The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (1998) Best Scene Part 997

The Lion King
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The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998)
Darrell Rooney directed this direct-to-video sequel to Disney's 1994 The Lion King, which climaxed with Simba (voice of Matthew Broderick) enthroned as the ruling king of beasts following the death of the evil Scar. With the spirited tune He Lives in You, Simba and his mate Nala (Moira Kelly) issue a triumphant announcement of the birth of Lion Princess Kiara (Neve Campbell)! Given to misadventures and mischief, Kiara wanders into the forbidden Outlands, the haunt of Scar's exiled minions, and there she encounters another mischievous cub, Kovu (Jason Marsden), son of lioness Zira (Suzanne Pleshette), once a close friend of the late Scar and now the leader of the exiles. Zira plots against Kiara, drawing her son into her scheme. Kovu has divided loyalties as his love for Kiara deepens. Several original characters (and original voices) from the 1994 film return.




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Comments 80
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 2 days ago
Lol ok kk 👍 pop by to get
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 2 days ago
Okay I'll let her in a while I was there
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 2 days ago
Lol no idea 😂😝😝😝😝😝
make a dream fantastic
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali 10 days ago
Love this movie 🍿 not as bad as first movie as people say Lion king 2 should get more credit
Alfred's Animation Page
1:33 to 1:41 that shot feels very similar to Mufasa and Scar's conversation in the first movie. But in a different way.
Radi Cal
Radi Cal 13 days ago
People dont realize Kovu is Simbas cousin making Kiara his niece
artYEET 13 days ago
Simba x Kovu
Miki Mew Mew
Miki Mew Mew 15 days ago
kiara married her uncle kovu. scar son was kovu and mufasas son was simba, simba married nala and had kiara who which she married her dads(simba) cousin or her uncle, kovu
Xx_Rubitha Gamer_xX
This film would be better if it had a bigger budget and was animated the same as the original
Kimberly Yancey
Kimberly Yancey 18 days ago
2:21 the way Kovu looked at nala and kiara lol 😏
Susan D
Susan D 22 days ago
Kovu's my favorite character in everything Eyes: I LOVE!!! His dark colors: I LOVE!!! The hair on his elbows: I LOVE!!! His voice: I LOVE!!! His scar: I LOVE!!! His personality: I LOVE!!! His smile: I LOVE!!! I love Kovu! He's my favorite character! If I was a lion, i'd be jealous of Kiara.
RandomPerson 24 days ago
This is a movie I totally forgot existed and then I remembered I watched this when I was young.
LegoManiac101 /ScarAndShereKhanFTWMufasaFTL
I don’t know why but I think that Kovu should’ve had a British accent.
Parna Donkers
Parna Donkers 27 days ago
Kovu,s line: judge me now for who i am. Or i get blamed for a crime i dind,t commit : kovu know about how muffasa was killed wen simba was little and Scar blamed Simba for Muffasa,s dead because Zira told him. To trow that line Simba,s face thats ......... you,ve got balls
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil Month ago
1:01 Wow, you recognised him already.
Brianna Terrezza
Simba I did I almost lost you no more hunts for you not ever
Brianna Terrezza
Are you kidding me simba you just broke your daughter promise kiara is doing fine
The Meowth,Thaaat's RIGHT!
Seriously, Simba SHOULD thank Kovu, because Kiara would have been dead if it wasn't for him. 😟
Disk of Prudence
i love how kovu just expects he's allowed to sleep with the other lions but Simba, who is the leader and very protective of his pride, is like "you thought."
Something Magnificent
Elephants should have taken over, their war is unjust and doesn't make any sense! It's actually shocking how lions rule over Elephants when an elephant can plow through a whole tree with one single charge, if it so chose to or wanted to.
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez Month ago
Mimo *****
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez Month ago
Kiko Kiko
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez Month ago
J nj nj USA have some reason it all but we all
Jordan Krzywicki
1:21 Looking back at this reminds me that much ferocity proved Simba was just as hateful as Zira.
