The Making of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Video - The Beginning

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Director Hidemaro Fujibayshi discusses the process and journey of creating The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Mar 14, 2017




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Comments 3 186
allan1064 2 hours ago
1 more hour for the September 23 direct 😁
KotaBarrel 7 hours ago
The hardest part of development was getting Korok Forest to be more than a slideshow
Insidious One
Insidious One 2 days ago
I hope one day this 2D prototype will be leaked.
Adam Nordenhem
Adam Nordenhem 3 days ago
This is my favorite gamee
Kamala 11 hours ago
This is one of the worst 3D zelda games 😕
soıpnʇs sɯןıɟ uosdɯoɥʇ
probably the hardest part was making all of the shrine puzzle and names
ghost. 10 days ago
as a brazillian, its really sad to me that here in brazil we cant play most of nintendo games in brazillian portuguese... i really hope someday botw releases a patch adding more languages
Yes Hello
Yes Hello 10 days ago
Zeldas English voice actor is cringe af, doesnt remind me of the widsom other zelda characters had. Maybe she will become Sheik in botw 2 or have her do something cool
Zelda Lekvall
Zelda Lekvall 11 days ago
My name i Zelda😁 and i love the game Zelda
Mishti Senpai
Mishti Senpai 12 days ago
Ironically I actually played in Japanese since I was studying Japanese at the time, like he said about English
Opinionteer 14 days ago
I am 64 years old and have enjoyed the Zelda game since it first came out. I look forward to every release and every HD re-release.
Conner Galles
Conner Galles 14 hours ago
I'm 18 and I only have heard of ocarina of time and botw and I'm a gamer but nowadays I only love games with meaning and storytelling. Competitive games are not good anymore, literally
Casemiro Killer
Casemiro Killer 16 days ago
I would like to play that 2d version too.
Steven Craeynest
Steven Craeynest 26 days ago
2:55 Looks like Link's arm weapon thing in BOTW2
Josh Dean
Josh Dean Month ago
Why can’t Nintendo achieve any release date they set ?
TheArtunism Month ago
2:55 That arm thing looks like a precursor to what we saw in the newest trailer for BOTW 2
Luke Month ago
I’m currently playing the game again in Master Mode in Spanish
Shane Johnson
Shane Johnson Month ago
i wanna play that 2d prototype
falcon's Month ago
The best game I've ever played
YC TV-YC 채널 Month ago
I hope there is Korean voice in sequel and… this game!
josh johns
josh johns Month ago
hope to see something like this when the sequel is finally released
aGoldDuckOW Month ago
6:55 ..... ...... ... you didnt take the arrows.
Radhika Bakshi
Radhika Bakshi Month ago
3:28 you can see something in the background that looks like the robot esque creature we saw in botw2 trailer
MrGrumpy Month ago
What an incredible experience. Best launch game ever for a Nintendo console. Can't wait for BoTW2 or whatever it ends up being called.
D m
D m Month ago
Bad game should've been cancelled
Mohammed Al-Marafi
This game has millions and millions of details and elements. It’s mind blowing how the designers came up with all those stuff!!!! 🤯
TheLegend 27
TheLegend 27 Month ago
I was in year 8 when this released I am going to collage in September, weird to think this game is almost 5 years old
Stella. Nutella
Stella. Nutella Month ago
✨Without this game I would’ve never started gaming ✨ 👒It really is the 👑best👑 game I’ve ever played since then 🦔🪐
Stella. Nutella
Stella. Nutella Month ago
@TheArtunism yessss right!!!! It’s so captivating 😌😍
TheArtunism Month ago
I dropped off early in the Wii U's life and this game really brought me back to gaming. I fully agree. I have like a 120 hours in the game and I still find new things
Christopher Sewell
Christopher Sewell 2 months ago
Can I get one more hand Victoria
OFgamerplayZ 2 months ago
Leikjarinn 2 months ago
Give us 10 version
ken 2 months ago
How did they make the dying horse sound though...
Jack Off
Jack Off 2 months ago
Please make a sheikah grenade launcher that using CHU CHU jelly as a ammo!!! And make a little spider/bugs drone that can electrified enemy/animal!!!
