The making of the Audi e-tron GT | A documentary

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High performance meets environmental awareness: The new Audi e-tron GT is an electric masterpiece. Created in the Böllinger Höfe, it is produced with 100 percent green electricity and CO2-neutral heat from renewable sources. Learn more about the production of our first flat bottom-battery electric vehicle!

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Audi e-tron GT quattro: Combined electric power consumption: 19.6-18.8 kWh/100 km (NEDC); 21.6-19.9 kWh/100 km (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km; Information on fuel/electricity consumption and CO2 emissions in ranges depending on the equipment and accessories of the car. // www.audi.com/en/DAT.html

Audi RS e-tron GT: Combined electric power consumption: 20.2-19.3 kWh/100 km (NEDC); 22.5-20.6 kWh/100 km (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km; Information on fuel/electricity consumption and CO2 emissions in ranges depending on the equipment and accessories of the car. // www.audi.com/en/DAT.html

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Apr 1, 2021




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gregory emmanuel mars
Absolutely great and impressive!
Freedom. Nxumalo
Freedom. Nxumalo 16 days ago
Audi is something else when coming to design
Rudy 21 day ago
Love the design!
Peter Peter
Peter Peter 25 days ago
impressive craftsmanship>>>
Zafi Pinheiro
Zafi Pinheiro 26 days ago
who can afford this car?
Алексей Жуков
ЛАЙК , за АУДИ !!! Будущее уже наступило !!! LIKE, for the AUDI !!! The future has already arrived !!!LIKE, auf den AUDI !!! Die Zukunft ist schon da !!!
Zegik Niet
Zegik Niet Month ago
110k lol looks good but not that good
KQ Yz Month ago
It looks like a Honda Civic to me from the front.
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith Month ago
Audi has created a stunning car, electric at that. Very impressed. I am going to own one of these cars.
Moni Toni
Moni Toni Month ago
So much quality control. This is what i love from german cars. Not much people realize the many decades that every german car drives on roads. A german car is still reliable when it is bought as second hand, third hand or 10th hand. A long long long life on the roads. I wonder how many Teslas can pass even the leak test...
ATJ Month ago
It's the poor man's Porsche Taycan.
Rob Mer
Rob Mer Month ago
Um, what sound? Jungle? Thunder? Helicopter? Or that sucking sound at the end? And a car that is pricier than my A7 by a lot but with 1/3 the range? And who is going to pick up its share of the highway tax that is currently on gasoline?
Artelium - эволюция комфорта
Превосходно! Люблю АУДИ!
Nuragna theBloodedge
How much is it? I can’t afford above 70k lol..it’s more isn’t it :(?
Long dik Tong
Long dik Tong 27 days ago
Only less than 5% of the world’s population can afford this.
Audi Month ago
In Germany the price for the model starts at 99.800,00 EUR.
zan zan
zan zan Month ago
whats the price?
Audi Month ago
We are sorry, but we cannot provide this specific information. In Germany, prices for the Audi e-tron GT start at 99.800,00 EUR.
Kevin Napier
Kevin Napier Month ago
#Great #Presentation & Delivery on this #ElectricVehicle #Team @Audi!! #KeepItGoing!!
Daniel R.
Daniel R. Month ago
It doesn’t look like an Audi at all, and I personally strongly dislike the design. It looks like a Hyundai design lol
TranceATB Month ago
As a middle class individual can I afford this? no? Bye
Carmai7 Month ago
Clu: Flynn! Am I to create the perfect system? Kevin Flynn: ...Nah... we are going to make an E-TRON!!!
Jabbalito Month ago
Stunning. Just stunning. Audi blew it out of the park with the E-tron GT
Ingo Breuer
Ingo Breuer Month ago
Nope. Not my kind of car. I want to drive the Lordstown Endurance: hier in Deutschland!
Olivier Sebastian
It looks like honda city, the front design should be upgraded
lrt844 Month ago
just 280 miles range! this is nothing!!!!! Germans need to work more on battery development and software! this one is to expensive and has no value over Tesla model S.
Anel Music
Anel Music Month ago
Interior looks outdated
Martialman.45 Month ago
4 door coupe?
Martialman.45 Month ago
@Audi In English a coupe is a 2 door Hardtop.
Audi Month ago
Yes, it is a four-door coupé.
Arief Ramadhan
Arief Ramadhan Month ago
I hope this won't be the next R8 that have beautiful design in the first gen and the next gen just can't compete with the first one design wise.
Grand Prix
Grand Prix Month ago
Looks like honda and audi made out and had a baby.
look like 911
Stuart Lynch
Stuart Lynch 2 months ago
Once almost an outcast in German luxury, Audi make some of the most sought after cars in the world. I'd rather drive an R8 than a Lambo. rather have a RS6 avant than any other hot hatch. And would much rather E-Tron GT than a Tesla.
Dun 2 months ago
A piece of art of modern day technologies.
Don Elmediterraneo
Don Elmediterraneo 2 months ago
"Impresses Formula E driver..." he was paid to say that
Neojhun 2 months ago
LOL not really, Formula E cars are stupidly knee capped. These Electric Muscle Cars like eTron RS & Taycan Turbo S are just crazy machines. You don't need to be paid to be impressed, they just are brutal machines.
Iulian Andrieş
Iulian Andrieş 2 months ago
Respect +
Simone Fabrissin
Simone Fabrissin 2 months ago
87dadez 2 months ago
It's awesome. I love the design and the performances.
Nishantha Weerasinghe
Cant match to the indian alto 800..
Scot Kleinman
Scot Kleinman 2 months ago
