The Machines Have Become Self Aware (May 2020) | FailArmy

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Run for your lives! Judgement Day is here!
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May 29, 2020




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Comments 80
Tonatsi 8 days ago
The first one has the same energy as the tentace knife
DarianFisher 9 days ago
think all those videos have been shown on this channel at least 10 times before.
SlayingCubeGames 11 days ago
Junkinmedia, junkinmedia, an junkinmedia! All manually detected.
Данил 16 days ago
Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll 20 days ago
Or just really bad programming.
Marilyn Alvarez
Marilyn Alvarez 21 day ago
@ 2:10 that truck rolling away from the driveway and the two man under the car, and the two kids sitting right next to them...so lucky nobody got hurt.
Tejas Mhatre
Tejas Mhatre 25 days ago
Nice 😂
marvin martin
marvin martin 26 days ago
1k down votes? Wtf
Matt Wiser
Matt Wiser 26 days ago
You gotta chock those fucking wheels bro!
GeorgeJansen 27 days ago
00:06. Just humans becoming stupid
Michael Jo
Michael Jo 27 days ago
Ha, they blur out the fed ex van at the end there lmao, seen that one a bunch of times.
Lord Farquar
Lord Farquar 27 days ago
Ironic this is titled "the machines have become self aware" and this was posted on the internet thru a computer or cellphone, they know we know now
Aaron LFC*YNWA* 27 days ago
Rise of the machine........
Djoga100 29 days ago
so tired of same videos over and over again,
BOBEK 29 days ago
Very funny
MAPP Gaming
MAPP Gaming 29 days ago
1:28 that bike wants to carry him lol
ibuy4unow 29 days ago
Wow. What kind of a laugh is that? I couldn’t take that.
Eresse 29 days ago
1:28 Auto-pilot engaged
Lou Diaz
Lou Diaz 29 days ago
One of the worst uploads I’ve ever seen from you guys.
Anonymous Passerby
That package driver lucked out big time. If his door wasn't open the truck would've hit the house and LAWSUIT.
Wagakki Sugoi
Wagakki Sugoi Month ago
There's videos from last year again.
Drone Spencer
Drone Spencer Month ago
pitty snowmobile, pitty cross motorbike, pitty drone ...
Rinaldi Month ago
Rage against the machine
koschwarz Month ago
It's Judgement Day.
Sakonema Month ago
At least there was no unused footage. (in some other video)
Robert Brock
Robert Brock Month ago
The second man on the right is like stop laughing ur f**king head off and come help us
Mario Mueller
Mario Mueller Month ago
I wish they would reboot Maximum Overdrive. Do it!
Kfiat ooh
Kfiat ooh Month ago
Not machines became self aware, but their users lost awareness of how to use them properly...
Jonny Borg
Jonny Borg Month ago
The guy chasing the snow mobile was SHIT!
Lyrical Fawn
Lyrical Fawn Month ago
*2020 machinery by far*
US Military TV
US Military TV Month ago
Good video
Magic Trick88
Magic Trick88 Month ago
Feels like I’ve seen these videos before....
Best Vine Town
Best Vine Town Month ago
hahah His face looks so funny =))))
Heathen Hammer
Heathen Hammer Month ago
half of this isn't fails
ege donmez
ege donmez Month ago
1:54 how I run in my dreams
Maya Lianaz
Maya Lianaz Month ago
Omg, I can't spot laughing ahaha
Alex Hand
Alex Hand Month ago
That snowmobile guy. That's the shit I like.
Skydiving Squid
Skydiving Squid Month ago
That kid legit was more worried about his phone than the track flying back towards the house. WTF.
Amey Argade
Amey Argade Month ago
Legend says the people in the first video are still trying to stop that machine 😂
ItsChevnotJeff 2020
"June can't get any worse, right?" Nintendo switch: 'Becomes self aware'
E. Holm
E. Holm Month ago
More like 1920.
Nestor Macapagal
I think this video have wanted to reminds us; don't let machine alone...safety first! Expect the unexpected...!
David MacNeil
David MacNeil Month ago
And apparently, they've decided to leave it at that.
