The Little-Known Truth About Nikola Tesla Revealed

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Nikola Tesla wasn't just brilliant; his inventions changed the world in ways that are still visible every single day. And though he has had a resurgence in notability in recent years, with a trendy electric car company named for him and numerous portrayals in film and television, he never quite got his due credit. Here's what you may not have known about his life.
The popular legend about how Tesla was born might be a little too cinematic to be true. According to Hourly History's Nikola Tesla: A Life From Beginning to End, Tesla entered the world in 1856, in what is now Croatia, in the midst of a horrific lightning storm. Reportedly, the storm was so bad that the midwife got the willies and told Tesla's mother that the baby would be a, quote, "child of darkness." Tesla's mother supposedly promptly told the midwife, "No, he will be a child of light."
Once Tesla's mother, an inventor herself, introduced science to her son, the boy's future was clear. Nikola loved studying science, and his schooling and research took him to Austria, Prague, and Budapest, where he ended up working for the Central Telephone Exchange. One day on a leisurely walk through the park in Budapest, he randomly came up with the idea for what would one day be the induction motor, one of his greatest inventions. He soon dreamed of setting sail for the United States, and at age 28, he finally did so.
According to the Tesla Memorial Society of New York, Tesla was able to immigrate to the U.S. because of a recommendation letter inventor Charles Batchelor wrote to famed "Wizard of Menlo Park" Thomas Edison, stating,
"I know two great men. One is you, and the other is this young man."
Tesla promptly went to work for Edison. At the time, Edison's company was using "direct current" electricity, and the newbie Tesla proposed an innovative idea: replacing the inefficient direct current setup with "alternating current." Edison scoffed at this, challenging Tesla to develop his ideas into a real invention, putting up $50,000 to sweeten the deal.
Tesla gleefully pounced on the challenge, and within only a few months, he proudly offered Edison his successful results. But Edison refused to pay, brushing Tesla off with a mean comment about how Tesla didn't understand, quote, "American humor." Tesla left Edison's company shortly afterward.
Keep watching the video to find out more about the little-known truth about Nikola Tesla!
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Born in a lightning storm? | 0:20
Working with Edison | 1:18
Right about electricity | 2:12
So many inventions | 3:08
Dreams unrealized | 3:51
A difficult life | 4:53
Death and resurgence | 5:43




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Comments 80
Grunge 2 months ago
If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be?
Allen Edward Larua
Jose Rizal 👑
PinkFish 4 days ago
Not in service
Not in service 5 days ago
Einstein and tesla
James Brinkley
James Brinkley 13 days ago
Tesla or Einstein
Raul Branco
Raul Branco Month ago
Prophet Mohammed Pbuh... he spoke of all of this
Cups Edits
Cups Edits Day ago
5:15 he knew about COVID19 lol
Allen Edward Larua
Jose Rizal 👑
Mad T scientist
Mad T scientist 4 days ago
Damn this is what EVERYONE knows about him
john johnson
john johnson 4 days ago
Much respect...
LSSJ JOHNNY 4 days ago
Tesla wanted a weapon that would scare enemies from going to war. Why that sound so familiar 👁️👁️ almost as if an anime character tried to do this
Kimberley Dawn
Kimberley Dawn 5 days ago
He stayed on the 33rd floor of the hotel!
AnuNnaki Eruahce
AnuNnaki Eruahce 6 days ago
Doe's he have any successor or what? We still need a man with a mind like him until now..
AnuNnaki Eruahce
AnuNnaki Eruahce 6 days ago
Yah! All the knowledge they taught to us when we where young was all wrong..