Jack Off
Jack Off 2 months ago
Please make a sheikah grenade launcher that using CHU CHU jelly as a ammo!!! And make a little spider/bugs drone that can electrified enemy/animal!!!
shnadz13 2 months ago
there not going to update this. suggest that for the second one
Creeeeper 2 months ago
the legend of breath, zelda of the wild
moi 2 months ago
what i hate of nintendo is they keep remake their games on their new systems and sell them for a big price. im against this and i hate people keep buy those remakes. they did this with botw and many other wii u games.
Das heilige Dönerhuhn
I really like the concept of breaking some conventions and making the game feel new, but the game lacks on fitting into the zelda lore, and Event the divine beasts can be beaten in less then half an hour in your first playthrough. I thin kthr only thing the game did wrong was spending too much effort in the open world, and too less, on designing the dungeons atmospheric. they just can't feel as good, as a shadow temple from ocarina of time, or a stone tower temple in majoras mask, cause they aren't designed fitting the area around them. next point: y must the sheikah be high tech beings now? they were the assassins and murderers of hyrule, using magic to kill and torture people! it's just not fitting into the franchise. love the rest of the game though! great job!
Carter 2 months ago
Aa ..
happyjam92 2 months ago
Easily one of the best games of all time. I cannot wait for the sequel.
Murmir_ 2 months ago
I wish BotW had a better story akin to say, Wind Waker or Spirit Tracks. Before you start angrily typing, BotW is a great game, I love it, but it's not a good *Zelda* game. Zelda is linear and focused on story, and that's the heart of what a Zelda game is. In BotW, the story was an afterthought and the characters don't get development because they're only shown in flashbacks (even with the Champion's Ballad, it only reveals a bit more about them and it took DLC to actually give them development instead of doing it in the first place.) I wish we had the chance to spend more time with the characters and get attached. And the lack of a companion such as Fi, Ciela, Navi, Zelda, and Midna makes you feel so much more alone. I wish story wasn't so much of an afterthought for BotW.
Kamala 11 hours ago
People only admire the beauty of this game and not it's gameplay lbr
Conner Galles
Conner Galles 14 hours ago
They said it would be as dark as OoT
OrangeChicken 2 months ago
It's an alright Zelda game and the open-ended nature of it isn't bad. and the lonely atmosphere does wonders for the game. BotW was a good step back from the same formula that's been used since OoT but the story did suffer, tremendously.
StackBanana 2 months ago
i dont even have a switch lmao
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 2 months ago
Take notes call of duty
jamie likes bread
jamie likes bread 2 months ago
I had depression. I'm doing fine now, but I played this game back when I wasn't. My depression caused me to lose interest in things very quickly even if I am extremely interested in it at first. It sucked. I would play a game, fall in love with it, play it for like 2 weeks and then something would just feel... wrong. I would stop wanting to play it, it would feel like a chore, I wouldn't be motivated to play it. This happened with Smash Bros, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Terraria, Persona 5, and even Mario Maker. And then I played Breath of the Wild. This was the first game I had played in over a year that I didn't lose interest in within a month. In fact, I still play it today. I have put over 300 hours into this game and I've enjoyed every second of it. And if I do feel like I'm starting to lose interest, I can just explore a new area! Learn a new combat technique! Try speedrunning! Defeat Ganon! Try a new challenge! Ride a horse! And then there's Satori Mountain. Possibly one of my favorite locations in any video game. It's just so peaceful and fun to explore, and it's packed with Koroks, and everything there tells a story, and have you ever been on the part of Satori Mountain with the cherry blossom at sunrise? It's so pleasing to look at, although I guess that's not saying much because this is one of the most pleasing games to look at that I have ever played. This was the second game in my life that made me cry, the first being Mario Galaxy, which is coincidentally the first game I ever played. Mario Galaxy is an incredible game that stayed as my favorite game of all time for 11 years, and the only game that even came close to beating it was Super Metroid, but Breath of the Wild was a game I thought I could only dream of. Breath of the Wild blew every game I have ever played out of the water.
Ottodelatto 2 months ago
Really wanted to see how they animate scenes in maya/3ds max guess we'll never know.
Alig-Zander Gameplays
Man I love Zelda games and BOTW is one of my favorites. It's crazy to me to think of all of the work they did and how this game can run on the switch lite like it runs on the switch. This game is amazing and I can't wait for BOTW 2.
yaca380 AF
yaca380 AF 2 months ago
Let's talk about the english voice of zelda Am i the only one to think that her voice is AWFUL ???
