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Watch the official clip compilation for The Lion King, a family movie starring Donald Glover and Beyoncé Knowles. Available on Digital October 11 and Blu-Ray/DVD October 22, 2019.
Simba idolises his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub’s arrival. Scar, Mufasa’s brother-and former heir to the throne-has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba’s exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his.
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Comments 80
Darian Bazelais
Darian Bazelais 5 days ago
Ima tell my kids this was the original just like karate kid 2010
The Astronomer
The Astronomer 9 days ago
There is a patriotic song in Kenya. It says "Kenya yetu hakuna matata".
singer sc
singer sc 16 days ago
Brenner Richard
Brenner Richard 8 days ago
singer SC yes it really is
Rosse Whitemore
Rosse Whitemore 20 days ago
RaiTesler 21 day ago
The animation is amazing but everything else is just 'blah',,
തനു വാവ
Malayalikal aarenkilum undo Ivde
Choolwe Mulamfu
Choolwe Mulamfu 28 days ago
"He will eat you and use my body as a tooth pick🤣-Tim
Leighanna Miller
Mafasa Im screaming for you I miss you alot.
Kelly Laco
Kelly Laco Month ago
Young Simba is so cute!
[MOVIE] The Lion King FullHD 2019
The Lion King
User Name
User Name 2 months ago
Pendo njau
Pendo njau 2 months ago
Yes hakuna matata From Tanzania
Mishka EO
Mishka EO 2 months ago
I don't know but I feel the animation of the animals little blur. - I always wondering what they eat at animals carnivores film😅 or pokemon.
Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra 2 months ago
the lion king hindi me bhejo movie
Ja Hu
Ja Hu 2 months ago
This look like a ps5 game disgusting
Nguyen Xoan
Nguyen Xoan 2 months ago
I guess I prefer the 2D version
Angelo Tapinit
Angelo Tapinit 3 months ago
Anghilou tapinit
Sourav Gill
Sourav Gill 3 months ago
Mere baby ko bhot nice lag ta haaa simba
Shambhu Nath
Shambhu Nath 3 months ago
Ohhhh,,,....my love Simba., 👌🦁
It's me Meng
It's me Meng 3 months ago
Our dog is watching 😂 😍🤗
Brenner Richard
Brenner Richard 8 days ago
It's me Meng lol that would be so cute..
Jacob Everett
Jacob Everett 3 months ago
I just bought it off Amazon instead 👌🏻 This was such a good remake! I know a lot of people post fake ads and links but Amazon is legit. This new Lion King movie is so awesome in HD. Loved it. www.amazon.com/dp/B07T9FXZBG/?tag=jacobeverett-20
Hi 3 months ago
It’s so bad 😂
Shambhu Nath
Shambhu Nath 3 months ago
Who are you., Simba is always lovely.🦁
Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes 3 months ago
Good movi
Elizabeth Glasby
Elizabeth Glasby 3 months ago
The singing was better in this movie than the original their voices are beautiful
John Hogerty
John Hogerty 3 months ago
the bird is godly
Eko muliyono Yono
Eko muliyono Yono 3 months ago
IS mont free what
pasti boongHary Ponsel
Good boong
Vacant Lights
Vacant Lights 3 months ago
Holy fuck this looks like absolute DOGSHIT lmfao
Lorenda Appel-Eeson
Lorenda Appel-Eeson 3 months ago
a beautiful movie
Srividhya Athinarayanan
Lion King Clips
arslan akbar
arslan akbar 3 months ago
Kab release ho rahi h ye full Hindi
Christine Power
Christine Power 3 months ago
Baloni, don't tuch a clasic
sayed Ali akbar
sayed Ali akbar 3 months ago
Ned full move
Chicken and Cheese Taquitos
I watched today with my kid, we walked off after 30 min
Feral Tribe
Feral Tribe 3 months ago
I love it 🥰
ShadowDragon 3 months ago
It was amazing for me, i don't understand all the hate it gets. I would watch it again so many times,and i usually watch darker stuff. I just kinda enjoy it.