Angieee K
Angieee K Month ago
2:22 uhm Nala u have Simba....
Mohamed Irzuan Ibrahim II
Did You Know ? : The actor who do the voice for Kiara use to act in Scream Trilogy and Skyscraper as Dwayne Johnson wife
Tonberry Queen
Tonberry Queen Month ago
Kovu would probably kill Simba with some effort. But it would be done. 1. Kovu was trained to be a warrior from cub hood 2. Simba couldn't even beat Nala when he was young or as an adult 3. Simba actually got his ass handed to him by Scar AND Zira, only winning by flipping Scar off a cliff and letting the hyenas do the work, and was saved from Zira ripping him arat by the interference of Kiara and Kovu 4. Simba was raised by a meerkat and warthog to be a lazy loser for years Kovu would murder Simba. He's not even fully grown yet, and he would put Simba into the ground. lol
Doc Bink
Doc Bink Month ago
I think the emo lions kinda hot
Dea Attack
Dea Attack 2 months ago
Simba stop it your dad will be disappointed if you learn not to roar at kovu
Davyon Lewis
Davyon Lewis 2 months ago
I don't know why but I get mad at Nala in this sence because I don't get why Nala is taking kovu side I mean I got nothing against kovu but it's just Nala was acting like she knew exactly who kovu was and she didn't telling "Simba you owe him you're daughter's life.
Yousef Salah Al Eibedy
If I was Kovu and I saved Kiara from that stream . The following Scene Would be alot. Alot Darker...
E3 Prime
E3 Prime Month ago
Cherry Allen
Cherry Allen 2 months ago
The thumbnail tho...
BB Rules
BB Rules 2 months ago
Please don't flame me, but I honestly was on Simba's side the whole movie. I mean, Kovu was planning to kill him the whole time. This is how I feel, again please don't flame me
Ia Ia
Ia Ia 2 months ago
Simda is very romantik
peyton 2 months ago
omfg i remember hardcore crushing on kovu
Egyptian Queen
Egyptian Queen 2 months ago
Simba’s wig was being snatched in that thumbnail
Mufasa and scar was a brothers and they had simba and covue then in this movie,covue marrige kiara..... soo.... looks like covue was marrige his own cousin daughter 😄😄
kikky sanchez
kikky sanchez 3 months ago
0:58 Kovu:what are you doing?
Evita Ender girl
Evita Ender girl 3 months ago
I dont know it was lion king 2
Ummu Kalthuma
Ummu Kalthuma 3 months ago
Ik geloofde vroeger niet dat simba zo ander is geworden vroeger was hij so speels.😙😁😀😂
Taylor Lange
Taylor Lange 3 months ago
Admit it people: at some point, you all had a crush on Simba and/or Nala, Kiara, Kovu, Scar
Nigell _gaming
Nigell _gaming 3 months ago
Rafi ki says hey you how dare you save the king's daughter!!!!! And kovu saves simba's daughter
Dismaying Mist
Dismaying Mist 3 months ago
Why did Simba growl At Kovu when he saw that he was near the lioness Did he mistake her for Kiara or was he not just welcomed, Kovu is my most favorite character
unalive 3 months ago
you can tell the animation isn't as fluid as the animation of the first movie, but it's still a pretty damn good sequel. this is one of the handful of sequels that disney actually did well.
C.ComicArt 4 months ago
Since when did symba become a racist
AManWithSomePlans 4 months ago
I look back now n when Kovu was going in the cave, n simba stopped him, simba wasn’t doing it cuz he was scared of Kovu, but he didn’t want Kovu to mate with his lionesses
Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson 4 months ago
Kovu is such a pimp
Splixxy _VG L
Splixxy _VG L 4 months ago
Simba never had a daughter
X 4 months ago
Kovu= Good Scar Jr.
