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Sean Connery's last movie is...well, his last movie for a reason. The comic book flop gets a lot of hate and Nostalgia Critic takes a look at why. The NC reviews, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a 2003 steampunk-dieselpunk superhero action film loosely based on the first volume of the comic book series of the same name by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill.
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Jul 11, 2018




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Comments 80
Channel Awesome
Channel Awesome 2 years ago
Please check out this week's charity - doctorswithoutborders.org/ What should the Nostalgia Critic review in the future
Josh Castro
Josh Castro 3 months ago
Channel Awesome the tuxedo, with Jackie chan. Because
Rgoid 3 months ago
Channel Awesome David Lynch’s Dune.
Geek Peak Gaming
Geek Peak Gaming 5 months ago
Big trouble in little China. Fucking love that movie.
TomeOfBattle 5 months ago
Rivaldo Villegas
Rivaldo Villegas 5 months ago
Did he do Star Trek (Remake) yet.?
Drake Darkstar
Drake Darkstar 3 hours ago
Screw you, Spider-asshole! "Foundation" is awesome.
Drake Darkstar
Drake Darkstar 3 hours ago
6:17 Not that bad after all if that guy and shooters believed him
Brian Stryker
Brian Stryker 5 hours ago
It baffles me hollywood hasn't tried rebooting this. This movie would be perfect for a netflix or amazon original series.
bamb113r Day ago
good or bad its still a fun ride
Donald Duck
Donald Duck Day ago
The Avengers of my childhood. Nowadays kids will never understand.
Mr. Goku
Mr. Goku 4 days ago
I really liked this movie!
bonnie stk
bonnie stk 7 days ago
I though jekill was ripping off the hulk
Justin 12 days ago
As someone whose a History nerd who LOVES the Cold War like situation between Britain and Germany between the Franco-Prussian War and World War One over supremacy in Europe, I didn't know that this film touched on that. I might have to give this film a try sometime, my mom likes it. I also forgot that Fogg was the name of the main character in Around the world in 80 Days but that's because it's been awhile since I played 80 Days. I didn't know Sean Connery ACTUALLY turned down those role, I thought it was just a joke for the beginning. He may be my favourite Bond but he's just an idiot for doing that. I also didn't know that Alan Moore wrote the comic that this is based off of or that there's a character from Dracula called Mina (that would explain why Bunnicula's owner is called Mina).
dari_ m
dari_ m 13 days ago
I don't think the movie was that bad...ya it was dull but it had great action scene that needed more action scenes
Halcion Koenig
Halcion Koenig 15 days ago
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good. This movie would have been great if they had pulled at Avengers, instead of pulling a Justice League, or (God forbid) a The Mummy movie.
Rachael Tinker
Rachael Tinker 17 days ago
But... The movie portrays Mina Harker as an intelligent badass who ISNT in love with or being seduced by any vampires, which means this is the most book accurate film portrayal of her I've yet seen.
swedishpsycho1 18 days ago
On paper, this movie was ahead of it's time. The Avengers of literature icons, 10 years before Marvel released the real thing. Can't really blame Connery for his choice. Bad luck
CoolKA2277 18 days ago
Did black and white people get along in the 1800's
Mystic Mallachi
Mystic Mallachi 21 day ago
I realized 14:45 into this review that I actually watched this entire movie at some point, and somehow forgot literally all of it. Still not sure if it's a case of deja vu, or not.
Endar 22 days ago
It's funny how Fate did a better job with some of these characters.
Thomas Edward-Patrick Jr.
I love this movie
rilluma 23 days ago
22.27 XDDD WTF
Jaded Jester
Jaded Jester 23 days ago
Love the S-word reference from SNL
The Unknown Guy
The Unknown Guy 25 days ago
I also know that Captain Nemo is actually not white in the novel Twenty Thousand leagues under the sea. Evidently, Hollywood whitewashed the character.
Gmail com
Gmail com 19 days ago
@The Unknown Guy 🤦‍♀️
The Unknown Guy
The Unknown Guy 19 days ago
Gmail com just stating a fact. That’s all.
Gmail com
Gmail com 19 days ago
Who cares? Stop making everything about race you obsessed bunch of weirdos
Emily Cullen
Emily Cullen 25 days ago
I actually loved this movie and recommend it.
Nostger Grrrssddc
Nostger Grrrssddc 23 days ago
Definitely. I also recommend Braveheart and The Avengers. Fun films. Highlander II is also a film. And it is possibly better than gnawing your own foot off.
Ninja Greg Show
Ninja Greg Show 26 days ago
Should have been a cross over with krimson rouge
Lena Storm
Lena Storm 27 days ago
This movie needs are reboot! With less talking, more action scenes and better chemistry between the members of the league!
