The Little Girl Forced To Live In A Dog Cage | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

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It was one of the most heartbreaking stories ever shared on the "Oprah Show". A little seven-year-old girl was tortured and forced to live in a small wire dog cage in her basement by her parents. In 2011, the girl named Chelsea, now twenty-one years old, came forward for the first time. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit bit.ly/1ODj0x7
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The Little Girl Forced To Live In A Dog Cage | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network


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Apr 2, 2019

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Comments 1 546
lali 3 hours ago
it’s terrible that this happened :( May God bless her and keep her safe
Mayla Kurnaz
Mayla Kurnaz 23 hours ago
She is beautiful
B S Day ago
only 1 year for such a disgusting crime?
faithful one
faithful one Day ago
One year, what the Hell is wrong with that judge!!!!!!
Andrea Mangold
Andrea Mangold 2 days ago
1 YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dauphina's world
Dauphina's world 2 days ago
OK so the man who killed his daughters rapist is facing lifetime but these parents are facing 1 year.... How?
chris edmunds
chris edmunds 2 days ago
I know the time was brief, but O missed some good questions......where are her parents today? Her brothers? O. Dwelled in the brief time, on repetitious questions. Not a fan of the woman clearly because I had an experience with her and knew in an instant that shock op is her game.
Liv Pham
Liv Pham 2 days ago
one.year. HOW omggggggg!!!
Page Newman
Page Newman 2 days ago
so where are the sickO parents now? hum
Ani Mali
Ani Mali 3 days ago
Dogs are also children and why in the world they live on cages?
gooniegarko 3 days ago
white privilege in a america is insane
Syed Ilyas
Syed Ilyas 3 days ago
In a cage she was miserable and when she was out she don't seem like humble. It is sad she has to go through all that, but she dont seem to be different from what other people outside cage were.
yoruichi shihōin
Oprah show used to be crazy as hell but so good and profound
Albany Mountain Homestead
AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY VICTIMS DON'T COME FORWARD... HERE YA GO!!!! NO JUSTICE!!!Sadly many child victims of abuse of every kind do NOT GET JUSTICE... 1 yr for this atrocious treatment of these children is disgusting and I suspect these judges who hand down such light sentences are abusers themselves and need to be jailed themselves for letting scum like this back out into communities to abuse again, which they will do again statistically abusers will have 9 or more victims in a lifetime...
Brittany Frost
Brittany Frost 3 days ago
Should of gotten life in prison!!!
Chynadoll Thompson
This is unbelievably sad
Juliet Robin
Juliet Robin 3 days ago
All children are cute. I look at this lady when she was a child and I am in awe that parents could be so horrible to a child as cute as her. Also their brothers. There are so many people in the world who would gladly adopt children. I don't believe any sane people behave like this. If they hate their children so much why not just give them up for adoption? Seems to me that her parents are demon possessed. I won't be surprised if the judge is also demon possessed. Only one year? Madness!!!Those parents need to be locked up for at least 50 years with hard labour and some serious strokes. Shame on them and shame on the judge!
Brad Bradley
Brad Bradley 3 days ago
one year....how aboutwe beat the parents and starve them. Put them in a cage
joni sillitoe
joni sillitoe 4 days ago
One year!!!!! Wtf is going on with our justice system. Shame on them
priness_ayesha 88
I'm confused. Like really confused. Like really really really confused. 1 year??? Just 1 year????
Amanda Mullins
Amanda Mullins 4 days ago
Ugh...some people just shouldn't breed. That little girl was traumatized! :'( I'm glad she's doing well now.
Amina 4 days ago
I love Oprah! She builds people up.
Santtu 4 days ago
That woman doesn't age.
Misty C.
Misty C. 4 days ago