Ivan Monte
Ivan Monte 4 months ago
Kovu:What are doin step bro😂sorry i had to
Florence Ianiev-Xia
Florence Ianiev-Xia 4 months ago
Does anyone else hate Simba to death after watching this
Kendra Petersen
Kendra Petersen 4 months ago
Love you Simba
Skeptical Chris
Skeptical Chris 4 months ago
little bit of Lion related trivia In the wild, Lions with darker colored manes, are seen as much more desirable as mates, by lionesses. Yup, that means Scar and Kovu, were the hunks of Pride Rock.
T2 X-TREME 5 months ago
Mufasa: do i have to do this thing again simba? 😒
Sarah Dingli
Sarah Dingli 5 months ago
My fovrite is kovu
Ozar Mahmadjonov
Ozar Mahmadjonov 5 months ago
Christion Pulliam
Christion Pulliam 5 months ago
Always wanted to be kovu
Kem 5 months ago
Nala and Kiara giggling in the background like "oh wow hes gorgeous"
Llama&eagles Don’tmix!
Anyone going to question the gay suggestions?
ilyaas arendse
ilyaas arendse 5 months ago
Akila ramachandran
Akila ramachandran 5 months ago
I mostly thought was annoying but in this movie I actually think rafiki is the one who makes things write
Johnny Gaming
Johnny Gaming 5 months ago
2:24 Lion King referencing Aladdin? Wierd but cool. Makes sense since Kovu and Kiara are basically Aladdina and Jasmine.
Leo Cole
Leo Cole 5 months ago
My Mum could never afford to go back home to England. I saved money. When I got there, I met my black full blood cousin. She is half black! I was shocked. She looks like our white Grandma!. I wouldn't change her. She's so perfect, more prettier then me, soooo much more, a black girl. No difference, just love, family.
KingTai 64
KingTai 64 5 months ago
Or am I to be blamed for a crime I did not commit? That line. If I were Simba, I'd loose my shit too😆
Master Plays
Master Plays 5 months ago
Out of the subject but the music really capture the current theme of the film, the theme of darkness and deception mixed with drama is fantastically well made.
Mohamad Obeid
Mohamad Obeid 5 months ago
lion king is one of my favourite movies in the universe lol xd lol
Ma. Michel Angela M. Catalan
rift rat street rat😂
Gun Shatter
Gun Shatter 5 months ago
Nalas eyes in the first movie was green and now they are blue asf, is simba cheating on Nala with this imposter, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THE REAL NALA
Gun Shatter
Gun Shatter 4 months ago
@Echos Ok you should consult your doctor because u are obviously color blind
Echos 5 months ago
@Gun Shatter Welp, I just checked, and Nala's eyes were still definitely blue when she was a cub as well as an adult O.o
Gun Shatter
Gun Shatter 5 months ago
@Echos No, how about u go look at her eyes when she was a cub
Echos 5 months ago
Uh no, Nala's eyes are most definitely blue in the first one. I just came back from looking at can you feel the love tonight to check. Unless you're talking about the...liveaction version -_-
FIGHT ME 5 months ago
Someone just got cock blocked.
Mike Ndikumasabo
Mike Ndikumasabo 5 months ago
Simba no friends for you grounded kiara
adityasfilms 5 months ago
whats wrong zazou
anitha Ndayisenga
anitha Ndayisenga 5 months ago
Simba you dude Kiara sorry
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 5 months ago
Immune systems for m not getting oooooo to have the same one that was
kayla ramirez
kayla ramirez 5 months ago
Immunization JMU I just k I have no
Natalia Rose
Natalia Rose 6 months ago
“You’rrrre.. safe. Innnn the pridelandss.” Hard to believe he’s the same voice actor as the courier from Skyrim.
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Johnson 6 months ago
Part 997 damn
Just chess Burger guy with hand and feet
I hate kovu he act like scar he try to kill simba every they meet.
GilboBaggins TheThird
Kovu dont want smoke, he ain't about that shit
Emily Mullet
Emily Mullet 6 months ago
Best Disney sequel
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