The Logistics of the International Space Station

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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
Select footage courtesy Bigstock: bit.ly/bigstock-videofreetrial
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Christopher 5 days ago
Typical Cosmonauts use canned food where US uses expensive, extensively researched complex delivery containers. USA uses an expensive pressurized pen, Russia uses a pencil. US brings porn and a big screen TV, Russia brings Nadezhda Kuzhelnaya (so HOT).
The Realm Traveller
do people get lost in the ISS
Furn 7 days ago
Can we get more of these
You can't change your YouTube user name for 90 days
Why not just freeze dry the water then it would be $0.00....
Pramod Reddy
Pramod Reddy 13 days ago
If Mc Donald's Finds It Profitable... And If Mc D Could Have Its Way... I Am Sure... They Would Open An Outlet in Space.... Onboard ISS....?
Archit Mishra
Archit Mishra 16 days ago
The thumbnail is fucking awesome
Loris Martino Perfetto
Could you use the METRIC SYSTEM please?
Wenyu Wu
Wenyu Wu 24 days ago
Looks like we have to learn to eat poop to reduce cost
petar petrovic
petar petrovic 26 days ago
Trolleroskar Month ago
Imagine playing games on the ISS so u can say '' bro I was lagging cuz' I am currently fucken hundreds of km away from the surface of the earth. Oh btw I see your house eveery couple of hours '' btw every couple of hours a person sees your house from space
Cygnius Month ago
Surely downloading movies to the ISS should be called uploading??
Haydn Watkins
Haydn Watkins Month ago
Anyone else notice random volume dropping several times throughout this video? While I watched, I kept noticing that the volume of the narration and background music were randomly dropping to a low level for a fraction of a second, and would then return to normal. Anybody else experience/notice this?
Griffin Muiznieks
3:09 I'm just imagining a nasa agent just going to the store with a shopping list
Max Power
Max Power Month ago
I doubt a single astronaut has failed NNN on the station
Reignand Bongao
Reignand Bongao Month ago
I wonder is space opinion of The last Jedi is as same in earth.
10:04 imagine watching Gravity while being in the ISS
Shadow 989
Shadow 989 Month ago
that’s a weird looking plane
Brandon Christou
i was born on nov 2 but i tell yo my age.
Charles Jannuzi
Charles Jannuzi 2 months ago
World: We need to get it up there now. Russia: Hold my borscht.
Mystical 2 months ago
How did planes get into this?
Mrship ofSteam
Mrship ofSteam 2 months ago
But how is it to frig on the ISS?
Federico Olivares
Federico Olivares 3 months ago
Why is the delivery so expensive? They should simply have amazon prime with free 2 day delivery
I’vechangedmyname Today
Imagine being lab mouse one day and an astronaut the next lol
Ole Drippy
Ole Drippy 3 months ago
There are actually many refrigerators and freezers onboard. They are called MERLINs, POLARs, GLACIERs, and MELFIs. MERLINs are used on what are called "Galley Racks" to refrigerate food for astronauts. However, you are correct in that food has to be shelf-stable for stowage on launch vehicles, and the Galley Rack MERLINs may be needed as redundancy for scientific samples.
TheHypedDude 3 months ago
Are there speakers up there? If there is, they should blast "No time for caution" by Hans Zimmer while loading up supplies.
Dhanar Putra
Dhanar Putra 3 months ago
That's a hell lot of cable to be watched over.
Kay Doubleyou
Kay Doubleyou 3 months ago
I have a free app that alerts me when the ISS is visible from my location. The passes are usually 3-4 minutes and really something to see.
Kay Doubleyou
Kay Doubleyou Month ago
@1 1 ISS Spotter and ISS Finder
1 1
1 1 Month ago
Please tell me the name!
RocketRidge 3 months ago
Earth: has the coronavirus The ISS: "Ha."
