'The Lion King' Official Trailer (2019) | Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Beyonce

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Watch the official trailer for Disney's "The Lion King" starring Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Keegan-Michael Key, Amy Sedaris, James Earl Jones, Alfre Woodard, Billy Eichner, Beyonce, Eric Andre, John Kani, John Oliver. Directed by Jon Favreau.
Release Date: July 19, 2019
From Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau's all-new -The Lion King- journeys to the African savanna where a future king is born. Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub's arrival. Scar, Mufasa's brother -and former heir to the throne- has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba's exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his.
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Apr 10, 2019

The Lion King2019Official TrailerDonald GloverSeth RogenChiwetel EjioforKeegan-Michael KeyAmy SedarisJames Earl JonesBilly EichnerBeyonceJohn Oliver




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Comments 3 830
FreeSpeechGaming 16 hours ago
Another hot trash remake.
BiggyJ #23
BiggyJ #23 Day ago
dude my child hood movie comes to a real life action movie dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bulelwa Sithole
ILLUMINATI is coming to South Africa..... this is it people.... you should see how the American producers invade Capetown streets with their filming...THey are bring Holywood to us just to LURE us into hollywood(ILLUMINATI)... Baleka wena ongakaThixo...
Toni-Pekka Piirakka
Membershipofbus 2 days ago
What if they was a lion king 2 live action
Lora Bee
Lora Bee 2 days ago
Can honestly say that I’ve never seen such a BEAUTIFUL movie. The graphics are so flawless that you genuinely can’t tell what’s real & what isn’t. The movie’s a real tear-jerker & keeps you on the edge of your seat. And so funny in someplaces too. #AnimationWizardry I loved it so much that I went to see it twice in two days, taking my autistic daughter and my mother with me the second time. They loved it too. Keep up the good work, Disney!!
Brandon Weiss
Brandon Weiss 2 days ago
Did you know: Jonathan Taylor Thomas never any of the songs in the original Lion King!
BORA2004 Original
I feel like Idris Elba would be perfect for this movie
Valentina Teufl
Valentina Teufl 2 days ago
“simba?” “BeYoNcE??!”
Gettin’ Reel
Gettin’ Reel 3 days ago
Amazing Movie! Mufasa is one of the greatest characters in any movie!!!
Mega Kovalan is Back
*Oh I just can't wait to be king!*
Magic Man
Magic Man 4 days ago
1:38 when you break up with your MC girlfriend but hear your uncle cry a minute later
Catherina Darcy
Catherina Darcy 4 days ago
Best movie ever
Giwrgos Giwta
Giwrgos Giwta 4 days ago
Ο Σκαρ μοιάζει πιο πολύ με ύαινα παρά με λιοντάρι ... Ημαρτον
Roosterpix 4 days ago
Wow, that looks good. My son just went there with friends this evening.
SHAN Uma 4 days ago
First thing i hear, LIFES NOT FAIR #relatable Last thing I hear, *hums* in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight ? What!? How you go from 😭 to 😄 ( Its a *JOKE* )
Dave 4 days ago
I thought cartoon movies were made to take us away from reality, not to be made into reality a few years later...
adam mudianto
adam mudianto 5 days ago
it's like real animal talking, so creepy
Rj Bradlow
Rj Bradlow 5 days ago
Buy and watch the original, this one SUCKS! Don't support the creativity challenged; Bringing back old movies and making them worse is a special kind of stupid.
Marwane Ennachat
Marwane Ennachat 5 days ago
I want the name of the song in the end please help me !!
Emnu Khongsai
Emnu Khongsai 5 days ago
Make me cry, when mufasa died... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
ForRealz ?
ForRealz ? 5 days ago
QUIZY QUIZ 5 days ago
i wached it yesterday ♡♡♡♡♡♡ its wonderful
Tik Tok Star
Tik Tok Star 5 days ago
I already watched this movie it is very emotional and best movie after endgame I watched it today now goinhlg home I am Indian but I live in Indonesia I watched it in English....