Mr Shepherd
Mr Shepherd 9 days ago
Lynda Smith
Lynda Smith 18 days ago
I never heard of Tesla at school, our schools are messed up
Pablo Rengifo
Pablo Rengifo 26 days ago
kori hamer
kori hamer 26 days ago
The quantum thrusters currently under development were thought up by Tesla.
box 379
box 379 27 days ago
ahh excuse me ! umm u forgot to mention the dynamic theory of gravity and radiant matter (fifth state of matter) that he harnessed and broke all the limits of science fiction
BluePonyPics 29 days ago
369 is my spiritual no. So I was told 4 separate times.🐎🐎🐎🦘🦘🦘🐨🐨🐨
Vanishing Sun
Vanishing Sun Month ago
You shut your dirty damn mouth!
Jason Buckley
Jason Buckley Month ago
I suspect people who laud Tesla for being a genius also vote for Trump. Tesla was a mediocre inventor who took others ideas. A great marketeer and nothing else. Go do some research!
Hey Bob
Hey Bob Month ago
Intense hearing sounds was cause he accessed Akashic records which is using kundalini and controlling ones own energy force which causes sensitive hearing lol
A. Rose Hawk
A. Rose Hawk Month ago
In my understanding... he once said( paraphrased). “Let them steal it all ....what I do I do for the future”. Sooo he knew When asked about how he would like to be known ..his response was to let them know that I lived my life in ecstasy..
S K Month ago
Which part in this is little known 😏
Michael Bell
Michael Bell Month ago
5:10 obsessive compusive
P M Month ago
What little known truth? That he was Slavic? Orthodox Christian (Pravo Slav) or the fact that he was Serbian? Which truth are gou refering to? The west Abuses the "Serbian Sciences". But not for long. Tesla was 120 years. It took you over 100 years to fathom our technology. It will take you another 200 to understand the new technology. Trust me, we may have been caught off guard by Turks, Germans and clintons collaborating with Albanians to divide and rule our home land and ancestral lands.. But tomorrow we will knock out every rocket and airplane from the sky that tries to invade. You don't understand how vulnerable NATO tech is to EMP. 😈
the Spiritual Hugger aka Heart hugs
You... yes YOU!!! I am sending you a Digital Hug!! Likes/Replies are Digital Hugs back.
Steven Oostdijk
Steven Oostdijk Month ago
We own our modern world to Tesla and we should pay due respect to that. Scientists still do not really understand how AC or radio transmission works so they just have to copy what Tesla was doing.
Céline Sleiman
Céline Sleiman Month ago
creating weapons doesn't make a good human beings. but a demon. or a genius but freak.
Bob Hugesack
Bob Hugesack Month ago
Am I retarted for having sensitive hearing and not liking pearls on women too?
Jonathan Gagne
Jonathan Gagne Month ago
when will man b willing to accept; not except, persons whom r dif: I like 2 think that there is/r a person/persons that will b willing 2 'listen' 2 'other's voices. ...
Tesla72 Sol
Tesla72 Sol Month ago
Sadly greed was more important than free energy. Tesla was a genius.
gerry dean
gerry dean Month ago
5:10 'Compulsive' is misspelled.
jammergreg Month ago
I'm hoping for his hidden energy/anti-gravity inventions to come out!
David Core
David Core Month ago
Pričas gluposti.Sljedeci put se informiraj.Pozdrav iz Hrvatske.
Adrian Collins
Adrian Collins Month ago
Dreamt. He soon dreamt.
pepsirichard Month ago
tesla should be made a saint, after all his father was a priest and like Santa he has touched everyone on earth at one stage or another
paganism is the reason for the season
Do you believe this clown, talking shit about the greatest mind. They are pro corporation hacks. Tesla also wasn't austic. Different personalities have different Sensory issues.
R F Month ago
n trump claims he's the genius. lol
lucas quattrocchi
Funny enough his uncle was a Tesla associate and got his secret documents, Trump will implement free energy eventually, “some say electric can’t beat the gas, but new forms of energy will be coming along”
Philip BadAwesome
Too bad didn’t breed, we needed your offspring to rule the world by passing on his knowledge.
dojchin Month ago
ONE OF THE GREATEST TESLA INVENTIONS ISN'T MENTIONED... THE POWER FROM EATHER! THE CAR he builds it 1928 and drove around (up to 8-kmh),on electricity produced from thin air!
