The Largest Bird Sculpture In The World

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Sculpture: ruvid.net/video/video-RM2romKkfnU.html
Bat Dog: ruvid.net/video/video-AhFQV3Pss90.html
Goal: ruvid.net/video/video-xonx2cLhliE.html
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Helicopter: instagram.com/p/BwD2wnzlRZV/
Disappearing: instagram.com/p/BwPg5h0i98p/
Dog Licking: ruvid.net/video/video-wzube3K71O0.html
Geoglyph: ruvid.net/video/video-coKYbWO9fu0.html
Dog Fail: ruvid.net/video/video-epI7a87GzaU.html
Red by Scott Buckley soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0
Music promoted by Audio Library ruvid.net/video/video-mN5TUQsVGoQ.html
Roads by LiQWYD soundcloud.com/liqwyd
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0
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Roc by 音樂人 鄧世傑【Musician D4J】 soundcloud.com/musician-d4j
Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported - CC BY 3.0
Music promoted by Audio Library ruvid.net/video/video-gzMD-E1VCZA.html
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Comments 100
Jimin is a smol lil mochi
0:25 when thanos snapped his fingers. 0:31 when hulk snapped his fingers
• Slim3slimeyy •
0:25 What happened when Thanos snapped his fingers
DumbGirls Life
DumbGirls Life 11 hours ago
I love this channel so much!❤️
Mangia Gon
Mangia Gon 12 hours ago
It’s the size of my finger dude
Simon Lanuzo
Simon Lanuzo 13 hours ago
He's the only one who doesn't clickbait...
My YouTube channel got hacked
0:25 Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good *pulls out an uno reverse card*
Breadmold 18 hours ago
2:33 um sir, that's not how you use a helicopter... pls don't crash
Ejduwjndjdnwnendndeje 5
1:35 Wooww what is that trick called I don’t even think any dog can do that
Alpha Winter
Alpha Winter 19 hours ago
Chi chi chi! Le le le! Viva Chile!
My Mountain Of Cheese
Nobody: Spider man: 0:25
Alexander Flores
0:26 “Mr. Stark I’d not feel so good”
Magnus Alexandersson
0:47 The cute dog is just trying to do its job so that guy is an asshole he deserved it
The Unknown Camel
pause at 2:14 there is no Australia 😱
k b
k b Day ago
That bird structure is Just 9 km from my house
Joseph Haynes
Austin Gay
Austin Gay Day ago
Flying a helicopter in any Battlefield game 2:33
That One Memer
0:24 *_mr. daily dose, I don't feel so good_*
Person who eats Chips
Rip helicopter
Josh Ladin
Josh Ladin Day ago
0:26 I don’t wanna g- wait nvm
Ben Doverson
Ben Doverson Day ago
0:31 Endgame in a nutshell
VictorBarrum // DrConfirm
0:25 When thanos snaps his fingers.
SAMUAL! 2 days ago
0:25 I don’t feel so good
Anica Hassan
Anica Hassan 2 days ago
Bahamahama 2 days ago
20:10 india: we are almost out of condoms B) china: we have decided TO REMOVE CONDOMS FROM CHINA
João Aurilio
João Aurilio 2 days ago
Biggest Bird sculpture? This is the 5th colossus from Shadow of the Colossus man!! They just polish to have better graphics!
0:26 what did thanos do!
PewPewPotatos 21
PewPewPotatos 21 2 days ago
0:25 Thanos has snapped
mega blast
mega blast 2 days ago
0:25 end of infinity war vs end of endgame
BloxMan Dulin
BloxMan Dulin 2 days ago
0:26 Thanos has snapped..
Pugglinton 1
Pugglinton 1 2 days ago
*when thanos snaps* 0:25
Qzeon 2 days ago
0:25 'Mr Stark Uhh I don’t fell so good'
Fish 2 days ago
00:25 I don’t feel so good ... When they come back: 00:30
Rose Lion
Rose Lion 2 days ago
How dare the umpire..
Sacred Eclipse
Sacred Eclipse 2 days ago
0:25 Mr stark I dont feel so good
TryHard _Gamer
TryHard _Gamer 2 days ago
0:24 When Thanos snapped his fingers 👌
Kyle McMaster
Kyle McMaster 2 days ago
0:25 when thanos snaps
Noah Axon
Noah Axon 2 days ago
0:25 I don’t feel so good
Taistelu Helikopteri123
thats one big bird
Greenwolf 3 days ago
In 2:33 Lol what is the helicopter in the background doing 😂
Mashew Andrewss
Mashew Andrewss 3 days ago
Narrowly misses a fall down hundreds of feet of snowy avalanche "YEAAAAHHHHHHHH! "
SVC Lil Lj
SVC Lil Lj 3 days ago
That umpire is my baseball coach he works at Lvba
Ava Anders
Ava Anders 3 days ago
Is no one going to address the dog licking the floor?!
deiva 08
deiva 08 3 days ago
Agh hitler is proud
Grace Ammu
Grace Ammu 4 days ago
Its in kerala
Luna-Lune 4 days ago
This gives me so much anxiety 2:52
Krrxsty 4 days ago
0:30 when thanos snapped and u try to stay alive
Scott Slatter
Scott Slatter 4 days ago
0:29 I don't feel so good
racing &more
racing &more 4 days ago
2:46 3milion people so my house this is in slovenia
Subscribe to PewDiePie
0:25 when thanos snaps his fingers
Oof Show
Oof Show 4 days ago
That 2nd vid is a person who got snapped away but when *(SPOILER FOR ENDGAME)* Hulk reversed the snap he comes back
Javier Perwz
Javier Perwz 4 days ago
India made the biggest bird carving in the world!!! They are still starving?! This makes no fucking sense!
