The Life of a Speedrunner

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Oct 23, 2020




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Comments 100
CircleToonsHD Month ago
Tomorrow at 1PM EST I'm gonna be LIVE streaming and opening up a crap load of expensive Pokemon card boxes, BE THERE OR BE... UH... NOT THERE
Omari Lamey
Omari Lamey 31 minute ago
Tina 2 days ago
sorry I was 1 month late
Adelph Charles
Adelph Charles 3 days ago
Golraka 4 days ago
Baby: *comes to life* Ambient music: ruvid.net/video/video-zR6fECxF44I.html
King Fresh27
King Fresh27 44 minutes ago
Wow this is so unfunny
randomDS Hour ago
He couldve been faster if instead opening the jar, smashed it on the floor, and dint waste time in saying "everyone stand back"
TheSteelFlash01 first channel
Him: is a doctor Me: looking for beans at 2 am
Julian Lee
Julian Lee 2 hours ago
This implies 80% of his life achievements happened the day he was born
creeperslayer xx9
creeperslayer xx9 2 hours ago
that was funny 🤣🤣🤣
Pocky 2 hours ago
He should have BLJed into the End Dimension and up to Gang Plank Galleon to get the fastest possible time
Djordje Oljaca
Djordje Oljaca 3 hours ago
If you want optimal time before you ascend, you should use the pull out strat, saves 9 months
Dadatzinger e
Dadatzinger e 4 hours ago
i know a skip how u save 9 months: u need to lose the first race
Kuw0s 4 hours ago
So true
Mayhem Rain A Agcaoili
Trance Music For Racing Games
Wallet Inspector
Wallet Inspector 5 hours ago
0:02 Mini Ladd if he was a doctor:
Greii 6 hours ago
Dream be like:
Caleb144 6 hours ago
Why does the speedrunner sound like Eric Cartman from south park? lol
Frankie2077 7 hours ago
I think the mom is a little bit of a boy
Cheese-BurGer69 8 hours ago
The world record is -1 month the baby died in the womb his mom has been pregnant for 8 months
Tm69 10 hours ago
This game was so hard to speedrun, all of because of the RNG, first off you needed the [Stillborn] special event to even get close to top 3
XxDarkSkinxX 12 hours ago
Me before watching the video: (somethings **fast** I can feel it)
Air Sky
Air Sky 12 hours ago
RUBY FAN 14 hours ago
How dream was born:
Air Sky
Air Sky 12 hours ago
joka-kun 16 hours ago
He would get a faster time if he wasn't monologueing
Lofty 16 hours ago
Shame on him, *he could’ve used the abortion glitch*
Galuade MG
Galuade MG 16 hours ago
You forgot the part where he does the bed skip trick to cancel the jump animation and save 0.0233ms
LimeJames 17 hours ago
Story of life Speedrun %Any 00:28:784
Badrex 19 hours ago
Speedrunners Speedrun life until they get to the end
Cinnamations Yt
Cinnamations Yt 19 hours ago
The abortion would have gave him the ultimate world record
Seamus Chase
Seamus Chase 19 hours ago
These are rookie numbers, probably attempted by a beginner. The fastest way is obviously to dive head first onto the hard floor.
Just Another Account
Doc sounds like Ordinary Sausage
Gamerfox 21 hour ago
The doctors sound more like a girl than the mom
glurby 21 hour ago
I wish I could speedrun life
ii_ Cheffythemage
ii_ Cheffythemage 21 hour ago
*you should’ve put dreams speed run music ngl*
Derek Liu
Derek Liu 21 hour ago
"ah crap i thought i was frame perfect" you paused for like 12 seconds at the start
turtlerr r
turtlerr r 11 hours ago
9- 9 seconds
Sunkenplayz 22 hours ago
This shouldn’t have been 1 month it should be 9 months XD
Adam Fráňa
Adam Fráňa 22 hours ago
My personal best is 18:037 seconds
Alvaro Hernando Quintanilla Barnechea
They should have considered abortion...
Shafa Izaty
Shafa Izaty 23 hours ago
Imagine enduring 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth and then your perfectly healthy baby just decided to do speedrun on his life
Kingston Castle
Kingston Castle 23 hours ago
Why does the women sound like a man
iRooke 23 hours ago
Would’ve gotten a better time if he hadn’t yelled
EnzitoGamer Day ago
The world record for life any% is 0 seconds by someone that never existed.
H Day ago
Well there is a way he could do it in under a second....
Rift To Go
Rift To Go Day ago
He should have done a Mom Warp to get to the peanut butter earlier, then use the Peanut Butter Duplication Glitch to complete the last part quicker.
His personal best is 22.784 seconds.
Mr YeeBot
Mr YeeBot Day ago
Husband: So how's the baby? Wife: Im sorry but the doctor says he died doing an 80% speedrun of his life Husband: Im sincerely sorry for this.
Dummy Dummy
Dummy Dummy Day ago
Pro Tip: *Most people don’t know this, but to save frames, you have to be stillborn.*
Jon Valino
Jon Valino Day ago
And that's why I don't like eating peanut butter T.T
Kieran Legge
Kieran Legge Day ago
Now that I think of it wouldn’t a baby speed running it’s life just be a woman having a miscarriage?