Jim Burg
Jim Burg Month ago
what do cops call a stolen Tesla car?, an Edison.
José Trejos
José Trejos 2 months ago
S 2 months ago
A great man! One of the few who actually knew Einstein was nothing but a fraud.
Kurt Wollermann
Kurt Wollermann 2 months ago
tesla the only man i would ever want to listen to
bullus41 2 months ago
From the tons of Nikola Tesla information I have read, a lot of this videos information seems to be twisted and not chronologically correct.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 2 months ago
Detective Comics Comics (DC Comics) was National Allied Publications, Adventure Comics and then Action Comics once. DC=Batman AC=Superman I would always choose Batman over Superman, but Clark was the first superhero, or so they say, ever to be invented. DC? In honor of this great man, bring Action Comics back!!! P.S. Smiljan, where Nikola was born, is very near to Gospić. I've been there many times, and I have to say, I can see now why he wanted a more packed space. But, make no mistake, living a life (especially in the early years) of seclusion comes with great benefits.
Mark C
Mark C 2 months ago
Tesla was bullied and victimized by racial insults by Edison. Edison stole much of his fame by bringing alcohol to the man in charge of the patent office. Things would have been much different today if Tesla had been allowed to help humanity the way he wished to! Instead many others through greed and jealousy stood in his way. He died poor because of the horrible people he encountered when he came to America. Very sad indeed.
Dave 123
Dave 123 2 months ago
everyone knows they bankrupted tesla because he would put GE out of business he didn't need wires to transmit power...
Paul Seymour
Paul Seymour Month ago
We also know from his coil that you didn't want to be in the same room, unprotected, when it was energized. The photo of him in the room sitting in a chair with the amazing display happening around him, was a double exposure. Typically a person would be in a Faraday cage, or, as I have seen recently, in a conductive suit.
Paul Seymour
Paul Seymour Month ago
I don't know that I'm that much smarter, but have experience with installed systems. They may not be of Tesla's design, but the physics of electricity and electromagnetism still apply. I have seen where proximity of power wiring can be induced to an adjacent wire, and where electromagnetic fields can cause this same type of induction. This is why electrical grounding and shielding are important. At higher frequencies several methods may need to be employed to inhibit induced interference. You may notice on many of your radio-type devices there is an FCC label describing how that your device is required to be immune from interference, and not cause interference - it happens even at very low levels. When we talk about sending high output energy to be able to power even a light bulb at a distance, and that the source may not be beam-focused but more omni-directional, even on a plane, there is a great chance for disturbance and/or harm. I have learned this from people I know that work around radar equipment and are urged to not be in front of the beam while it is operational due to the strength of the emanation. Higher and lower frequencies may have different effects to distance and objects in the path. There is also transmission loss of energy over distance, so that if the intended target is a farther distance from the source a much greater power output must be applied from the source to achieve the desired result at the destination. For radio telephony there is the "inverse square rule" in effect that helps determine signal loss over distance. One example I have read about is a wifi signal losing about 90% of transmission speed over a distance of about 7 miles. There are similarities and differences between this example and the necessary power to transmit to, for example, light a bulb at a particular distance. I would not like to try to power my air conditioner ar electric range at any particular distance. There are many terrestrial issues to consider as well when transmitting electrical energy over distance. We have all seen this when driving through a town with high-rise buildings and our radio station provides anomalous results, station fading or echoing. Weather can affect this as well. Adjacent or nearby other high power sources (a power plant or distribution center, an industrial installation, etc.); buildings, geography, etc. And here is an excerpt from (albeit not always authoritative) Wikipedia: "In far-field or radiative techniques, also called power beaming, power is transferred by beams of electromagnetic radiation, like microwaves or laser beams. These techniques can transport energy longer distances but must be aimed at the receiver. An important issue associated with all wireless power systems is limiting the exposure of people and other living things to potentially injurious electromagnetic fields."
