The Kid LAROI - Not Fair (Feat. Corbin) [Official Video]

The Kid LAROI.
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Official video for "Not Fair" by The Kid LAROI featuring Corbin.

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Jul 23, 2020




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Comments 100
Raz Kiwi
Raz Kiwi 57 minutes ago
come to maryland i need one of your concerts
Raz Kiwi
Raz Kiwi 57 minutes ago
we love you brodie ima go to a concert one day and thats facts
Coffee 3 hours ago
this music video looks like a whole ass movie about hell
Colin Hayes
Colin Hayes 4 hours ago
This is that shit you play when the homies ain't in the car.
krugger 5 hours ago
hope groot is not leaving marvel after seeing all those trees cut down
Accurate -VEX-
Accurate -VEX- 10 hours ago
I still looking for a song for juice
Adam Dunn
Adam Dunn 12 hours ago
this video looks like some shit you would see in the skyrim wilds
Juney Becerra
Juney Becerra 14 hours ago
Corbin is vibes vs trippie cant compete with with corbin son 😴✌🏽
Evan Comer
Evan Comer 15 hours ago
imagine this being a movie where they are in control of the monsters but the monsters want to take over the world cause humans are killing it and they are exactly this depressed and sad throughout the thing. oh and also they find their dead bodies at the end just like this and it turns out it was all just a dream
Lost Luk3
Lost Luk3 Day ago
laroi and carbion = juice and trippie
Makai SZN
Makai SZN Day ago
no more 1 hit wonders at least!!!!1
DONZOR Day ago
Did he just bring Spooky Black øut øf retirement?
Corrupt Day ago
Laroi and Juice Polo and Tjay Ski and X Dababy and Lil Baby
Speedy_grape 767
Anyone have a girl bestie that you have a crush on but she has a boyfriend and she say I love you then says cus were best friends No just me Ok😞💔
Porter Gannon
Kid LAROI killing it again, the vocals giving some off Brockhampton vibes.
John Jamer Reales Aban
Its weird listening to Mr Beast being sad while talking about guns
Jadian Rosado
Need more from Corbin. This is 🔥 tho
tydaguy Day ago
Corbin looks like Post Malone and MrBeast combined.
Cam Grogg
Cam Grogg Day ago
The fact that people aren’t referring to Corbin as Spooky Black, is mind boggling. ON TOP OF, callin this man trash. Throw it back to the “Wavey” days with Allan kingdom!
Driftyy Day ago
Juice would be proud
Driftyy Day ago
GotSyncV Day ago
2:11 broooo he comes in so hard cant stop listening
Alriel Watkins
Damian Espinoza
This is great bro wtf
Danny Rovira
Danny Rovira Day ago
This is the best song on the album idc
Gaige Holzer
Gaige Holzer Day ago
Moto 257
Moto 257 2 days ago
Mum: don't worry Morphing Sirenhead isn't real. This video:
The Chickenwizard
More spooky
xXFvll StxrmXx
xXFvll StxrmXx 2 days ago
Wait what Corbins back omg amazing rocking a bowl cut
Gianna Guthrie
Gianna Guthrie 2 days ago
Ok spooky, that was great, I need an album now. K thanks bye.
if only trippie red were on this
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 2 days ago
Cwy Neow
Cwy Neow 2 days ago
Uncut Logan Paul vlog of the suicide forest
Patti Murphy
Patti Murphy 2 days ago
Sick demons!
Ace FromDawick
Ace FromDawick 2 days ago
SuperstarJwi 2 days ago
as of the most painful emotions, corbin portrays sorrow and laroi portrays anger
Jose Navarro
Jose Navarro 2 days ago
This shit touched my soul 😔😥
Team Nieves
Team Nieves 2 days ago
Brandon Cox
Brandon Cox 3 days ago
Corbin goes harder than laroi in this tbh
Sour Lemon
Sour Lemon 3 days ago
lmfao corbin never left the woods 😭😭😭
Sour Lemon
Sour Lemon 3 days ago
corbin just hits different
Rio Breon
Rio Breon 3 days ago
I love the way the music video visuals are done. Is it based on a show or game?
Shawna Coomer
Shawna Coomer 3 days ago
Love dis song 😢😢
aidan lawson
aidan lawson 3 days ago
i think the video is based off the movie, the ritual
Mattvvs 3 days ago
wwwww w ww ww w w w w w w w
Mattvvs 3 days ago
w w w
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 3 days ago
I watched this video over 10 times and still don’t understand it
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 3 days ago
All I’m seeing is LAROI and Corbin in a forest singing with these tall ass monsters roaming around
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
How it’s simple
Andriy Labovka
Andriy Labovka 3 days ago
When im old im going to tell my kids this was justin bieber
Refy Dziel
Refy Dziel 3 days ago
Bruh I’m still listening to this it’s good
Content Inc.
Content Inc. 3 days ago
what brand is his jacket
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 2 days ago
Content Inc. I think it's called something spanish
Content Inc.
Content Inc. 2 days ago
Axl is gay do you know the specific name of his jacket i can’t find it?? it’s really nice so i’m tryna buy it
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 2 days ago
Content Inc. both
Content Inc.
Content Inc. 3 days ago
Axl is gay is that thekidlaroi’s jacket or?
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
Johannes Lige
Johannes Lige 4 days ago
is anyone even appreciating him for that how big genius he is?
Sammy Vigus
Sammy Vigus 4 days ago
Does anyone know where this was filmed??
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
Probably in a forest with cgi
Will Courtland
Will Courtland 4 days ago
I’m never doing drugs
DenlockCZ 4 days ago
This looks like World of warcraft IRL :D
Blck Zedxu
Blck Zedxu 4 days ago
i fucking lov this song hope we get alot from this too duo
ESCAPISM 4 days ago
