The Los Angeles Lakers Free Agent Signing AFTER All Star Break Is...?

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Comments 59
Norm Lee
Norm Lee Month ago
Both are freaking horrible options. Just play cook more and give him a shot at PG or scour the G league. But these two stiffs would do more damage than good.
Demetrius Harris
I was the Lakers I go for jr Smith
rakeem jones
rakeem jones Month ago
Devin booker
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Month ago
I even heard Laker fans talking against Boogie Cousins, that tells me that they don't want new players taking playing time from lesser talented FEEL-GOOD STORY-TYPE PLAYERS.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Month ago
J.R. Smith is more than offense, his 6'6 height helps as a perimeter defender also.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Month ago
You can delete Tyler Johnson = stole money from Miami. Now back to reality, this current 2nd Unit is 2 Levels BELOW THE CLIPPERS. 😞😞😞 A TRASH UNIT in the area of scoring ability WITHOUT LEBRON
Rodley Valley
Rodley Valley Month ago
ok and what about Jamall Crawford
Hard body Cocain Street
Tyler Johnson or Jamall Crawford
John Rose
John Rose Month ago
Why not get Duane Wade to come out of retirement for one more year . Plus he can run an offence while LeBron is on the bench . that's not happening , so JR. come on down.
At this point the Lakers need all the help they can get. The Clippers are 10 times better on paper than the Lakers at this point. Good Luck with them in the playoffs. Sheeeit L8TR 👊!
wong cj
wong cj Month ago
Come on! Stop talking about all this shit joining lakers. Damn it. Ban u damn shit.
Baby Paterno
Baby Paterno Month ago
Jr smith the best team lebron
Amr Mc
Amr Mc Month ago
MrYanbon Month ago
Harkless and smith.
N JC Month ago
They both suck. One has attitude problem other is inconsistent.
bigdawggrese Month ago
I want jr/dion and moe Harkless
Conor Bolton
Conor Bolton Month ago
@bigdawggrese Yeah. A big, physical defensive wing who is still in his 20's (turns 30 this summer). I'd prefer to double down on our defense rather than take a desperate flyer on Dion Waiters or hold out hope that the Knicks would be dumb enough to buy out Mo Harkless...besides he'd just go to Dallas, Milwaukee or Houston anyway. Adding JR and Shumpert would guarantee that we had three sizable wing defenders (including DG) to throw at Paul George and Kawhi (or, say, Giannis Antetokounmpo or Harden & Westbrook) rather than Force LeBron James or Anthony Davis to rack up fouls and sit on the bench after trying to guard those types of players. it would also free up our smaller athletic guard defenders like Caruso or Avery Bradley or KCP to guard guys like Lou Williams and Reggie Jackson and Patrick Beverly.
bigdawggrese Month ago
Conor Bolton shumpert ?😂😂
Conor Bolton
Conor Bolton Month ago
And if Harkless isn't bought out, I'd take Shumpert. with JR.
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Month ago
I like jr and ppl forget that he can defend specially Gurds his size
Will Thomas
Will Thomas Month ago
J.R. Smith
Rap God
Rap God Month ago
Jr and LeBron will be teammates soon again.
Sports Coat Junior
Nba Boi
Nba Boi Month ago
Cant wait for rdc to start dropping vids of lebron raging at jr
JP Rico
JP Rico Month ago
Lakers making big mistake signing Jr and Dion 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
Mike the Web Surfer
Lance Stephenson, Dion Waiters, JR Smith
brs rafal
brs rafal Month ago
Useless singing u got Jared dudely better then Smith
tats Filmar
tats Filmar Month ago
forget jr.. hstory repeat
Fake news
Murphy Murphy
Murphy Murphy Month ago
We need to do something an stop talking about the shit
Gerardo V.
Gerardo V. Month ago
Nick Smith sounds like he would be a fine little bitchboy in a California prison.
IngeDingo Month ago
what a weird af comment to even make tbh....
Lord Sanada
Lord Sanada Month ago
Swag Mustard
Swag Mustard Month ago
8:30 you need a script man 😆 you said I’ve seen him play for the Miami heat like three times
full time
full time Month ago
Get jr n lance n Crawford let go cook n Daniel's n Dudley.
Wilter Ferrer
Wilter Ferrer Month ago
No need JR Smith he is old Waiters is better for LA
Uncle Tony
Uncle Tony Month ago
This was very repetitive. This was very repetitive.
a youngblacklife
Damn I see what y’all did there I see what y’all did there
Swag Mustard
Swag Mustard Month ago
For real for real for real for real
Tshiowa B
Tshiowa B Month ago
We need that 3D wing like mo harkless
Slime Peso
Slime Peso Month ago
Rockets made sure they got jeff green
Marshall Cohen Carter
Bron aint signing that nigga JR, shit finna be game 1 allover again.
Scott Urwin
Scott Urwin Month ago
Can someone pick up jamal crawford already?
Jamauri Jones
Jamauri Jones Month ago
Shoot both please lol
Faze elf
Faze elf Month ago
Keep up yhe good work
Abraham Horowitz
Just a thought, what about Joe Johnson? I know he's old, but he's a good size wing, can get his own shot, and has some ability to distribute the ball. At worst, he's Rondo with more size, but I see him as having a role that is a blend of what Kuzma and Rondo do. Maybe I'm off, but I think it's something to look at.
The Almighty Stan
He got signed by Detroit and I believe he got waived
Swank Mastermind
Joe Johnson is a bucket but he's also a human traffic cone.
Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest
They shouldn't make any moves. Take their chances on the Clippers getting beat by the Nuggets or Jazz. They're building chemistry and that's how teams won back in the day
Dalton Farris
Dalton Farris Month ago
I wanna see a rockets clippers first round, that would be an excellent matchup for the rockets because zubac isn't a good center, if they play utah, denver, or lakers they are out first round but if they went against the clippers and either win or were them down u got Denver in the second round who could actually beat them
A R Month ago
If we sign JR smith were banning him from alcohol in the playoffs :(
Kendrick Hudson
Kendrick Hudson Month ago
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page Month ago
Lebron James better add J.R. Smith to watch his back/bodyguard on the court, can't trust these L.A. people
Sports Coat Junior
Rap God
Rap God Month ago
A R Month ago
JR definitely could take the lakers far as knows what it takes to get to a championship.
Brett Smith
Brett Smith Month ago
Sucks they couldn’t sign Darren collison. That would’ve been there best option
Slime Peso
Slime Peso Month ago
Or jeff green
Isaac MWHZ
Isaac MWHZ Month ago
True but you gotta respect Darren Collisons religous beliefs he said he wanted to follow that
Rubi Kino
Rubi Kino Month ago
DION WAITERS (must) & MOE HARKLESS (if bought out)
Edwin Betancourt
@Mike James NY Knicks
Mike James
Mike James Month ago
Moe Harkless went to Houston right?
juan josé Castillo
what do you think about the situation of Mo Harkless, he has been traded for Morris to the Knicks, so they could boyout his contract and go to the lakers, and have another guy than can be guading Kawhi an PG .
LashGo's Hot Wheels
JR only shoots from the same corner every time. You can see it in this video
madden Michael vick 2004
Make sure JR doesn't drink before you sign him
Oh OH OH Month ago
Lol please sign JR SMITH ITD BE A MEME 😂😂😂
Peter Virden
Peter Virden Month ago
Janis Slaine
Janis Slaine Month ago
Can’t believe y’all really forgot about Jamal Crawford like that
Brett Smith
Brett Smith Month ago
He’s washed bruh
CyberAMES Month ago
Yeah if they want a defensive liability and a 40yo that can easily be locked up on offense.
Dalton Farris
Dalton Farris Month ago
@NOLAY AUSTIN laker stans were gassing up derron Collison. Jamal Crawford isnt as good as dion and is probably same level as jr. Jamal Crawford isnt that great. The lakers should of signed melo..
Janis Slaine
Janis Slaine Month ago
NOLAY AUSTIN don’t act like Jamal Crawford can’t give you 8 to 12 points off the bench
Max ‘It is what it is’ Holloway
JR is a baller! Can play D Can get it done from 3 on or off the dribble
Norm Lee
Norm Lee Month ago
His last three seasons: 34%/40%/34%from 2-point range; 35%/37%30% from three. Quinn cook is at 44%/38%. How tf is that an upgrade? It's a downgrade from what they already have on the roster. And if you saw any game from his last two seasons in cleveland, he has feet of clay. A defensive sieve.
Jamauri Jones
Jamauri Jones Month ago
@Funky Goose World they weren't gonna win that series anyway it was a mistake he explained it on kevin heart show
Funky Goose World
He can also cause you a loss in the finals lol
Dalton Farris
Dalton Farris Month ago
The best option for the Lakers is Dion Waiters
Framer of worlds
@Dalton Farris Lance Stevenson
Dalton Farris
Dalton Farris Month ago
@NOLAY AUSTIN yeah, but he ain't smoking it, he not hurting his lungs, jr b smoking the shit and drinking Hennessy, I love jr but Dion is alot more athletic
Dobz Month ago
Dude JRs prime is over. He is done. Can you not remember his 2018 Game 1 Finals dumbass play? Smh
Seamus Stinson
Seamus Stinson Month ago
click bait
a youngblacklife
Seamus Stinson odee
brr skrr
brr skrr Month ago
What can you share and yet keep at the same time? An STD
faye yin
faye yin Month ago
Wall clock can be shared and at the same time u can keep it
Damon Jones
Damon Jones Month ago
Once again they need to get Tyler Johnson and sign Jamal Crawford
0985 Kah
0985 Kah Month ago
Lakers should sign JR Smith he is a great wing shooter and Dion Waiters will be a great addition to the Lakers team
Aries Westbrooks
I been saying this forever ! He can be their 3-D player
Vonxi Month ago
Marlon Bailey
Marlon Bailey Month ago
Who is Dion Waiters? - Heat Fan
Miami Sports fan
Maxime Verdonck not dion but jr sure trust dion is cancer
Damon Jones
Damon Jones Month ago
I wish Jeanie buss and Rob pelinka make a move already they need Jamal Crawford in Tyler Johnson all of this Jamal Crawford and Lance Stephenson other than that they don't need to make no moves if they don't do that
Erwin Johnson
Erwin Johnson Month ago
I didn't say it was easy but they need to get it done the Lakers have old money !!
CyberAMES Month ago
@Erwin Johnson Dude it's not as easy as you think. lmao
Erwin Johnson
Erwin Johnson Month ago
Not too mention the fans are very frustrated !!
Erwin Johnson
Erwin Johnson Month ago
Your right I have no idea why they keep fuckin around time is of the essence the organization has enough dam money to get who they want it's sickening !!
mxdrng 17
mxdrng 17 Month ago
Lakers should sign Lucas Nogueira💪❤
mxdrng 17
mxdrng 17 Month ago
@Edwin Betancourt Me neither but I love my boy Lucas😂😊
Edwin Betancourt
Haven't heard that AT ALL 😂, was nice to see the name tho.
xavier castellon
Croy Month ago
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