Dave 123
Dave 123 Month ago
please tell us how much smarter you are than tesla
Paul Seymour
Paul Seymour Month ago
you're going to have to explain yourself there. what about transmitting power wirelessly (on the scale we are talking about) is not dangerous? and I think if you wish to have a civil discourse there are other ways to rebut my comment other than to call me a liar. I obviously believe what I'm saying to be true (after some study) so I am not intentionally presenting something I know to be untrue.
Dave 123
Dave 123 Month ago
@Paul Seymour liar
Time flies and Aeroplanes Crash.
This weird and wonderful dude didn't get the credit he deserved but that other one, the rich one who belonged to the skuzzy elite and murdered elephants ( have you watched the footage of that poor elephant going down, it made me cry, horrible man!) 🤬got all the glory.......
Takis Christofilis
Takis Christofilis 2 months ago
One by One...in absolut alignment with all fellow truth seekers below...The whole world now knows...
Swoon Drones
Swoon Drones 2 months ago
Edison was a dick.
dusan dragovic
dusan dragovic 2 months ago
Finally! Tesla generation is coming. That man was a god. Just like Srinivasa Ramanujan.
TheMage00000 2 months ago
Wow, an almost 100% correct video about Tesla. You don't see those much.
Bill Penning
Bill Penning 2 months ago
Tesla was a great person and more people should know about him!,
Bill Penning
Bill Penning 2 months ago
Great man!
Karar Ender
Karar Ender 2 months ago
3:47 and that how nikola tesla Discovered the didlo
Jim Jim
Jim Jim 2 months ago
Too bad when he lived people disrespected him so badly! One of my favorite people in history is Nikola Tesla!
paul austin
paul austin 2 months ago
Stop lying! The vastly overrated Tesla stole the induction motor from its TRUE inventor Galileo Ferraris!! The "pop scientist " crap makes me sick!!!
Milan V
Milan V 2 months ago
Tesla, great Serbian man.
Ricardo Castillo
Ricardo Castillo 2 months ago
I never noticed but now that I think about it after I herd it.... I think I'm also obsess with the number 3... I just realized it now that was pointed out... weird lol
supercat380 2 months ago
Edison was indeed a liar, thief and fraud! Tesla will forever remain the greatest scientist of Serbian origin, ever to grace this evil-dominated planet
Jeremy Kirkpatrick
evil dominated planet hahahahahah keep em coming
supercat380 2 months ago
Tesla was of Serbian origin, but born in the region of what is today Croatia. He was proud of his Serbian roots and never said otherwise
Theodore Macewko
Theodore Macewko 2 months ago
Serbian or Croaction ?
Van Provost
Van Provost 2 months ago
Fuck an electric car. Gasoline bitch!
Shana Badr
Shana Badr 2 months ago
Michael Mask
Michael Mask 2 months ago
Tesla had invented a way to provide free energy to the people and the GOV. couldn't have that.
Zama Alpheos
Zama Alpheos 2 months ago
Almost everyday.. We hear more new stories about Tesla.. It's 2020..where do u get all this info? He died more than a centurie before u even existed
gardentractor 2 months ago
What Would Our World Be Like Today Without Nikola Tesla's Brilliant Inventions And Innovations. He Definitely Deserves To Be Recognized And Celebrated As The Greatest Inventor In The World. But Sadly, It's All About Edison.
