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I'm not gonna give my reaction away just download this album, stream it NOW


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Jul 19, 2019




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DM GR 11 months ago
Your reactions were epic! Gave me so much life. 😭 Don't mind me I had to bookmark 3:49 5:59 6:35 7:05 8:44 9:40 11:18 11:49 13:05 14:48 15:39 16:46 17:28 18:43 20:33 21:38 23:10 26:24 27:26 28:29 31:38 36:33 37:04 37:37 37:58
DM GR 11 months ago
@mary 590 yes ..he has that kinda personality to lift your spirits. Awesome.
mary 590
mary 590 11 months ago
His reaction is everything overtime I come on I have to watch it bc it gives me life
Prince Takari
Prince Takari 2 months ago
Come on destiny’s child voices😍😂😂😂
Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry 2 months ago
Otherside is my favorite song on this album. It’s a vocal and emotionally masterpiece. Brown skin girl is my second favorite.
Shad MadRad
Shad MadRad 4 months ago
"And give me my fucking check" lmao
Skholiwe Zondi
Skholiwe Zondi 4 months ago
That "Vumani boh, S'yavuma" gives me goosebumps everytime... Hhayi Busiswa maaan
Skholiwe Zondi
Skholiwe Zondi 4 months ago
That dance he done did on water with the hands... Lol some of us still do it on our black churches here in South Africa
Cory 5 months ago
come back to this every few weeks i love this reaction 😭
Connie Booker
Connie Booker 5 months ago
Please review Steve Perry I Stand Alone
PedoDoc DDS
PedoDoc DDS 8 months ago
I saw this yesterday for the first time. But you're so funny I had to come back and watch it again!
PedoDoc DDS
PedoDoc DDS 9 days ago
watching it again today
dahliah mermaids
dahliah mermaids 9 months ago
when he said sing sir i had to pause it because i screamed because its a woman
C nt
C nt 10 months ago
your reaction to NILE was on point!!!!!!
Legends Rule
Legends Rule 10 months ago
Please react to Lara Fabian Adagio and Je suis malade live. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Linda Fishbaugh
Linda Fishbaugh 10 months ago
"I'm feeling ugly but I just don't give a f*ck right now" MOOOOD!! LMAO 😂💀 I'M DEAD Love your reaction. Why am I just subscribing?
DollsWillBedolls 10 months ago
Wow this was the best reaction video for this album, I enjoyed every minute of this video, this album is beyond any expectations, this is what Beyonce does, there is no one like her, she is the BEST,I loved every song and every artist, they all came together and just gave us pure Genius and Brilliance, thank you for your reaction💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💪💯💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
ThatSingerReactions 10 months ago
You're welcome :)
Asia Means
Asia Means 11 months ago
rollingout.com/2019/08/13/video-of-boy-singing-beyonces-brown-skin-girl-to-baby-sister-goes-viral/ Hey, thought u might like to see the above clip.....
Kathleen Aird
Kathleen Aird 11 months ago
Best reaction I’ve seen for this album. I wouldn’t be surprised if another album beats this one; like when Lemonade didn’t win album of the year...
Axelito 11 months ago
Please react to keke Wyatt if only you knew cover ( the video is named « keke Wyatt sings her face off »)
bommie park
bommie park 11 months ago
Your reaction is the best of the best🙌🙌🙌🙌
Kimberleigh Livingston
Actually she was talking to her Haters, telling them to stay in their lane, cause her JayZ are in a totally different tax bracket. They big timing 😂😂😂😂😂
kandi cooper
kandi cooper 11 months ago
Gariyon C
Gariyon C 11 months ago
Can you react to Beyonce the female vocal virtuoso
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
I think I did that one I'm pretty sure
Blue Avi
Blue Avi 11 months ago
“Fuck everybody” My mood everday
Keyana Bynum
Keyana Bynum 11 months ago
Okay now your playing with my emotions lol ❤️I’m still waiting on that Beyoncé SPEECHLESS LIVE reaction it’s on RUvid ( back and white polka dot dress) come oooooonnnnnnnnnnn
Kimberleigh Livingston
You do know you are a member of the 🐝 hive, you must protect your Queen but not to the point of hurting others.