Better late then Never😋
Buttahh Reuben
Buttahh Reuben 4 days ago
Who ever shot this video is the GOAT ILOVE THIS WORK
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
Thanks man
Symphic 4 days ago
Pizzle 4 days ago
It's not fair No matter what I'm still gon' be here It's hard for me to show you I care Crash and burn Princess Diana Better off, better off dead You don't wanna come around here It's hard for me to show you I care Don't wanna be myself I'm too scared Yeah, yeah, I'm too scared ------ I don't know why but that part is the most beautiful thing ive ever heard
Lighting 4 days ago
This song makes me feel so strange just listening brings back a lot of childhood memories that I had and most of them were on grey dull days like the setting of this song and I think about things differently so it is definitely weird......
Faon 4 days ago
this is a movie
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
It’s actually a music video
Pixie Douglas
Pixie Douglas 4 days ago
But no can ignore how precious kid laroi is this is a match made In heaven
Tdbrptgmr 4 days ago
Why is nobody talking about how trippy this video is?
tristan reyes
tristan reyes 2 days ago
Someone needs to explain the video pls
Dane Jackson
Dane Jackson 4 days ago
Man I thought laroi couldnt have a bad song. Corbin ruined this one for me yo.
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
Stfu fortnite kid
Lash 4 days ago
This is the best song I’ve ever heard in my life period.
Hunter Hillman
Hunter Hillman 4 days ago
Dude this guys got an amazing and different voice.
Dualistic 4 days ago
Corbin is a fucking legend
kolgate 4 days ago
here for spooky
CocoBeats 5 days ago
why does corbin sound like he plays minecraft
Rico-Marten Matsalu
When your exploring a new biome In terraria
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
It’s cgi not terraria
kick it wit braylo
Please remix this with lil baby
kick it wit braylo
Lil baby will ride this beat no cap 💯💯
Caitlin Hamby
Caitlin Hamby 5 days ago
Mr beast?
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
Yes hello it is me mr beast
fernando luna
fernando luna 5 days ago
I want the kid LAROI to get the Edgar
DannyBoy Simpson
DannyBoy Simpson 5 days ago
This video is crazyy!
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones 5 days ago
shadow of the colossus vibes anyone?
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
bbyspectr 5 days ago
spooky black really came a long way
Axl is gay
Axl is gay 3 days ago
Yeah he ran for a bit at the end
Philib Lee dubbed
That Dylan Roof haircut Dumb lit Corbin
Jrb_official 5 days ago
Bro Corbin not cool on this track but you a beast on this💯 but that's my opinion 💪👍
nicolas barone
nicolas barone 5 days ago
I feel like Corbin did WAY better on this song then any of his other songs. I just feel like kid laroi and Corbin are a GOD duo. I also love corbins voice in this it’s amazing.
Dirty_Hamster69n PS4
Damn 🖤🖤🖤
Adam Bauer
Adam Bauer 5 days ago
1:21 they sound so good together
ZaxharyFN 5 days ago
The lofi version is fire 💰
Tajh Ramsey
Tajh Ramsey 5 days ago
Why is everyone hating on Corbin
Sealy 5 days ago
whats the backstory of music video
Leah Chavez
Leah Chavez 5 days ago
I love this song!! Corbin's voice and Laroi's voice go so well together. And somehow i can feel the vibe in this video with the big nature animals and the way the beat goes when they sing makes me feel some type of way and with the lyrics on the beat and when they say "it's not fair" and the rest of the slow part is amazing also the part at the beginning when corbin sings his soft voice at first then switches to Laroi's voice is the best part. I cant wait for another duo by them. Btw the part when Corbin says "Even if it isn't real, i wanna hear" then the beat goes it's amazing its like i connect with the song without even knowing how.
Lz Customs
Lz Customs 5 days ago
Why is no one talking about this music video ? Low key gave me chills
Joshua Young
Joshua Young 5 days ago
Damn. This kid is good.
ThomasHenry Beats
Spooky Black?!?!?! Oh this tough
AllElectrix 5 days ago
Petition for The Kid Laroi, Corbin, and TOKYOSREVENGE to all make a song together
KiingCriz 3 days ago
@AllElectrix Ah ok
AllElectrix 3 days ago
CrispKing Ik but all three need to be in one song
KiingCriz 3 days ago
Laroi and TOKYOSREVENGE already have a song.
London Fortson
London Fortson 5 days ago
I don’t like corbin
Blizz 6 days ago
This song really grows on you, I guess it’s because of the unusual voice and style of Corbin but the two seem to work off of each other perfectly
Lighting 6 days ago
So what happened like did he die at the tree? and then come back to jump with laroi? and why are they in the woods singing about girls anyway???
Lighting Day ago
I figured it out now lol
Richie Bleu
Richie Bleu 6 days ago
Callum Paterson
Callum Paterson 6 days ago
Corbin is like big foot i swear, disappears for prolonged periods of time and is only ever seen in forests
Joseph Walker
Joseph Walker 6 days ago
Laroi the 🐐
byron junior
byron junior 6 days ago
INTO the ABYSS they go
Juney Becerra
Juney Becerra 6 days ago
This a movie 🙏🏽💔❤️😭
WavyyTJ 6 days ago
Ryan Whalen
Ryan Whalen 6 days ago
Just imagine the music LAROI and Juice could of made! This kid is definitely going to the Top and then some! RIP for Juice.
Safee Arg
Safee Arg 6 days ago
this song is crazy,I can't stop listening to a 10 I give you well deserved,instaaaaaaaaaaa bro
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