The Last Player Tried To SCAM Me and THIS Happened... (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 992
nel Kathurima
nel Kathurima 3 days ago
Perfect hair=perfect plays
YoBoiMcK 7 days ago
Razer_Red 8 days ago
12:42 did he really swear or did he say ship
I'm Diamond
I'm Diamond 10 days ago
Is nobody going to talk about he cursed
Jack 11 days ago
4:22 pause it before you press
Tim Hansejordet
Tim Hansejordet 16 days ago
Dark Icyyy
Dark Icyyy 16 days ago
Is that skin glitched bc it showed the default skin
Joey DeChico
Joey DeChico 18 days ago
ur mic is so good
Op players
Op players 19 days ago
Can you 1v1 me
Mitch Etzkin
Mitch Etzkin 20 days ago
What is the typical 1v1 etiquette in Fortnite?
Nikolas Kollias
Nikolas Kollias 20 days ago
Sypher:if you want to see the1v1 you are gonna have to see the video Everyone:skips to the 1v1 (sypher im a joke to you?)
Franky Frank
Franky Frank 22 days ago
And use code ShyperPK
mrlinky 22 days ago
Every streamer: 0 ping Shyper: 30 ping
Delmer Mejia Aguilar
4:20 he broke ur neck πŸ˜‚ur neck went sideways πŸ˜‚
Brady Smith
Brady Smith 22 days ago
Top 10 anime betrayals of all time
Ángel Morales
Ángel Morales 23 days ago
Did anyone just Skip the whole video
Nolen Kevin Romai
Nolen Kevin Romai 23 days ago
How is this scamming anyway
Nolen Kevin Romai
Nolen Kevin Romai 23 days ago
The clixbait tho lol
Joe Kim
Joe Kim 24 days ago
Yo when are they gonna release new skins for the pencil during the edit?!?!?
kamal gooddo
kamal gooddo 24 days ago
He said what happened with skill based match making you are a bot urself jk
Justin Zamora
Justin Zamora 25 days ago
Lynden Dakota
Lynden Dakota 27 days ago
I think you’re the scammer. Half of your videos are clickbail. Just awful.
Javi Garcia
Javi Garcia 28 days ago
What the fuck is this thumbnail... fuck outta here pk
King0fkings 28 days ago
I kinda feel like you didn’t have to sweat so much
King0fkings 25 days ago
durryboi yea ik he’s that good I’m just saying this video out of the rest he goes off
durryboi 25 days ago
He wasn't sweating he's just that good
Bop on Glass
Bop on Glass 28 days ago
He should have said β€œ I still see your shadows in my room, I need bandages that I can consume
Addiction 28 days ago
At 8:30 I would’ve outplayed you like the random killed ninja πŸ˜‚
durryboi 25 days ago
Infinity Dway
Infinity Dway Month ago
YOU Best player FOR me
Chidep Month ago
Next time on scammer gets scammed:
Vice 19XX
Vice 19XX Month ago
Ahh you little shit
Bulmaro Silva
Bulmaro Silva Month ago
Sypher is still curssing dam I missed a lot
Barak Schecter
Barak Schecter Month ago
Hey sypher why are you taking the scur for the purple burset aa I thought you seyd not to take the scur for the burest your bull shi..
marsh_mellow king
You are my favorite RUvidr and another reason is because you upload a lot
Samuel Azor.
Samuel Azor. Month ago
dude your a very smart player I watch u just to have your game sense
Jacob Cameron
Jacob Cameron Month ago
I wish epic games would make the edit tiles clear again. OG’s will remember!! Like if u agree
Cuttler Kluczyk
Cuttler Kluczyk 27 days ago
Yes plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
marsh_mellow king
Jacob Cameron yes bro so I can see where tf people are dude that was the best
ZILENTFY Month ago
I played it back slow he did get in the boat
ZILENTFY Month ago
In 4:20 I think u hit him with the boat and he flew or he got in the boat so that's how
Isa Alom
Isa Alom Month ago
I got a 18 Bomm today
Isa Alom
Isa Alom Month ago
Soz it was bro
Isa Alom
Isa Alom Month ago
U are a bot my brothers are better your highest kills is because they are bots
Isa Alom
Isa Alom Month ago
Surge Month ago
9:57 copyright btw πŸ˜‚
Oscar Duarte
Oscar Duarte Month ago
JustTristan- Random Gamer?
DoubleKidz Gaming
9:55 lol new juice wrld rip juice
cheff zayy aka isaiah
The iq is to high
Bryan Tran
Bryan Tran Month ago
Wait... he said β€œpoop”
Donovan Nungasak
10:00 wtf dude 100-0 rq. Did epic just magically give you heals for keeping their game alive? And you edited it out? I want to know how you made it.
VirusAbility Yeet
Me when i get a question wrong in maths 1:46
Malcolm HM
Malcolm HM Month ago
Youre a 100,000,000 iQ man
Derhan Month ago
Don’t clickbait
Low Zison
Low Zison Month ago
I understand the guy really wanted to win because I understand man i only got 2 solo wins
Mani Month ago
12:35 have a good day :)
Media Outlet
Media Outlet Month ago
SypherPK please like if you love your fans
Media Outlet
Media Outlet Month ago
Sub to khaderplayz
Media Outlet
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7h3crush3r Month ago
7h3crush3r Month ago
ACA Rapid
ACA Rapid Month ago
7:43 OWW!! I felt that.
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