Hearing they only got 1 year ripped my heart from my chest; my soul from my body, and made me loathe the judicial system even more! 1 year? One... that should've been the sentencing for their torture, then consecutive life sentences w/o the possibility of parole after that! You don't come back from torturing another human or animal. There is no reformation that can come from that! Pedophilia either... no, no, NO!!!
Isabel Li
Isabel Li 4 days ago
Something very wrong with Oprah... does not empathize at all. The word Schadenfreude comes to mind when I watch Oprah & Dr. Phil... something very uncomfortable about how they interact with victims
Wanubian Queen
Wanubian Queen 4 days ago
See...this is privelage....
Lord Garmadon259
Lord Garmadon259 4 days ago
It is truly a miracle that she has very few memories of her inprisoment.
Diane Baulch
Diane Baulch 5 days ago
Absolutely disgusting sentences for what those vile horrible people did to their own children!!!
Rosanna Beveridge
I like chez
I like chez 5 days ago
Why did they release such a serious and emotional video.... On April 1st?
Vivian McClure
Vivian McClure 5 days ago
sentenced to ONE YEAR??/ what the heck??? shame on the court system.... there ought to be a hanging tree in working condition
kiahh lynnee
kiahh lynnee 5 days ago
AbsentVxVx 2019
AbsentVxVx 2019 5 days ago
she looks like Princess Daisy. She's so pretty, and I don't understand why her parents only got one year in jail.
veggie 4me
veggie 4me 5 days ago
Are they her biological parents? Why the boys were treated more special than girl? Were the children release to the parents after serving one year in jail? Did the parents have any more children after getting out of jail?
kogar21 5 days ago
I I'm sure Oprah is a good person, but this interview didn't feel right. The poor girl was obviously uncomfortable talking about it but Oprah has a show and kept pushing. Imagine trying to talk about this experience in front of an audience. Not a good look, Oprah, not good at all.
serenity may
serenity may 5 days ago
This is so wrong how would her parents if I did that to them but I just saying
Nancy Howard
Nancy Howard 5 days ago
A lady got 9 years for stalking her x boyfriend. Only 1 year????? Send the heartless judge and jury to jail for ever
Bradley Buttar
Bradley Buttar 5 days ago
Aww I can’t stand oprah, her interview technique sucks ...she should go back to acting
Raven Reese
Raven Reese 6 days ago
She is such a beautiful human being. I can’t BELIEVE someone would do this. I am so proud of the person she has become and I hope the best is to come but for her “parents” they deserve worse than a freaking year.
investor's 6 days ago
That's what you get with those liberal judges!!!!
Jeanette Carter
Jeanette Carter 6 days ago
1 bloody year 😱😱😱😱😱
Lisa Ourada
Lisa Ourada 6 days ago
God bless her brother for getting her help otherwise God only knows what would have befell her.
V 13
V 13 6 days ago
What a beautiful young woman! God bless her soul. She is such a lovely lady! The justice department disgusts me.
Zyjerrika Butler
Zyjerrika Butler 6 days ago
Em 6 days ago
She is so pretty and articulate I hope she has a great life.
Sweet Cherry
Sweet Cherry 6 days ago
I hope she listened to Oprah's advice to really heal.
KuKUmai Gagach
KuKUmai Gagach 7 days ago
You are strong, beautiful and you are loved. God loves you and will always be with you. Even in your darkest hour. His love is stronger than any human love..it is unconditional. He is our father. Earth is our mother. You are my sister. We are all connected as one. I felt so sad to hear your story but then I became happy to see you made it and your smile shines. Stay positive and keep keeping on. You and your brothers take care. They are your heroes. Pray for them and I pray for you all as well. God bless.
Christal Cocozza
Christal Cocozza 7 days ago
I have a big heart but I can hold back tears n this is fukn sad gave me goosebumps n I cried omg thank God ur still alive n u didn't let that bring u down god bless u n I hope that they get their karma omg so sad for ur brother's too :'(
Marian Walsh
Marian Walsh 7 days ago
Should have been hanged didn't show there children any love or mercy didn't deserve any one year crap
Cindy B.
Cindy B. 7 days ago
Courageous young lady. I send her the best of wishes. You and your brothers deserved better. I send them best wishes as well. I sincerely hope you guys recover from the horror you all went through. I applaud the brother that went for help at the police station.
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