Oskar Knutsson
Oskar Knutsson 3 months ago
So still not even at a 1 year cost of the US military huh? XD
MidnightSt 3 months ago
the ISS itself as a whole is a science experiment (or, rather, a collection of hundreds of them). not just a station that houses science experiments. ...such an obvious and trivial thing, but I never realized it explicitly. thank you for that nudge.
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr 3 months ago
Spinning a pizza in microgravity is cheating in my mind...
UncleSim 999
UncleSim 999 3 months ago
Why cant they freeze dry the water lol
DigitalRanger 3 months ago
"no freesers on board..." Isn't space cold? One would think they could leverage that with a storage compartment that was less insulated so as to be a freezer. My brother stores their bulk perishables in the snow outside their kitchen in the winter. Similar concept.
lee0495 3 months ago
Space isn't "cold" the way you think it is. There isn't any molecules or air to actually cool anything directly. Things "cool" by convection, conduction and radiation. Radiation is the slowest of all of them and that's pretty much the way things "cool" in space. So if you were suddenly appear in space you would actually stay warm for quite a long time (well your dead body anyway).
Mattias Johannessen
Mattias Johannessen 3 months ago
The problem is that the temperature of space can fluctuate drastically it can be -150degrees at one point, only to suddenly go up to +180degrees. And than there's the issue that you would have to keep the freezer in the shadows in order to maintain a low temperature. And it would have to be protected from radiation which could destroy the food. It's just not feasible. Too expensive and it gives no advantages.
PlutoMayhem 3 months ago
Just think next time you go to a grocery store there is a chance someone you walk by is working for nasa and is buying ingredients for astronauts
Augustus 3 months ago
Do brilliant have chemistry courses?
Thomas Mccormack
Thomas Mccormack 4 months ago
Fun fact the iss internet has been updated to 600mps That’s faster than the average house
I’m From Iowa
I’m From Iowa 4 months ago
Wait, how are they getting WiFi in a SPACE STATION?
Xenemous 4 months ago
I watched the ad so this guy gets more cash... he deserves it!
Trish Littlejohn
Trish Littlejohn 4 months ago
"nasa spends 29000 dollars on shipping" amazon:hold my beer
Trish Littlejohn
Trish Littlejohn 4 months ago
person:man ur an astronaut, thats so cool, so what r u doing today astronaut:tasting food
Титус Манович
4:36 thats terry virts. I went to high school with his son mathew and got to meet him a couple times. Super smart guy. We used to always ask him to help us with our physics homework and he usually knew what to do. Crazy seeing him in youtube video.
AlexisBubba15 4 months ago
Just use kilos
Lev Korsun
Lev Korsun 4 months ago
do u have to put russia down every time u mention them?
N I C K 4 months ago
2:55 pretty yummy
Bifocal productions
Bifocal productions 4 months ago
All i have to say is eve online
Alfons Rasmus
Alfons Rasmus 4 months ago
I have watched this video probably around 10 times but it's so well made and so interesting i have came back to it every few months. Well done Wendover team
Scott FW
Scott FW 4 months ago
Pizza night on space station looks like edible flying saucers! :D At 2:52 and after.
Sled Splat
Sled Splat 4 months ago
Imagine not nuttin for 6 months
I’m From Iowa
I’m From Iowa 4 months ago
Sled Splat imagine the temptation of not watching PornHub in space....you know cause people have needs.
friend7 4 months ago
Doritos and coke please.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 4 months ago
I am the injured dog that gets put down. I am relieved I am not the center of the story. I can have some peace.
Chris Boyer
Chris Boyer 4 months ago
“Space is still at a premium though” Wonderful
Scribbli Chheery
Scribbli Chheery 4 months ago
And they said Michelin-star restaurants were expensive
Bijan Izadi
Bijan Izadi 4 months ago
Astronauts can have a couple fruit as a snack
I’m From Iowa
I’m From Iowa 4 months ago
Bijan Izadi at the price of $10,000 dollars.
