The Lion King (2019) Scar and Mufasa Scene HD

David Limås XD
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tidusx 56 minutes ago
man that "is that a challenge" from Mufusa wasnt as hard as it was on the cartoon, that line was delivered way better in the cartoon version
The_Outcast Hour ago
James Earl Jones never disappoints!
Vex Day ago
Unlike many others, I actually enjoy how serious and dark this version of Scar is. While I love how playful, sarcastic, and at the same time devious the original is, this one just sends a complete chill down my spine. When he sang "Be Prepared", at first I hated how he barely sang it, and instead just sort of spoke it with style. Now I just enjoy how dark and brooding it is. What people don't get it is: This is a whole different version of Scar. This isn't the laid back, funny version from 1994. This is a much more dark, unsettling, sinister (and admittedly more boring) take on the character. It'd be out of character for someone who never smiles to sing THAT version of Be Prepared. I get how it is easy to dislike this version of Scar, but I just wanted to explain this real quick. EDIT: Also, this version of Scar's personality is more accurate to the situation in my opinion. I mean, wouldn't you be all dark, edgy, and angry like this if your name literally meant "Garbage"?
faizan mughal
Mufasa-Barbary Lion Scar-Asiatic Lion...
Rory Alloro
Rory Alloro 2 days ago
I'm really trying not to be a jerk cause I get why people want to see some of the remakes, but why did this movie of all movies need to be in live action? Cause wow is this shit bland. It only makes the characters less expressive. And they for real got james earl jones to come back and re-deliver lines he's already done?
dagger 1 2
dagger 1 2 3 days ago
I'm sorry but no one can replace jeremy irons as scar if they could bring James earl jones back why not Jeremy irons? Whoever voiced scar didn't have the same impact
Unpredictable_One_ UFC
I grew up on the cartoon version. This movie doesn't have the same emotion the original cast had. Every line in this movie sounds cold with no feeling to it.
Unpredictable_One_ UFC
At 2:17 No feeling in that line Is that a challenge They should of used the same voice actor for mufasa
Xiloo Gaming
Xiloo Gaming 6 days ago
Why do everyone thinks this movie is complete shit? I know this is not the *NoStOlGiC* movie you remember but half of y'all haters are in your 40's hating on a child's movie. Just because you guys are "true fans" doesn't mean you have the rights to wanna have your Lion King made or not. You guys didn't made the movie so show some respect, and for those who think the casting was bad and wanted Jeremy Irons to come back ONE all of the cast are now old as hell TWO Jeremy Irons fucked up his vocals and THREE Rowan Atkinson couldn't come back in any sequels because he was busy with being with being "Mr. Bean" CASE CLOSED
KöhlerSAStudios 7 days ago
In my opinion Disney should have made a film about Lebo Morake himself. Not only did he sing the famous opening lyrics to the film but his story so ever so familiar to that of Simba. Lebo was born in Soweto Johannesburg South Africa in 1964 during the years of apartheid. He was under the rule of a corrupt government. He left school when he was nine years old to sing in night clubs to put food on the table. Because he was under exile he left for the country of Lesotho a landlocked country in South Africa as an escape. This is like Simba leaving his old life behind when he was young or been exiled by Scar. Lebo was only 15 years old when he began singing at a hotel in Lesotho. Then the USA ambassador Tim Thahane recognized his talent and assisted Lebo in applying for an art school in Los Angeles . This like Rafiki knowing that Simba is more than what he has become and he needed to motivate him. Morake worked as an intern for Hilton Rosenthal studio . He was the music supervisor for The Power of One and Lebo met the music composer Hans Zimmer. Just like Simbas final battle to take his rightful place, Zimmer and Morake worked on The Lion King music. The film won the Oscar for best original score. The Lion King was released in 1994 which was the year Lebo was allowed to return to a democratic South Africa and he was able to vote for the first time.
Scar 8 days ago
Such disapointment
Hannah Tasker
Hannah Tasker 8 days ago
You know all of scars aggression, since he is a highly aggressive lion, could be due to a metabolic disorder, where, the lion eats but does not gain weight, they become extremely aggressive toward other competing males as well as their prey. They are always hungry, hunting. And they genuinely look sickly - like scar xD
Stephan Mckinnie
Stephan Mckinnie 10 days ago
Nathaniel Christian Augustine
Good scene I just felt that the part at 2:11 ...”. ....is that a challenge “... was a bit flat, in the original that scene was packed with power and dominance
D Lam
D Lam 12 days ago
One mouse is lunch for a lion?
Achranai 13 days ago
when the mouse was blurred it looked real
Michael Okeke
Michael Okeke 13 days ago
Chiwetel Ejiifor definitely deserves more credit. He sold me as Scar. Love Jeremy Irons though
Amy Conway
Amy Conway 13 days ago
Tbf- I get why he’s so upset. He is the first born- but I don’t know why he’s not king. Can someone explain??
