The Kid LAROI - MAYBE (Official Video)

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Official video for "MAYBE" by The Kid LAROI.
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Nov 25, 2020




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Comments 100
Kayla Thompson
Kayla Thompson 34 minutes ago
this song is so underrated
Kayla Thompson
Kayla Thompson 35 minutes ago
this song is so underrated
Alanwatts 8 hours ago
Kid laroi looks like Justin Bieber's small brother but with a more powerful voice.
Jrodz 41
Jrodz 41 11 hours ago
This dude has my same age and wow he has so much potential.
Rosemarie Mojica
Rosemarie Mojica 12 hours ago
This prob one of his best songs
Lanie Arsenault
Lanie Arsenault 12 hours ago
i live for yuur music🤩💋
Natashia Wilson
Natashia Wilson 18 hours ago
AL Foxx
AL Foxx 21 hour ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thats all I gotta say
Soft clouds ツ
Soft clouds ツ 21 hour ago
I need ur help🥶🧢🥀
Cody Vennemann
Cody Vennemann 21 hour ago
every song is just fire
Jake Lewis
Jake Lewis Day ago
First x then juice we gotta protect the kid a lot we can not have him die we need good music
Shut up, copied comment
Dally Dee
Dally Dee Day ago
God i can't stop fucken listening 2this song
kurrupted gods
Kid Laroi used to be a drug addict but juice wrld helped him stop taking drugs
clapsie 5 hours ago
this is just cap
Rhytham Thind
thats just not true
Violet Marta
Violet Marta 2 days ago
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ttv robbe btw
ttv robbe btw 2 days ago
juice would be proud
Raven 2 days ago
mamouw games
mamouw games 2 days ago
One of my favorite Laroi vids hands down.
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez 2 days ago
Luis Vega
Luis Vega 2 days ago
This shit slaps
Toxxic Lucidツ
Toxxic Lucidツ 2 days ago
Can you name 1 bad the kid laroi song... *ill wait*
JoakFILMS 3 days ago
Kooto860 3 days ago
They sleepin on LAROI 🔥🔥🔥🤟🏽
Mathias Lachance
Mathias Lachance 3 days ago
Mathias Lachance
Mathias Lachance 3 days ago
pas ouf
The Broken Led Pencil
I NEED THESE SONGS. If you die nobody will have anything new to vibe to. Don't die on us
Don Rari
Don Rari 3 days ago
this video visualized the moment of waking up in an ambulance so goood
CrazyCats 3 days ago
pinKy floyd
pinKy floyd 4 days ago
If only juice sang this.. rip
Cesar Cardenas
Cesar Cardenas 4 days ago
999 666 forever I miss you juice wrld
Cesar Cardenas
Cesar Cardenas 4 days ago
The songs hurt more different once you listen to it more I like the beat The flow And the energy that he has
Cliff Hooper
Cliff Hooper 4 days ago
See, he sound good without auto tune.. wish none his tracks ran auto tune. I'm soo sick of producers ruining good music
Raven White
Raven White 4 days ago
Mary Colangelo
Mary Colangelo 4 days ago
Already obsessed! 🤩
Matheus Manuel Morales
Laroi makes me remember juice and tentacion
Matheus Manuel Morales
He should sing with post malone They have the same way of singing
Matheus Manuel Morales
@Pike yes👍
Pike 3 days ago
Possible Feature for Stay?
ChiRaq Finley
ChiRaq Finley 4 days ago
Wake up! They create these artists then sacrifice them that simple, we gotta stop falling for it. X, Juice, Pop, Nipsey, Pac, Kobe fuck'em all!! Bieber 2.0
Mr. Shelby
Mr. Shelby 5 days ago
This Kid is really Talented. That one “Maybe you can save me” really hit me.
