The Last (and First) Folding Phone!

Marques Brownlee
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Second impressions of the last folding phone standing! BUT AT WHAT COST?
weird flex but ok
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Jul 20, 2019




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Comments 8 894
iiDiscolobster 8 hours ago
And the Galaxy z flip exists
Gentrit Aliu
Gentrit Aliu Day ago
plot twist:royal flex pie isnt gonna be the last folding phone
Kowshik Noor
Kowshik Noor 2 days ago
I actually like this form fast or better because it has tablet-like aspect ratios. I couldn’t say the same for the Galaxy fold
lol human
lol human 2 days ago
NO EVERY PHONE IS FOLDABLE (if your strong enough)
lol human
lol human 2 days ago
onii-chan's manko
Maybe they will make a razor or a Samsung z that folds
Bryant Rodriguez
Bryant Rodriguez 2 days ago
Wrong the title is fucking wrong
Swirl 4 days ago
Whos here after the z flip
GLITCH 7 days ago
Samsung: Hold my nano-tech gorilla flexibel glass flip phone
Luke Power
Luke Power 8 days ago
Who's idea was it to have the screen on the outside what were they thinking
Mighty_Potato69 9 days ago
That thing is ugly.
The Artsy
The Artsy 9 days ago
Marquse: the first and the last folding phone Flip phones: am I a joke to you
MrNerf Gaming
MrNerf Gaming 10 days ago
the last and first folding phone samsung galaxy fold: am i a joke to u???
Midigiskir 04
Midigiskir 04 11 days ago
Samsung flod is batter.
Rhyce Xu
Rhyce Xu 11 days ago
Doesn’t look like Apple!
Siyamthanda Sihoyiya
How about Huawei huh? Im commenting with my 512GB Huawei Fold
Aanya Menon
Aanya Menon 12 days ago
And I opp
Zsadist Mjolnirborn
flexpai: we are gonna dominate!!!! ZTE: HOLD MY BEER BRO
Graded 14 days ago
“The last and first foldable phone” Flip phone: Am I a joke to you?
Elvis A. Presley
Elvis A. Presley 12 hours ago
Mr Shikigami and yet ... here you are
Elvis A. Presley
Elvis A. Presley 12 hours ago
Mr Shikigami this is foldable phone the other were FLIP phones . Get it right ya twat
Mr Shikigami
Mr Shikigami 3 days ago
Graded how the fuck people keep watching his useless content? he just talks and talks and fucking nothing
IDontBegForLikes 14 days ago
Flip Phone be like Samsung You Ain’t Slick
Dionte' McBride
Dionte' McBride 15 days ago
Mozzman 15 days ago
The Last? Dickhead!!
Diane Stephens
Diane Stephens 15 days ago
This on was almost rec on my bd
Nightbot 16 days ago
Seeing in 2020
PianoLlama PL
PianoLlama PL 16 days ago
CaesarSlippers 17 days ago
Nah, the Nokia e90 is still better imo
jake ladd
jake ladd 17 days ago
Seinfeld wallets hurt backs
Randeep Singh
Randeep Singh 17 days ago
Kobi Carter
Kobi Carter 18 days ago
FBI 19 days ago
Gimme one sec I just gotta *unfold my phone*
Baba Booey
Baba Booey 20 days ago
I think it's pretty cool for a V1 item. You're a bit hard on it...
Lord_Unknown 27
Lord_Unknown 27 21 day ago
I guess he's wrong
Anonymous Ninja
Anonymous Ninja 22 days ago
Mia Deyell
Mia Deyell 23 days ago
What about the one lg phone that's got two screens and folds???
MoonSizzling 16 days ago
*laughs in nintendo DS*
Nav 24 days ago
no offense to marques but that was the shittiest joke of 2019
nokia e71
nokia e71 24 days ago
Want a consept from us?
Styx 24 days ago
So imagine a case for this phone
Anonymous Chicken
Anonymous Chicken 25 days ago
Imagine him getting copyright claimed because of the verse *"but at what cost"*
Royale dejdmlvr
Royale dejdmlvr 25 days ago
I think the main goal wasn’t to be good, but just to get$$, like, if new tech ideas are booming, unpopular companies get to profit from this because people are just eager to get new tech no matter if the build sucks or materials used are cheap
allmightynoob 26 days ago
Folding phones just aren't practical
TheRadioactiveBanana-Brawl Stars
Romello Romel
Romello Romel Month ago
The motorola razr is very cool... not very powerful but very very cool
Romello Romel
Romello Romel Month ago
That phone is hideous
Just A Nugget
Just A Nugget Month ago
Ppl need to quite calling these a phone? It’s basically an android folding tablet that u can make calls on. When I see these devices I don’t get phone.
Victoria Thomas
Victoria Thomas Month ago
Personally i think this phone is trash
Viper TheLegend
Viper TheLegend Month ago
"it makes some noises when you touch it the wrong way" okay how did I get here?
Bum wad
Bum wad Month ago
Bruh you should just cut it in half and get to phones
Imagine that you are watching a porn on that thing,and someone broke into your room 0_+
Pedro Cavaco
Pedro Cavaco Month ago
awful looking
Foximations Studios
I like how the intro is ASMR
BOTFrosty Month ago
Good luck for the fuckers trying to make a protective screen for that
Me Myself And I
Me Myself And I Month ago
Phone: Leave the device unfolded, when you are charging the battery OR YOU WILL NOT USE THE DEVICE FOR A WHILE Me: Okay MUM
Creatively Living
markass brownie
Sh4d0w Month ago
First foldable phone : I am the greatest and only folding phone. iPhone 6/6+ : am I a joke to u ?
Matei Panzariu
Matei Panzariu Month ago
*You dare challange me mortal?
Elisabeth Case
Elisabeth Case Month ago
Nokia: Am I a joke too you?
Kizzy K
Kizzy K Month ago
Just subscribed great video fella.
Marcus Ayers
Marcus Ayers Month ago
User X-751
User X-751 Month ago
What does “AND I OOP” mean? Pause at 1:33
cwazy345 Month ago
Jasmine Masters
Alookks Month ago
title sure didn’t hold up
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