Gerard LopezZ
Gerard LopezZ 14 days ago
An unnecessary live action as the rest. The CGI was great but...
Maxieboy 2020
Maxieboy 2020 15 days ago
1:25 Mufasa: Sarabi and I didn’t see you at persentation of Simba Scar: Was that today? Must have slipped my mind
BoY Victorious
BoY Victorious 15 days ago
i like scars voice in the cartoon..
Johnny Rain
Johnny Rain 16 days ago
this movie is an insult to my childhood
Adam Shariff
Adam Shariff 16 days ago
0:58 1:17 2:11 2:32
Victor Rooroh
Victor Rooroh 16 days ago
2:18 when Scar said: ‘I wouldn’t dream of challenging you... again’ then the camera pans to show how much more powerfully built Mufasa is compared to Scar. Brute strength wouldn’t be a fair fight... Mufasa could easily be 500 pounds alpha lion 🦁
Ignacio Todisco
Ignacio Todisco 17 days ago
Bunch of shit
Cenored North Tpv
Cenored North Tpv 17 days ago
The lion's so scary if you watch it for the first time
Hewy Toonmore
Hewy Toonmore 18 days ago
This Scar is SO BORING.
Justin Gunn
Justin Gunn 18 days ago
Until the little hairball was born That hairball is my son and your future king
Justin Gunn
Justin Gunn 18 days ago
Temper Temper I wouldn't dream of challenging you
zachariahh 20 days ago
is that a challenge lol he sounded drunk While the original version sounded more badass
PikatchuTheArtist 20 days ago
I love the movie lion kind I washed it all!
Luz Renteria
Luz Renteria 20 days ago
Disney the Lion king 2019 Movie
Jaylon Lewis
Jaylon Lewis 20 days ago
Somebody: Answer my question Me: 0:55 I ANSWER TO NO ONE
thedieguix gamer
thedieguix gamer 22 days ago
James De Leon
James De Leon 21 day ago
thedieguix gamer majestic animal
Lisa Plambeck
Lisa Plambeck 22 days ago
The first Chronicles of Narnia movie came out on December 9th, 2005. Remember how expressive and full of emotion Aslan was in that? You'd think that with a span of nearly fourteen years between that film and this one, Disney would've been able to improve upon that technology. But alas, we got.... *this.*
athi subramanian
athi subramanian 23 days ago
Robert Lappin
Robert Lappin 24 days ago
Not the same as the original but a good redtion shakespeare like
Andre Witanto
Andre Witanto 25 days ago
If you turn on the captions Scar's say "well look who's come down to mingle with the Communist"
Srividhya Jayaraman
Scar life's not fair Lions ROARS THIS Kings brother SCAR hungry ROAR+ together ROARING Saratoga first lion Scar and Mufasa Back ROAR WHICH lion big One day ago as am king ROAR!
junnick13 25 days ago
I love how they used lighting to differentiate scar from mufasa 😲😲😲❣
Mill Williams
Mill Williams 25 days ago
Brah can you imagine about to be king them some new mf name Simba comes along like tf!?
Thomas Huffman
Thomas Huffman 26 days ago
You know, biologically speaking, it kinda makes sense that Sarabi chose Mufasa over Scar. Male lions with fuller manes tend to carry stronger genes, thus attracting more females.
Isiah Nunn
Isiah Nunn 26 days ago
Imagin Keith David did the voice of scar.
Thomas Huffman
Thomas Huffman 26 days ago
Isiah Nunn or Ralph Fiennes.
Ray Schwarz
Ray Schwarz 26 days ago
Too bad Scar was evil. With his brains and Mufasa’s strength they could’ve made a killer team in governing the kingdom
danoosh S
danoosh S 29 days ago
The cartoon was way more meaningful touching and expressive prefer the oldie
Swept Month ago
Lifes not fair, isn't it my friend? (Star Wars) while some are born to feast (Prequel Fans) others spend their lives in the dark, begging for scraps (Sequel Fans)
cbolanz1 Month ago
Wow did this remake suck. I have never seen a waste of talent and creative effort. This is just a shot-for-shot remake with nothing different "what is different makes it worse than the original" It disrespects everything the animated movie stood for, it offers no new story expansion, it offers no song update, everything in this is so the same as the animated movie and has no reason to exist that for me this is the worst Disney remake in history. They could've at least used the broadway music and songs for update. They should've recasted mufasa, zazu, adult simba and nala and the other 2 hyenas "shenzi was fine" they should reshot the whole film instead of doing a shot-for-shot of the same thing. they should've given the animals facial expressions and emotion. They should've left out the dung beetle rolling the ball of giraffe shit "That moment broke the space time continuum for me" They should've focused on expanding on the story, and developing characters instead of rushing their dialogue. every actor should've been given a second take or more because every take sounds like the first take. Beyonces damn Spirit song should've been moved to the end credits "Which made me realized what a big jerk Beyonce is" He lives in you should've played during simbas return to pride rock. They could've at least used deleted script and storyboards from the original for some difference. But no we get this lame, colorless, unoriginal, shot-for-shot that insults the original in every way, insults our culture, and insults real life dilemas all at once. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE THIS MOVIE!
