The Lion King: The Gift - Beyoncé (Full Album)

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Release Date: 2019.07.19
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Jul 19, 2019




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Me_olu Me Myself And I
Tracklist: 01 - 00:00 - Balance (Mufasa Interlude) - James Earl Jones 02 - 00:43 - Bigger - Beyoncé 03 - 04:30 - The Stars (Mufasa Interlude) - James Earl Jones 04 - 05:16 - Find Your Way Back - Beyoncé 05 - 07:59 - Uncle Scar (Scar Interlude) - Chiwetel Ejiofor 06 - 08:13 - Don’t Jealous Me - Tekno, Yemi Alade & Mr. Eazi 07 - 10:49 - Danger (Young Simba & Young Nala Interlude) - JD McCrary & Shahadi Wright Joseph 08 - 11:05 - Ja Ara E - Burna Boy 09 - 14:15 - Run Away (Scar & Young Simba Interlude) - JD McCrary & Chiwetel Ejiofor 10 - 14:45 - Nile - Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar 11 - 16:32 - New Lesson (Timon, Pumbaa & Young Simba Interlude) - Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen & JD McCrary 12 - 17:26 - Mood 4 Eva- Beyoncé, JAY-Z & Childish Gambino 13 - 21:58 - Reunited (Nala & Simba Interlude) - Beyoncé & Donald Glover 14 - 22:07 - Water - Salatiel, Pharrell Williams & Beyoncé 15 - 24:39 - Brown Skin Girl - Beyoncé, SAINt JHN & Wizkid feat. Blue Ivy Carter 16 - 28:48 - Come Home (Nala Interlude) 17 - 29:02 - Keys to the Kingdom - Tiwa Savage & Mr Eazi 18 - 32:21 - Follow Me (Rafiki Interlude) - John Kani 19 - 32:53 - Already - Beyoncé, Shatta Wale & Major Lazer 20 - 36:35 - Remember (Mufasa interlude) - James Earl Jones 21 - 37:20 - Otherside - Beyoncé 22 - 41:00 - War (Nala Interlude) 23 - 41:18 - My Power - Tierra Whack, Beyoncé & Moonchild Sanelly 24 - 45:38 - Surrender (Simba & Scar Interlude) - Donald Glover & Chiwetel Ejiofor 25 - 45:52 - Scar - 070 Shake & Jessie Reyez 26 - 48:59 - I’m Home (Mufasa, Sarabi & Simba Interlude) - James Earl Jones, Alfre Woodard & Donald Glover 27 - 49:42 - Spirit - Beyoncé
Maroon Horizon
Maroon Horizon 4 months ago
Me_olu Me Myself And I thank you!
Javan Ricks
Javan Ricks 4 months ago
God bless you
Matrix 1
Matrix 1 5 months ago
Well done
Peace Alpha
Peace Alpha 6 months ago
Thanx sweetie
EBO BY NATURE 7 months ago
Which is the hakuna matata song ?
Leonard Dobson
Leonard Dobson 4 days ago
Edilson Simbine
Edilson Simbine 6 days ago
my naturebody
my naturebody 7 days ago
A blessing 🙏
Sultry Lawson
Sultry Lawson 17 days ago
yes Beyonce do it
Sultry Lawson
Sultry Lawson 17 days ago
I'm listening to this right now and I'm really loving Find your way back and Jealousy... Beyonce is a true artist..😘😘🎶🎼🎹
Anisha Chanallee Shade Mason
Forever my fav❤❤🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bruno Santos
Bruno Santos 19 days ago
People don't get how deep, joyful and beautiful is this work.
Queen B
Queen B 20 days ago
Leovino Bernardo
Leovino Bernardo 24 days ago
Bernadette PalmbLove Spong
This album got me dancing again. Of which I will be forever greatful.
Anđelka Tadić
Anđelka Tadić 27 days ago
what does Ja Ara E mean ? Can someone please tell me :)
Neptune Poseidon
Neptune Poseidon 28 days ago
Obviously this is real music ya knoe
Neptune Poseidon
Neptune Poseidon 28 days ago
Damn I’m 9months late LOLOLOLOL
Neptune Poseidon
Neptune Poseidon 28 days ago
U suk
Kyloren Lopez
Kyloren Lopez Month ago
Is it me or is it that James Earl Jones and Beyonce's Voices are so Powerful and inspiring???
Bad Good
Bad Good Month ago
Hi what's your favourite song's so far?
