The Logistics of the International Space Station

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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
Select footage courtesy Bigstock: bit.ly/bigstock-videofreetrial
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Comments 100
jayteegamble Day ago
Humanity's greatest boondoggle.
Spencer DeMera
Spencer DeMera 2 days ago
Ive always wanted to be an Astronaut and am still on track to do so but just like imagine getting there and facetiming your family like WHAT
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia 3 days ago
Lol they ask the astronauts what snacks they want to bring... Astronaut 1 👩‍🚀: “Ummm, can I just get like 5 less ice creams, 6 less chocolates and don’t pack any of the cookies.” NASA 🌙: “ok, so you don’t really want any snacks? You have like 13 pounds of your weight allowance left, do you want more ready-made meals or something?” Astronaut 1👩‍🚀 : “um, well, actually...can you just pack my PS4 for me instead?” *in space** Astronaut 1👩‍🚀 : *playing PS4* Astronaut 2👨‍🚀 : “Yo, I’ll trade you my ice cream to play a few rounds of Nazi Zombies🧟‍♂️” Astronaut 1👩‍🚀 : “better clear it with Houston...” lol
Daniel Detweiler
Daniel Detweiler 3 days ago
so basically we gotta figure out a cheaper way of getting items to space... use a _big_ gun :P
Dany Fairuzy
Dany Fairuzy 3 days ago
10:03 Are they watching GRAVITY? Pretty extreme if you ask me.
Sven 3 days ago
space flight is not worth it
Alex Hendo
Alex Hendo 3 days ago
“Only get 300mbps download speed” Mate in Australia we get 12mbps on a good day
Dany Fairuzy
Dany Fairuzy 3 days ago
300mbps is pretty slow for a $160 billion spacecraft. In some places internet can reach 1000mbps.
Beau 4 days ago
In space? do we call it space? they are in low earth orbit..
daniel_960_ 5 days ago
One day they will just be able to order something at amazon and it will be shipped to them soon after that
Oliver Todd
Oliver Todd 6 days ago
Bend over productions
Alex James
Alex James 6 days ago
4:11 falcon heavy: im gonna stop you right there
EASYTIGER10 7 days ago
Is there anywhere on the ISS that doesn't look "cluttered" That would get me down after a while.
finlay morrison
finlay morrison 7 days ago
am I the only one amazed that they must go 6 months without a wank?
those $10000 apples are expensive but not as bad as the $1000 minecraft apple that was fed to a minecraft horse on a charity livestream :D
Frank Ragetti
Frank Ragetti 9 days ago
Cool. But i still think we humans have serious issues about priorities. All that effort and spending applied on Healthcare, i wonder how many diseases would have been already dealt with. Applied on financing startup companies, how many more useful services we would have access to. Billions spent to find life on space, trillions spent killing each other on Earth.
tsing tak
tsing tak 10 days ago
Well. Do astronauts download porn movies?
GUAIMUS 11 days ago
I got a question. What about sex?
Andrés Huster Zapke
wouldnt you call it upload movies? 10:03
Beowulf 13 days ago
The Last Jedi?? Oh, those poor astronauts... I’m amazed they didn’t evacuate...
Jonathan Cw
Jonathan Cw 13 days ago
10:13 “browse internet freely“ *astronaut propelling himself around the station jacking it*
delivrex 13 days ago
1:53 that is bullshit
laddibugg 15 days ago
Nature Valley will never get a NASA contract....
jusaguy20 15 days ago
The ISS - Finally someone richer than Bill Gates ;-)
4c1dr3fl3x 16 days ago
Most advanced piece of technology created by man...uses a US Robotics 28.8k bps modem from 1994 for connectivity
Aleksandr Nestrato
Aleksandr Nestrato 16 days ago
Jazz and NASA are the two best things USA has brought to the world! It's so sad that America is that much 'overmoneyed' and military folks use every tiny chance to create another fake enemy of "The Free World" in order to get the funding. I wish NASA could get at least half of American Military Budget.
NASA was onto a winner with the ISS. They thought it up as a reason the extend the shuttle programme so they could keep their jobs for longer. It was always more about PR than about science. The PR has been so good it has outlived the shuttles and continues to give these people a good salary.
Niall Kinsella
Niall Kinsella 16 days ago
The ISS is international (the clue is in the title) and is part of a program made up of 15 independent nations. Are you really trying to suggest that 15 nations are all in on some stupid plot to make some nasa admins some money?