Kooto860 3 days ago
Facts this song hit me ode hard I related to almost every lyric
big dog
big dog 5 days ago
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez 5 days ago
protect this kid at all cost
OoO OoO 5 days ago
Another wannabe justin bieber 🤣🤣
Dicey Lol
Dicey Lol 5 days ago
You can hear the pain in his voice💔
clyde 6 days ago
J4ckzo1 6 days ago
i love your music your the best
Justin Hall
Justin Hall 6 days ago
A Person
A Person 6 days ago
The kid Laroi is his own person but he was trained by the best he’s not the next juice he is just keeping his legacy alive 999 forever
Isabella Rosalyn
Isabella Rosalyn 6 days ago
I’m in love with this guy
jjinuse 7 days ago
He never misses
OG_Slayer_ 7 days ago
That sound like something juice would say 😔 0:16 Im I wrong 😢
VENOM 7 days ago
0:16 who else hear juice in his voice
Aj 29
Aj 29 7 days ago
One of my favorite artists so fucking fire 🔥
Di’s Go Green and Sew Tips
This kid is so under rated honestly, his lyrics are actually meaningful compared to other rappers who are more famous than he is and they're songs are just about girls and drugs.
Gazzr rrr
Gazzr rrr 5 days ago
Juice wrld raps about drugs and girls...
Cayden Manion
Cayden Manion 7 days ago
2021 anyone?
DYNAMlllIlTE 7 days ago
T0K3 8 days ago
Maybe.. he will never make a bad song. 🔥💯
Mariques Alexander
Nice track
Manoel Gabriel
Manoel Gabriel 8 days ago
Esse gringo é foda !! Máximo respeito
Lincoln DelGiudice
He just cant make a bad song
Shinigami The Reaper
this shit booms. Keep him alive. We must. Whos with me?
Kate Maynard
Kate Maynard 6 days ago
Im also dreading the time when tiktok might overuse every single one of his songs. The fact he made a song about Addison Rae is just...
Symystyk 8 days ago
kid laroi make a grown man cry
Swanly 8 days ago
"Why do you pick me up just to break me" Bro I am feelin' that line so bad q.q
Leslie Thabani
Leslie Thabani 8 days ago
The next Goat 🔥🔥
Lauren Padgett
Lauren Padgett 9 days ago
Is it my imagination or did he get sick when he was on the ground? It kinda looked like it.
Smooth Brain Bird
I’m going to be so sad if TheKidLaroii gets caught up in alcohol and drugs dies young he doesn’t seem like he is which is good but I’m still worried because so many rappers die from an overdose when they’re in their late 20’s or early 30’s and his music means so much to me and he has a good career in front of him and if he dies young and has a good career in front of him it’ll be so tragic.
Api Api
Api Api 9 days ago
Drown my sorrows in this bottle Won't like wakin' up tomorrow I'm the only one that cares about myself And you don't need me like I need you So if I go, maybe I'll free you But I'll be lost, to tell the truth, I need your help And even you can't fix my problems Like you once did, I'm too hollow I can't talk to you no more and I can't tell If it's me or if it's you, 'cause You don't even pick up my calls no more I'm drunk and left alone with all my thoughts So maybe, maybe I'm drivin' me crazy Maybe it's me and it's not you I'm not too good at admitting when I fuck up But maybe, maybe it's you who could save me I got love for you, but I hate me So maybe there's no way to change me So maybe, maybe I'm drivin' me crazy Maybe it's me and it's not you I'm not too good at admitting when I fuck up But maybe, maybe it's you who could save me I got love for you, but I hate me So maybe there's no way to change me, yeah No way that I'll ever change Zoomed out and laid out next to my brain I said I'm okay, but no way It's more than I can take And there's no one to blame but me No need to wait for me Why do you pick me up just to break me? That's what you say to me Why do you play with me? You won't ever understand So maybe, maybe I'm drivin' me crazy Maybe it's me and it's not you I'm not too good at admitting when I fuck up But maybe, maybe it's you who could save me I got love for you, but I hate me So maybe there's no way to change me So maybe, maybe I'm drivin' me crazy Maybe it's me and it's not you I'm not too good at admitting when I fuck up But maybe, maybe it's you who could save me I got love for you, but I hate me So maybe there's no way to change me
Luthbrook 9 days ago
Lil post malone?
