The Lumineers - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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KEXP.ORG presents The Lumineers performing live for KEXP at Columbia City Theater. Recorded April 1, 2016.
Sleep On The Floor
Flowers In Your Hair
Ho Hey
Slow It Down
Dead Sea
Big Parade
Gun Song
My Eyes
Charlie Boy
Stubborn Love
Host: John Richards
Audio Engineers: Jackson Long, Josh Osmond & Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Janelle Delia, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Scott Holpainen


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Jul 5, 2016




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Comments 100
Äntony Santos
Äntony Santos 12 hours ago
the one who plays the violin looks like arya stark from game of thrones
Hiba Jaafar
Hiba Jaafar 16 hours ago
here again
Alex Day ago
01:08 Sleep on the Floor 04:48 Ophelia 07:56 Flowers In Your Hair 10:37 Ho Hey 13:36 Cleopatra 18:11 Slow It Down 22:49 Dead Sea 28:17 Angela 32:32 Big Parade 37:48 Submarines 41:04 Scotland 45:37 Gun Song 49:49 My Eyes 55:46 Charlie Boy 1:01:18 Stubborn Love
Chill man
Chill man Day ago
Awsome live show 100!!!
Pedro Oliveira
Who is watching in 2077?
spylingual85 Day ago
I really like this band.
Latoya Jackson
This is so beautiful and has put me in such a good spirit this morning
Chris Heinrich
Chris Heinrich 2 days ago
22:51 "Dead Sea" - The piano reminds me so much of Laura Nyro (when she was up-tempo), how great! (e.g. Stoned Soul Picnic, Sweet Blindness, Save the Country, Blackpatch, Captain Saint Lucifer)
Jeff Trace
Jeff Trace 2 days ago
Oh so this is what it feels like when music is done right
Tonia S
Tonia S 3 days ago
You just saved my life
Elnatan Sousa
Elnatan Sousa 3 days ago
24:07 Arya Stark
Kaylina Burch
Kaylina Burch 3 days ago
Ok he looks like Cary Elwes
Daniel Lynch
Daniel Lynch 4 days ago
Fantastic Live Set and then to be rewarded with Bruce at the end! Made my day.
flavia rebeca
flavia rebeca 4 days ago
Eu amo demais ❤🇧🇷❤
flavia rebeca
flavia rebeca 4 days ago
Dianna Baer
Dianna Baer 4 days ago
Macie Collazo
Macie Collazo 5 days ago
I had to break off an engagement with someone who i thought the love of my life was. sleeping in the car was going to play at our wedding. this song still gives me hope that i'll meet someone else to deerly love and spend the rest of my life with after this crushing heartbreak
Vendange tardive
Vendange tardive 6 days ago
Merci pour ce doux moment.
onephatdude 8 days ago
Man, what a concert! Thank you Lumineers! Hopefully the pandemic winds down soon. Would love to see you live in concert!
sofia cajas
sofia cajas 9 days ago
Esto es hermoso y es lo mejor.
marceburgos 9 days ago
It's better to feel pain, than nothing at all.... loveeee this so much!!!
Natalia Chrustowska
Thank you so much for that. I just reconcile with my depression, after year and half. Accepted and ready to recover.
Verlorener Junge
Verlorener Junge 9 days ago
Sadly Neyla Pekarek had to leave or left by herself. She was such a cutie when she sang some parts.
pam c
pam c 9 days ago
you know when u have this comfy tv series that youve watched a few times already but you still put it on whenever you casually want to do your daily tasks while it runs in the background? that's what it feels like for me with this video
Janna D.
Janna D. 7 days ago
Yes! I've listened to this many times and never get tired of it.
Eva T.
Eva T. 11 days ago
Am I the only one who shortly thought that Arya Stark is playing the cello?