Don Drahcir Isip
The Lion King 1994-2019 Mufasa vs Scar Challenge Voice Over
Terry J
Terry J Month ago
This shows the monster Mufasa is and how truly awful the pride treated Scar
Mac Mooney
Mac Mooney Month ago
1:17 Scar 1:31 was that today 1:35 - 1:36 must’ve slipped my mind 1:55 I was first in line 1:58 oh don’t you remember 2:04 - 2:05 - 2:06 - 2:07 - 2:08 - 2:09 - 2:10 - 2:11 - 2:12 - 2:13 - 2:14 - 2:15 - 2:16 - 2:17 - 2:18 don’t turn your back on me Scar, oh no Mufasa perhaps you should turn your back on me, Mufasa roars, is that a challenge, I wouldn’t dream of challenging you again 2:20 - 2:21 - 2:22 - 2:23 a wise decision, you are no match for his royalness 2:24 - 2:25 - 2:26 - 2:27 - 2:28 - 2:29 - 2:30 - 2:31 - 2:32 - 2:33 well as far as brains go I’ve got the lion share, but when it comes to brutal strength I’m afraid my big brother will always rule
benana7 :D
benana7 :D Month ago
there’s something... off... about james earl jones’ acting in this movie. he just doesn’t deliver his lines as well as in the original. they honestly would have benefited by replacing him
Just a Snowflake
Seriously Aslan had more emotions and facial expressions than this.....and that movie came out over a decade and a half ago. Also wtf happened to Zazu?! The voice acting is just horrible. Scar is such a disappointment I can’t even put it into words.
Legend69 Month ago
هو كان النهار ده يادي الكسووووف
Wundabar Klaus
Wundabar Klaus Month ago
How tf can a mouse get caught? They can literally hide anywhere!!!
Creepy Crepsley
Creepy Crepsley Month ago
Only Jeremy Irons was made for this role everyone shutup.
MLG Month ago
Everyone cries about the new version. Are you not happy at looking at realistic lions?
John Harris
John Harris Month ago
I cant describe the feeling when i hear James Earl Jones' voice or Dick Ervasti's. U really listen when they speak
Jordan Evans
Jordan Evans Month ago
Scar is scary then the Hyenas
Dev Biswas
Dev Biswas Month ago
This was my first movie in the theatres in India.....
Eric Renquist
Eric Renquist Month ago
If this is fully animated, it's some of the best I've ever seen. It doesn't work well for Lion King, but damn is it incredible.
The Cloaked Agent
Here’s my review of this film, in case anyone’s interested: ruvid.net/video/video-wyAGjg9IN88.html
deshaun spencer
deshaun spencer Month ago
Brother lions would take turns doing everything even mating
Trailer Mashup Production
2:04 *Dont turn your back on me, Skywalker*
Jake Peterson
Jake Peterson Month ago
oh no Kenobi, perhaps you shouldn’t turn your back on me
Vinny Simms
Vinny Simms Month ago
thanks i hate it
KNobi Month ago
In the cartoon movie, Scar actually came across as evil. Here, you just feel sad for Scar.
Polaris the dragon
Polaris the dragon 14 hours ago
So he’s like a fleshed out character
Ray Schwarz
Ray Schwarz Month ago
Too bad Mufasa didn’t see what was coming. One has to ask: where was Zira at this particular point? Was she friends with Scar? Did she know Mufasa? Etc
Queenthe_yt Month ago
Like why he want to kill the king son
Queenthe_yt Month ago
Scar is like so mean
Allias Star
Allias Star Month ago
"We'll look who's come down to mingle with the commoners." I can hear the hate and resentment
Caleb Kief
Caleb Kief Month ago
Teacher: You won't pass this class even with you having a C Me: 2:11
Tyler Granger
Tyler Granger Month ago
At least Scar still got his sarcasm.
rstein926 Month ago
I wish they they kept Zazu’s infamous joke “He would make a very handsome throw rug”
Christina Singleton
1:24 The fact that they brought back James Earl Jones to play Mufasa again brought tears to my eyes...The man hasn’t lost his touch...
Michael Elias
Michael Elias Month ago
Damn. This version just flat out sucks.
Daisy Kote
Daisy Kote Month ago
Jeremy irons should've reprised his role as scar live they did with mufasa
Tay Tolson
Tay Tolson Month ago
Well look who's come down too mingle with the communist
endarasman Month ago
wow, no offense guys, but this felt so boring...
Eduardo Gonzalez
The fuck is this bland ass boring shit. Glad I didn't watch it
Well ok
Well ok Month ago
Hyperchicken Month ago
It's the same scene, with the emotion dialed back about 50%. The original "is that a CHALLENGE" is so intense and heavy, yet here it just sounds like James Earl Jones is warming up his voice.
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