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All the treasure has been gotten, all the baddies have been beat - except for the FINAL BOSS! Can our tiny apple hero Fuji defeat him and save the land...? He might have to rely on something other than his usual inventory...
Animated by: Louie Zong
Twitter: twitter.com/everydaylouie
Music by: Antonio Mendez
Twitter: twitter.com/tonymendez333
Instagram: instagram.com/thisispolaris
Twitter: twitter.com/polaristweets
Facebook: fb.com/thisispolaris
RUvid: goo.gl/WQFBZg
Life is not a game. But it would be cooler if it was.


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Aug 15, 2017




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Comments 80
This is Polaris
This is Polaris 2 years ago
If you're watching this, a winner is you! We hope everyone enjoyed this- more new stuff coming tomorrow!
Rare Gaming panda
Rare Gaming panda 2 years ago
This is Polaris XD THIS IS SO FUNNEH
GeekWizard 2 years ago
This is Polaris this is amazing
Ivan Diaz
Ivan Diaz 2 years ago
obi '
obi ' 2 days ago
this is so awesome it deserves more views than this
Uni Playz
Uni Playz 5 days ago
*man, have i really been that much of a dingus*
Puyotetris Fusion jay
Zachary Dewe-Boucher
The legend of apple the breath of the apple sauce from nintomato
Her Mozart
Her Mozart 8 months ago
If it ain't big, like at least 30% bigger than the American apple, it ain't a Fuji apple.
Ashley Yang
Ashley Yang 9 months ago
Louie zong needs to make this a game
Shpunky Year ago
Your wooden is badly damaged!
Mioumi Year ago
Does the apple eat apples?
Yury Vinogradov
Great story!
The Bored Enthusiast
Oh, Louie DIDN'T do the music? I thought he did... Great job on the animation and story man!
- King -
- King - Year ago
wow link was reincarnated as a apple at one point
Vanessa R
Vanessa R Year ago
That was amazing!!!
Lodewijk Year ago
This is what those “Facing Ganon right after leaving Great Plateau” videos are like
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Year ago
Omg this is the best video ever
muggz. Year ago
that was amazing i wish there was a plush of that little guy fuji for the win
Drago25 Year ago
That giant crow sounds a lot like bowser.
Cactus Companion
I still *LOVE* this
Honey Senpai
Honey Senpai 2 years ago
..is anyone getting the BOTW reference to the items screen and the health meter or is that...is that just me???
Aqua Banana
Aqua Banana 2 years ago
Edward Elric
Edward Elric 2 years ago
this music is amazing along with artwork!!!!!
William Burley
William Burley 2 years ago
I want this to be a game
ArtistyCat36 -
ArtistyCat36 - 2 years ago
Is there any way someone can ask u to animate for them? Not saying I want u too 😅😅😅😅
nachosNapples 2 years ago
ya'll need more love
luv ferrets
luv ferrets 2 years ago
This was adorable!
TWrecks 2 years ago
Dark souls in a shellnut
Afro Ampharos
Afro Ampharos 2 years ago
I love the art style of this animation!!
Red Oh Red
Red Oh Red 2 years ago
This is the best video I’ve ever seen....
Janae Aceret
Janae Aceret 2 years ago
This is 1 million stars
Hessel Bouma
Hessel Bouma 2 years ago
This music is everything
Harold Jay Marcelo
Harold Jay Marcelo 2 years ago
ldshadowlady anyone?
ronnie spavale
ronnie spavale 2 years ago
Ordinal Derp
Ordinal Derp 2 years ago
Apple link must rise
T H I S A U S E R N A M E Y E s
This looks like zelda
Stephen Woods
Stephen Woods 2 years ago
🤤so cute and funny 😋
Karl Davis
Karl Davis 2 years ago
I beleive the song is shrimp whistle by antonio mendez
Karl Davis
Karl Davis 2 years ago
Ive been watching polaris ever since it started on disney
ElectroBunny 2 years ago
Wat about magical cat emmporium
imanormalpeep 2 years ago
Just saw this and it was amazing!!!X3 I think I'm gonna . Make fan art if that's ok
retro plasma
retro plasma 2 years ago
What's the theme called?
Toaster Strooder
Toaster Strooder 2 years ago
The ending is absolute gold. I couldn't have seen that coming even if I had the power to predict the future with 100% accuracy. The animator (Louie Zong) did a wonderful job on this. I'm totes following this channel. Have a new subscriber!
Dilos1 75
Dilos1 75 2 years ago
The villain sounds a lot like Bowser. . .
Bonitto G
Bonitto G 2 years ago
Baulne 2 years ago
What can't Louie do? A truly talented person!
Nuclear ClusterFunk
the art style is not only beautiful, but one of my favorite!
