The Little Girl Forced To Live In A Dog Cage | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

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It was one of the most heartbreaking stories ever shared on the "Oprah Show". A little seven-year-old girl was tortured and forced to live in a small wire dog cage in her basement by her parents. In 2011, the girl named Chelsea, now twenty-one years old, came forward for the first time. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit WatchOWN.tv/TOWS
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The Little Girl Forced To Live In A Dog Cage | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network


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Apr 2, 2019




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Comments 2 436
Ceren Bulut
Ceren Bulut 5 hours ago
This was so hard to watch. Oprah is asking all those questions like its about a movie or something. Show some emphaty damn..
lawan pasha
lawan pasha 8 hours ago
one year in jail its not enough!!!
Madeleine 17 hours ago
Parents sentenced to one year???? That defies iogic.
Deanna 2 days ago
They only got 1 year cause they’re white
Loving Girl
Loving Girl 2 days ago
Im sure she needed therapy after Oprah lol
kittens2 Veternick
Wasn't-ROBIN Veternick/THE/Attorney-(Appleton, WI.)->WHO-Defended/The/DISGUSTING!!!!-CRIMINAL/Parents-&-GOT/THEM/Off/w/NO!!! JAIL-Or-PRISON-TIME???!!!!!..... Thought/THEY/GOT!!-- PROBATION-&-Community Service??..........
Savana Crown
Savana Crown 2 days ago
Why call her vile woman ? She is an interviewer.... she has the right to ask as many questions she want ... if the girl doesn’t want to be there she doesn’t show up plain and simple ....
Mariah Johnson
Mariah Johnson 3 days ago
Such a beautiful brave woman!!
Joker 3 days ago
I’m innocent”
charlotte bailey
charlotte bailey 3 days ago
Hi omg
charlotte bailey
charlotte bailey 3 days ago
Love you
Sabrina Reddington
One year in jail is not enough for abuse that bad
kelli westhoff
kelli westhoff 4 days ago
Oprah is so new age it’s unbelievable.
Miry Reina
Miry Reina 5 days ago
Sentenced to ONE YEAR?!...freaking ill system!
Positive Graciee
Positive Graciee 5 days ago
Why 1 Year it should be for life !
Alyse Lancon
Alyse Lancon 6 days ago
What about the other kids
Susie Evans
Susie Evans 7 days ago
Oprah sometimes pushes the point too far! I am not fond of her interviewing style. She invades peoples personal space and lacks respect for their pain!
a fat smelly toe
a fat smelly toe 7 days ago
oprah sis you need to stop asking questions in such an insensitive way.
Ash S
Ash S 8 days ago
Omfg. Who was the judge in this case. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Cunt Poo
Cunt Poo 8 days ago
If I could go back in time I would take her away from her parents and give her a much nicer cage
Mokino Speaks
Mokino Speaks 8 days ago
eric bak
eric bak 8 days ago
Some of this is propaganda and fake. This girl does not seem like she legitimately went through this kind of heavy trauma
Jacquelen Bialozynaki
Even animals (dogs) shouldn't be stuck in a cage without access to water, exercise or food, nor should children! They should (parents) put into a cage without food!
Nicola Walker
Nicola Walker 8 days ago
They got a year how why that is a miscarriage of justice surely
Elle Ewe
Elle Ewe 9 days ago
Look how normal she is now. Remember that when you interact with people. We have no idea what people have gone through.
Marie Atalla
Marie Atalla 9 days ago
I can't stop crying
Jacquelen Bialozynaki
Our world has got to change. If one is mentally unstable, they need compassion, not prison!
Andioop 4 days ago
Jacquelen Bialozynaki ur so stupid. They kept a little girl inside a cage for 7 years of her life, imagine being shoved in a cage and having to sleep, do your business, and LIVE there. You’re senseless
shara nasg
shara nasg 9 days ago
Sophia Chin
Sophia Chin 9 days ago
1 year plus 1000 in prison... they crazy! How dare u treat a child or anybody like that!
Jacquelen Bialozynaki