Tim Wilster
Tim Wilster 2 months ago
I have watched and read a lot about Tesla and this maybe the worst I have seen. Good story but very weak
Thomas Lee Howell
Thomas Lee Howell 2 months ago
TESLA: A CHILD OF LIGHT WGA# 1610210 - 1580999 by Thomas Lee Howell Logline: An eccentric genius lives as an outcast in America. Synopsis: Nikola Tesla is a dreamer with a poetic touch. Childhood experiments with his father Milutin lead to a lifetime of extra sensory perception and an ability to Perceive inventions in his mind before committing his creations to existence. At age 12 he visualizes the principle of a rotating magnetic field. Nikola develops plans for an induction motor that becomes his first step toward the successful utilization of alternating current. The scientist has few allies. Mark Twain is one of the friends he trusts. Tesla never has a home in America, choosing instead to live in hotels. His ‘battle of the currents’ with Edison is touched upon in our story. During the final decades of his life, Tesla withdraws in a New York hotel, only granting interviews and making annual public appearances on his birthdays. At these press conferences he proposes future inventions, but his accounts are frequently distorted by the popular press. When he mentions contacting aliens using his free energy device, American media misquotes him as saying he is a ‘well known leader sent from Venus to aid mankind’. After Tesla dies in 1943, the government steals his proposals for advanced weaponry. Men in Black Barnes and Tanner search for information about the ‘death ray machine’ as world conflict is impending. If Nikola Tesla was given the task of saving human beings from self destruction, why did his mission fail?
Thomas Lee Howell
Thomas Lee Howell 2 months ago
Read MY book Tesla: A Child of Light. Discover his UFO, time travel experiments, why the Philadelphia experiment failed. Find out about his earthquake machine that nearly toppled a skyscraper.
Thomas Lee Howell
Thomas Lee Howell 2 months ago
EXCERPT from my book: Du k a T e s la g ri m a ce d o ne m or e time and then delivered a pale, thin baby boy who whimpered for an instant before growing quiet. Thunder cracked outside as Duka shivered a little, cuddling her newborn son proudly. Lightning battered a lightning rod rocketing sparkling bolts of electricity down the stone chimney. Newborn Nikola laughed at wonderful white hot sparks jetting around his birthing room. The midwife smiled . “ He’ll be a child of the storm.” The older woman gazed out a curtain at the brilliant flashes lighting the blackness. Duka kissed Nikola’s forehead gently, gazed into his cobalt blue eyes and replied. “No, he will be a ‘child of light.
Thomas Lee Howell
Thomas Lee Howell 2 months ago
Read the book or screenplay at Amazon.com Help finance a real film Tesla: A Child of Light based on his autobiography. Most fo the dialogue is from his actual statemnts. Read about the inventions no one wants to talk about, including; invisibility, guided lasers and a death ray decades ahead of its time. tomlazer@yahoo.com Legitimate non collateral seeking Investors needed .
Bong Gnostic
Bong Gnostic 2 months ago
This ridiculous internet deification of Tesla needs widespread challenging. He spent more time wining and dining with the media to cultivate his image than time spent in the lab. Challenge the "facts" here: edisontechcenter.org/tesladebunked.html
AJ Abusamra
AJ Abusamra 2 months ago
It was the Waldorf Astoria hotel...
Wayne Smiles
Wayne Smiles 2 months ago
child of darkness? child of light? Thes are free mason code words. ... he was obsessed with the number 3!? more free mason talk!
Harry Heart
Harry Heart 2 months ago
5:10 "obsessive compusive disorder" - I'm OCD for spelling, so that really threw me for a loop!
Domenqiue Otey
Domenqiue Otey 2 months ago
So no mentioning of Edison putting meters on power when Tesla wanted free energy? This half truth video is straight bullshit.
Peter Hockley
Peter Hockley 2 months ago
He loved pidgeons, and used to get thrown out of hotels over it. Strange man, very off the wall.😈
Thomas Lee Howell
Thomas Lee Howell 2 months ago
He had a white dove toward the end of his life as a pet.
Rose White
Rose White 2 months ago
Just think of the money Edison could have made from manufacturing devices and gadgets to run off ac.
Rose White
Rose White 2 months ago
3:45 I made an earthquake machine too. it terrified the other people in the factory. give me a million dollars and I'll bring down the tallest building in New York or Frisco.
