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The FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast crew discusses the latest developments in the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against President Trump. They talk about what we learned from the summary of the call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and what to make of the congressional testimony of acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire.
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Sep 26, 2019




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Colleen Punt
Colleen Punt 3 months ago
There was nothing wrong with the call to the Ukraine....Trump did not use the aid to pressure the Ukraine...that call had nothing to do with Biden....it was about corruption in the 2016 election....the Ukraine President said there was nothing wrong with the call. The Democrats are the ones abusing power....there was nothing impeachable in that call...do your job properly. Read the transcript...stop promoting lies....your swallowing the Cool-aid.....Trump is the only thing standing in the way of the take down of the USA. Take down Trump and the USA will be finished, behind the US, the whole world will fall.Look up Rosa Koire...2030 Agenda Agends 21.....UN Agenda for the 21st century...She also wrote a book....Behind The Green Mask....Agenda 21 is the take down of our world...it will not be pretty....look up the Georgia Guide Stones....check their 10 commandment one entry is to keep the population under 500, million world wide...it is the killing off of the population. Climate change is part of the UN Agenda, Open Borders etc....I have to ask you what would happen if there was a giant CO2 spill on planet earth...the planet would get Greener....what would happen to a Lobster and a crab, with high CO2 in their habited? they would double in size. CO2 does not affect Climate....Carbon is the life's blood of a plant....Climate Change is a deception to keep all eyes off of what they are doing....Geo-engineering our weather...where they dump tons of heavy metals on us every day...this has been happening for the past 70 years....our planet can no longer sustain the heavy metals...the heavy metals is causing Methane gas that has been capped in ice down through the centuries to be released...the Methane Gas is encasing out planet in glass...NASA put out a report that said the planet will have a 100 year drought....the heavy metals is destroying our eco system....thanks to Geo-engineering our weather.Nasty Pelosi, and Shifty Adam are both lying too you....this is not an impeachment it is a Coup...it started before Trump stepped into office....read the actual transcript....Shifty is corrupted and should not be running this hearing, he is refusing to allow the Republican to cross exam.....Maria Yovanovitch is not a witness, she is a CIA operative....look what Shifty is doing to Elise Stefanik he is refusing to allow her to cross examine...dirty Shifty has shut her down....why because he is afraid of her, she will expose what dirty shifty doesn't want exposed....this whole democrat fraud is a disgrace....Hitler took control of his media to get his agenda passed....the same thing has happened today, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, ABC, CBS, the Democrat Propaganda Networks.....Joe Biden's Crimes have gone back 30 years....he's been padding his pockets. he is crooked and compromised...is that what kind of a President you want?Al Green said we have to impeach him if we don't He (Trump) will win in 2020...that is what this is all about...It's a con Job. Mueller was out to remove Trump....he did everything he could possibly do to destroy Trump...and he found nothing...Trump's campaign was clean....the corruption was on the democrat side....Just wait until the Durham report comes out....maybe you had better ;look into it..The one thing that has happened since Trump won the White house....he is exposing the crimes of the deep state....they hate him because of it.....every thing the democrats accuse Trump of doing they are doing. What have the Democrats done since they took control over Congress....they have done absolutely nothing for their constituents since they took the Congress...the only thing they have worked on is removing our dually elected President from office....Trump doesn't even take a salary....he and his whole family work at the White house for free....he takes all this horrible abuse....look at the Trump economy.....what this man has achieved since he took office, with all the abuse, with all the blocking him,....the democrats and their crooked media don't want you to know what he has done...they could never come close to what he has done for the country....he is doing what he does because he loves the country and it's people....he came in to fix the country....and you bunch of snakes....doing what you are doing ...shame on you.....it's biting the hand that's feeding you....killing the goose that laid the golden egg. Why don't you get off your high horse and have a look at what President Trump has actually done for the USA? Then look into what the stupid sick democrats are doing...or are you so stupidly blind you don't want to see it?
Walter Burton
Walter Burton 5 months ago
juan broht
juan broht 5 months ago
Trump 2020
DianeMRPD 5 months ago
Chris Jensen
Chris Jensen 5 months ago
7:57 “did Rs find it (the complaint) as interesting as we did?” Objectivity much?
Apples & Oranges
Apples & Oranges 5 months ago
I don't appreciate the parody. What you have is hearsay and is inadmissible in a court of law it is no different than me saying I heard that Adam shift had sex with Nancy Pelosi.
Everett Thomas
Everett Thomas 5 months ago
You three are just one limb on the gossip Tree Believe what you hear not what you read get educated
Cliff Work
Cliff Work 5 months ago
John Smith
John Smith 5 months ago
Lastly, you are not news, you guys are political and bias.
John Smith
John Smith 5 months ago
I'm sorry but that girl does not know what shes talking about, and you guys are just winging it. You're are creating a story and adding details that do not exist, from someone who heard something and didnt know the real details. Amateurs. If you went to college ik sorry it did not pay off.
Jonathan Kellis
Jonathan Kellis 5 months ago
Cherry-pick, imply, assume, omit, distort, exagerate, out of context and "allegedly appears like" spin.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 5 months ago
None of that is accurate. Take your blood pressure medication.
Alex Schwarz
Alex Schwarz 5 months ago
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 5 months ago
Nah, it's spot on.
TheJagjr4450 5 months ago
Details in the call log which include the person's on the call are disputed by the State Department, second, the ICIG regulations STATE that THE IG WILL NOT ACCEPT SECOND HAND ACCOUNTS, ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE FIRST HAND INFORMATION BY REGULATION.
Vic 5 months ago
538 in glorious 60 frames per second ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Danny Pockets
Danny Pockets 5 months ago
I'm so sick of American journalists falling to pieces over the pronunciation of unfamiliar foreign names. Your one job is communication with language! You can't take five minutes to figure out with google how a name is correctly pronounced? Surely there is an intern in every news room who can be assigned this responsibility.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 5 months ago
Danny Pockets You're the one who said it was their one job. Apparently your opinion is as worthless as the random RUvid comments you criticize.
Danny Pockets
Danny Pockets 5 months ago
@E. C. Oh I didn't realise that the youtube comments section was meant to be limited to only the most pressing and urgent issues of the day. Thanks for the tip off!
E. C.
E. C. 5 months ago
Of all the issues, I think pronouncing a foreign leader name that is not commonly discussed is like #453 on my list. I think the substance of this discussion is far more important. This seems like some elitist Grammar Police critique.
Jesse Wu
Jesse Wu 5 months ago
We gonna have daily emergency podcasts now?
Petr Mořic
Petr Mořic 5 months ago
If Nibiru ever heads for Earth and we have 6 weeks before getting obliterated the daily emergency podcast will make it all worth it tbh
kdh 5 months ago
kinda weird but the news is rapidly unfolding and new poll numbers are coming in
Lucas Sweitzer
Lucas Sweitzer 5 months ago
Is anyone else seeing pretty significant audio/video sync issues? It seems like the audio is almost a half-second behind the video. I'm super happy 538 is posting videos of their podcasts, but the sync problems make it difficult to watch.
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 5 months ago
I thought it was just me.
E. C.
E. C. 5 months ago
It could be worse. Maybe they have since fixed it, or I am just not seeing it as being that much of a delay.
randomexcuse 5 months ago
Yep looks about 8-10 frames out
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