FBI 2 months ago
We need the 2D prototype as a game...ngl I wanna see what Ganon looks like pixel style
OrangeChicken 2 months ago
it was more of a tech demo
FBI 2 months ago
Even better is that this already masterpiece of a game can be built upon and made way better in BOTW2
British First
British First 2 months ago
I love Zelda, I've been playing Zelda game since 1987....
kernos 2 months ago
2:55 is concept art of link having some sort of mechanical arm and now in botw 2 they are finally using that idea
Arizimal 2 months ago
2:55 it's cool how they're using this idea in botw 2 now.
DreamDemonify 2 months ago
Put the UFO in the sequel.
ComicSans3307 2 months ago
The fact that both the Nintendo Switch and BOTW were released on my 10th birthday but I didn’t get them because I thought, “Nintendo sucks, I only like Pokémon” is one of the biggest regrets of my life
Gabo2oo 2 months ago
No worries, I also used to play almost only Pokémon untill I was like 17. Getting to discover new game series is always great, no matter how "late" you are.
B K 2 months ago
Sounds like what a 10 year old would do.
Jonathan Jose Reyes Vasquez
I am spanish speaker and I enjoyed the multilingual sound of the game. Thanks!
ANONIMUS 2 months ago
All time i hear a zelda song i get nostalgic pls make breath of the wild faster
MowPow 3 months ago
2:52 Hm, i wonder if we will see these kind of abilities with the new arm implant in BOTW2
Jana Egal
Jana Egal 3 months ago
Thank you Asia for existing
VK SQUAD 3 months ago
co kurwa?
Taylor Howard
Taylor Howard 3 months ago
I’ve played this game so many times and never watched this docu series. It’s time to do so!
ryuu 3 months ago
I played the normal ver in english n master mode in Japanese voice (since its a japanese game) . Like Aonuma said, it will be a fun experience to switch things up. One thing i found when having the champions skills, Revali's Gale = Ribaru Tornado, which kinda "shocked" me bcus Tornado is an English word but they used Gale instead. And i hope soon when i have a better japanese reading skills, i want to play in japanese text. Bcus in our quest log, japanese version are more like a personal diary for Link in terms of his entries, especially the quest where you have to beat Calamity Ganon where he wrote dearly about saving Zelda.
Gabo2oo 2 months ago
Japanese uses a lot of English words, but sometimes those words don't mean to them the same things that they mean to us. That's why the translations change them even if they were already "English".
Jose Villouta
Jose Villouta 3 months ago
I would like to play that 2D demo! 🤩
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone 3 months ago
They settled on March 3 2017 in order to make the game as interesting as possible. Hmm.... I always thought it it had something to do with the fact that's the day the Switch came out. My mistake I guess.🤣🤣🤣
Israel Llanas
Israel Llanas 3 months ago
It is the worst Zelda that l have ever played! There is a lot of fools that say this is a good game Bad music themes Just 4 main missions An inecesarry SO BIG open world A lot of Stupids secondary missions Fragile weapons And tons of stupid things Me sorprende como hay tantas ovejas estúpidas que dicen que este Zelda es un buen zelda
Israel Llanas
Israel Llanas 2 months ago
@OrangeChicken jajajajajajajjajajajajaj the fact that you and the most of people follow a ideology doesn't mean you all are right. Estúpidas ovejas! Jajajajajjajajajaja
OrangeChicken 2 months ago
when the entire community is against you, you're wrong
Gabo2oo 2 months ago
Imagina decirle "oveja" a la gente solo porque tienen gustos distintos a los tuyos xDD Llórame un río
Pancakechi Goro
Pancakechi Goro 3 months ago
I borrowed a private jet just to find who asks...
sckuidwerd 3 months ago
nobody cares lol
Merry Mudcrab
Merry Mudcrab 3 months ago
we don't want video's we want games
Ahmed Sow
Ahmed Sow 3 months ago
Seriously tho this is Art from mars
Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot
Wait, that hand concept...
Zelinkshipper 101
Zelinkshipper 101 3 months ago
Imagine every last one of the 900 koroks would have a different name
MobyTried 3 months ago
2:55 interesting to note that some incarnation of this concept art is certainly in BOTW2
Button’s Box
Button’s Box 2 months ago
Roger Alvarez
Roger Alvarez 2 months ago
Came here to say this!! It was so cool seeing this in retrospect
Scott Wendell
Scott Wendell 3 months ago
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Scott Wendell 3 months ago
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Alphonzo Senteno
Alphonzo Senteno 3 months ago
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Patrick John
Patrick John 3 months ago
has anybody came here to analyze links new arm after the new trailer dropped
Blazing Notes
Blazing Notes 3 months ago
This Beautiful Game is finally getting a Sequel, I'm getting chills
Noah Hill Renee
Noah Hill Renee 3 months ago
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elmer frankel
elmer frankel 3 months ago
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Bob Will
Bob Will 3 months ago
900 koroks later...
