The Kid LAROI - Diva ft. Lil Tecca (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
The Kid LAROI - Diva [ft. Lil Tecca] (Official Music Video)
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Dez Wright
Dir. of Photography - Michael Stine
Steadicam by Renard Cheren
Assisted 3D by Kayo
Ex Produced by Sal Tarantino & Jay Tauzin
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Published on


Jan 31, 2020




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Comments 80
supreme dudu
supreme dudu 9 minutes ago
I still can't see laroi being white
K3vo 17 minutes ago
Lil tecca said 👁 _ 👁
Treurigheid 51 minute ago
Ok but can we talk about how Lil Tecca dropped his glasses at 2:31 💀💀😭
Sudi Hour ago
One of the best songs out there
Sr. 2 hours ago
Who ELS got that “ my life is a movie directed by Tarantino “ stuck in there head
baby boialex
baby boialex 2 hours ago
only cuties can like this
Benjamin Luck
Benjamin Luck 4 hours ago
out of the 29 million people who play this song in roblox aye it ganna get more views
Cesar Massena
Cesar Massena 5 hours ago
Bursearch 5 hours ago
His teeth 🦷 really messed up... 😔
ryan potochnik
ryan potochnik 6 hours ago
This is the fuckery the rap game dont need lil Tecra is the biggest poser in the game hes the same as slim jesus
ItzChaffers 8 hours ago
Man I just wanna know where they were going to go?
Lil' Dezza
Lil' Dezza 8 hours ago
Today i got time cuz. I aint fuck wit you cuz. you disrepecting me
David Angeles
David Angeles 8 hours ago
Lol lil tecca said got stripes like a cheetah
Kaden Bell
Kaden Bell 9 hours ago
Best duo
EmMa SpEaRs
EmMa SpEaRs 10 hours ago
poor lil teccas car
EmMa SpEaRs
EmMa SpEaRs 10 hours ago
your 16 why is this girl living with you?? it’s so ghetto lol
King Kyle
King Kyle 10 hours ago
2:06 bruh that sound like juice wrld
ruben boswall
ruben boswall 11 hours ago
didt know this dude was australian
Eklavya Singh
Eklavya Singh 11 hours ago
Legends always leave something behind.Juice left us laroi
lil Ak47
lil Ak47 13 hours ago
2:32 tecca I think u dropped somthing
Frostest 14 hours ago
Song: Exist Tiktok: Hippity Hoppity, you are now my property
Ivan 4 hours ago
i hate tik tok
Nathan Zondo
Nathan Zondo 14 hours ago
Is it me or do they look like a young version of justin bieber and wiz khalifa
StoopidMan 5790
StoopidMan 5790 14 hours ago
Why does he sound like juice wrld
felixplays 11
felixplays 11 16 hours ago
BaByDan 17 hours ago
The Kid Laroi's truck don't skip leg day..
Just Gaming
Just Gaming 19 hours ago
Call me a simp but she kinda cute 🥰☺️
RIP LUXE 19 hours ago
My life is a movie derected by Tarantino! !!!!! $$$$
Imre Peter
Imre Peter 20 hours ago
He was alive when sound was made
Hadassah c
Hadassah c 20 hours ago
This is fr my fav song
SAM huddle
SAM huddle 23 hours ago
I’ve been on LAROI since let her go u already knowwww
Jacob Maron
Jacob Maron Day ago
Tecca look like that one nerdy hilarious kid that was actually pretty cool outside of school...
epicman 69
epicman 69 Day ago
no one gonna talk bout the kid LAROIs teeth
Sarie B
Sarie B Day ago
Love this song can't get tired of it. ❤
King Kyle
King Kyle Day ago
Girl: attacking teccas car Laroi and tecca:starts dancing
Togo is back
Togo is back 13 hours ago
King Kyle lol
Karen Kelley
Karen Kelley Day ago
This is really cool lol and this is great team
dang shepp44
dang shepp44 Day ago
To young rappers collab and it’s amazing
Orange Man0
Orange Man0 Day ago
Error Day ago
lil tecca is the definition of how people who wear glasses look with them off
Gavin Shaner
Gavin Shaner Day ago
The next generation
Miz Boys
Miz Boys Day ago
hes the fastest growing rapper
kashplays roblox
He is alive
kashplays roblox
Juice WRLD is still alive right
hnz ahmed
hnz ahmed Day ago
When the 2 smart kids get teamed up for a school project
bob dig
bob dig Day ago
Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma Day ago
Me wondering why in the hell there is a monster truck outside
Eurozesza Day ago
What is her name man?
Gucci Carbs
Gucci Carbs Day ago
This song is legendary
Skylar VandeWalle
Why the kid laroi so freakin cute😍😍😝😝
Rickety SHEEP
When did ImAlexx start rapping?
brook huntsman
I love the way they dance in this video!
This beat is perfect for tecca
cheetahs don’t got stripes btw
Alan -
Alan - Day ago
Bro this Kidd sounds like juice
Girls insta👀
Prosthetic Banana
Face of lil xan but flow of juice wrld
Mr. Jay
Mr. Jay Day ago
This shiii a boooppp
Dan _
Dan _ 2 days ago
They honestly be vibin to Hoes Mad in Tecca’s car.
Eneko Sanchez
Eneko Sanchez 2 days ago
it takes so much balls to destroy an e46 like that
Alfa Cluffex
Alfa Cluffex 2 days ago
That lil bish gotta a wina my life is a horror film directed by a wina.
cut the cameras, deadass
Tec don't make any sense 😂
Orelekkk 2 days ago
who is that girl
vikkoffline 2 days ago
**my life is a movie directed by colebennett
IRISㄞㄞ 2 days ago
Tecca vibing hella hard
WhatsDaProblem 2 days ago
How old is Laroi?
Taisha 2 days ago
16 hes gonna be 17 in august lol
Adurone 2 days ago
At 2:07 juice wrld entered laroi's body
charlie cunningham
Someone please tell me who the girl in the video is(for research purposes)
Fuzzilicious Fresh
She a mad woman
Fuzzilicious Fresh
Yo kid lario is that a proper broke car?
Tayluh 2 days ago
eminem and wiz khalifa got young
Mikkel og Alexander
I really like this team up
Jerry 2 days ago
Laroi looks like my cousin if he's white and a rapper
lil Ak47
lil Ak47 13 hours ago
No for me he legit looks exactly like my cousin
ToxicNoob YT
ToxicNoob YT 2 days ago
I love the Chorus
SiLenc3d.Phant0m 2 days ago
Lil tecca: “got stripes like a cheetah” zoologist: Someone bring the animal cards!
Char Mic
Char Mic 20 hours ago
Strips like a cheetah is meanin the under eye stripes which represent sadness
Ahmad Qadoomy
Ahmad Qadoomy 2 days ago
Kid Laroi The next post malone ?
Gold yt R
Gold yt R 2 days ago
It’s so cool how LAROI made a song for fun and where he is today
Marissa Mclennan
Marissa Mclennan 2 days ago
Yes ur right
Kent Mansley
Kent Mansley 2 days ago
If imallexx was a rapper
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 2 days ago
Why would you do that to a nice bmw
Cryolanish Darkness
Who is better? Like: Laroi Ignore: lil pump
Ya_Boi _William
@Justice Fishkind 😅😂
Justice Fishkind
I see what you did there... and I feel personally attacked
ToryNAE 2 days ago
Fax this kid is insane along with tecca
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