Whitney 4 months ago
Composer: OK, Beyonce, which note will you be singing next Beyonce: Yes
BlazingShade 4 months ago
This is just bad
Kozickih 4 months ago
Its so beautiful and I want to like it, but it feels like I'm watching a bad dub.
anthony kibirige
anthony kibirige 4 months ago
pretty good!!
w wyborn
w wyborn 4 months ago
this is the most horrific thing i have ever seen in my life
Elizabeth Glasby
Elizabeth Glasby 3 months ago
w wyborn no it’s not. Get your fat lazy ass away and appreciate the incredible best realistic cgi
Kamalakannan D
Kamalakannan D 4 months ago
i want in tamil
Allison Rose
Allison Rose 4 months ago
Well name him fred
John Hogerty
John Hogerty 4 months ago
DigitalRagdoll 4 months ago
This movie looks terrible.
Moses Thomas
Moses Thomas 4 months ago
It would never passed The first one,
Raja Tempur
Raja Tempur 4 months ago
ukai itu antu jelu gigi .ank singa itu
muniraju bhole Living God's precious child
Oh my goodness supreme soul god father johova Judah father your precious child soul ll love you unconditionally unconditionally love you so much very much until all the ages until our souls all births this is my love latter... AMEN
Iron Man
Iron Man 4 months ago
0:40 should've been "Oh Simba the gift is so good it's to DIE for"
Sindy Bernardez
Sindy Bernardez 4 months ago
I don,t like sacar he is mean mean but i like they middle and they bigening of they movie.😭😭💛🧡
Ma Rol
Ma Rol 4 months ago
#your so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So adorable!!!!!
Zipporah Meaden
Zipporah Meaden 4 months ago
"Its a little lion" "It'll get bigger!" :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Andrr Gar
Andrr Gar 2 months ago
@Ms Taco jxck😘😘😙😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
Ms Taco
Ms Taco 4 months ago
If u have eyes nose mouth why u don’t have ears what a poor ear😢
Sugar Is Sweet
Sugar Is Sweet 4 months ago
I watch this today's movie theatre with my mom and my mom's boyfriend and my sister
Sibgatک 3 months ago
Your moms boyfriend?
Elizabeth Glasby
Elizabeth Glasby 3 months ago
sugar issweet that’s nice :)
Lokesh Dhiwar
Lokesh Dhiwar 4 months ago
Hi dear ma
Meganlodon Bradicus
Meganlodon Bradicus 4 months ago
Let's all agree that the original will always be better. However, the problem is, is that people still compare this to the original. No one complains about Broadway, and just like the Broadway version, the realistic version is to be experienced differently than the original as it was intended. If it was to be the same as the original, both this version and the Broadway version would be hand-drawn animated with the same lines and voice actors. It's not the same, and for what it is, there is no reason to hate this version. If you are still looking at what this movie could've done to be similar to the original, then tell Disney Broadway needs to do the same. Why give us something that is not needed right? The original 1994 version is the only version right?
Elizabeth Glasby
Elizabeth Glasby 3 months ago
Shut up
Eizabeth Reyes
Eizabeth Reyes 4 months ago
L love the move of the line kind
Eizabeth Reyes
Eizabeth Reyes 4 months ago
The kind
Tom crazy
Tom crazy 4 months ago
What did the Lion King tell Simba when he was walking too slow? Mufasa! 👍 V
Andrr Gar
Andrr Gar 2 months ago
abluemovie7 84
abluemovie7 84 5 months ago
So glad I didn't waste my money on this. There's only one "Lion King" and it's the 1994 hand drawn classic.
Caneage0 4 months ago
Both movies are great.
Lara Stechmann
Lara Stechmann 4 months ago
It's not even original, kima is original Disney copied
MajorLinkGaming 4 months ago
Me too. I mean yeah, the remake did have some scenes better than the original, but still. I'm sticking to the classic.
pa desiii
pa desiii 5 months ago
I dont like singing
Caio Pridelands King!
You forgot Be Prepared! >:0
Aris 5 months ago
Wow, they really massacred the new Lion King with the lack of emotional facial expression. Makes it feel out of sync.
pierre persson
pierre persson 3 months ago
@Lara Stechmann Right talking lions are realistic. Don't be daft.
Caneage0 4 months ago
For realistic animals, they had good expressions. The original Lion King was a hand drawn cartoon, making facial expressions much more detailed.