EduUu Tomando Um Danone
I Just see comments about: 0:24 *Mr StArK I DoNt FeEl So GoOd*
Grayson Delange
Grayson Delange 4 days ago
0:26 when thanos snaps in infinity war then endgame happens
Gerby Raldo
Gerby Raldo 4 days ago
0:25 Mr. Stark... I don't feel so good
Orignal Name
Orignal Name 4 days ago
*b* *i* *r* *b*
Cocoa Puffs
Cocoa Puffs 4 days ago
0:24 Avenger's Endgame Spoilers
_Watermelons _
_Watermelons _ 4 days ago
00:26. Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good 62:00. kratS Mr, I t’nod leef os doog
0:25 oof he got snapped
Ridhwaan Yussof
Ridhwaan Yussof 5 days ago
0:24 thanos snap
TSA_Sizzle 5 days ago
1:27 is that a fart I hear?
1000 subs Pls sub me
Imagine an earthquake happening at the bird sculpture
2:00 is no one going to talk about this ?
Banana Buns
Banana Buns 5 days ago
someone is probably going to vandalize the bird with subscribe to pewdiepie
Triple- M
Triple- M 5 days ago
0:25 mr Stark I don’t feel so good
Rainbow Panda
Rainbow Panda 5 days ago
2:29 Of course they have the us but no Canada?
Osumi 5 days ago
0:25 Mr stark, I don't feel so good.
Dash AJ
Dash AJ 5 days ago
0:25 *"mR. AiR, i dOn'T fEeL sO gOoD"*
alice chan
alice chan 5 days ago
Lol i'm from chile
CLAN DARK 5 days ago
The sculture is of the bird jatayu who tried stopping ravan from kidnapping sita.ravan had cut his feather and he fell and died
Jacko NoTobacco
Jacko NoTobacco 5 days ago
Why’s no one talking bout the lucky guy who cheated the avalanche
0:24 Mr thanos I don't feel so good
Gacha gurl / gaming with kitty
0:24 Mr stark...I don’t feel so good
Elian Gaming
Elian Gaming 5 days ago
Hello everyone this is MY daily dose of internet
عفيف موقع الاحمد
fucking indians
Louis Cortez
Louis Cortez 5 days ago
If i were what dog i would hit the referee
YJX Is OP 6 days ago
0:25 When Thanos snaps his fingers 0:30 but you play the UNO reverse card
Fluffy Goatbutt
Fluffy Goatbutt 6 days ago
World's most whitest crowd smh.
ninjabo 01
ninjabo 01 6 days ago
0:30 when you you saw thanos snap and feel not good
Pewd DiePie
Pewd DiePie 6 days ago
Get ready for it 3 2 1 drop it“ THIS IS YOUR DAILY DOSE OF INTERNET.”
YourUncleOlaf 6 days ago
0:29 a victim of The Snap, 2018 (colourised)
I:32 that dog is a savage
Sai Does things
Sai Does things 6 days ago
Yeet 👌
DDenter17 :D
DDenter17 :D 6 days ago
0:25 thanos has snapped his fingers
Wolf Net Rexter
Wolf Net Rexter 6 days ago
0:25 thanos snapped his fingers 0:33 hulk snaps his fingers
Ben Hancock
Ben Hancock 6 days ago
Um it's not current Era it's after death
Dogblue Gaming
Dogblue Gaming 6 days ago
0:25 *Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good*
ddd safey dog network
0:24 Mr stark I dont feel so good......
Ofci 7 days ago
1:05 Lol he definitely plays rocket league 😂😂
KingLore 7 days ago
0:03 We are living what our children are going to study in the future.
peggymae1 7 days ago
0:25 Thanos: *snap* Reverse uno card
Cold Biird
Cold Biird 7 days ago
That bird yeeted
Elijah Redfern
Elijah Redfern 7 days ago
0:25 thanos just snapped his finger
cozy eyelash
cozy eyelash 7 days ago
When you see a comment and your like Damn I wish I wrote that
Yoshi Is awesome
Yoshi Is awesome 7 days ago
Desert people: can make any historical art form Random person: let's make one of * a cat on drugs*.
That girl R.B
That girl R.B 7 days ago
0:25 Thanos is coming 😈
Ink Spider-Man
Ink Spider-Man 8 days ago
0:25 Mr stark I don't feel so good
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 8 days ago
0:24 Mr Stark... I don’t feel so good
Trevor Godfrey
Trevor Godfrey 8 days ago
2:45 just a casual heli in the back round
Zappy zip Zzz
Zappy zip Zzz 8 days ago
0:25 me when Monday comes but then Friday is here
[Boxed Episode]
[Boxed Episode] 8 days ago
1:42 I have seen this before on "What on earth" I was half listening though since I was bored. XD
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