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The Living Tombstone
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The album is on pre-sale: tlt.ffm.to/zero_one
First single from the debut album ahhhhhhhh!!!!
Download "Drunk" here: tlt.ffm.to/drunk
Animation - Jaime Rodriguez ruvid.net/show-UCldWXUYCd3SDZWYiMNJ5HFQ
Music Production and Mixing - Yoav Landau & Machine www.machineshopprod.com/
Lyrics and Vocals - Sam Haft & Yoav Landau
Bass - Guy Bernfeld instagram.com/guybernfeldbass/?hl=en
Guitar - Or "Orko" Cohen
Drums - Maxime Cholley facebook.com/MaximeCholleyDrums/
Visual Post Production - Lee Mounsey - twitter.com/leemounseysmith
Mastering - Leon Zervos - studios301.com/online-mastering/mastering-engineers/leon-zervos/
Recorded in Sound on Sound Studios (Montclair, New Jersey), The Machine Shop (Belleville, New Jersey) and Graphic Nature Audio (Belleville, New Jersey)
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Just one drink! Gonna keep it mellow.
Responsible night for a polite fellow
Say hello to my friends and comrades
Don’t tend to offend so I say perhaps
Just two drinks! As a social courtesy.
We can raise a glass to our past fraternity
And certainly a perfectly normal informal get together
But it’s been forever since we gathered so whatever
Just three drinks! For the sake of the old times.
Proceed with tequila shots with a dish full of cold limes.
The whole nine, laughing remembering all the old lines
Never used to work but I could em give another try
Just four drinks! Y’know, take the edge off.
I’ve had a hard week, I deserve to get sauced.
Pick up another round as my friends depart and
They may not stick around but I just got started.
Feel so much better than usual
I feel indisputable
I think that I might be beautiful
Juuuuust five drinks! F***in' treat myself!
Pour the Dom Perignon from the back of the top shelf.
Spend like god put on airs to sell it
Crowd pretends not to care but I know they’re jealous, just
Six drinks! Let slip the dogs of war!
I’m gonna start a f***in' riot til I’m tossed out the front door
Zero to sixty I can turn on a dime, I’m hitting
bottom and I’m feeling like committing a crime. Just
Eight drinks! Maybe I’ve lost count?
I can’t remember the night, what I drank, or the amount.
I’m fading in and out my very consciousness is crumbling.
. . . Sorry, was I saying something?
Twelve drinks! Strolling out of the hospital.
Is it hair of the dog if you stay drunk and don’t stop at all?
Another night losing it more than I can afford
Was I just feeling bored? Am I that insecure?
Feel so much better than usual
I feel indisputable
But now I’m feeling so beautiful
Don’t wake me up from this spell I’m under if I’m still breathing
I know that I will be ugly when
I feel like myself again
But now I’m feeling so beautiful
Bottle of scotch served on the rocks with a shot of cachaca
Vodka sake kamikaze with a handle of sherry a
cherry brandy with a jaeger chaser champagne float
A bourbon hot toddy in teacup of throat coat
Martini bellini negroni baileys kahlua sambuca
Soju paloma mojito gimlet frangelico guinness
Tequila manhattan a margarita old fashioned
Dry vermouth and something I can’t taste cuz I’m so trashed
Soldiering over I’m slower shoulder to shoulder with no one
Stumbling sobering making friends with a smoker
I know I’m less than upright, losing the fight with the ground
Then someone hits the lights as they close for the night now
Try to look at heaven and I can’t see the stars
A billion trillion eyes are winking as I walk between parked cars
Metabolizing liquor while I’m losing my friends
I’m gonna hate myself tomorrow then I’ll do it again
Naa na na na naa (etc)
Feel so much better than usual
I feel indisputable
But now I'm feeling so beautiful
Don’t wake me up from this spell I’m under if I’m still breathing
I know that I will be ugly when
I feel like myself again
But now I’m feeling so beautiful
My vision is blurry
As long as I’m thirsty
Nobody can hurt me hurt me hurt me


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Jun 11, 2020




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Comments 60
Dresde8n Henderson
Speed 05 is basicly every acter drunk as fuck
Unikue Mojalefa
Unikue Mojalefa 11 minutes ago
I'm quite surprised how epic this animation is, like the music and beat. Hope you keep doing more in the future!
Plates Mcplates
Plates Mcplates 20 minutes ago
I wish I could do a metal version of this but I don't have the experience or band lol
glossyplane542 55 minutes ago
Anyone know what that song at the end is?
Pizza- Man
Pizza- Man Hour ago
Who is watching this video for the 100 time now?
This guy has to animate sds season 4 would look Better then the current
This Animation is so fucking smooth
Jeremy A. Afton Productions
the visuals are so well thought out and so cartoon-y
Ochri 2 hours ago
absolutely incredible, definitely some of the best stuff i've ever seen/heard from TLT
Don Donatek
Don Donatek 3 hours ago
I am addicted to this music and animation ! Love it !
Umbra Ossamagi
Umbra Ossamagi 3 hours ago
Gonna hate myself tomorrow *and I'll do it again*
I think this animation is spot-on. It's got a huge amount of surrealism, the visuals are disgusting but smooth, and each transition is almost flawless. I'm very proud of you, TLT, for coming this far and finally starting a real music career!
SlavicJow 4 hours ago
I just noticed dickbutt was in the intro... What a legend.
Freddy Garcia
Freddy Garcia 8 hours ago
Idk about anyone easier but the main character reminds me of the old flash game where you play as a kid with skull head who kills people with a chainsaw and other stuff it was a dumb game but ya
Michał Szlęk
Michał Szlęk 9 hours ago
Polish dads be like:
Mauro Padrón
Mauro Padrón 9 hours ago
Saddest thing could be that his "friends" didn't help him stop, or offered at least a ride home. They didn't try to stop him
Mauro Padrón
Mauro Padrón 36 minutes ago
@Ch'rell So they had no one who would stay sober for the rest?
