The Lion King: Scar's Long Story

Keiji RO
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There are many teories how Scar got his scar.
1. (Lion guard) By Snake
2.(fandom) By his father Ahadi
3.(The lion king remake 2019)By Mufasa in battle challenge
4. (Book) By buffalo
(I agree with theory that Ahadi gave Taka/Scar scar. So pls don't hate me its only how i it see.
For people what don't know about huh Story
Story is about Scar/Taka
When was Scar cub his name was Taka and when he got scar his name was Scar
1. Cosmic Love (Florence + The Machine)
2. Fly Away (TheFatRat)
3. Dance with the devil (Breaking Benjamin)
4. Breaking the habit (Linkin park)
5. Paralyzed (NF)
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Taka / Scar
Elephant Graveyard / Pridelands (at time of death)
King (at time of death)
Lime Green
In the Middle (kinda muscular, kinda weak)
Weak (ribs showing)
Father: Ahadi
Mother: Uru
Brother: Mufasa
Sister-In-Law: Sarabi
Nephew: Simba
Betrothed Mate: Sarafina
ZiraNala (one night stand)
Son: Nuka
Adoptive Son: Kovu
Daughter-In-Law: Alama/Dotty

Story (sorry for my english)
Uru and Ahadi had Mufasa and Scar when was Scar cub everybody loved him and Mufasa too (Like brother) xd) Scar fell in love with Sarabi he loved her soo much. But after he started loved Zira and after Sarafina.but Scar didn't have only 3 friends he had hyenas. 3 hyenas. Friends till the end. (On the end they killed him) but they were good friends on beginning. His Father Ahadi didn't liked hyenas and one day he told Mufasa will be a king because he was older and he wasn't with hyenas. Scar started be angry and sad. He started hated Mufasa but his Father more! He didn't like
his father. Only his mother Uru loved him and he loved her. She was everything for Scar. Mufasa had ego and Scar ignored him. When Scar grew up his mother died it broked his heart (noone killed her) maybe zebras but idk.. after he killed Ahadi, and after Mufasa, hyenas on the end killed Scar.
Czech republic 🇨🇿

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Dec 24, 2018




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Comments 80
Keiji RO
Keiji RO 12 days ago
Tak schválně, nějací Češi tu? 😂😂😂
Phoe FoXD
Phoe FoXD 6 days ago
To je snad samozřejmost, my jsme všude
Tereza Diblikova
Tereza Diblikova 11 days ago
Jsem tu
Cynthia YTofficial
Cynthia YTofficial 19 hours ago
The real story is: Scar (Taka) was in walk with his mother when she suddently died, his father blamed him as the reason she died and gave him the scar, after refused him to be in pride lands
Keiji RO
Keiji RO 17 hours ago
@Cynthia YTofficial 😂Okay okay
Cynthia YTofficial
Cynthia YTofficial 17 hours ago
@Keiji RO i have big brain
Cynthia YTofficial
Cynthia YTofficial 17 hours ago
@Keiji RO um idk heh xd👾
Keiji RO
Keiji RO 18 hours ago
But how you know, that its real story?
Kitclod 23 hours ago
A villain isn’t born... Something makes someone become a villain..
Виктория Корж
Я одна здесь русская????????
Nagesh Kumar
Nagesh Kumar Day ago
scar is scarly
Itzbilliewolf168 _Playz
I wish they would make a movie about this
Dakota Worley
Dakota Worley 2 days ago
I think that Scar was the Lion King and he was the villain in the flim I think
Lucky Clover LPS
Lucky Clover LPS 3 days ago
*Anyone Notice That Scar’s Scar isn’t on the right Eye xD*
Craig Tucker
Craig Tucker 4 days ago
Okay so what’s the story with Scar and Zira? Were they mates or something? Why was she so upset when he died???
Mia Toolen
Mia Toolen 4 days ago
Who finally understand why scar hates Mufasa
Novaira Animates
Novaira Animates 4 days ago
plz tell me in english
Ngehnu Haokip
Ngehnu Haokip 4 days ago
scare name is not scare
N a t u r e
N a t u r e 4 days ago
Why does the male lion( I think it’s Scar’s father) gave Scar a scar?