Eyeless Jack
Eyeless Jack 5 days ago
They move like real lions!!! So cool!!
msrobyn82 6 days ago
Just saw the movie and it was beautiful.Everything was beautiful. I surprisngly liked the voices esp the voice of Scar. They were all great! Yes the original will always be the BEST but Jon F did a fantastic job. Overall it does justice to honor the original film😁 Great work to all involved. P.s glad i dont listen or care what the critics said about how crap it was. You gota watch it for yourself 😊
lazy blue moonlord
Should they make lion king 2 soon? Thet should add kion now there
KathleenJoyce 7 days ago
Omg. The first movie that made me cry. Childhood nostalgia.
David Boland
David Boland 7 days ago
Mufasa and scar are the only male lions but yet more than two lion mothers so Nala is simbas cousin/half sister and they had kids so Sweet home Alabama!
Moon Pilot
Moon Pilot 6 days ago
That's usually what happens in the wild, except Simba would be scared off by mufasa once he's an adult
Faith Ervin
Faith Ervin 7 days ago
I love the lion king...but this version was absolutely horrible!! I was so bored in the theatres. The singers voices compared to the originals😟😬🤢... I feel really bad leaving this comment but its my honest opinion. BUT if you have young kids who did not grow up with the original lion king they will love it!!!!
Xxprince x
Xxprince x 7 days ago
I am not going to watch the movie! I am not ready too see mufasa die again..
A JAY Uchiha
A JAY Uchiha 8 days ago
Compared to the animation this was not that good.
MrTSK27 8 days ago
Saw today.. Is good. Never saw original.
Lifeisthug 5 days ago
Original is way better in my opinion
Aisha Salim
Aisha Salim 8 days ago
Aisha Salim
Aisha Salim 8 days ago
Aisha Salim
Aisha Salim 8 days ago
Aisha Salim
Aisha Salim 8 days ago
Sister Sad
Sister Sad 9 days ago
Disney's run out of ideas, so their asses are making crappy live actions to cover their act
ElviraPSx 9 days ago
Movie was cool, but really boring tbh.
olivia grace
olivia grace 9 days ago
I saw the movie a few weeks ago. It’s amazing 💛
christine nyambura
Shoot from Kenya Africa
R͛A͛Y͛D͛E͛N͛ V͛I͛V͛E͛I͛R͛O͛S͛
Started my RUvid channel on 2019 my fav#19
Judas RX7
Judas RX7 10 days ago
Me: *scrolls through the comments just to find memes* Also me: *_years of academy training wasted_*
extremetee 10 days ago
No disrespect to whoever played the roles this time round but can you really improve on Jeremy Irons and Rowan Atkinson? If you keep James Earl Jones why not keep them aswell!
Maitreya Huisintveld
you think these foolish Disney lions can replace the real lions we all destroyed ?
Benedicta Bonsu
Benedicta Bonsu 10 days ago
Scar's face would be different in the new edition
President Donald J Trump
2D>3D Anime ftw!
Road To Sparta
Road To Sparta 11 days ago
Saw it. Hated it. The hyenas were HORRIBLE. Unfunny and their little tiny "humor" moments were so damned weak. Shanzi was not even humorous but mean and didnt crack one joke. Scar was robotic and not clever nor sneaky. He was just the typical bad guy. James earl jones was awesome in the original Here, I felt he was merely reading from a script and didnt put the heart into it like he did before. Rafiki pretty much didnt say nor do much. All in all was a disappointment
D Narentz
D Narentz 11 days ago
Just saw it, Yawn.
