The Last (and First) Folding Phone!

Marques Brownlee
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Second impressions of the last folding phone standing! BUT AT WHAT COST?
weird flex but ok
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Jul 20, 2019




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Comments 100
Abdelhakim K
Abdelhakim K 6 days ago
A lesson to learn here : never hire a bad hands on agents. MKBHD charged fire on this because of that 😂😂😂😂
Mveledzo T
Mveledzo T 8 days ago
Just imagine sitting down on a bench forgetting that, the phone is in your jeans 👖 back pocket 😭
Cole Farina
Cole Farina 9 days ago
This phone is literally cosplaying as one of those accordion buses lol
Mr.Chile 9 days ago
Everytime he unfolds the phone, he looks like he's about to vomit
Gaq 10 days ago
MKBHD: this is the last one. 1 year later: so you've thought.
DinoDudeRocket 10 days ago
GamePlaySir 11 days ago
Ah yes "phone".
Hasan Imtiaz
Hasan Imtiaz 11 days ago
Who else thought it's a wallet from the thumbnail?
Mastar Animations
Mastar Animations 11 days ago
Fake. Other companies like iPhone and nextbit have already made foldables
la sañia
la sañia 9 days ago
No this was the first
shutseal7206 12 days ago
Normally with Plainrock124…
Red_Light_ 12 days ago
This feels more like a physical digital book precursor, if that makes sense. The rubber, I’m not touching it so idk the quality. But it seems like everything else it’s ideal; except extreme heat. As an Arizonan, I’m still waiting for a normal smartphone that can be used atleast 105F normally. But most of the best weather rubber components for outdoor things, (chairs, awnings, wheels [not quite cars], etc.), have an extremely limited life compared to elsewhere in terms of looks & usability. That $h!+ can’t survive 1 summer in the car out here is my bet.
salam 3000
salam 3000 15 days ago
Do phone companies always take the phones they gave to review?wat diffrent one phone would make to such big companies !!?
Dylan Woodrow
Dylan Woodrow 16 days ago
It’s just missing an Apple logo, then it becomes revolutionary
Random Stuff With Rayhan Shaik
In case you were watching this to see if you should buy it, fuck you
Viper Gaming
Viper Gaming 19 days ago
Well that was a lie
Kim Taehyeontan
Kim Taehyeontan 20 days ago
huawei mate xs
Hannie A.G
Hannie A.G 20 days ago
And Samsung just launched the another new Folding phone. What now Marq? Haha
derp loveee
derp loveee 21 day ago
1:31 imagine if he accidentally fliped it the wrong way..
Chr07 22 days ago
Best Intro
TheHive 24 days ago
folding in is better than folding out Mate X: I beg you pardon?
Shamsudheen Puthukkidi
Hi. I:m from kerala
Komrade Komicz
Komrade Komicz 26 days ago
Boy was he wrong with the title...
Jacob Cakob
Jacob Cakob 27 days ago
I'd rather stick with my Nokia Brick
The Weird Stufff
The Weird Stufff 29 days ago
MKBHD:What will these look like in 5 more years from today Me: Most probably it'll look almost the same as now but with a bitten apple symbol😂
ArQ-YEYI Month ago
Oooohhh the front folding try was sooooo brutal!!!
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel Month ago
Want the last but ok
Atharv Month ago
Ngl that baby mode seems really creative.
iGoSouth c:
iGoSouth c: Month ago
VenomShot Month ago
`it kind of makes a noise when you touch it the wrong way`
I'm Unstoppable
I'm Unstoppable Month ago
This is awful
I'm Unstoppable
I'm Unstoppable Month ago
Right now faldable phone is 2 phones that share desame srceen (galaxy fold) (galaxy z flip) and some others but this is dithirent
Nakadu Month ago
2:50 .....sounds like a girl I know
Gagey Boy
Gagey Boy Month ago
And I Oop
Sayef Motawasset
1:32 😬😬😬
JMotion Month ago
Royole really tried to kill folding phones before they even took off, huh?
sonu tiwari
sonu tiwari Month ago
A man tried to fold a nokia in Arizona *ARIZONA CRATER WAS FORMED*
Will Russell
Will Russell Month ago
I can see these things going the same way as the 3D tv, everyone is impressed with them initially but they just never take off. We just aren’t anywhere near the technological level to make this practical for most people, maybe in 15-20 years the tech will catch up with the concept but idk. Right now, and for the foreseeable future these things are like the Jeep Pickup which fail as a Jeep and truck, these fail as a phone and tablet.
Dib Saliba
Dib Saliba Month ago
Lets just say its trash
bohb ew
bohb ew Month ago
iPad Pro was the best foldable device
dabaconroblox 2 months ago
What about the flip-phone
Al96 2 months ago
Royole needs to learn from Boeing's 🇺🇸 big mistake!!!
Raphael Barninka
Raphael Barninka 2 months ago
0:11 - “Weird Flex” you got me there
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew 2 months ago
What a ridiculous idea for a phone! How did that pass all those tests? If I want a screen that big, I’ll get a damn tablet.
BB 2 months ago
Marques talkng about the baby mode in the camera app is the CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!