Lara Stechmann
Lara Stechmann 4 months ago
There's no lack, see real lions facial expressions and these, it's meant to be realistic duh
Muhammed Haneef
Muhammed Haneef 5 months ago
afterall its a disney movie ... the best graphics
Christy Stevens
Christy Stevens 5 months ago
5:01 / that part mad me cry :')
septic 2 months ago
Ahmed Sorush k
Ahmed Sorush
Ahmed Sorush 2 months ago
@septic I was joking
septic 3 months ago
@Ahmed Sorush no the lions
Ahmed Sorush
Ahmed Sorush 5 months ago
When the sun rises? You cried when the sun rises?
Tkr's Dreams
Tkr's Dreams 5 months ago
It's like watching a chinese drama with english dub. The original is still better.
trewqpoiuy 4 months ago
Honestly there was zero reason to make this movie. Music was kinda ass too. Somehow Beyonce sounds like shit here
Iven Eev
Iven Eev 5 months ago
This movie is bullshit Mother fucker director
Philip 5 months ago
The singing in the beginning is absolutely shockingly shit. Sounds like a fat African woman who's constipated
Angie Morgan
Angie Morgan 5 months ago
TheFinalBoss 5 months ago
The Lion King - The story of a boy who mistakenly thinks he kills his father and goes on the run his entire youth, only to one day be confronted by a mysterious girl from his past. With knowledge that the girl tells him he comes to the realization that it was actually his uncle that committed the crime and he must rush back to the place he once called home to save his mother who he abandoned years ago and confront his uncle once and for all. How's that for a synopsis😅
TheFinalBoss 5 months ago
@Mr. Walk Down 🤣
Mr. Walk Down
Mr. Walk Down 5 months ago
Anthony Duck buzz kill
murunuu jargalsaihan
Mr. Bean is better Zazu
Sana Chudhary
Sana Chudhary 5 months ago
Sana Chudhary
Sana Chudhary 5 months ago
I hate love I only like my mom's love to me tonight
Alycia B
Alycia B 5 months ago
Simbas voice actor isn't expressing. He's just singing/ saying his lines. That's how basically every character behaves in this movie.
joe alter
joe alter 5 months ago
spoilers XD
Aswin M
Aswin M 5 months ago
4Silat4 RBLX
4Silat4 RBLX 5 months ago
upane kaushalya
upane kaushalya 5 months ago
MrThePrivateer 4 months ago
@Scrotus Maximus Shut up fool.
Belle Hopps
Belle Hopps 4 months ago
lol 😂👍
Scrotus Maximus
Scrotus Maximus 5 months ago
*TRUMP **_2020_*
Sana Chudhary
Sana Chudhary 5 months ago
Good one 😂
Kelsey Curles
Kelsey Curles 5 months ago
Great animation for a shitty movie. Nothing to make up for the lack of enthusiasm.
JackofSpades 5 months ago
Timber The Wolf
Timber The Wolf 5 months ago
Nooo it not suck you all suck then!!!!!!!!
upane kaushalya
upane kaushalya 5 months ago
@JackofSpades Absolutely.
JackofSpades 5 months ago
Voice acting was terrible
NOA_ BOA101 5 months ago
People hate on this because they don't have facial expressions But lions don't have facial expressions The movie was great to me!!!!
Lindaskusin CutieBird
pierre persson neither just because you enjoyed it doesn’t mean I did people have there OWN options you have any respect?
pierre persson
pierre persson 3 months ago
@Lindaskusin CutieBird Really if it supposed to be "EXACTLY" the same why did they change FEW IMPORTANT PLOT LINE? God are you stupid or just dumb?
pierre persson
pierre persson 3 months ago
Sounds to me that you have poor taste in movies.
Lindaskusin CutieBird
NOA_ BOA101 no problem👌
NOA_ BOA101 5 months ago
@Lindaskusin CutieBird thank you
Srividhya Jayaraman
Srividhya Jayaraman 5 months ago
Flamingo Disney Do I Want Trunk Musical
Srividhya Jayaraman
Srividhya Jayaraman 5 months ago
Circle Of Life Disney’s The Lion King Arm Elephant Trumpet Run Away Simba Music Arm Zebra Attack Arm Hippo Attack Roar
Space Ducky
Space Ducky 5 months ago
The only thing good about the movie is Timon and pumba they will never be ruined
vishnu soman
vishnu soman 5 months ago
This is the first time i wondering about the CG detailing humans are amazing
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