Riley Hoffman
Riley Hoffman 12 days ago
Fabulous band, perfect contemporary story-teller minstrels.
brett rod
brett rod 12 days ago
William Marshall
William Marshall 13 days ago
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
erfan roghani
erfan roghani 14 days ago
what happened to the rhythm around 45:01!
Patito 14 days ago
01:08 Sleep on the Floor 04:48 Ophelia 07:56 Flowers In Your Hair 10:37 Ho Hey 13:36 Cleopatra 18:11 Slow It Down (17:35 Background Story) 22:49 Dead Sea 28:17 Angela 32:32 Big Parade (32:05 Background Story) 37:48 Submarines 41:04 Scotland 45:37 Gun Song 49:49 My Eyes 55:46 Charlie Boy 1:01:18 Stubborn Love
Frank Caruso
Frank Caruso 14 days ago
America has its very own Mumford & Sons with this band, and that's quite an accomplishment.
Hanna Vox
Hanna Vox 15 days ago
Hey! Check out my cover of Elastic Heart by Sia, I am performing live😘 ruvid.net/video/video-o4LqSvO5mpg.html
Annie H
Annie H 16 days ago
It’s so comforting knowing people continue to come back to this video.
Tony Jass
Tony Jass Day ago
I watch it about once a week. Greatest one hour musical experience anyone can have.
Sharon Melendez
Sharon Melendez 16 days ago
I love Angela 😭
Jaroslav H
Jaroslav H 16 days ago
Love it. So much.
Giuliano 17 days ago
11:38 "you are my sweet... HO"
Friesenmicha 18 days ago
Ich Liebe diese Band und Ihre Musik. Von Anfang an,als Sie in Deutschland eher unbekannt waren. Einfach nur schöne Musik
James Sabatini
James Sabatini 19 days ago
This is one of my favorite performances...
Hank S
Hank S 19 days ago
Hopefully folks will look into the artists that they stand on the shoulders of.
Hank S
Hank S 19 days ago
At least they are “approachable”
pip town
pip town 19 days ago
I just lost my dad ♠️ this music helped me get to a place where I could feel again ♥️ thanks guys and pretty girl on cello.x
1,2,BuckleMyShoe 3,4,KnockAtTheDoor
I'm so sorry for your loss 💔🌼
Cristian Jordan
Cristian Jordan 20 days ago
Woody Harrelson is such a talented guy
tanmoy313 11 days ago
Yeah, I like this younger, hairier and redder version of Woody.
Radio Languis
Radio Languis 15 days ago
Very good
Leah & Declan
Leah & Declan 17 days ago
Neo the Chosen One
Neo the Chosen One 18 days ago
Ya eh? I heard he’s a fan Led Zeppelin
Brian Shelley
Brian Shelley 20 days ago
Brian Shelley
Brian Shelley 20 days ago
Haven't you worked it out yet ?
Zanky Watanabe
Zanky Watanabe 21 day ago
Superbbbb, btw i like his guitar too.
Kathleen Damond
Kathleen Damond 21 day ago
❣I Love Your style...& ...I Love Your Songs.!!!..❣👑❣
Vivian K
Vivian K 22 days ago
Angela!! ❤
Mohammed Abdul Mukim
Abir Mazumder
Abir Mazumder 24 days ago
Ophelia is the best thing i have heard in a long long time.
Terina Rimene
Terina Rimene 22 days ago
me too
Rahul Saha
Rahul Saha 24 days ago
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Elizabeth Register
Elizabeth Register 26 days ago
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Juan Cortes
Juan Cortes 26 days ago
@ Pleace listen, i hope you like it
Nero 26 days ago
12:35 That was a perfect timming! Wow!!!
Antoinette Jollotta
So much better live
m. duda
m. duda 29 days ago
Muito bom, eu amo
Hinami kaneki
Hinami kaneki Month ago
The Dude have a hell of a voice ..
Jessica Giraldo
Jessica Giraldo Month ago
Genios :) Muy buen performance!