Raymond Paenga
Raymond Paenga 2 months ago
I feel your disappointment this is a stupid phone
Vera theBanana
Vera theBanana 2 months ago
Just like with every other folding phone, this one leaves me asking... "What's the point?"
Peyton Alig
Peyton Alig 2 months ago
The beginning clip 😂
No Name
No Name 2 months ago
The title of this video didn’t age well.
Kezia Goodman
Kezia Goodman 2 months ago
it is very ugly.
Lavguitar 2 months ago
Wow you have a good mic
Arillyzo 2 months ago
No u
HydroAlphaX Hybrid
HydroAlphaX Hybrid 2 months ago
When I hear flexpai, I thought it was flex pie that flex on other phone.
Jamil Hijab
Jamil Hijab 2 months ago
I like the fold better then this
Såint Lùçifér
Såint Lùçifér 2 months ago
Kinda makes weird noises when you touch it the wrong way😂😂
Usama Mughal
Usama Mughal 2 months ago
Why would you even want a foldable phone , it’s just not necessary 😴
jensen hughes
jensen hughes 2 months ago
What is the point in a folding phone, just get an ipad 🤦🏽 just unnecessary and easy to break
Jatin Singhal
Jatin Singhal 2 months ago
That rotation problem is the drawback of android because android allows to rotate in 3 sides not the 4th one.
ODINO_BOI 2 months ago
Least did he know...(galaxy z flip/Motorola razr 2019)
MCAlexis The TCF Fan est. 2020
"The Last (and First) Folding Phone!" I'm really confused about if something that is the FIRST AND LAST REALLY exists...
Jaxson Smith
Jaxson Smith 2 months ago
And I oop really 😂
Bassel Kabbani
Bassel Kabbani 2 months ago
it's too slow and looks very fragile and ugly
Nick The stick
Nick The stick 3 months ago
Flip phones, am I a joke to you?
TheTechChannel 1
TheTechChannel 1 3 months ago
When you’ve pronounced the company’s name as “Royale” for a year. But you just find out it’s actually produced “Royole”
Mr.TunaFish14 3 months ago
Z flip
Brogle 3 months ago
Huh! "The last"
lior abarjil
lior abarjil 3 months ago
Where can I buy it ???
Devansh Jain
Devansh Jain 3 months ago
"wierd flex but...ok"
Rakibul Islam Rafin
Rakibul Islam Rafin 3 months ago
The title of this video was really funny 😂😂
Henry Lin
Henry Lin 3 months ago
tmfx _
tmfx _ 3 months ago
MarkASS Brownie
ESC Toni
ESC Toni 3 months ago
w e i r d
Dr.KarMichael And Jones
0:51 🥧
Xman 3 months ago
Well this video didn’t age well
Adrian Tutorials
Adrian Tutorials 3 months ago
What about the flip z
Bluestone380 3 months ago
what camera do you use? It looks really clear
Melika•ملیکا 3 months ago
I thought it said Royal Flex Pie.
Carlo Lim
Carlo Lim 3 months ago
Call it a Phablet or Tablone
Oscar Holst
Oscar Holst 3 months ago
There will always be a bunch of ppl buying this so they can flex on others cuz its new design and unique, even tho the phone sucks
Ajay Randolph
Ajay Randolph 3 months ago
That fold can last up to 200,000 folds so 7 years of everyday use
Joseph Tian
Joseph Tian 3 months ago
him: I need to fold my phone weird flex is it no pun intended
It's me
It's me 3 months ago
Flip phones : Am I a joke to you?
Rockenar 3 months ago
Humans cant be impress yall want to much just fuck off the phone looks sexy as fuck
Nexus5 Google
Nexus5 Google 3 months ago
I like having one side not rotate. It helps when sleeping on the side with landscape mode.
xXLengxing GamingXx
xXLengxing GamingXx 3 months ago
Escobar inc has some innorpropriate advertisement
Icy Diamond
Icy Diamond 3 months ago
What’s the point of having a folding phone?
Frag44 3 months ago
2:51 that’s what she did /said lol
Alex christensen
Alex christensen 3 months ago
Its the last becus not many want it
The Water Boy
The Water Boy 3 months ago
2:50 😏😏😏
Parry 3 months ago
Wolfpack44 //
Wolfpack44 // 3 months ago
2:51 - "kind of makes some noises sometimes when u touch it the wrong way..." Me : uh huh 🤔
XD_iiMike 3 months ago
Oof I have 2 phone that can flip Flip phone
Parry 3 months ago
Winterz 3 months ago
I got an Linustechtip on Pulseway ad
Adam Cavill
Adam Cavill 3 months ago
Ever heard of a flip phone
- tnt498 -
- tnt498 - 3 months ago
Then they come out with samsung fold ;-;
Darth Lukas
Darth Lukas 3 months ago
You lira
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump 3 months ago
*M* *D* *K* *H* *B*
warningscaries 3 months ago
I love this guy's channel, he explains things so well
Mushu 3 months ago
“They Last (and First) Folding Phone” Razr and Z Flip:
Bad Username Creator
No, it sure wasn't the last.
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