Emily Culp
Emily Culp 4 days ago
Scar looks so innocent
Novaira Animates
Novaira Animates 4 days ago
which song did u use its been in my head like for three days
Keiji RO
Keiji RO 4 days ago
Songs are in discription :)
Chuckie Phillips
Chuckie Phillips 5 days ago
Scar is so cute
Shawn Domer
Shawn Domer 5 days ago
That’s so sad
Lɪᴏɴ Tᴇᴀᴍ
You Mufasa and Shram?
Kevin Cunningham
Kevin Cunningham 5 days ago
ohhh noooooo scar father did not give him the scar it was a snake i think is was scars uncle snake watch the lion guard and it well say he sang about how he got his scar
Jazlin Cahill
Jazlin Cahill 6 days ago
4:25 omg that’s my favorite song
Sophia Ruppen
Sophia Ruppen 6 days ago
to think scar was the villain cuz he was "scared" for life as a cub (not only physicly) by his father and mufasa
Keiji RO
Keiji RO 6 days ago
Natalia Szymanska
Omg the music makes it feel so nostalgic
Jennifer Campbell
In real life when a lion becomes leader they kill the cubs
Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell
Also take (scar) got his scar by dad and later named scar by his bothe
꧁༒ ๓iคh The ຟolf Girl ༒꧂
The LK book always has the right answers because The Lion King started out as a book.
Flory Serbousek
Flory Serbousek 7 days ago
I feel really bad for scar he didn’t really have a nice father or a good past😢
Melquíades Araújo barata filho merquidinho
mn mufaza e skar parece simba e kovu
Shara Coxon
Shara Coxon 8 days ago
Manasse Manah
Manasse Manah 8 days ago
Yo guys i got to say the hero is scar and is is the main character of lion king and lion guard and i say scar is a goooood person and mufasa is bad
Grimlord 31
Grimlord 31 5 days ago
Wolflover 238
Wolflover 238 8 days ago
By the way Linkin Park is my fav band 🤘
Humma 9 days ago
I love your channel. It is sooo good 😊.
Tadeja Ivanič
Tadeja Ivanič 10 days ago
Sorry deep down i believe scar was once good!!
spoopy darthy
spoopy darthy 10 days ago
No one is born evil....
Lizi Lock
Lizi Lock 11 days ago
So... Scar and Sarabi? And then Scar and Zira.
Jabari Nelson
Jabari Nelson 11 days ago
Was scar just miss understood and became a villian
Grimlord 31
Grimlord 31 5 days ago
Rachel Keim
Rachel Keim 11 days ago
only his mom loved him and his brother
rxse 11 days ago
Scar was actually bitten by a snake.
Goat Girl
Goat Girl 12 days ago
I hate scars dad
Prince Morningstar
Prince Morningstar 13 days ago
If u guys look closely at minute 10:22 Scar was asked "if you were half the son Mufasa is". Man!! Leave a like if that is enough to make someone evil!
Maned Wolfy Cutey
Maned Wolfy Cutey 14 days ago
Ok so scar started out with a different name and then he got nick named scar by Mufasa when he got his scar Thank me later
Keiji RO
Keiji RO 13 days ago
His name was Taka, but then, when he got his scar, he wanted them to start calling him Scar :) soo yeaahh
Ashok Shaw
Ashok Shaw 14 days ago
Best video ever
ed surita
ed surita 15 days ago
That nigga dead
Isabella Gerrits
Isabella Gerrits 15 days ago
Keiji RO
Keiji RO 15 days ago
Yeah, or mother 😂❤️
Jordan Cruz
Jordan Cruz 16 days ago
At lest him mom a brother love him
Amelia Gamblin
Amelia Gamblin 16 days ago
Aww scar had such a sad story this is how he turned evil because his dad said Mufasa you will be king ): like if you feel kinda bad for scar ):
Emily Culp
Emily Culp 7 days ago
Then what is it
Grimlord 31
Grimlord 31 12 days ago
It's not his real backstory.
Gloria McCuenOgando
Omg I feel so sad for scar he’s not that evil
Grimlord 31
Grimlord 31 12 days ago
Yes he is.