Brent Neal
Brent Neal 11 days ago
Saw it 😃
Nabil Oraha
Nabil Oraha 11 days ago
In 2040 a Robotic Lion King trailer lol
Samantha Krauss
Samantha Krauss 12 days ago
While the film takes a realistic approach and looks beautiful on a freeze frame, I feel that CGI takes away some of the fundamentals of animation like sqaush, stretch and exaggeration. I feel like the original lion king movie translates better on screen. Although the new lion has it's merits.
Jackson RRXT
Jackson RRXT 12 days ago
R J 13 days ago
damn they made zeus look dusty. he looked more polished in the 95 version when i was growing up
qwert zuiop
qwert zuiop 13 days ago
Nothing will beat the ''Remember'' by James Earl Jones
William Radford
William Radford 13 days ago
Seen it. Honouring the classic 1994 animation. Awesome live re working of the animated version
Lennex Hobby
Lennex Hobby 13 days ago
I’m 42 I just took my 17 yr old wife to see this, she loved it!
K Kaif
K Kaif 13 days ago
Amazing and wonderful movie..😘😘😍😍😗😗😗❤❤❤ love it❤❤
sonicguy 2000
sonicguy 2000 14 days ago
I can't believe they trained these real animals to do those stuff
Mia 14 days ago
This was staright up trash! Stop with the remakes!
Bette Lou Files
Bette Lou Files 14 days ago
Is it true that Disney got rid of there private parts bc this is rated pg?
HunterRKS41 15 days ago
I am gonna shut down when mufasa dies
Silverleaves 15 days ago
In the movie Tamon sounds gayyyy
Roxanne Dyrland
Roxanne Dyrland 15 days ago
I have watched the movie
Gringo 15 days ago
Drove past my theater saw the poster for the new Lion King and then I saw what looked like to me at the time a poster of the old animation. I thought it was cool that the old one was in the theaters too. walked in at 4:30 "could i get a ticket for the old lion king?". get my ticket. sit down. wait. live action. disappointment. watching old animated lion king = nostalgic and neat. watching some new live action remake = creepy and not what i wanted. I wasted my money and left. no refunds. dope.
Sean Lecca
Sean Lecca 15 days ago
Mufasa dies.
pro training
pro training 15 days ago
click here to see the final fight scene!⤵️ ruvid.net/video/video-9IJp5hvsID4.html
Burhan Ali
Burhan Ali 15 days ago
Hearing mufasa's voice brings back memories and reminds me of my own late father, rip to all dad's out there and may you all have a blessed day.
Elias Rossi
Elias Rossi 15 days ago
Full movie on flixtor.to
I am Duolingo Bird
I am Duolingo Bird 16 days ago
My name is Nala but its spelled like Nahla :3
Taffeney Rainey
Taffeney Rainey 16 days ago
I went to see this movie with my niece it was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ItsLimetme 39
ItsLimetme 39 16 days ago
Sorry but hakuna matata means peace not no worries I speak the language if you were gonna ask
Sthembiso Mhlongo
Sthembiso Mhlongo 14 days ago
What is this language again
ItsLimetme 39
ItsLimetme 39 15 days ago
@Sthembiso Mhlongo translated directly it means no kills
Sthembiso Mhlongo
Sthembiso Mhlongo 15 days ago
ItsLimetme 39 what does matata mean
they made the lions too realistic in this film. Which makes them look like they have no emotion
Marida Rosa
Marida Rosa 16 days ago
*The Lion King (Animation, 2019)* film miniuri.com/5zf?gvs *Simba:* You can't win, Scar! *Scar:* This is my kingdom! My destiny!
Turn to and follow Jesus Christ or burn in hell fire for eternity. Study the bible. Repent of your sins
shanice edwards
shanice edwards 17 days ago
Watching this tomorrow!!!!! Tickets already secured!!!! Excited!!!!!
Shahhdann Aannsshah
Im gonna wath this
yetideti 17 days ago
The cartoon was Much better
Tammy Kirk
Tammy Kirk 17 days ago
Omg brought back memories i miss my childhood so much i loved this movie it was so good
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