François Moutou
I love KEXP! Question though: at 49:40 in, the singer mention signers but nowhere in the video we get a shot of them. It's very unfortunate for viewers who could have enjoyed them as much as the audience (they are great to watch even for non-deaf people)
Arif Sunarwan
Arif Sunarwan 28 days ago
they are in the video you can see glimpse of them signing during the songs
LuNation 45
LuNation 45 Month ago
Even his words itself are music. Love love love this Band!!!
Ulysses Sanchez
Ulysses Sanchez Month ago
Their music made me feel a lump in my throat
Jim Zielinski
Jim Zielinski Month ago
What a great live performance! Loved it, thank you.
Ivo Karavanic
Ivo Karavanic Month ago
bravo bravo
Angelina Cook
Angelina Cook Month ago
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Hunter Lilly
Hunter Lilly Month ago
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John Samowitz
John Samowitz Month ago
MAN!! I love these guys! Every song resonates with me.
Victória Gentil
Maykon Morais
Maykon Morais Month ago
Com certeza!
Hiy Can
Hiy Can Month ago
I need boy friend
Leslie Dom
Leslie Dom Month ago
I always play this, and it never gets old😌
Marina de los Riscos
Nathanael Bate
Nathanael Bate Month ago
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Free Flight
Free Flight Month ago
Garry Foshee
Garry Foshee Month ago
To see you all is one thing I'm going to do before I go you are amazing
Chef G
Chef G Month ago
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John clark
John clark Month ago
WOW! From an old folk musician’s point of view, WOW!!!👍🌞🌜✨
Nilson Ait Ouaret
Refreshing... simply refreshing
Héctor Guadarrama
Alexandre Miranda
joseph brennan
joseph brennan Month ago
Big Parade Still waiting for Mine in 2020 Lumineers best group this century.
Paulo S.O.
Paulo S.O. Month ago
If only good artists didn't have to come with so much fucking show off, would be great!!
Music Lovers
Music Lovers Month ago
so relaxing i feel the emotion
Juliana Giarola
Juliana Giarola Month ago
Thats´absolutelly amazing!!! Its pure art , emotions abd feeling. LOved that. Felt connected to them! Love the way the play and are genuiene
Coub Every day
Coub Every day Month ago
Эти люди явно знают толк в музыке🤫😏
Rob Raigosa
Rob Raigosa Month ago
That bassist is annoying
Rambo Ruiz
Rambo Ruiz Month ago
Anyone noticed the woman doing Sign Language? I admire people like them
Paulo S.O.
Paulo S.O. Month ago
I did. Those who go for the minorities and try to include them, always deserve a big praise. Thank you for noticing what most wouldn't.
KuriosPC Month ago
Today, I listened to the The Lumineers from 6am to 12pm at work. It was amazing to discover some of their good music.
Am I the only one constantly sings , drums, move, knocks to their music ... 2013 and 2019 watched them live , my alltime favorite ♥️
Monique DiCarlo
Monique DiCarlo Month ago
Enjoyed every second, and replaying often!
MA Cudal
MA Cudal Month ago
just saw this last night and found myself hooked with this one already
Harsh Month ago
she looks like dakota johnson
Esme Ocampo
Esme Ocampo Month ago
Guillermo Hugo Szatynski
Robert Anyó
Robert Anyó Month ago
Woww!! really a superb performance
MrFazerus Month ago
I probably already said it, but i love YOU this makes me glad to be alive again and again and again...
Moin Akter
Moin Akter Month ago
Where the f is the love button here....RUvid really needs a love reaction.
Robson Lansone
Robson Lansone Month ago
10:50 is that music family guy jokes?
Andressa Miranda
one of the best bands in history. pure art
jason john
jason john Month ago
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Daniel Marsolais
We all belong to each other .
Dee LaFree
Dee LaFree Month ago
That Scotland... Love it
Static Elect.
Static Elect. Month ago
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Elizabeth Register
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