Paul Shannon
Paul Shannon 27 days ago
Nostger Grrrssddc
Nostger Grrrssddc 23 days ago
@Paul Shannon That's kinda my point, a book can be interesting and worth while without necessarily being a "good" book. Besides, if I'm halfway though a book and someone asks me if it is a good book, an appropriate response is "How would I know, I haven't read it yet.".
Paul Shannon
Paul Shannon 23 days ago
@Nostger Grrrssddc i think the only real criticism is thay maybe Asimov's prose isn't exactly exciting, but that doesn't mean it's not a good book. Gustav Flaubert's Madame Bovary is a book of fiction he wrote specifically with a boring plot, but it's still an incredible book.
Nostger Grrrssddc
Nostger Grrrssddc 23 days ago
@Paul Shannon Really? I'll add it to my reading list. It's been too long, all I remember is the Mule, winning a war by not producing knives and small bits about the robot wife.
Paul Shannon
Paul Shannon 23 days ago
@Nostger Grrrssddc yes it is
Nostger Grrrssddc
Nostger Grrrssddc 23 days ago
That was my first reaction too, but then I realised... it has interesting ideas and world-building but is it really a "good" book?
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 Month ago
We did get that jekel movie....its called the hulk....lame
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 Month ago
Are the channels in venice deep enough for the sub to be submerged?
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 Month ago
I dont understand why everyone hates this movie so much....its aight
Russell Michaels
How could he be flown somewhere in 1899?
MrVercettti89 Month ago
its a masterpiece
Tamara K
Tamara K Month ago
8:27 I'm far more interested in the fact that "Crayola Kids Adventures" was a thing tbh
shaider1982 Month ago
8:20 the first time capt nemo is depicted as an Indian like in the novel.
swedishpsycho1 Month ago
To be fair, Connery went for the projects that really did look better on paper A movie about dinosaurs where you play a minor role, the park owner - or a movie about a dragon where you get to play the main attraction itself A movie about kung fu fighting without gravity - or a movie based on an old popular tv series A movie adaptation of an old Tolkien trilogy directed by a nobody - or a movie starring "the Avengers of litterature figures" directed by a big name He did have some bad luck
Juan Ignacio Montoya Vélez
Fondation of Asimov is a great book.
roxychik 06
roxychik 06 Month ago
I like A words today
Martin Hodges
Martin Hodges Month ago
I find this movie strangely relaxing.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil Month ago
The opening intro was so funny, it made me think Connery DID turn those roles in order to pass onto something else and that backfired. Pbbt! And I thought Daniel Daniel-Lewis was extremely choosy on what films he wants to do, only he made the right choices.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil Month ago
This film and The Untouchables are kind of like the same film in my eyes, seeing how both of Connery's characters participate in joining an undercover cult.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil Month ago
Doug's impression of Connery made me crack up.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil Month ago
2:11 The truth? He does. Even after battling with the director during the production who believed the film would go the exact way the studio wanted.
lord red man
lord red man Month ago
Penny dreadful is just a much better, r rated version of this movie
Zed Kinez
Zed Kinez Month ago
Actually I don't know anybody who didn't like dragonheart? It was a decent cgi flick for its time, the soundtrack was memorable and I pretty much enjoyed the storyline. Didn't actually know that it wasn't considered as a good movie up to this review.
uNs7oPaBL3 Month ago
yea im kind of glad that i don't live in the timeline where Shon Konari is actually Gandalf in WOTR ^_^
Jordan Peters
Jordan Peters Month ago
Dragonheart is AWESOME!!!
Stone Bowser2904
19:52 If Theres ever a reboot of this movie, can we have this guy in it? He’s the best part of the movie and the fight between him and Jekyll was really kickass!
altarush Month ago
Connery gets roles that have Scottish people working in them to help them.
Todd Baker
Todd Baker Month ago
I still liked the movie.
Fleet Admiral Auto
"Did you keep the same haircut all these years?"
Alex Jones
Alex Jones Month ago
Doug...buddy...he didnt call Sawyer his son. He says "I'd say you've trained him about as well as you trained your son"
MR.C&A Video911Game
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen heyaaaaa
Caitlyn Hunt
Caitlyn Hunt 2 months ago
What dumbass book are you from? I love it.
Yo Adrian Entertainment
Love this movie ❤
Jeremy Briggs
Jeremy Briggs 2 months ago
Richard Roxburgh played Sherlock Holmes once.
Donovan Phillips
Donovan Phillips 2 months ago
Why isn’t anyone mentioning that the guy who drank Hyde’s potion looks like a tank from left 4 dead.
Holly Schwinn
Holly Schwinn 2 months ago
Tamara sniffing the nail polish and smiling for a second is the most accurate thing ive ever seen
Jonny Maldonado
Jonny Maldonado 2 months ago
As someone who found this movie awesome when I was younger... I feel attacked 😅😐 (Whiny voice) "i don't 'preciate you comin after my movie like this 🥺!"