Super Powers
Super Powers 3 months ago
I have never liked video games before, but botw is incredible, can't wait till 2022 when the second one comes out
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 3 months ago
silentlore 3 months ago
Never gonna happen
Lapsiluco 3 months ago
PLEASE make a series like this for the sequel once it's out
Navin Datt
Navin Datt 3 months ago
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Summer Ezekiel
Summer Ezekiel 3 months ago
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Chayton Marquis
Chayton Marquis 3 months ago
Anyone get this recommended after E3 2021?
Tohru Kobayashi
Tohru Kobayashi 3 months ago
El Dostor
El Dostor 3 months ago
kids these days won't know the struggle of not knowing what to do because the game isn't on your language
Gabo2oo 2 months ago
Ooh they do, there's still lots of games without translations... and games WITH translations are still missing a lot of languages, like Portuguese
Mat Dub
Mat Dub 3 months ago
I played it for the first time on Wii U and I really wish I could have used the gamepad as the sheikah slate. Clearly that was the original intention.
OrangeChicken 2 months ago
yeah, it was, but they ruined the Wii U version for the Switch
Ranny Anny
Ranny Anny 3 months ago
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LonelyReaper 3 months ago
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 3 months ago
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Pat E
Pat E 3 months ago
Best game ever made.
ลูกแกะ แบ๊ะแบ๊ะ
So, after BOTW2. There will be Cry of the space. Link vs Aliens
Mystery Mike
Mystery Mike 3 months ago
Now they’re using that weapon arm concept in BOTW2
ujfyuiy yuiy
ujfyuiy yuiy 3 months ago
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Curry 3 months ago
I feel like re-watching this so ye
Cristabel Hammond
Cristabel Hammond 3 months ago
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william simmon
william simmon 3 months ago
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mataya 3 months ago
seeing this after the teaser for botw2 hits different
Tyler 3 months ago
Can't even begin to describe the disappointment of seeing identical enemy models with no new enemies.. that was far and away the very most disappointing part of BOTW - the extreme lack of variety in wild enemies, always facing the exact same 3-4 of them over and over again, and here we go again....
OrangeChicken 2 months ago
@Gabo2oo cool, it was a new horn. Too bad there won't be dodongos, like likes, wizrobes, or any of the other multitude of enemies in say OoT.
Gabo2oo 2 months ago
I agree that BOTW lacked enemy variety, but did we even watch the same trailer? There were literally both new enemies, AND new models for old enemies.
Phantimbs Phantom
Phantimbs Phantom 3 months ago
@Tyler Dude...they only showed 2 whole enemies in the trailer and both of them were changed in an interesting way. They didn't show us very much of the game on purpose.
SmashyPlays 3 months ago
We only saw 2 minutes of vague footage calm down
Tyler 3 months ago
Wh-what..?? Lol the game isn't even out yet lmfao. I'm talking about the disappointment of seeing a *new* game without any *new* enemy models....
Fi 3 months ago
who is here after the sequel of BOTW reveal ???
artilo 3 months ago
Riggle The Drake
Riggle The Drake 3 months ago
who is coming after Botw 2 E3 ?????
nathan d
nathan d 3 months ago
Who’s here after waiting 2 years for a 2 minute trailer
nathan d
nathan d 3 months ago
Because I am. News is news especially for BOTW 2. So hyped!
Logan P.
Logan P. 3 months ago
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MelPlayz90 3 months ago
I'm glad that they're taking so long to make breath of the wild 2, would rather wait for a near-perfect product than a complete mess on launch.
col700 Day ago
@couldnt be bothered to think of a name legends arceus looks good tho ngl
Dunsparcegotfar 27 days ago
@couldnt be bothered to think of a name shut up. The new games look amazing.
couldnt be bothered to think of a name
Cough cough Pokemon
Beerbottles123 Month ago
It's Nintendo's policy not to rush a game and overwork their employees. ....Which kinda ironic consider how toxic the Japanese work culture is.
Rifat.AI. Month ago
@Adam "Welcome to next generation of open world adventure" Yeah, right..
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