I think he ran out of Plane-related 5opics to discuss and relized that space ships are the closest thing...
Haris_the_ Bosniak
Haris_the_ Bosniak 19 days ago
Who else only remembers baikonour from bo1 😂?
GMoney 2
GMoney 2 19 days ago
dammit u can’t jack off in space
smast81 19 days ago
ISS is hoax
javixm 19 days ago
3:48 you mean piss purifier
Yes'tir'Day 19 days ago
Thumbnail is sooooo attractive. I just have to click it everytime i see it.
JanoHopar 20 days ago
Eating a Nature's Valley granola bar on the ISS.. the chaos that would ensue
Alex 20 days ago
You should change your website's title page from "mysite" to Wendover Productions... Seeing how easy Squarespace is, this shouldn't be an issue ha.
Infinite Flight Channel
Is it 6 people per side? Or is it 3 each
20 days ago
Logistics of a space station - brought to you by Wendover productions... Financing of a space station - brought to you by Bendover productions! (Tax is space piracy!) :P
Blaues Katzenbaby
Blaues Katzenbaby 20 days ago
That feel, when even astronauts have better internet connection than you do :(
Hội Kỹ Sư Điện Việt Nam
We are looking forward to exchanging knowledge with you.uuuuuuuu
Mirel Masic
Mirel Masic 21 day ago
I wouldn't say the cost of the food is high, it's the transportation of it that is expensive.
Peter Yout12
Peter Yout12 21 day ago
how do u become a astronaut?
Niall Kinsella
Niall Kinsella 18 days ago
You essentially need to have a masters degree or doctorate in a science or engineering subject, or be a former military test pilot. Preferably both. Also, perfect vision, perfect health. After that you just apply to your relevant space agency when they announce that they are recruiting a new class for their astronaut corps. Hope you don't get too old while waiting for the next class to open, as they are only opened when new astronauts are required. If you get this far the class still has an insanely high rejection rate, so good luck.
Dr0pkidd 19 days ago
Someone should make a video about that.
do ngoc hoang khang
investment of foreign company in my country of vietnam
do ngoc hoang khang
i'm from vietnam want you to make a video aboult why foreign company are investing in vietnam
devil lonesome
devil lonesome 22 days ago
Can't they just get uber eat? Or get takeaway, it's just phone call. For real tho, China might just create space takeaways 😂
Albert :)
Albert :) 22 days ago
Footnotes !! 😁😁😁😁
Chad The Gig Economist
it's not rocket surgery
Astro Goal Horns
Astro Goal Horns 23 days ago
That moment when you finish this video and you are literally floating
Hexagonical :P
Hexagonical :P 24 days ago
i was unaware that Wendover was HAI in disguise (or vice versa)
Iceman0219 24 days ago
Good on the ice cream guy
JoshL 24 days ago
The initials for Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport spell MARS 🙃
Human Bean
Human Bean 24 days ago
glad that we have the space station to shoot down any potential fighter threats from turkey
Gmonster 41
Gmonster 41 24 days ago
Are you the same person as HAI?
Nicolas Bouliane
Nicolas Bouliane 24 days ago
Another fantastic video from you! I'm looking forward to the next ones already :)
James Lehmann
James Lehmann 24 days ago
I love this thumbnail. Absolutely love it. Keep it up my man and I feel like you live and AZ haha all good keep it up!!
Alan C. Cai
Alan C. Cai 25 days ago
When the food on the ISS is better than the food at my school's cafeteria.
NAME NAMENAME 25 days ago
I just realized that the iss has better internet than Germany...
UserNameA 26 days ago
I don't think there could be many things worse than experiencing food poisoning while in zero gravity
Extrnal Sorce
Extrnal Sorce 26 days ago
Yeah, whatever you say. *bendover* productions
StrokeMahEgo 26 days ago
A video about space? No way he could get a plane in -- omg he did it
Outrider63 26 days ago
For all you folks that believe the ISS is real, (instead of the hoax that it is), explain how , at the beginning of a mission (change of command ceremony), all the men with hair have a crewcut. 6 months later, at the next change of command ceremony, the mens hair is exactly the same length. Also notice they never have a beard after 6 months of not shaving. They never show themselves getting a haircut, or shaving, or even putting on one their bulky spacesuits. If you can provide video evidence of this being done, please provide the link, or clear description of the mission(s) where these things occurred, and I will be glad to retract my assertion. A willingness to ask questions, and then find answers is what got me this far in my conspiracy research. As to why NASA would lie about their space program, ever heard of Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny? Thanks in advance! Namaste
Luftwaffles 26 days ago
This is a video of (now former) Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield getting a haircut: ruvid.net/video/video-2HnWG19CFDE.html
longshot789 27 days ago
One ounce, or Twenty-Eight grams Ehhhhhh, I know that one!