Yes, people do awful things to animals, children. They need to be put to death.
Jessica Ramirez
Jessica Ramirez 10 days ago
Poor baby 😢
kay lin
kay lin 10 days ago
she’s really gorgeous!!
astoria flores
astoria flores 10 days ago
1 year?!! Only one year?!! Are you being serious..
ScreamENW 11 days ago
They cooked the soul of this child and were sentenced to 1 year in jail. That means the courtsystem supports those childabuser... why ?
Steven Gonzalez
Steven Gonzalez 11 days ago
One year in jail and eternities in hell being tortured by demons. We get exactly what we put in. You plant the seeds, and you harvest the rewards. Nobody gets away with no crimes before the judgement bar of God.... unless they do seriously repent. But still they cannot and will never be blessed for the good they failed to do. That is for sure.
Adrienne Yo
Adrienne Yo 11 days ago
She is absolutely beautiful, eloquent, articulate and very smart. She is amazing.
Ardasha Morgan
Ardasha Morgan 11 days ago
Just sad, God gonna get you for what you do to what the babies he bless you with😠😠😠💔 😠
Queen’s Cuisine
Queen’s Cuisine 11 days ago
la loca
la loca 12 days ago
🙏 Amen To The Boy Who Walked To The Police Station To Save His Brothers And Sister 💛Send Out A Big 💋..-ShortThanqq
Adrianna Peterson
Adrianna Peterson 12 days ago
god bless you.
Pa Phua Xiong
Pa Phua Xiong 13 days ago
I’m so disappointed Oprah. Anything to make a show. Bringing her back to that place. It’s like u tormenting her all over again. So apathetic. Ugh. I’m disgusted. Keep rising and moving forward Chelsea.
Crissy Ledbetter
Crissy Ledbetter 13 days ago
Oprah is not good at this, this girl should have went to dr Phil
Kim Le
Kim Le 14 days ago
1 year!! Wtf!! But yet, a little kid who kills his parents in self defense gets life in jail! A person who accidently kills someone while drink driving gets life in jail! Yet these monsters who deliberately and methodically tortured innocent little children for years gets 1 year?!!!! This is disgusting! STEP UP JUSTICE SYSTEM!!
Miss Butterfly
Miss Butterfly 14 days ago
Poor girl
xo gia
xo gia 14 days ago
I think Oprah just wants to bring out everything bad that happened where as dr.Phil actually tries to help
Saabiriin Abdiweli
Saabiriin Abdiweli 15 days ago
This video was made when I was bornd
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 15 days ago
Child abuse is not a big deal in the eyes of the law. Because it's all run by the elite. They are all in on it. #pizzagate
Sheila Moir
Sheila Moir 15 days ago
bad interview oprah! totally insensitive! it would have been nice to hear what happened to her brothers and if the children were kept together rather than prying into a young girl's feelings that she is obviously uncomfortable talking about!!
EcLipsÊ _EditZmøøN
Ugh. Only one year?! I can't believe they only got 1 year
Debanjan Chakrabarti
Just one year in jail for so much they did to her
Stephanie Gomes
Stephanie Gomes 19 days ago
White parents child abuse - 1year Black parents child abuse 30year
shaelynn savage
shaelynn savage 19 days ago
Oprah Is ANNOYING🙄 she acted liked she wanted the girl to be so sad about her situation & broken. she kept saying i just wanna move forward & be happy
kidn play
kidn play 20 days ago
1year in prison!!!! Sounds about white
erica sanders
erica sanders 20 days ago
this is so sad
Trinity Lavoie
Trinity Lavoie 20 days ago
1 year!? The justice system is messed up
JASON KARNES 20 days ago
Katie 21 day ago
Oh Lord she's beautiful
Damon Dogwood
Damon Dogwood 21 day ago
How can they even do this? I don't understand. How can they see an innocent, helpless infant, and treat them like this? Don't they feel anything in their hearts?
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams 21 day ago
I'm so proud of you Chelsea u triumphed victory is urs baby ur so blessed
Tiffany Williams
Tiffany Williams 21 day ago
She dont remember
Beatriz Espinosa
Beatriz Espinosa 22 days ago
Getting an abortion and some want life in jail but giving birth and treating your kid like a dog 1 yr in prison.
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