Zezekiel 444
Zezekiel 444 Month ago
This vid is a fail
Pvt. Shifty
Pvt. Shifty Month ago
Inclined driveway....no tire wedges....and two people working underneath the vehicle. That's not self-awareness--that's pure Darwinism.
condorman3 Month ago
The channel of recycled content😔
JunkedUpKitten Month ago
you put 3-4 minutes of crap videos we have all seen a dozen times on for free but if we want the good stuff it's behind a pay wall?? Screw you fail army. Screw you royal. BOOOOOOOOOO
Invhertz Month ago
The clip at 2:41 could have ended so much worse.
Michal Štantejský
brian adorno
brian adorno Month ago
The music for the last 2 videos fits so perfect 🤣🤣
Warren Jensen
Warren Jensen Month ago
2:10 Why the fuck would you climb under a vehicle on a sloping driveway without chocks behind the wheels but also without the vehicle in gear but also without the handbrake on??? This is natural selection at work.
Rc Obsessive
Rc Obsessive Month ago
That DOG @ 1:47 😎
Mateo Enduro Vlogs
02:00 what an idiot dont know how to RUN? wtf :D
ywanman Manen
ywanman Manen Month ago
Same clips every time. Fail army sucks.
Dampfmaschine Month ago
I'm watching MrMrMike1337
Kapillar Piero
Kapillar Piero Month ago
Cokaïn.fr looking for a alternative?
wholesale Trout
wholesale Trout Month ago
Yeah I agree
Vlad 1
Vlad 1 Month ago
0:03,that laugh is so annoing
Sauga Direct
Sauga Direct Month ago
Patreon??? Don’t you fools make a shit ton of money already,?? Gtfoh
If it's in the Word Then it's in the word
That first clip.....was social distancing by the machine
Watching that truck start rolling with people under it ... pucker mode activated
Anemic Goal Hop
Anemic Goal Hop Month ago
A whole 3 minutes of repeated videos? Awesome!!
I.M. Askance
I.M. Askance Month ago
@2:41 Probably the most fun those dogs had in a long time!
isrofi yusuf
isrofi yusuf Month ago
You're, welcome and tweaked... on Orleans.! Scissors here go nick 😲😒
Steve Schaut
Steve Schaut Month ago
At least that auger ice drone didn’t crash like the much more expensive DJI Inspire 2 drone did! 😲😬😵😆😆
JoeNathan1938 Month ago
@1:51 this is why we use kill switch cords attached to our body.
Henryk Wielki
Henryk Wielki Month ago
Nieudacznicy pomieszani z pizdami🥴
tesar Alkautsar
tesar Alkautsar Month ago
skynett in real 😂
Semirotta Month ago
*"Machines have become self aware" ? More like Americans are too damn retarded to use the simpliest tools.*
Maxim Van Hoof
Maxim Van Hoof Month ago
The ice drill, just grab it from the bottom, pull it out of the ice and lay it down dumm dumms
Niaz Khan
Niaz Khan Month ago
Please make lockdown fails at home
Nothing Nowthere
The first Women laughing: retarted ??
Jkey Month ago
videos become shorter and shorter :c other channel with same topic are better.
Regina dei Fiori
2:41 that music is everything
Deniz Taylan Sağır
Do you know the name
raul duke
raul duke Month ago
I knew it! Skynet is alive!
Jonny Weber
Jonny Weber Month ago
Takes you days to come out with videos, but when you do, it's always under five minutes long? Don't upload anything if it's not going to be over ten minutes long
Az Papa
Az Papa Month ago
How long are your vids? I wish they were longer, but I'm watching them just the same.
Cairo chaney
Cairo chaney Month ago
Are they ever gonna stop that thing from spinning?
i smoke ghosts
i smoke ghosts Month ago
dog barking at a roller door? wibba please
20,000 subscribers without any videos
The girls daughter at the start made me mad
Asawari Bhosale
Asawari Bhosale Month ago
1:00 spiderman has arrived in 2020😂👌👍.
C. ROXAS Month ago
Nate Brenneman
Nate Brenneman Month ago
“ Who made who? Who made you? “
Angel Games
Angel Games Month ago
você conhece alguém bundudo
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