Deep Dreamwalker
Deep Dreamwalker 27 days ago
So... I can't take my Nature Valley granola bars; the worlds most crunchy, crumbly, mess creating and delicious granola bars?
v1tell _
v1tell _ 25 days ago
are you sponsored or something
Mork Ryan
Mork Ryan 27 days ago
9:57 Yep. Lovely. Let's have a "Gravity" showing. That won't make me anxious at all.
AeroSpaceNews.com 27 days ago
Fantastic job on this complex topic Wendover team!
Ultralagger R.E.V
Ultralagger R.E.V 27 days ago
Then SPACEX is next
The Logistics of the International Space Station = chasing a 60 thousand mph bullet around the planet every time we need to dock, instead of um, just parking it in real space like a real space station and save fuel? or the moon? utter fucking waste of money...….. by now we should have space stations from here to most major area of our solar system. this shit is a scam. it don't give me no damn money issue bullshit, we spent 18 TRILLION ON AFGHANISTHAN TO GROW OPIUM.
Niall Kinsella
Niall Kinsella 24 days ago
+APCWORLDSUXAZ Governments priorities are screwed. That's why there's always money for wars and bailouts to corporations but none for veterans, schools, or space exploration.
I know why its done the way its done... because we cant get out of the bubble 8o)) 18 trillion dollars to grow opium in Afghanistan , get people hooked on opioid pills back home and hooked on methadone and paid for by Obama care...……..... or spend 18 trillion on 30 space stations finding new raw materials and endless supply of metals and gold.... nah drugs are gud.
-RandomUserName- 26 days ago
learn about Orbital Mechanics and you'll know why it's done the way it is
Marthinus van der Walt
Sounds like mining space for resources would be extremely expensive and hazardous.
Vinicius Venture Viana
But... can you fap on the ISS?
-RandomUserName- 26 days ago
yes they even tried to have Sex on the MIR they strapped both of them to the wall to stop them from flying away
Jeremy Young
Jeremy Young 27 days ago
This comment was made possible by Brilliant.
Chaitanya Singh
Chaitanya Singh 27 days ago
It's so mind blowing that we have humans living in Space normally (well apart from their profession of doing countless experiments) I wonder if they get fast foods too up there, and whether they do or do not do something like vote from there
Brock Walls
Brock Walls 27 days ago
Chaitanya Singh Not sure about astronauts from other countries, but yes, the American astronauts can vote while they’re up there using an absentee ballot like anyone else.
Chaitanya Singh
Chaitanya Singh 27 days ago
4:30 Wendover predicting future of smartphone pricing
Anton Berglund
See you in the year 2025 or 2030 to see if your right XD.
Mutum 28 days ago
i like that thumbnail
Dylan Stewart
Dylan Stewart 28 days ago
I wonder if the astronauts get to jerk the jerky at all. It would be great to have the opportunity to go to space, but that would be one of the many things that would suck.
David D
David D 28 days ago
no planes??? :O
Bastian Rivero
Bastian Rivero 28 days ago
Expensive asf
TxT Peer
TxT Peer 28 days ago
The most expensive apple product !
Joshua 28 days ago
I really like how astronauts get to taste test food before they go up so that they can get their preferred foods.
Arvind Kokitkar
Arvind Kokitkar 28 days ago
No flat earther in the comments section🤔
Will Black
Will Black 27 days ago
very weird i wonder why
Antivirus 29 days ago
Watching gravity on the ISS LOL
Doxie Lain
Doxie Lain 29 days ago
So, Wallops Flight Center? Wondering why you didn't name it.
SnopFop 29 days ago
I recognize that voice... who is that ?elektronik-lavpris.dk/c5637/mekanik/skruer-moetrikker-stag/skruer-metrisk-gevind/m4/
Johnny Steen
Johnny Steen 29 days ago
But what do they do with certain "waste products" associated with some of the "movies" they're able to download?
