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Screen Rant
Screen Rant 2 years ago
Thanks for watching! Check out this awesome video on 10 Things The BLACK PANTHER Movie ALREADY Got Right from our friends at CBR: ruvid.net/video/video-V71ezfwoT6g.html
CG21 DINO 2 days ago
I watch CBR a lot
Jacky Broken Legs
Jacky Broken Legs 6 months ago
nate reim j. I. I I I. I. Ikii i
Chad A
Chad A Year ago
Seems you missed that it sucked extremely bad. Not worth the video Screenrant Disney shill.
Robert Frost
Robert Frost Year ago
The most important thing you missed from The Last Jedi, a good story.
Patrick Wentzell
They should add more scenes to Star Wars movies I mean we need them to be longer because fans loves action no one cares about the real world entertainment matters more than boring safety or politics. So come on magic happening come on I'm anxious leRAs make it happen. now look Disney must quit the chopping down movie time they chopping broccoli they is chopping that broccoli he's chopping broccolah RA RA RA RA RA..RA RA RA RA RA...RA RA LA LA LAHHHHHHHH. CHI CHA CHI CHA CHI CHABAAACAAAAAH Chibacalahhhh Chibalackalahhhhhah.
Rylan L
Rylan L 3 days ago
Emoji movie
Agata Lynch
Agata Lynch Month ago
Jairus Cheung
Jairus Cheung Month ago
Oliver Kearns
Oliver Kearns Month ago
It’s the emoji movie
Oogie Month ago
If you think raddus is better than akbar “it’s a trap”
I like Ackabar more than Raddus because of the line “it’s a trap!”
Nicole Souter
Nicole Souter 2 months ago
Emoji film
Andrew Ruelas
Andrew Ruelas 2 months ago
I vote ackbar
Zack Kruisselbrink
Zack Kruisselbrink 2 months ago
Ackbar forever
Its AJP 2 months ago
8:29 Yeah if u didn’t know this prior that they do it in every film Are u really a Star Wars fan
David Donovan
David Donovan 2 months ago
Emoji movie
aziz aldosari
aziz aldosari 2 months ago
diegobear6916 2 months ago
Admiral acebal i love when he said it a trap
diegobear6916 2 months ago
Who is cmmander raddus
The ridiculous Rex
The ridiculous Rex 2 months ago
It’s the emoji movie
Ethan John
Ethan John 3 months ago
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 3 months ago
Han got his dice in solo from lando calrissian, if I remember right
Tanja Piira
Tanja Piira 3 months ago
The twixs movie was emoji movie
Julie McWhirter
Julie McWhirter 3 months ago
Emoji movie
Eduardo Swaby
Eduardo Swaby 3 months ago
William Ollinger
William Ollinger 3 months ago
one thing i did not miss was a second bad movie
Mike & Ike Films
Mike & Ike Films 3 months ago
Theory: Remember that guy in Rogue One that told Vader that The Director arrived? Y’know, that old man? What if Vader thought him to use the force, and he ACTUALLY is Snoke? maybe that’s why snoke has a part of the cave in Vader’s castle!
Leo Leppänen
Leo Leppänen 3 months ago
Maybe emoji film
Julio Gomez
Julio Gomez 3 months ago
Emojis movie
Sidali Boualbani
Sidali Boualbani 3 months ago
Imiji mivie Émoji movie
Lucy Nevill
Lucy Nevill 3 months ago
Happy film
LEGO Yoda Movies13
LEGO Yoda Movies13 4 months ago
Emoji movie
Kamren Cotter
Kamren Cotter 4 months ago
The ghost is in Rogue one from the Star Wars Rebels TV show
Terrorizervi YT
Terrorizervi YT 4 months ago
Emoji movie
The Same Wolf
The Same Wolf 4 months ago
Emoji movie
jonnywolfpack awesome
"I've got a bad feeling about this"
Chez Mcdave
Chez Mcdave 5 months ago
Wait what Akbar was raduses top supporter they were both good friends
Chez Mcdave
Chez Mcdave 5 months ago
Rey the untrained Jedi training Jedi
Braden's Star wars channel
I guess the emoji is it I love this movie
Art and Science E.F.J
THOMAS FOLSOM 6 months ago
emoje movie
Oisín McKenna
Oisín McKenna 6 months ago
The emoji movie
Jennifer Blaylock
Jennifer Blaylock 6 months ago
It's a trap!