10K Novideos
10K Novideos 9 days ago
When he hits 21, he’ll be The Man Laroi
10K Novideos
10K Novideos 9 days ago
If you’re scrolling and you see this, I wish you a good day. God bless you.
SPITTZWELL 9 days ago
looks like 69 got his tats removed
ShwdowBlah 10 days ago
When a other song release form you going to be posted?
•G L O W Y•
•G L O W Y• 10 days ago
laroi is insanely talented hes a legend man
ARYAN CHANDHOK 10 days ago
Maybe im going crazy
Zaiixy-SXS 10 days ago
°. .° °. .° ° °. ° °. °. °. 1 imposter remains ඞ .° .° °. .° .° °. .° .°
Zaiixy-SXS 10 days ago
Fred Pud Is My Dad Guess What . . . You got jebaited
Amber bhikhie
Amber bhikhie 11 days ago
best ever
Pabloz WRLD
Pabloz WRLD 11 days ago
I see and feel a lot of juiceWrld in his soul 💙
Christian Quintero
Christian Quintero 11 days ago
I love your songs, Greetings from Mexico❄️🔥
Jarren Gant
Jarren Gant 11 days ago
When he says but I’ll be lost he sounds like juice what the fuck
Nikki Castillo
Nikki Castillo 11 days ago
We need to protect him at all costs. Like frs. The reason why we are losing so many Legends is because. The people that help the stars to become big need to take care of them. Also to help them stay away from really bad situations from other bad people and shit. Like frs their need to be a change and also to help them to get away from drugs #stayawayfromdrugs
Marshaun Hopper
Marshaun Hopper 11 days ago
I love you
jrod 11 days ago
Feel this
DYLAN 777X 11 days ago
They don't compare, LAROI with another artist, it makes me sad .. I'm 27, but his damn songs make me very sad ... beware of drugs, we need you! miss JUICE!
christy gaouette
christy gaouette 12 days ago
dang who else didn't know he was white til they watched the vid lol
JR 12 days ago
get_ beared
get_ beared 12 days ago
Maybe ill sub
itsyaboidanger 69
itsyaboidanger 69 12 days ago
anyone else want a backstory to this music video or just me
Brett Longjon
Brett Longjon 11 days ago
@itsyaboidanger 69 stfu fortnite kid we get it you like fortnite
itsyaboidanger 69
itsyaboidanger 69 11 days ago
@Brett Longjon bro just because my PFP is fortnite doesn't mean I'm a fortnite kid I play cod mc apex I've played ever cod and I used to have a Xbox 360 with halo 3
Brett Longjon
Brett Longjon 11 days ago
Stfu fortnite kid
Angel Roman
Angel Roman 13 days ago
Man he make me happy when im sad
ItzShadowGG 13 days ago
Start kinda sounded like ajr
FirebXmb 13 days ago
Laroi just can't make a bad song I swear !
JUNNE G2oxx 13 days ago
all that i want is a rmx ft posty
Sdddn3 14 days ago
keep it up! Very proud of you man.
Sedative 14 days ago
Лучший трек в мире
Joonee Odal
Joonee Odal 14 days ago
The next robi from cobra kai
I love this song tho omg ❤️❤️❤️and whoever disliked this video your jealous because this song really s littttt!!!
ballsaglory 14 days ago
Listening to this on repeat.
Lazzy 11 days ago
Me too man
bálint somogyi
bálint somogyi 14 days ago
fasza ó ó ó ó ó ó
alex 14 days ago
lowkey his best music video to date pure fire man
Francisco Lima
Francisco Lima 15 days ago
The dislikes are from the nurse's exs
nyc.joseph Day ago
she has 1k ex’s?😀
Keiko hahhahhahahaha
Ace Go CrxZy
Ace Go CrxZy 13 days ago
Then Laroi gotta let her go man 😂😂
LongLive JuiceWRLD
LongLive JuiceWRLD 15 days ago
So we all saw the vest kid laroi was wearing that looks like juice's vest?
Amelie Eisenhofer
Amelie Eisenhofer 15 days ago
This boy is crazy! I love all of his music🖤
Brian Milashoski
Brian Milashoski 15 days ago
Cmon bro lets make a song
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