Susan Franklin
Susan Franklin 2 years ago
Just wait for papa pikapetey9
Just Another Animator
Ok so i watched the pilot of coin and now it feels less of watching someone play
CatRyu 2 years ago
I'm starting to wish this was an actual game, *BY THE POWER OF KICKSTARTER*
andie owo
andie owo 2 years ago
Oooooooooh boy I think I joined a new fandom
Marie Clémence Fifi Musitu
You guys should make a cartoon and put it on Disney XD it fits perfectly
paj 2 years ago
Breath of the Wild much?
Deep Fried Oddish
Deep Fried Oddish 2 years ago
Damn, I really feel bad for the final boss. Can you imagine realizing that all you're life you've been that much of a dingus?
lilpaladin1 2 years ago
This is what happens when you fight ganon early in breath of the wild
Cactus Crew
Cactus Crew 2 years ago
This is so good!!
Dangle-Pee 2 years ago
From the very first frame, I reconized louie style. Great job as usual!!
Christina Hathaway
Christina Hathaway 2 years ago
Of course I loved it so much, it was made by Louie
AceOfROMs 2 years ago
If it's the Legend of Fuji Apple, should you be rescuing Fuji Apple instead of playing as it?
memz PF
memz PF 5 months ago
@Chips Its called Zelda cuz the main character is Zelda and he saves Princess Peach.
The Terarrianist
The Terarrianist 11 months ago
TakingAllTheLs because every Zelda is the reincarnated spirit the goddess Hylia who created the triforce
Chips Year ago
Wait why is it called the legend of Zelda if Zelda is just some weak stupid princess who got captured
Snowball Slick
Snowball Slick 2 years ago
n a h
Dutch Duk
Dutch Duk 2 years ago
I love Louie so much, this precious boy is amazing
donnythedingo 2 years ago
MrSlyRacoon 2 years ago
ThePandaFrenzy 2 years ago
Immediatly recognized Louis Zong from the thumbnail!
OwinBlazer 2 years ago
The animation is on the lower frame per second of the spectrum, but the art style is really good, and the comedy is on point. Sadly, some of the sound effects seem to be missing. Great job on the animators!
Becka G
Becka G 2 years ago
Tombocartoons 2 years ago
Awesome!! So cool that Polaris is supporting animators and giving them work now! . . . How would one apply to Polaris to get a commission?
Kevin Guzman
Kevin Guzman 2 years ago
It reminds me of the legend of Zelda, but an apple
Orenji 2 years ago
Love it
lookitslink 2 years ago
Did I hear sound clips of Ganondorf from OoT?
TerminalMontage 2 years ago
This is so gosh darn charming.
Sans From Undertale
Oh hi there
Ashman792 2 years ago
TerminalMontage [Jeremey] You probably already have heard of Louie, but if you haven't you gotta check out his channel :) Ghost Janitor is my favorite cartoon by this guy and you can almost melt just from listening to his narration during the speed draws he makes. He also does boards for CN, what a cool guy :) you two should be friends
Krystal Birdie
Krystal Birdie 2 years ago
I love Fuji apples.
LavvyWuff : Shining Seaside System
Fuji Apple uses the power of flashbacks and guilt. It's super effective!
Shawn Wasabi
Shawn Wasabi 2 years ago
justanothercatmeme 14 days ago
:0 the bois are here
i 7 months ago
@Louie Zong that's so sweet
Louie Zong
Louie Zong 2 years ago
Sandwich rock
Sandwich rock 2 years ago
Ed Burdick
Ed Burdick 2 years ago
Wow, adorable. Gorgeous art style, love the music.
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer 2 years ago
Hey these are great
Reese Hartwick
Reese Hartwick 2 years ago
Blades are for skatin, ya dingus. Ish kinda snowy.
Judgement Boy
Judgement Boy 2 years ago
i adore this!!!!!
Bob 2 years ago
i dont understand but i like it anyways
Marku s
Marku s 2 years ago
It's like a pitch probably, could be taken further, with a deeper plot, or not.
Bob 2 years ago
vi c I know that I just don't know _why_
Marku s
Marku s 2 years ago
It's a cartoon meant to resemble a video game, the apple fights a crow who's kind of a boss fight I guess. Not that deep.
Rob M
Rob M 2 years ago
Very nice animation. Was the music made for the short or can it be found somewhere? Was relaxing :P
Rob M
Rob M 2 years ago
Oh, so it is. Cheers
This is Polaris
This is Polaris 2 years ago
The composer's name is in the info, along with their Twitter, go check them out!
rileyrobin 2 years ago
Congratulation You are super animator!
Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge
Thank you for this delightful bit of tranquility Louie! Well done!
Conner Kennedy
Conner Kennedy 2 years ago
I hope all these cool animations help ya'll get back on your feet polaris
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