Heather Gignac
Heather Gignac 6 months ago
Emoji movie
T-Wrecks 6 months ago
Anyway I’ve watched them all
Lucan King
Lucan King 6 months ago
I have a question? (is Finn mace windu’s son she do exactly the same skills mace windu do!
Ollie’s Trains
Ollie’s Trains 6 months ago
It’s because emperor Palpatine is Snoke
Svxzy 6 months ago
The dice came from Hans girlfriend in Solo
脚踏实地 6 months ago
You forgot the mysterious kid at the end you numbnuts!
FuzzyD1ce 6 months ago
Emoji Movie
Jenn Bjorson
Jenn Bjorson 6 months ago
Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood 6 months ago
Watching this after the rise of sky Walker it’s pretty spot on
Kevin o'hagan
Kevin o'hagan 6 months ago
Vade4:I am your...farther Me when I just finished watch revenge of the sixth:YA KILLED YOUR WIFE LOOK YOU LET YOUR SON LIVE A BAD LIVE OF...PAIN
Cassandra Cable
Cassandra Cable 6 months ago
Alex Dimopoulos
Alex Dimopoulos 6 months ago
Qi'ra give Han the dice in Solo a Star Wars story
Jon Maier
Jon Maier 6 months ago
Speaking of the dice, remember Bob Falfa's dice hanging from the rear view of his 55 Chevy? A little foreshadowing...
Jaedon Lundall
Jaedon Lundall 6 months ago
I'm sad because the star wars saga will end soon
John Blanner
John Blanner 6 months ago
Elias Heabel
Elias Heabel 6 months ago
Emoji movie
LGMoney 09
LGMoney 09 6 months ago
Good boi
Good boi 6 months ago
i liked how lukes xwing was underwater showing that he never wanted to leave the island
Mariano 6410
Mariano 6410 6 months ago
I think it is emoji movie like if you thought it was the same thing
INSANEgamer 2008
INSANEgamer 2008 6 months ago
Emoji movie
Madam Matthew
Madam Matthew 6 months ago
0:39 emoji movie
Llewelyn Colebourn
Llewelyn Colebourn 6 months ago
emoji move?
Magsegdjmo Orion
Magsegdjmo Orion 7 months ago
Episodes 7 and 8 are trash. 9 will more than likely be trash. Star Wars ended when Lucas sold it.
Logic Cloud
Logic Cloud 7 months ago
Those dice were first found in the movie solo That’s how he got them watch the movie it’s good
Gabriel Smith
Gabriel Smith 7 months ago
Emoji movie
Rozario Arriaga
Rozario Arriaga 7 months ago
That is a black kyber crystal
Amy Daughenbaugh
Amy Daughenbaugh 7 months ago
What is the emoji movie
Kayllon Cline
Kayllon Cline 7 months ago
it's over anakin i have the high ground
Redrocketboy420 7 months ago
You guys hard up for that ad money, huh? 4 ads in a 10 minute video.... That's on par with live tv. But not as entertaining lol
revenant boss
revenant boss 7 months ago
admiral backbar is better
Alexander Ferch
Alexander Ferch 7 months ago
Admiral Ackbar is obviously the best
ZiplineShazam 7 months ago
8 important things that I will never watch again.
Mistakes Bis & bis
Mistakes Bis & bis 7 months ago
mai da fors bi wit yuu
Ethan Rippeon
Ethan Rippeon 7 months ago
herrlogan17 7 months ago
You know, I totally missed a good script.
Joury Van Haren
Joury Van Haren 7 months ago
AAdmiral agbar
Tor Haakon Amlien
Tor Haakon Amlien 7 months ago
Where was sithlord misa?
Michima 7 months ago
The film was terrible.
Onestop Funstop
Onestop Funstop 7 months ago
We all missed Disney/ABC hiding and protecting Jeffrey Epstein's Pedophile ring. As well as promoting Jussie Smollett and his Fake Lynching. As well as promoting forced Sex Change Operations on Children.
Spencer Millet
Spencer Millet 7 months ago
Ackbar for life
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