The Largest Bird Sculpture In The World

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Red by Scott Buckley soundcloud.com/scottbuckley
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Apr 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Indie Year ago
The bird sculpture made ONLY with a hammer and chisel!? PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY AT IT'S GREATEST BOI!!!
Your the worst person met your mom sucks
Jacob Cole
Jacob Cole 5 days ago
Thehorse127 Vlogs
Indie ya think they had hammers for primitive technology?
DEMON SINS 15 days ago
Tobias Doe
Tobias Doe 21 day ago
stoneage style. best.
mia1shooter 18 hours ago
That umpire is a stank ass bitch, i hope he gets fired
mia1shooter 18 hours ago
The Indians can sure amazing things when they're not busy scamming people, oh would you look at that...
Serkan Demirhan
For 10 years that idiot made a dying bird (or whatever the fuck its doing) sculpture ????........... Bravo.
Paula Pachón
This is just like un poco de todo a youtube chanel on spanish its just equal
Why is the eagle on it's back?
Arth Rajput
Arth Rajput 2 days ago
ps1 hagord
ps1 hagord 2 days ago
Petition to take the umpire’s house away from him like he did to the bat
AR GAMING 2 days ago
2:32 the helicopter guy has some serious skills
FUZE ANTATIC 2 days ago
Why humans made these? *U wouldn't get it*
Kevin Tran968
Kevin Tran968 2 days ago
2:16 China we are loosing the race quick give birth
Tommy LAD71
Tommy LAD71 2 days ago
I hate that umpire
bASD TURD 2 days ago
the dog at 1:32 basically captured my approach to life and it's bullshit
Warfare2399 2 days ago
Nobody: Idiots doing the Corona virus challenge: 3:09
Du hamsters Suri
Du hamsters Suri 2 days ago
2:21 did anyone see my country? VietNam!!!
Dane Miller
Dane Miller 2 days ago
What the heck kind of cleaning product do they use that makes the dog want to lick the floor?
Micahs Art
Micahs Art 2 days ago
2:43 dose anyone else see The helicopter is flying in circles and they probably are losing control😂
Christopher Schott
Wow. Wow and more .... Wow
xeke ‘
xeke ‘ 3 days ago
those boys with accents in primary school always pulled a little sneaky in soccer
AyaanTheSavage 3 days ago
I’m overdosed with internet
Neji Hyuga
Neji Hyuga 3 days ago
I am in the 5th most populated country
Linyuzhon Gaming
Linyuzhon Gaming 3 days ago
0:25 when thanos snaps
Mr Sloth
Mr Sloth 3 days ago
Well rip when it rains 10 years of waste
Lavanya Pillai
Lavanya Pillai 3 days ago
The bird sculpture is situated in south India in kerala and the bird is kown as Jatayu in hindu epic ramayanam and it is belived that the bird had fallen down to the exact same place where the statue is made while saving sita from ravana from getting abducted.
Myfriendispaupau 3 days ago
i hate that man who picked the bat ror the dog ya know dogs are. color blind... the dog might be crying by that time -_-
Roblox _Khiyan
Roblox _Khiyan 3 days ago
the bird sculpture looks like buckbeak from harry potter
Cadman 07
Cadman 07 3 days ago
But let’s be honest, how many bird sculptures are there?
Imad_bin _zahid
Imad_bin _zahid 4 days ago
Me after causing an avalanche :yayyyyyyyy!!
The memer God
The memer God 4 days ago
Person: picks up bat before dog Everyone on earth: peace was never an option Person: throws bat Me: I am ... disgusted
Jairoh candel
Jairoh candel 4 days ago
Id love all your vids. I hope you give me a heart
SketchER _Raven
SketchER _Raven 4 days ago
China is on Drugs with the poppulation Range XD
Vietnam is not a name with two parts it only has one part i constantly see mistakes do you even take your work seriously?!
Charlie Extra
Charlie Extra 2 days ago
I don't think he did that, he just compiles the video for your entertainment. now say thank you.
Blueninjaone 5 days ago
That heli be goin weeeee
Vadim 5 days ago
Lol why does that heli spinning LOL
shenna marie dofz
And then theres an earthquake it broke they will cry
Diogo1906 6 days ago
If someone breaks it in the end ?
Bayron Menedez
Bayron Menedez 6 days ago
0:25 I don’t feel so good... 0:29 ...doog os leef t’nod I
cloudcity77 6 days ago
Dog Lover Here... I can see it cute the dog picking up bats for like the first 5 innings, but c'mon I came to watch baseball, not Best in Show. Outrage not warranted IMO. I own 2 labbos and ADORE them like my own kids, so spare me the 'dog hater.'