Uno Day ago
This is actually dreams born
RandomDude 1029384756
The amount of time wasted just sitting in his moms lap could’ve easily been prevented smh if he did a⬇️↘️➡️⬇️↙️⬅️🅱️+🅰️ to the peanut butter it would’ve saved him approximately 1.62 seconds and the peanut butter consumption time?! Bro you’ve gotta work on that you let the cutscene play for too long so it hurt your time. Can’t believe these kids
Ulagat Tangda
the woman must have very deep voice
Jordan Gardner
For the people saying why he took so long in the speedrun, Don't forget that he was JUST born, so Standing and Walking/Running would be very difficult (Sorry if I have bad grammar)
Giovanni Di Matteo
He could have used the No-Vax glitch to beat his personal best. Pff ... Amateur
Gautam Chawda
Plot twist:the girl was not a girl he was man who has ability to give brith kids
Anthony Meginnis
He shouldntve drank milk in the womb it would save at least 6 months
Sanji Pan
Sanji Pan Day ago
Wow my brother did a speed run too but he did it inside the womb
Jeff Sanders
Jeff Sanders Day ago
lol Aborted babies already beat his time
•Ikigai• Day ago
Oof his method is outdated this days we use *ABORTION*
Savimbi Day ago
Would've been funnier with the dream music.
Alanna decker
If your born a speed runner go for the closes thing possible
Walter Gibbons
Not funny
YegorPlayz Day ago
Yes my brother did this I miss him
Fandom Drizyn
His pb is about 22 seconds
Labbit 35
Labbit 35 Day ago
He should just jumped with his head on, rookie mistake
fat_pug _Puppy_bed_lazy
I bet Dream says “I can do better”
Plague Toge
Plague Toge Day ago
purple boi
purple boi Day ago
Shouldve played league to make it quicker
Noob Rager
Noob Rager Day ago
* Gets Reincarnated *
Vineet V U
Vineet V U Day ago
The baby sounds like Eric cartman
Mr. Sebru
Mr. Sebru Day ago
the baby should have speedrunned saying his first words
Tamara Brown
Tamara Brown Day ago
Why does the mom sound like a man
shadow gamix
shadow gamix Day ago
Ok t est français ta parler français j ai entendu le merde😂😂😂
Feliny , I guess
I can hear dream music
when the timer started if he didn't wait 10 seconds he would have beaten his pb
FelineBoat Day ago
It’s true that league of legends is hot gardbage
Goldenmarty 777
U know ppl who died in their mothers wombs have the world record speedrun right?
Kalozya 2 days ago
How Dream was born..
L Lynn
L Lynn 2 days ago
I will not tell you I got confused at the title because I read it as “Spee-drunner”
Nickzy3gaming 2 days ago
Question is what is the peanut jar doing in a hospital
TheA.S.E.2096 2 days ago
Then wouldn't abortion be a glitch that allows for millisecond runs?
Aldous._. 2 days ago
if he wouldve done a backwards air roll off the doctor he wouldve saved 7 seconds. oooooffffff
Sosig Man
Sosig Man 2 days ago
Runs dead guys
Matt J. Dylan
Matt J. Dylan 2 days ago
Me after bingewatching Summoning Salt: "alright, the timeframe rule is like a bus..."
Lucas Pena
Lucas Pena 2 days ago
the fastest speedrunnes are the ones that get axed in half when there halfway out of the birth canal
Kingdom of Fiji
Kingdom of Fiji 2 days ago
Pfft... my personal record is -36:37:22s (thanks to the miscarriage glitch).
IDK Why Im Here
IDK Why Im Here 2 days ago
That's a weak record. Pros die in the womb
DEDSEC _17 2 days ago
Pfft he could have done multiple things throw himself out a window, drown and blood loss but no he decided to go for the peanut allergy route rookie mistake
Gou Fukyuserufu
Gou Fukyuserufu 2 days ago
Could’ve shaved 12s if he didn’t stand there announcing he’s doing a speedrun. So unprofessional
Luka Stojanović
Luka Stojanović 2 days ago
*he just jumped off the bed, he could save those precious fames by backward long jumping above the doctors*
Bella Alberts
Bella Alberts 2 days ago
This should have been a real life video otherwise this could've looked like a weird as heck animation
DJ-TlK 2 days ago
He should've pulled off the wrong warp from mario to get the 6 seconds off
Matt Michel
Matt Michel 2 days ago
no butterfly effect reference? interesting
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 2 days ago
Lieut 2 days ago
The world record for the fastest Speedrun age to reach 50 years old was about 50 years and 5 seconds
xSparky 2 days ago
a simple backflip would of saved 3 seconds, a peanut cap twist clip glitch would of saved another 5, nice attempt though
Osh Koshbjoshnosh
Well you gotta commend him he went for the peanut strategy and the amount of rng in that strategy is insane
Temp Orary
Temp Orary 2 days ago
22:784 is his personal best? That is some rookie number he gotta pump that number down. Some of the best speedrunners did it in -8 months
Lucas Anonymous
Lucas Anonymous 2 days ago
No the REAL TIME WAS 00:00:49:28:784 to be specific
Fhfjfnfjfjfnc Fjfjfjfjfjfj
Smh what a noob, every good life speedrunner uses the bed skip, it’s situational and if you pull it off you can save several seconds, you have to jump from the hospital bed head first, if the bed isn’t high enough, or you only break a bone, you could lose a lot of time because you would be stationed at a hospital which would kill your chances of getting anywhere near the world record. I thought the bed skip was common knowledge, apparently not, smh
Infernape PlayZ
Infernape PlayZ 2 days ago
The baby asked god to be put in a peanut allergy family
ToggleKid 2 days ago
You should’ve added dreams Minecraft speedrun music
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