The Prologue was a better looking car. Too much going on down the flanks of this one.
Para 2 months ago
Özkan Türk
Özkan Türk 2 months ago
I've been waiting to see this car since it was announced. The car has exceeded my expectations and it has become a true masterpiece. This is a great step for Audi and they have taken a big step towards the sustainable future. I am curious what will be done with the marketing of this supercar. I am disappointed that I cannot speak German yet, otherwise I would very much have hoped for an internship for Audi.
Buddy Woof
Buddy Woof 2 months ago
Audi is the automaker for the LGBTQ+ community!
Blaze Month ago
BMW it is then
Schmitzapizza 2 months ago
Verdammt, wo ist mein Ladegerät, mein Handyakku ist gleich lehr, kann das Video nicht gucken. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Rybarczyk
Ryan Rybarczyk 2 months ago
Beautiful craftsmanship.
John S
John S 2 months ago
Indeed, a great looking car. I hope they spent as much time on the connectivity for this car as they did on the design. For my eTron 2021 this still doesn’t work after three months. Imagine that you buy the GT and want to preheat it via the app, and it doesn’t work most of the time. Would be a bummer, wouldn’t it?
Audi 2 months ago
Hello John, please contact us again at smti@audi.de. They will follow up your matter. We ask you to please enclose the following contact details: user name, full name, e-mail address, telephone number, VIN of your Audi (if you have) and your country of residence. With regards to the European data protection regulation (EU-GDPR), we would like to advise the following: Your data will be processed if necessary to handle your matter. You will find comprehensive information about your rights on data protection, in accordance with the EU general data protection regulation (EU-GDPR), here: www.audi.com/gbp2/en/customer.html
John S
John S 2 months ago
@Audi I did that already weeks ago; no solution so far.
Audi 2 months ago
We regret to hear about your situation. In this case we ask you to please use our contact options bit.ly/38SokeY Our colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible.
sam sim
sam sim 2 months ago
They talk like they innovated the electric car industry
Cetin 2 months ago
Ihr seid doch die Geilsten!
Cloak ツ
Cloak ツ 2 months ago
Marc Lichte is my inspiration and I have to become like him..
Blakkstar 2 months ago
it's so cool seeing them using vr like that
unsocial jt
unsocial jt 2 months ago
10:33 Arthur Boyle from Fire Force.
Chansai Commerce17
Chansai Commerce17 2 months ago
HOT !!!!!!!!
Chansai Commerce17
Chansai Commerce17 2 months ago
COOL +++++++++++++++
243 MOHSIN 2 months ago
Front side of e-tron 🤩 Back side of e-tron 😩
Eray Kepenek
Eray Kepenek 2 months ago
This car is a joke
Blaze Month ago
@Eray Kepenek ah gotcha k
Eray Kepenek
Eray Kepenek Month ago
Even audi know its a joke because they uploaded on april 1
Blaze Month ago
care to elaborate?
Ray Kewin
Ray Kewin 2 months ago
To be Honest, that's a terrible cello.
SnowBoarder&Skier 2 months ago
Beautiful car! I can’t wait to see it in person.
Eros Shepherd
Eros Shepherd 2 months ago
My new goal is to get this Etron Gt one day! Audi gang for life!!!!
Ebrahim Ahmed
Ebrahim Ahmed 25 days ago
yessir same!
erathol 2 months ago
Can’t wait for it to arrive!
Hiromi 19
Hiromi 19 2 months ago
私の大好きなアウディ♡28歳でTT購入して都内で乗ってます。 他メーカーがここからデザインをまた真似をする事でしょう…最高のデザイン力‼️
peaceloveforever88 2 months ago
Petr Kašpar
Petr Kašpar 2 months ago
Good job Audi! Beautiful car❤🔥
Fadel 2 months ago
That pokemon helmet tho :D
Adrian White
Adrian White 2 months ago
To the Audi Team, To envisage, plan and ultimately rise above the challenges and deliver such a vehicle, I am sure these challenges many were unknown. This is exceptional. I am a proud Audi driver, I have come across from Mercedes-Benz (second favourite now). I really love the Audi attitude, it is advancement with a fearless approach to take massive leaps, these leaps are taken with intelligence. I am sure there is failure, failure is simply the opportunity to begin again more intelligently, and this has your arrive at success. Audi Congratulations, the outcome has I am sure surpassed many expectations.
Robert Jonker
Robert Jonker 2 months ago
@herkiee1 and tesla loses in design of interior and exterior and driving dynamics. For a sports car those are more important
herkiee1 2 months ago
You do realize the engineers at Porsche did the most work, and a Tesla still tops it at range, efficiency and acceleration? This coming from a satisfied Audi driver btw.
Quinten Alderliesten
wow what insane! it looks a bit like an RS7.
Laren 2029
Laren 2029 2 months ago
Amazing i am number 10 , I reclaim my Audi.
LUİS 2 months ago
ANNUS EPISODES 2 months ago
Big fan audi and lamborghini
George 2 months ago
Audi did such a wonderful job on this car it’s a masterpiece and I’m really waiting to see it in real life
بحر العلم المتدفق
The name of the Prophet Muhammad is written on the clouds with the utmost accuracy, clarity and beauty, but in Arabic only I will explain it on my channel
nadanada 1988
nadanada 1988 2 months ago
Billie Hart
Billie Hart 2 months ago
I'm going to save and buy this car.
A great
A great 2 months ago
I’m going to save and buy it from you for 70% less in 2 years
Designing Cars
Designing Cars 2 months ago
Good luck!
PRATYAY DAS 2 months ago
I love you
Yuri Shestov
Yuri Shestov 2 months ago
Incredible performance 💪🙂
Biswa jit
Biswa jit 2 months ago
I am last
Ben Lecluyse
Ben Lecluyse 2 months ago
Speed Logic
Speed Logic 2 months ago
Beautiful car 🚗😻
Audi e-tron GT Reveal