MIGHTY GOD 7 days ago
0:17 this is the exact place where JATAYU (LARGEST VULTURE EVER) died! So sad
Bucket Doggo
Bucket Doggo 7 days ago
1112 CE: *Russia has entered the chat*
Gaurav Shetty
Gaurav Shetty 7 days ago
wtf pakistan was created few decades ago ....how the hell the video shows its populn 1000s years back?
The guy
The guy 7 days ago
yes thats what india should be wasting their time on not cleaning polluted waters
Home Of Rugby
Home Of Rugby 8 days ago
Everyone acting all gangster till the bird start flying😂🤣
Exployon 8 days ago
Bro that helicopter is high AF
Yoshi is sad
Yoshi is sad 8 days ago
The dog: :(
лена литвинова
yeet yeet
yeet yeet 8 days ago
Now that football clip is a perfect example of someone getting bamboozled
Goateee 2.0
Goateee 2.0 19 hours ago
yeet yeet
yeet yeet Day ago
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar Day ago
@yeet yeet awesome bro, thanks
yeet yeet
yeet yeet Day ago
@Prem Kumar Once I saw your comment I changed it
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar 6 days ago
Mousumi Mahapatra
India Was behind in their technology and future, but now they are ahead. I’m proud to be an Indian
somdalnao 9 days ago
The coca cola ad is an eyesore
D4N3SPLAYZ 9 days ago
2:29 yay my country is the forth Long Live Indonesia
Musavvir 9 days ago
Man....give indians and chinese some condoms...
Michael Richards
Michael Richards 9 days ago
Umpire: picks up bat Nobody liked that
Noah Butler
Noah Butler 10 days ago
25:00 Thanos just snapped his fingers.
Ernesto Delaroca
Ernesto Delaroca 10 days ago
That is the biggest birb I've ever seen
Ningxin! 10 days ago
:0 IM CHINESE and china is the most popular country?!
my guitar pedal Is mad at me
Step eagle what are you doing?!
Team Ercillo LGV
Team Ercillo LGV 11 days ago
Tye man who made an avaletledge
Angela Huebner
Angela Huebner 11 days ago
desert, and people, they just can not leave nature alone. damn coke commercial, anyway.
Michelle Frandsen Smith
China: hehe I'm the biggest *USA has entered the chat*
Raine Riny 7
Raine Riny 7 12 days ago
I wonder what was the reason behind the increase of population in China, so suddenly?
sam 9912
sam 9912 12 days ago
people talking about umpire and population growth me : oh look a drunk chopper
Kid Challeen
Kid Challeen 12 days ago
Guy : " picks up bat " Doggo : *sad boi hours :(*
Szeto playz
Szeto playz 13 days ago
Rajesh bane
Rajesh bane 13 days ago
The giant bird sclucpture is in INDIA
Banana Peel
Banana Peel 13 days ago
0:46 if i was there i would scream the loudest boo u will ever hear
GAMIEON 13 days ago
Love your video bruh from India
Stupid Mario Bros
Stupid Mario Bros 13 days ago
I thought the bird was small but then I saw the people
Thau Do
Thau Do 13 days ago
*When ur looking from up in the sky* Me: **see’s art on rocks.** Also me: **see’s “coca cola”** >:o
thenewstuffsucks 13 days ago
Of course Coke-a-Cola would write there name in that sand. Biggest scum bag company on the planet.
Cute Kitten
Cute Kitten 14 days ago
.-. Idk what to comment
Himura Kenshin TV
Himura Kenshin TV 14 days ago
That's earthbound immortal in Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's
Milan Seeff
Milan Seeff 15 days ago
2:53 to 3:06 Alan WALKER
Wäñg Püppÿ
Wäñg Püppÿ 15 days ago
Biggest bird sculpture Natural disasters: wait till I strike
DEMON SINS 15 days ago
Do you want to know the story of the vulture jatayu then you have to see the story of the ramayana Love from India.
Rosnambaone dinner
Rosnambaone dinner 15 days ago
No.12 philippines! kingna! sabi ko na nga ba makakasama yan! HAHAHA
Prod. Jacob
Prod. Jacob 16 days ago
World's best non-clickbait channel
LordLlama 16 days ago
0:24 when thanos snaps
General Grievous
General Grievous 17 days ago
The narrator sounds so chill
JhinTastic 17 days ago
I feel bad for the dog
Blue Kitten
Blue Kitten 18 days ago
India, India, India CHINA
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