Kimberleigh Livingston
I shared your reaction on my Facebook page and that's where my biggest following is as well as messenger. If you collect some new subscriber's just send me some hand clap's😉😉😉😉
Amber Liu
Amber Liu 11 months ago
Please react to Jackie Evancho's "A Million Dreams" ruvid.net/video/video-XXiIUKFdH9s.html
Litten is so lit
Litten is so lit 11 months ago
Oh yeah you got a new subbie sr excellent review...😎
Auston Hastings
Auston Hastings 11 months ago
“You should’ve neva carried yo ass down there Simba” 😂😂😂😂😂
Black Anthem
Black Anthem 11 months ago
'She's in the stampede ya'll' LOL you're just too cute!
J T 11 months ago
at this point in her career, Beyoncé has nothing to prove to anyone, lmfao she’s literally living her best life & she is taking music HER WAY! Everything she wanted to she’s doing it, I don’t understand why people dislike her so much, but honestly they won’t ever understand TRUE MUSIC!
Gamerguy Nerd Drumming
Can you please react to Foreigner - that was yesterday( live at deer creek 1993) lou gramm is the singer. Link to video:ruvid.net/video/video-Epnazhhcn60.html lou gramm is an amazing singer.
Rockie DFM
Rockie DFM 11 months ago
"Just butter, a stick of butter" 😂😂 I completely agree. It's a real work of art!
Ms. Gordon
Ms. Gordon 11 months ago
He said why you continuously got me effed up, LMAO I laughed at that part hahah
Marina Dewil
Marina Dewil 11 months ago
Please react to Dimash "The show must go on" thank you
Samalisa K
Samalisa K 11 months ago
love you react
Edmina Liutkė
Edmina Liutkė 11 months ago
LOVE love love love you reaction so damn much! I am white, but this album brings me to tears. The power, the respect and the belief Beyonce puts to African American hearts is beyond everything.
Kelli Smith
Kelli Smith 11 months ago
Hello! please react to Jessie J on Vh1’s Dear Mama, singing Queen/I’m Every Woman. You’d love it!
Jaz Room
Jaz Room 11 months ago
Your reactions are the best! You catch everything I catch!
Man Trip
Man Trip 11 months ago
reaction as always, you are one of my favorite reactors!!!! Please react to ruvid.net/video/video-bukZcHLRVJs.html
Not Another Beauty Guru
And give me my check so i can get the fuck out outta here! Periodt tf!
Not Another Beauty Guru
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
All authentic here I pay attention to everything lol preciate the support and thank you much :)
Lawrence Countryboss VEVO
ALREADY Is My Favorite song On The Album. Big up to @Shatta Wale🇬🇭.... If You're Watching This In 2045 I Was Here
Xczar 11 months ago
You do really understand western constructs, you have great vocals, a bit of satire (are you ready? I am ready, ima beat your a**, you can take me now) and your appreciation of the various lingua (music artistry, race complexities, the genre of music)... It's just simply SUBLIME. ......................... ** YOUR INGENUITY AND PROWESS IS UNASHAMEDLY AND COURAGEOUSLy UNABASHED** .................. ................................... **BEYONCE IS OBLIVION PERSONIFIED: LIMITLESS AND UNPREDICTABLE** .....................................
Jo Buck87
Jo Buck87 11 months ago
ThatSingerReactions I love your reactions but I am really surprised that I’ve only seen one reaction of the one, the only, The Voice Ms Whitney Elizabeth Houston. So I will suggest some for you: I Am Changing (a lot of people prefer the New York version from 1986 but I love the performance of San Francisco) One Song (yes the quality is crappy but her voice over shadows that horrible video Why Does It Hurt So Bad Do You Hear What I Hear All The Man I Need He I Believe (Wimbly) Eternal Love (one of her first recordings,allegedly she was only 16 or 17 when she recorded it) A Quiet Place I Have Nothing (when she’s in the red dress) Don’t Cry For Me There are so many others I could name but I will stick with just those. Thank you, The universes greatest Nippian
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
This was amazing bruh thank you and yes so very true
Xczar 11 months ago
Director Jazz
Director Jazz 11 months ago
his name is wizkid google him he is one of the best in the world
Mimida Mee
Mimida Mee 11 months ago
Queen Bey Videos
Queen Bey Videos 11 months ago
Can you react to Patti Labelle All The Man I Need live ? Her version is incredible!!!🔥🔥
CHR1STOPH3R 11 months ago
Lion King brought in $531,000,000 😨 #1 movie in the world right now 👏🏻
Matheus Alves
Matheus Alves 11 months ago
FLEX Copyright HipHop {& Melodies}
can't get enough of WATERRRRRRR
Obi YawBlakk
Obi YawBlakk 11 months ago
Already by BeyonShatta is 🔥 🔥 🔥 bro
Wanjiku Roki
Wanjiku Roki 11 months ago
I watch how African diasporans react to African music.. It's truly in the bloodline ..Afrobeats , Afro fusion, Afro house Afro tribal and urban beats is the future. Africa is proud of Beyonce, much love from the mother land 🔥
OHEMAA WASTY 11 months ago
Woww Already is dope
Christina Hord
Christina Hord 11 months ago
Love your reactions. You understand music! I also learn while watching your videos🙏🏾
Kourtney Hill
Kourtney Hill 11 months ago
Love your reaction!! You know you have to react to Beyoncé’s entire Homecoming show right lol
Kourtney Hill
Kourtney Hill 11 months ago
Can’t wait! I will be ready with popcorn in hand 😁
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
Yup soon as I hit 10k we all watching the whole thing lol
blackkatt777 11 months ago
I think once she realized her entire focus on her next platform of her life, she dropped all fucks about these white owned music industries and just wanted to use her star power to reach and teach the world empowerment, and self love. Everything is Love. 🌏 🌍 🌎😉 Her and Jay are really on some serious next level of enlightenment and awareness. They are iconic living legends, and not slowing down.