SuperMikey455 16 days ago
TLK Scar - Born to a royal family, but was never treated as such - Was abused/neglected due to favoritism by his father - Named after Dirt, “Taka” - Lost ❤️ interest Sarabi to bro Mufasa - Lost Sarafina to another lion - “Allegedly” stalked by Zira - Presumably watched his mother die - Was bullied by others in favor of his bro and called a mama’s boy - Only friends were 3 hyenas who were very deceptive - Received a permanent scar - Never fully taught about leadership, unlike Mufasa Zira - some petty vengeance due to desire to have connection with the tragic villain 😒 Kovu - some randomly selected lion that does whatever the story says, but was adored Nuka -same as Scar but a lot more pathetic & sad. Lacks intelligence sadly.
Blakelie Uzzel
Blakelie Uzzel 17 days ago
Who else is confused
Amanda McMahon
Amanda McMahon 17 days ago
I wonder what scars father of his father do to scars father
Keiji RO
Keiji RO 17 days ago
xD wth
Denny Runtuwene
Denny Runtuwene 17 days ago
When They Fights I Wanna CRY WAAAAA
Denny Runtuwene
Denny Runtuwene 17 days ago
Aww A Sad Back Story
Midnight Trixie's LPS
Plz tell meh where u got the image at 6:16
amy arimbuyotan
amy arimbuyotan 18 days ago
Scar means pain and mercy mufasa means leader and loyalty
Midnight Trixie's LPS
No Scar means want or wish Mufasa means king
amy arimbuyotan
amy arimbuyotan 18 days ago
This is very good very very good 👍👍👍
Lammer Geier
Lammer Geier 18 days ago
Scar was good inside when he was still young, but the influences that he recived made him follow the wrong path.
Grimlord 31
Grimlord 31 12 days ago
No he wasn't.
Picky La Cuenta Historias Locas!
I cried when Scar died. With Mufasa ... no :v
latifa lafai
latifa lafai 19 days ago
Did you think of this or do you KNOW this is scar/takas past (Taka is scars real name)
Jorge Luis Celaya Herrera
Guess childhood trauma does lead to villainy...
Chung Yan Lauren YAU
I'm so sorry for scar. :(
Stoyanka Mazneva
Stoyanka Mazneva 20 days ago
Зюза Магамедова
А кто это?
Tundra Flower
Tundra Flower 21 day ago
*This showed up in my reccomended the day after I watched the lion King on my AUNTS TV...my phone is watching me, of course.😌*
Keiji RO
Keiji RO 21 day ago
Julia Rodrigues
Julia Rodrigues 21 day ago
Priscilla Cerzosimo
P McD 21 day ago
😢I love it I cried
P McD 21 day ago
Is that scar and move fossa
FELIPE GEMER FB 22 days ago
Q triste a estoria do scar
Jonathan Wallace
Jonathan Wallace 22 days ago
I finally saw Mufasa and Now all is left is their mother I don't know her name yet
Christy Ellen
Christy Ellen 22 days ago
That is very beautiful 😟 now i know that Scar just wanted to be loved 👏
Grimlord 31
Grimlord 31 22 days ago
He didn't want to be loved, he wanted to be worshipped.
Elijah Dennise Salvo Tirao
I like it man!
Ember wood
Ember wood 22 days ago
shame how raceisem can taint famliy lines for generations.
Shay Mary
Shay Mary 23 days ago
Watching this, I feel like Scar while my siblings are Mufasa. What I mean is that the world treated them better, tho we're all lucky our parents treated us as fairly as possible. However, I'd not do what Scar did to Mufasa where he killed him. However, there's been lots of arguing & some fights between my siblings & I. Luckily, we stay to ourselves/fams. When we get together, rarely, it keeps things smooth.
Mara Playz
Mara Playz 23 days ago
I wonder what would happen if Scar was treated differently by his father
Autumn Garrison
Autumn Garrison 23 days ago
I like scar but I do not like loli
Autumn Garrison
Autumn Garrison 23 days ago
I like scar but I do not like lili
Devil Goddess
Devil Goddess 23 days ago
This isnt cannon Scars story is recealed on how he got his scar on the new show about kion
Sophia Poulin
Sophia Poulin 24 days ago
I used to hate scar now I feel bad for him
Grimlord 31
Grimlord 31 23 days ago
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