Bijan Izadi
Bijan Izadi 4 months ago
Just survive off astronaut ice cream
This is Patrick
This is Patrick 4 months ago
The most ridiculous space station incident imo is when (I think it was the Soviet Mir station?) almost short circuited their entire electrical system because of flying breadcrumbs and pencil graphite dust.
Mitochondria C
Mitochondria C 4 months ago
If only we had efficient SSTO tech. Would really cut shipping costs
CONstitution 4 months ago
NASA needs to up their game. Amazon is over here with next day delivery.
Eric Paul Goldie
Eric Paul Goldie 4 months ago
160 Billion for a Space Station is cheap, the USA tax payers borrowed more than 2 Trillion Dollars to fight two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) At least with the Space Station there are many positive benefits for the whole of humanity, while the debt for the Wars will take generations to repay and may have been better used in the Education or Health systems.
Aguboy 4 months ago
Don’t you guys hate it when your pizza floats away?
Russ Logan
Russ Logan 4 months ago
All filmed in a studio and a vomit commit iss mock up. Science fiction theater at it's best
Kicapan Manis
Kicapan Manis 4 months ago
10:12 They make so much effort in keeping them safe and psychologically positive - then they go show them The Last Jedi..............🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Just Fun
Just Fun 4 months ago
But since a some of Internet send to satellites Want to get way better Wi-Fi?
Sukhmon Sultan
Sukhmon Sultan 4 months ago
it's called "ROCKET SCIENCE". 2001th... my comment counts....
James Cochran
James Cochran 5 months ago
Watching Gravity on the ISS would be like watching a disaster movie that is set in your house. if your house was the most expensive thing built by man and surrounded by an sea of nothingness.
TheHypedDude 5 months ago
But can it run Crisis?
Sk8 And destroy
Sk8 And destroy 5 months ago
Who pays for this shit
122 mm BR-471B Stalinium projectile
I like how Russia uses cans to store food, because a couple thousand liters of extra propellant doesn't matter.
Bukky McGriddle
Bukky McGriddle 5 months ago
lol imagine drinking $250,000 water, i can never
Ggitko Network-Official
Aircraft ≠ Spacecraft
Alfons Rasmus
Alfons Rasmus 5 months ago
Ummmm why did the Columbia disaster have anything to do with food supplie, it blew up in the atmosphere on the way down?
myHuge249 5 months ago
tfw the iss has faster internet than your house
Loris Martino Perfetto
Little note....meatballs DON'T GO with spaghetti. AT ALL
Judd palmer
Judd palmer 5 months ago
I thought UPS was expensive.
James Sawyer
James Sawyer 5 months ago
What I’ve learned from media is nasa overdoes things.
murkywater adminssions
i bet the russian suppilers give out loads and i mean *LOADS* of vodka to everyone on the ISS while the Americans gives out loads of....burgers....
Mikee 1234444
Mikee 1234444 5 months ago
Imagine how scary it would be to watch Alien in the space station.
Potatoes are good
Potatoes are good 5 months ago
I mean according to NASA it’s $10,000/kg to get into orbit, so you’re off by a factor of like 12.
Erick Cisneros
Erick Cisneros 5 months ago
Imagine vomiting in space...it would be so bad...
Noth Ing
Noth Ing 5 months ago
"It helps developing cancer treatments" And, how many times have I heard that line? 100+, yet my 40 year old grandma died of cancer.. Nothing can treat cancer, its all a money grab
Mattias Johannessen
Mattias Johannessen 5 months ago
The money grab is way too true, but fact is that you are far more likely to survive cancer now than just a few years ago. The problem is that people do not take cancer symptoms seriously. If you suddenly experience severe stomach pain, nausea, and severe coughing for weeks on end, what would you do? I find it scary that alot of people brush these symptoms off as just a cold, or some other minor disease. Very few people care to think that these symptoms can be a sign of something far more serious. Cancer can be treated, but it must be detected as soon as possible. Weeks can be the difference between survival, and the cancer spreading and taking your life.
George Scott
George Scott 5 months ago
great video very informative
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