Lad Emery
Lad Emery Month ago
This is a great album! I am so addicted to each song 😛 I did a mashup cover with all these songs on my channel. I'd love it if you could check it 😀
NUE Photography
NUE Photography Month ago
I can't find " Already"
That is My name
That is My name Month ago
Where’s *my power* though ?😳🥺
JULY EGG Month ago
41:18 - My Power - Tierra Whack, Beyoncé & Moonchild Sanelly
Lilly Latham
Lilly Latham 2 months ago
smash that like button if u think she is gifted :P
Shyunna Blow
Shyunna Blow 2 months ago
Brie Mcqueen
Brie Mcqueen 2 months ago
Being Black is a blessing! Like for real I listened to this album 3 times . When we come together we create something no one else has the power to create my favorite is Keys to the kingdom. Love y’all!!🥰❤️😍😘
Karen Hinton- Polite
Listening to full album for first time, and wow! Bey is a whole notha level! Spiritual, connection to my very African soul, ancestors up in this!!!! I am going to buy this album, it’s empowering, as a person of African decent living in the Americas this album reminds me of who IAM!🤛🏾🙌🏾❤️
J K 3 months ago
Go stream it on spotify or in her and the other artist channels 😑
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange 3 months ago
I'd have liked the movie to be four or five hours long just to include all this awesome music!
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange 3 months ago
Imagine Nala singing Bigger to Simba in the movie!
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange 3 months ago
I LOVE The Lion King. Good on Beyonce to do a whole album inspired by it
Наргиза Кадырова
Ohhhhh queen 👑
Zoe Fydenkevez
Zoe Fydenkevez 3 months ago
So peaceful❤️
Tarajii Reed
Tarajii Reed 4 months ago
You is cute
Beyoncé Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles 4 months ago
Im feelin like I'm African when I listen to this album. This album is EVERYTHING! She made me cry 😭😭 My highest RESPECT to the QUEEN BEY 👑. Her craft is absolutely an ART... very EMPOWERING....Even the arrangement of the titles is telling you something...that's very smart of you Bey.
Emine Yeniseker
Emine Yeniseker 4 months ago
It is a big shame that they didn't include Knaan in this
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 4 months ago
Mal & Nate
Mal & Nate 4 months ago
strong one
strong one 5 months ago
Bey Tay Mya Jlo shut up and marry me. Lol ;)
Numahayseta Trawally
Wow nice ❤❤
Wasiu Hamed
Wasiu Hamed 5 months ago
Beyoncé the biggest mana that is your new name When Queen forever
Ashlee Walker
Ashlee Walker 5 months ago
i love this
Emanuel Dolo
Emanuel Dolo 5 months ago
At 26:19 I said ouuuuu This is amazing and it is so inspiring, especially for someone like me who loves singing, this really made me wonder what I could do if I put my mind to this just how everyone on this album did, beautiful.
kabreea watson
kabreea watson 7 months ago
Favorite album
Brad Bradly Life
Brad Bradly Life 7 months ago
Find ur way back has to be one of the greatest songs ever made
Daniel Felipe Rodríguez
Don't jelouzzzz me is my shit
Valentina Harold
Valentina Harold 7 months ago
brown skin girl is just great ,i'm black and loves it lik if you agree
Zikhona Potwana
Zikhona Potwana 7 months ago
South Africa... Moon child and Busiswa featured 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
Nas Ortsac Yamer
Nas Ortsac Yamer 7 months ago
I think Bey is the mother nature singing to us
Steve Mensah
Steve Mensah 7 months ago
Just listend the whole Song My favs water, brownskingurl ,my Power, mood 4 Eva ,Keys to the kingdom And Already offcourse shatta movement
Shelly Grant
Shelly Grant 7 months ago
U forgot spirit
tdginter 7 months ago
It's the last song. I'm listening to it as I type. See the despription for the starting time stamp for Spirit.
Roquell Millington
Roquell Millington 7 months ago
If your melanin doesn't vibrate, give you goosebumps, and set your body on fire listening to this...BRUH....
TaKenyah 7 months ago
Nice to hear Black American Music come together with Continental African Artists!
