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The Last Couple To Survive The Trash Bin Challenge Wins $50,000! The Prince Family Vs Nyyear & Jalyn!
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Jul 13, 2019




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Comments 5 460
THE PRINCE FAMILY 4 months ago
Should We Do Part 2, If So What Items Should We Use Next? Make Sure You Purchase Your Biannca Prince Lashes 💕www.bianncaprince.com
DOLLFACE DOMI 22 days ago
This is
Khadijah West
Khadijah West Month ago
Yeah you should 👍👍
Niah Lewis
Niah Lewis Month ago
Ebony Cooper
Ebony Cooper 2 months ago
Kiyona Nelson - what do you need to tell them?...... love you x
Ebony Cooper
Ebony Cooper 2 months ago
Dorothy Sellers f you
Deziyah Barnes
Deziyah Barnes 6 hours ago
Go. Team
Elmer Salzr
Elmer Salzr 23 hours ago
The prince family is gong to win
Destiny Pollard
Red them win
Casey Mcgath
Casey Mcgath Day ago
Y'all lit
Dwayne Bucknor
Dwayne Bucknor 2 days ago
Good prank
James Mack
James Mack 3 days ago
Hey this is serenity i love our videos
Aubree&Mucci World
Binnca and jaylan look like they can be sisters
jurrian zunder
jurrian zunder 3 days ago
Milk with salt
porsha_queen XD
porsha_queen XD 3 days ago
Rice,soup,jelly, dog food, and fluffy stuff animal
Lydia Manenge
Lydia Manenge 4 days ago
Damine fell but they didn't show when he got out of the muster
Boyce Diseko
Boyce Diseko 5 days ago
Dog pop
Gialiyah Brown
Gialiyah Brown 5 days ago
20:49 Biancaaaaaa😂😂😂😂
Alexzander Cook
Alexzander Cook 6 days ago
Kylie America
Kylie America 6 days ago
Prince family you are nore talented than them
Kinyatta Jones
Kinyatta Jones 6 days ago
J Fenton
J Fenton 6 days ago
Get some merchandise
move like a snake
Ok Damian I see the waves flowing
freddie walker
freddie walker 7 days ago
Good job Prince family good job congratulations for the 50,000 y'all are Gucci
Autumn Duggan
Autumn Duggan 8 days ago
Put bog shit in one
Autumn Duggan
Autumn Duggan 8 days ago
Please do a nother one
Vlogs with Kenzie
Python snakes roches rats armadillos crabs algolator
Mehkya White
Mehkya White 10 days ago
Oh yea they won
Lee-Wesley Smith III
Biannca look 17 in the intro
Fallon Woods
Fallon Woods 10 days ago
Red team win
Fallon Woods
Fallon Woods 10 days ago
Red team win
Tanika Cade
Tanika Cade 10 days ago
team prince
Tyrone Boyd
Tyrone Boyd 10 days ago
Jaylyn jumpshot better than nyyears
Shae Boo
Shae Boo 11 days ago
Shae Boo
Shae Boo 11 days ago
Shae Boo
Shae Boo 11 days ago
wendy gaspar
wendy gaspar 11 days ago
next time worms
Kc Berry
Kc Berry 11 days ago
Yeah hit the Wawa boy
Kc Berry
Kc Berry 11 days ago
Bro this is lit
Russell Smith
Russell Smith 11 days ago
Yes part 2
Yne Hut
Yne Hut 11 days ago
Pro Ahad
Pro Ahad 12 days ago
😉when biancca screamed at the starting of the vid she wasted all my play time😓😓😓
Taylor Ramos
Taylor Ramos 12 days ago
Red team
Jane Wanjiru
Jane Wanjiru 12 days ago
U I'm yours fan
Jaz Z
Jaz Z 12 days ago
Prince family forever ❤❤❤😍
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