Shonny blue
Shonny blue 11 months ago
Jea Jackson
Jea Jackson 11 months ago
It would be really dope if Disney have a special limited screening with bey's the gift album in the movie as the soundtrack instead of the original songs
Jea Jackson
Jea Jackson 11 months ago
Had to come back to this video and put you on the big screen Vibe it out with my favorite BeyStan
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
Thank you lol
LITTLELUNDI1 11 months ago
Lets get this Nigga! AYYYY Lets get this NIGGA AYYYYYYY! Love it
Fabulously Frugal mom of 5
Conversations w KEV
Conversations w KEV 11 months ago
✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️ ✊🏾♠️
Christian Ramey
Christian Ramey 11 months ago
James Earl Jones is a legend bro. Good video man.
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
Period bro
leslie mitchell
leslie mitchell 11 months ago
i laughed at power ranger
leslie mitchell
leslie mitchell 11 months ago
your beautiful to watch
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
Thank you:)
ThatSingerReactions 11 months ago
Welp looks like it shattered the box office. 🤷🏽‍♂️ point 1 proven
Jordan G
Jordan G 11 months ago
I'm putting this into the universe: -Beyonce wins AOTY at the Grammys. -Beyonce wins an Oscar for Best Outstanding Song in a feature film. -Beyonce wins 3 Emmys for her groundbreaking film "Homecoming". This may be her biggest year yet.
Bruno Aguilar
Bruno Aguilar 3 months ago
Muffet Tuffet
Muffet Tuffet 11 months ago
Lol you is a mess🥰😍
Мастер СМ
Amazing reaction! 😍Please react to Polina Gagarina "Кукушка" ep.4 Singer 2019🤗
mary 590
mary 590 11 months ago
She is a true Queen this album here just took to another level! She doesn't need the stupid charts bc she's beyond that now and now she wants to take a stand for her ppl yes white America will try to shoot this down but you can't stop something that has true meaning you can't beat Good but Evil will try but you can't hold us down anymore. We will fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marmac RV Adventures
Marmac RV Adventures 11 months ago
You are such a "PARTY" thank you!
TTG Nation
TTG Nation 11 months ago
Curtis Moss
Curtis Moss 11 months ago
Beyonce sang that brown skin girl song from the heart. beautifully done
Chi Non
Chi Non 11 months ago
Curtis Moss facts
Wendy Ward
Wendy Ward 11 months ago
I just hate when Beyoncé is hated on by mostly her own people; blacks. They trash her so much for no reason
ashrick718 9 months ago
Jordan Conley you can’t trust people that don’t like her. They are fake fucks!
Itoy Walker
Itoy Walker 11 months ago
🗣No fucking reason at all!
Wendy Ward
Wendy Ward 11 months ago
But did you peep her say “I’m always working; I get no days off” sis works too damn hard; we don’t deserve her!
Lcharles Degreat
Lcharles Degreat 11 months ago
Love how you were searching for the African beat in “Bigger” then she said “YOU’RE GONNA RIIIIIIIIIISE!!” My man was like THERE IT IS!!! Lol ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
MizzLibraLady 11 months ago
U betta get cho afro puffs in order! Great quote Love ur reaction!
DSouthernLady 11 months ago
“This dark meat right here!” YESSSSSSSS! ACCURATE!
Steev 7
Steev 7 11 months ago
Not Arabic style 😂😂
Londons_legacy 11 months ago
“Watery” “breezy” lol me af
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