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 7 months ago
Iiininih in my room h the house hh
Stygian Girl
Stygian Girl 7 months ago
🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬🇵🇬 Proud of My Melanin! This album is EVVVERRYYTHANG! Pacific Island Black and Melanin Filled Beautiful Kumul ♥️🤸🏽‍♂️🔥
nor G
nor G 7 months ago
I Love Loooooove Tiwa Savage Keys to the Kingdom and Brown Skin Girl but the other songs grew on me, Love the whole album
W/🦋* 7 months ago
Nnamani Collection
Nnamani Collection 8 months ago
I don’t like this compared to the first soundtrack. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with the movie.and my five year old cousin hated the movie. Lol 😂I wish Beyoncé would stop tryna rap n do African songs n accents
Chi Chi
Chi Chi 7 months ago
And fyi beyonce is of Nigerian decent. And I as a Nigerian am honored by this album.
Chi Chi
Chi Chi 7 months ago
Q. Ayesha Nnamani um yes it does the movie is about never forgetting who who are and where you come from. Find your way back, keys to the kingdom, bigger, and already should have told u that🙄🇳🇬
A Young
A Young 8 months ago
🇸🇷 Love from us to babyboo Beyonce
Latisha Turner
Latisha Turner 8 months ago
I’m so in Loveeee with this whole album!!! This came right on time!!! ♥️♥️♥️✊🏾
Agoddess Pinkston
Agoddess Pinkston 8 months ago
Beyonce has always been NO JOKE!!! my daughter and I love Beyonce, We are One in the Circle of Life. We love you Beyonce, much love to the family. Peace be unto you and yours ALWAYS!!!
Zuh Goddess
Zuh Goddess 8 months ago
I keep coming back to this. I love this album so much. Thank you 'Yonce. 🖤
Issa Mustafa
Issa Mustafa 8 months ago
Who else is here for burna boy ?!
S w
S w 8 months ago
My power is so🔥
City M
City M 8 months ago
🇲🇱Mali American
Rebecca God's Child
Rebecca God's Child 8 months ago
This whole album is great! Amazing job to everyone who worked on this album!
xandria hector
xandria hector 8 months ago
yooooooooo!!!!!! #MyPower
jor Knowles Carter
jor Knowles Carter 8 months ago
I love álbum 💛 I love Beyoncé 💛
Brenda McKinney
Brenda McKinney 8 months ago
this albom is awsome
Montrez Delva
Montrez Delva 8 months ago
Mood 4 Eva and elance is my fav
shanita green
shanita green 8 months ago
YES YES YES AND YES!!!!! 💖💖💖😢😢😢
Nomqhele Hlongwane
Nomqhele Hlongwane 8 months ago
im not about to cry why do I like lying like this?
hadass almagor
hadass almagor 8 months ago
האלבום הזה מדהים, איכותי מקצועי מרים, כמה השראה, כמה וני מהסרט מלך האריות הראשון , הוא מוצלח ביותר לאוזניי , וואו ואני מקשיבה שוב ושוב ומופתעת מהניואנסים המוזיקליים המדויקים , דליקט שנבחרו בטוב טעם, אין לי שיר מועדף הם כולם כל כך מוצלחים, טוב אולי water שמרגש אותי. קונה את האלבום בשמחה. ביונסה אני אוהבת אותך
Robert Laidley
Robert Laidley 8 months ago
I have to say throughout her years She has matured through the years. Her craft and style of singing has developed on different levels. But since she has become a wife and mother most of all, she is complete in the way she delivers her message to her audience. Respect to Beyonce...
Z V 8 months ago
South Africans deserve all the respect, truly.
Z V 8 months ago
'Sheep don't run with lion,snake don't swing with monkey' . One of the best lyrics I've heard this year.
Foni Elias
Foni Elias 8 months ago
Thank you so much Beyoncé I am so happy to be A black just like other Africans . I love you guys
Mosetsana Nkabi
Mosetsana Nkabi 8 months ago
💓 from Botswana 🇧🇼🇧🇼🇧 🇼
Ja'Tavion Butler
Ja'Tavion Butler 8 months ago
Work of Art
Patience Prosper
Patience Prosper 8 months ago
Amen to this
SIMON OYONO 8 months ago
I like wate of salatiel ,pharel williams and beyonce
janet york
janet york 8 months ago
Find your way back.....Dont let this life drives you crazy.
slickedysam05 8 months ago
Thanks for The Gift... art is life, music is inspiration. #SOULSEARCH
Tatiana Almeida
Tatiana Almeida 8 months ago
“I never left you... I never will... Remember who you are... Remember” Goosebumps 😫😫😫😫
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange 3 months ago
So much more powerful than the original. Makes me cry every time. My own Dad is gone physically, but not entirely
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