Karissa Grace
Karissa Grace 2 months ago
Recently watch this with my family because my dad liked the movie. Thank god it didn’t have a sequel it was just so boring. Cool concept and I’m sure the comics are enjoyable but this? I just couldn’t follow the story nor did I care to.
Max B
Max B 2 months ago
so I guess no one's gonna point out how the entire opening skit about Sean Connery's agent is an aggressively shameless rip-off of CollegeHumor's Hollywood agent skits? LOL at least credit the original people once you're done stealing (uhhh I mean "homaging") their jokes, like you did with the Pitch Meeting guy...
thecainmode help me
thecainmode help me 2 months ago
with a picture fucking why
ElladanKenet 2 months ago
Eh, I still like it.
Darth News
Darth News 2 months ago
Your facial expressions terrify me
Magwell 2 months ago
Hold on i just realized that the guy that recruits sean connery in the very beginning was a bad guy. Then why do they immediately ambush him? Like what was the point? Lol
justin clark
justin clark 2 months ago
So wait are all of these iconic characters public domain? Or did Alan Moore pay some kind of licensing fee for them?
Riftsighf 2 months ago
I still like Dragonheart...
Alistaire Mordyn
Alistaire Mordyn 2 months ago
Would've been cool to see one of the bad guys use Mina's blood like the other bad guys that used the invisibility potion and Hyde's potion. Like, who WOULDN'T want to use it??
Conor Cairns
Conor Cairns 2 months ago
This is worse than the film.
W33B LORD 2 months ago
I know this movie has some massive flaws but due to when it came out, I still has a place in my heart. I think the source material and concept was amazing and some of the casting choices and art detection were really good. Its just a shame it didn't receive the care it deserved in script writing and direction departments.
Damien Benn
Damien Benn 2 months ago
I'm probably one of a very few who actually enjoyed this film.🤔
Unslaadahsil 2 months ago
14:15 Critic, do you know ANYTHING about Venice? The canals are not deep enough for a submarine to stay underwater. Actually, if there's anything to critic about that scene, is that the canals might very well be too shallow for that big ass submarine to even enter them! Oh, and at 21:40 ... the guy wasn't his son, was never said to be his son, and was in no way referenced as being believed to be his son.
Unslaadahsil 2 months ago
Did Connery seriously turn down all those roles? I really liked Dragonheart, but nobody could ever say it and the other two were better than the alternatives.
Bastian 2 months ago
Found this movie interesting and enjoyable. Very underrated. ...unlike your terrible sense of fashion, and obnoxious attempts at humor.
momo penguins
momo penguins 2 months ago
mans got his knife doe
Bastian 2 months ago
@momo penguins lol, You're trying too hard.
momo penguins
momo penguins 2 months ago
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha, that was good for a laugh, but yeah sure, the 40 year old man making satirical reviews on youtube about mediocre to bad movies in a mock suit and tie is totally being edgy. This is all while ignoring the content of the video itself. But nah go ahead and elaborate, at this point I'm fairly interested in how your going to link that with edge.
Bastian 2 months ago
@momo penguins He's trying so hard to be.....
momo penguins
momo penguins 2 months ago
so edgyyyyyy
Daniel Borg
Daniel Borg 2 months ago
I think this is an unpopular oppinion but I liked this movie
JK Daniel
JK Daniel 2 months ago
I actually love this movie 😂
BluntSlapp 2 months ago
Sean Connery was supposed to be morhpeus? that would've been awesome
Micha Schulz
Micha Schulz 2 months ago
The name M was from bond yes. They took that from the comics and in the comics every charakter is a charakter of a known novel like the league itself. And so yes its Moriaty in the comics but like I said it's part of the Stil that each Charakter is taken from known novels. I hate that movie but the first 2 comics are 2 of my favorite comics
thatfockinfella Sharp
You should review your first season!!
Super Smashed Bros
Super Smashed Bros 2 months ago
I saw this movie at a furniture store while my parents chose what to buy for hours and instantly loved it lol watched it again a few weeks ago and yeah it’s a guilty pleasure for sure
Klony 2 months ago
No, actually. If he is t ruly the invisible man, you SHOULDN'T see through him. Because either he made his ENTIRE self invisible - in which case, you would see everything that is within him, including the bladder filling up and his digestive tract - but he'd be completely useless, OR, which is the much more likely explanation, he made his own cells REFRACT the light around himself, so he APPEARS invisible - i.e. the light doesn't catch on him and doesn't reflect him, but what's behind him. Like sending light around you instead of reflecting it. In the latter case, everything that goes beneath his skin becomes invisible, too.
USER_NAME1429 3 months ago
one case where the comic was better
NerdyWillowTree 3 months ago
This looks more like The strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hulk! God, I already hated that design in Van Helsing!
Rickey Carroll
Rickey Carroll 3 months ago
Dragonheart was great! Change my mind.
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