Ch'rell 4 hours ago
Aren't they drunk too?
Hitman Hitler
Hitman Hitler 11 hours ago
This is my sleep song. In the sense that I watch this before I finally decide it's time to sleep around four or five.
tdd d
tdd d 12 hours ago
idk why Americans thinks alcohol so bad
Negasuki stars
Negasuki stars 12 hours ago
I like how this song is about alcohol and you shouldn't be addicted to it. But at some point we will get addicted to alchol since I'm addicted to this song.
TrainTubbie06 12 hours ago
That fleshy jellyfish was disturbing
Digester 12 hours ago
Anyone know the reason why this has no captions yet?
MiticJack 13 hours ago
top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss
Pixelized Gamelord
Pixelized Gamelord 13 hours ago
Every lightweight ever... JUST ONE DRINK! 1:32
X nEmesiS
X nEmesiS 14 hours ago
i think i will not drink any alcohol when i'm adult, it's just not worth it
Squigglefigeon 14 hours ago
Tip for new drinkers: Put space between your drinks. It takes a surprisingly long time for you to feel the full effects of alcohol. You might feel a buzz after a little while and assume you can handle another drink or three. It's about an hour until after you start drinking that you'll start noticing that you are drunk, and if you stacked drinks too quickly, it might become more than you can handle. Make sure to eat and drink plenty of water, and just be mindful of how quickly you are consuming alcohol. Be safe and be responsible!
TRexPro 15 hours ago
Arguably the best song by TLT
Cron’s Carrot factory
I love how the warning is eleven seconds long so after you realize the videos started and you skip, it’s right on to the video without cutting off any music. Whoever decided to do that should get a raise seriously.
Benjamin Ballard
Benjamin Ballard 15 hours ago
Bro this is telling people to drink drugs, not cool, don’t do drugs
ልሁዪጎር ᖽᐸᖇᖻSᗩᒪᓰS
this... this smell s like cyriak and raxxo..
Weebster 17 hours ago
Please tell me I am not the only persin who thinks thoses faces look like titans from AOT-
exotic ploosh
exotic ploosh 18 hours ago
I love all the exadaraded movements in this video it really gives this video some spice
lil Zaku ,
lil Zaku , 18 hours ago
Thi shit good look how much effort is put in the animation I swear we got to get these kinds of animators for there own sho and shit
lil Zaku ,
lil Zaku , 15 hours ago
I know I watched his animation my favorite one was the bird kissing one and the kid who played a prank on his grandpa
Wee Pinbell
Wee Pinbell 16 hours ago
Uhhh, the animator is Jaime R......and he’s good.
DJ Cat Punk
DJ Cat Punk 18 hours ago
1:30 My favorite part right here.
aspiring youtuber
aspiring youtuber 19 hours ago
almost any frame could be the thumbnail
Matias Piredda
Matias Piredda 19 hours ago
1:40 when you turn on the air conditioner on a hot day
someguy Games
someguy Games 19 hours ago
mans drinking more than the demoman
Camtasia Videos
Camtasia Videos 20 hours ago
You should do an extended version.
Wasp 21 hour ago
This is something you would see on adult swim.
sukkamehu gamer
sukkamehu gamer 23 hours ago
really good work
Puppet Lad
Puppet Lad 23 hours ago
At 2x speed it sounds like nightcore but good
BallsOfNoxus Day ago
did you just give jaime complete creative freedom or did you have some specific demands at the outset? maybe somewhere in the middle?
Wee Pinbell
Wee Pinbell 16 hours ago
I like to think they let Jaime go wild
Aid0xys Day ago
why did this make me scared to drink what
I kind of feel bad because I got drunk last night and bopped to this song for longer than I should've. It's probably the chorus that got me, the chord progressions on the guitar are quite surreal and magical. If it helps, I listened to this instead of drinking more.
Andrey Polyakov
Me: *watches video* Me: _AND I'LL DO IT AGAIN_
ACC cole
ACC cole Day ago
i wonder if he let Jamie just use his pure imagination or him had TLT had storyboard this master piece
William Wilkerson
I think somebody put some lsd in his. Beer
UnmaskedGuy Day ago
So, I'am from Russia and I can tell - this soft amount of alcohole for make this fucking pictures in your head. Perhaps if i drink Moonshine of my grandad - i will see that colorfull trip, but then I will became blind. Coz... Its my granddad moonshine cmone.
im tanooki
im tanooki Day ago
euan milne
euan milne Day ago
Better than most of the stuff I hear in the top 50s
TheLaosPvz Day ago
Cye Corp1189
Cye Corp1189 Day ago
Is this what its like?
Alexandre Allmand Johnson
I instantly thought "Wow, this animation style really rings a bell for me" And I was right
a random guy on the internet
you know this is extremely tame compared to the eldrich abominations the animator has made
Nairu Day ago
i JUST noticed the Two birds in the intro are from the animator's (Jaime Rodriguez) own works. The video they are from is so wholesome and cute! The animation is so smooth in it too
xBliss night Night
Dude this great I'm even singing like wow
Pro Assasing
Pro Assasing Day ago
I need a drink.. now
Drents games
Drents games Day ago
God will not like this
UnmaskedGuy Day ago
God dosent like boring people
Drents games
Drents games Day ago
Don't do drugs it leads to death
Wee Pinbell
Wee Pinbell 16 hours ago
Not all cases, but still
defvent Day ago
"Gonna hate myself tomorrow and I'll do it again." Ain't that the truth
Creepystone Animations
i love how the first comment in live chat is *"E"*
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