents to be happy like this
MaxGmz Year ago
"Why did u let me wear that shit?" HAHAHHAHAHAHA.
Rajat Raj
Rajat Raj Year ago
When u will release India tour after movie 2018 power arena
Chandan J Mali
East or west or north or south.... Martin garrix is the best
Adriana Fischer
Haha i can become a make up artist - Shit you can still see it 😂😂 8:40
Josephine Willems
Echt zo mooi dat als je Nederlands bent dat je gewoon kan verstaan ja 'k ben gebeten op mn focking wang door een of andere kut mug' hahaha k strak
tara crowell
tara crowell Year ago
His girlfriend is 27 years old. He is 22 like seriously, I'm heartbroken he has a girlfriend. I'm glad he is happy but still
Tomomi Yokoyama
Martin and Charelle are so cute I'm dead I ship them
Moninix Year ago
Am I the only one who thinks Cara looks like Martin?
Ashish Bhagat
Ashish Bhagat Year ago
7:53 which song is this
nano miranda
nano miranda Year ago
no hay subtitulos 😪
Алексей Долгов
Русские вы тут?
Eva Ritsen
Eva Ritsen Year ago
This is the reason why I dont want to watch your show. Im hurting to see you with Charelle but nvm as long for your happiness 😭❤️
Eva Ritsen
Eva Ritsen Year ago
This is the reason why I dont want to watch your show. Im hurting to see you with Charelle but nvm as long for your happiness 😭❤️
Guadalupe Concepcion De Santiago Perez
Soy de México y no se que digas pero hablas bien bonito
lytyx Year ago
that Bret Marcus guy looks like the child of Sebastian Ingrosso & David Guetta 😂
Trip SSS
Trip SSS Year ago
Song in the beginning?
Trip SSS
Trip SSS Year ago
Song in the beginning?
Trip SSS
Trip SSS Year ago
Song in the beginning?
Ayushman Pradhan
987654321Simon S
Mae_ 0504
Mae_ 0504 Year ago
TheBossBunny Year ago
Martin garrix +× 😍❤🔥🔥🌡
Vinicius Andrade
you must come to brazil
Mustafa ŞAHİN
Martin Garrix Troye Sivan - There For You (Brohug Remix)looking for this song instrumental remix help me...
Valentina Castillo
El es el mejor ♥️🖤🎶
Valentina Castillo
Alguien más estaba tratando de entender lo que decían?
melani mørą
melani mørą Year ago
Me encantó 😍💖💖 está chido no
Léa C
Léa C Year ago
David Guadamillas
It just amazes me how many people this guy makes happy and how we really feels and love what he does, that's why his the best doing, hope you keep rockin forever Martin!!
Vampish girl
Vampish girl Year ago
i love martin so so so much you are so beauty
Rulkem RBLX
Rulkem RBLX Year ago
What’s the phone case called on Martin’s phone?
Melissa Alene Alene
Hey bro follow me on Instagram @vishalprajapati I'm biggest fan of you 😍
Estrellita Castillo
come to guatemalaaaaaaaaaaa
Janieke De Vries
I’m I the only one who is so much in love with Martijn and Charelle as a couple?❤️
dagdager macias
que cool disculpa que me meta en tu vida personal pero tienes novia soy tu super fan algul dia quisiera ir a algun consierto tuyo tienes mucho talento y siempre lo tendrans junto con el apoyo de tus fans y familia
Bladegcito Year ago
I am like to musik
Iosubayodj Year ago
I feel u bodyguard 1:02 xd
De spelende Jongen
Simon Van Huet
Why can't I see Tmgs in belgium
Milena K
Milena K Year ago
LOL @ Martijn stealing his gf's makeup !
jay-co Leosala
i like the 'There For You' remix ver. where can i find that??
Belen Arias
Belen Arias Year ago
Martin garrix ➕❌😍 I LOVE YOU ❤😍
shaji muhammad
Martin garrix pls come to Kerala I want to see you
shaji muhammad
it's sooo cool
The Iron Aventador
I remember I was in France, and I saw this big building with and Armani ad with Martin Garrix's face on it, and I got so excited at first cause I thought it was a concert.
Safira Kharisma
when u come in indonesia again?
Faith Mizpah Jamandre
who's the lucky girl ? 🤔
JESASA Year ago
Carl Cox
neverkind Year ago
I love this man.. FULLHOMO
Seveyna Garritsen
Azhari Fatima
Azhari Fatima Year ago
Hiii martin garrix this phone is my mother but i am sohail faridi yours biggest fan i want to become like u
Nadia marena
Nadia marena Year ago
i love you martin garrix ♥
Anh Dương
Anh Dương Year ago
Mảtin Garrix is the BEST➕✖️♥️♥️♥️🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Sven Golden
Sven Golden Year ago
Nice to know Frodo loves his fans😌
MAX PAYNE Year ago
we want to watch What We Started.
羅Henry Year ago
Did you get fat?
Anirudh Roy
Anirudh Roy Year ago
Never missed his song or show
Mishell Rojas
Mishell Rojas Year ago
Martín Garrix yo si estoy loca por ti me encantas demasiado soy tu FAn y ternurita t quiero demasiado
Mishell Rojas
Mishell Rojas Year ago
@Lili Rami huii en instagram cierto?
Malle Suarez
Malle Suarez Year ago
I Love 😍😍😍➕❌ is The Best 💖😍
Jazmín Cruz
Jazmín Cruz Year ago
Woo me encanta
Grantley Wilson
waw i've been waiting to warch you episode to 2018
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