Kyle Moore
Kyle Moore 29 days ago
Probably the first time I've ever heard anyone call Wallops Flight Facility "Mid Atlantic Regional" but midatlantic regional is the actual name of the launch pad
Tommaso Gouery
Tommaso Gouery 29 days ago
What’s the difference between this and hai
ayylux 29 days ago
The thumbnail needs way more appreciation tbh, it's amazing
Patrick Eruimy
Patrick Eruimy 29 days ago
🛰 👍🏼
MilklsChillin 29 days ago
ISS ist in space. It is flying a couple hundred kilometers above earth. nasa is a bunch of traitors and liars
Niall Kinsella
Niall Kinsella 18 days ago
+MilklsChillin Igor Baliukin and Jean-Loup Bertaux, the authors of the paper you are manhandling, have never claimed that the moon, nor the ISS for that matter, are not in space. *YOU* are making this claim and attributing it to someone else who never said or implied anything of the sort. If you are going to try to spread bullshit at least have the guts to own it and not try to tarnish other people's names with your crap claims.
MilklsChillin 18 days ago
+Niall Kinsella now you really didn't make sense at all. why do you hold on to outdated science? Our atmosphere is diverse, and like I said 400km is nothing compared to being 100.000 kms away from earth. IN FACT the MOON is inside earths atmosphere at 250.00km and you can see it is close, not far away. Science evolves everyday my friend. its not me claiming these things about our atmosphere its actual scientists
Niall Kinsella
Niall Kinsella 18 days ago
+MilklsChillin So essentially yes, you are claiming that the International Space Station is not in space because there are molecules of gas orbiting Earth at a higher altitude than it. Does this also mean that we are currently within the sun? It expels gases and particles that travel beyond the orbit of Earth. So by your logic, we are inside the sun.
MilklsChillin 22 days ago
Niall Kinsella I respect all of your knowledge, but ISS clearly just flys above earth, its not in space (scientifically). 400km is not far at all if you consider that earths atmosphere may be larger than 500.000 km(I know you can’t breathe there and it’s not dense at all) That’s all I’m saying Niall
Niall Kinsella
Niall Kinsella 23 days ago
+MilklsChillin If you consider 0.2 molecules of hydrogen per cubic centimetre to be atmosphere. Very few vacuum chambers on earth can evacuate to that level. It's highly disingenuous to claim the ISS is not in space simply because an extremely sparse cloud of hydrogen orbits the earth to a higher altitude.
RMoribayashi 29 days ago
Everything on the ISS is labeled, cataloged and stored to make access efficient. From the piles of boxes to the flat plastic packs held together with bungee nets, everything is packed as to minimise scrounging through stores with a code reader any more than is necessary.
Tony B
Tony B 29 days ago
More and more people are waking up to the fact that this whole space story is foolishness. The earth is flat. Get over it.....
The Boi Mk
The Boi Mk 29 days ago
you gotta pre order your pizza months ahead of time.
turbominator 29 days ago
must be difficult to fuck without gravity
Archie Scriven
Archie Scriven 29 days ago
The bloody ISS gets better internet than me!
David Dima
David Dima 29 days ago
No more lagging while i play Pubg Mobile if i have nasa at my bedroom.
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias 29 days ago
Flat Earthers and Moon Landing Deniers shook!!
Lana 29 days ago
Zarya is property of the US, so tecnically not part of the russian segment
elektron2kim 29 days ago
A bit like my home. Recently I docked a new washing machine and got 2 old Thinkpads.
Ashish Pradhan
Ashish Pradhan 29 days ago
Look at the thumbnail😂😂😂😂😂. It says "educational video 1 unit" on the barcode 😂😂😂😂😂😂
A 29 days ago
Diarrhoea in Space would be interesting
Ryukachoo 29 days ago
Yo does NASA record or live stream movie night? Sounds like an interesting commentary track
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen 29 days ago
Some words you say way too fast making it impossible to understand without captions. Also we don't all have ADHD. Slow the editing down a bit. No one says one sentence after another that fast constantly.
Abhishek Garg
Abhishek Garg Month ago
The resupply module acts as a drive-thru for the astronauts, every couple of months. Payment is made in trash that is meant to be sent back to earth.
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