Thomas Lee Howell
Thomas Lee Howell 2 months ago
Yeah he said and did much more than most of the people on this page know I spent several years researching Edison and Tesla before writing my novels and film screenplays about his life as it coincided with Thomas Edison's. My 4 hour mini series SUPER HEROES Tesla vs Edison says it all. I cannot find anyone to help me produce or finance this material. SUPER HEROES 'Tesla vs Edison' Logline: Thomas Edison marries his second wife Mina Miller who is half his age in a time when money can buy happiness at the expense of other people's dreams. Synopsis: Tesla has few allies. Mark Twain is one of the friends he trusts. Tesla never has a home in America, choosing instead to live in hotels. His ‘battle of the currents’ with Edison is touched upon in our story. Edison builds a summer home in Fort Myers, Florida. He quickly becomes an absent husband and neglectful father, which takes a toll on his marriage and business relations. His friendship with HENRY FORD is highlighted as he buys land and builds a home next door to Thomas and Mina. Edison invents the phonograph and takes credit for developing a film projector through his ruthless methods of stealing patents and registering other inventors’ ideas as his own. His dishonesty creates turmoil in their marriage. Mina becomes a matron of society and surpasses him in popularity. During the final decades of his life, Tesla withdraws in a New York hotel, only granting interviews and making annual public appearances on his birthdays. At these press conferences he proposes future inventions, but his accounts are frequently distorted by the popular press. When he mentions contacting aliens using his free energy device, American media misquotes him as saying he is a ‘well known leader sent from Venus to aid mankind’. Men in Black Barnes and Tanner search for information About the ‘death ray machine’ as world conflict is impending. Nikola Tesla was given the task of saving human beings from self destruction, why did his mission fail? This film script expands on the idea behind ‘THE PRESTIGE and TESLA movies and Edison’s methods of patent theft.
Emily Truman
Emily Truman 2 months ago
Nikola Tesla invented antigravity technology and free energy technology. Edison did not invent the lightbulb electricity and batteries, the Egyptians invented them. Tesla was a genius and deserves a lot more credit. President trumps uncle was involved in the murder of Nikola Tesla in a hotel he was living in. He took all the papers Tesla had in his safe in his room. The USA U.K. Russia all tried to buy his work but didn’t get it.
Thomas Lee Howell
Thomas Lee Howell 2 months ago
Poor deluded democrat cannot help but blame it on Trump HAHAHA. Or his family. Grow the hell up. HOOVER and other criminals were deep state then and those involved would have hated Trump and where he came from. Business with dirt under his fingernails from construction work as a teen etc etc. You have no clue. THE FBI as well as early stages of the OSI followed Nikola.
Phyuck Yiu
Phyuck Yiu 2 months ago
Tesla was the true genius, Einstein was a fraud who leeched off of others ideas.
Hey Bob
Hey Bob Month ago
The Cool Panther their info was accessed in Akashic records using kundalini. Understand kundalini vibrations/energy and vortex math 3,6,9. 9 never changes as its energy. Energy is never created nor destroyed.
The Cool Panther
Einstein wasn't as smart as Tesla! But Einstein is not a fraud wtf?
Bong Gnostic
Bong Gnostic 2 months ago
@Phyuck Yiu so you won't cry then when you read about all the bullshit Tesla mythology edisontechcenter.org/tesladebunked.html
Phyuck Yiu
Phyuck Yiu 2 months ago
@Bong Gnostic Facts don't care about your feelings
Bong Gnostic
Bong Gnostic 2 months ago
what a crock, you know nothing
Prashanth K.S
Prashanth K.S 2 months ago
*Very Nice Video, Very Nice Video, Very Nice Video*
Ernest Austin
Ernest Austin 2 months ago
Tesla and 3-6-9, look it up. It will change the world.
Timbuck Too
Timbuck Too 2 months ago
Your video title is very mis-leading. There's NOTHING new to be learned here. But, i suppose you gotta cash in on the Tesla name too.
Kerry Owen
Kerry Owen 2 months ago
Light and sound, & numerology thats what its all about folks.
Hey Bob
Hey Bob Month ago
Kerry Owen kundalini energy:vibrations and vortex math 3,6,9 is what it’s about.
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