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It's officer Ken Block vs Top Gear as Matt, Chris and Rory take V8 muscle cars on the run. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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Taken from Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 1
Series 24: bit.ly/TG-S24
Chris Harris Drives: bit.ly/ChrisHarrisDrives
Drag Races: bit.ly/TGDragRaces
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Dec 16, 2018




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Comments 100
Z Pyroo
Z Pyroo 14 hours ago
What Model is that Jaguar? It's really cute and in the same place a FURIOS MOTOR :)
I want the old top gear
abishifan CT
abishifan CT 5 days ago
If this was in Hollywood, they would say that it was faked.
Dávid Kurucz
Dávid Kurucz 6 days ago
Bring back the boiz!!! Make old Top Gear great again!
GoldenDoom 9 days ago
what rhymes with block? C Clock
kim villaruz
kim villaruz 9 days ago
one muscle two super wat could go wrong and also poor jaguar press like if #justiceforjag.
Shipmaster Crook
Shipmaster Crook 13 days ago
Utter Rubbish. You can clearly see how this is entirely a narrative, almost all visuals on the cars have clearly been shot multiple times for the actiony aesthetic. The old top gear was honest and comedy driven. In this entire video there was a single joke cracked, in the original BBC Top gear they'd of made atleast 20 jokes/jabs. And when they weren't joking/jabbing at eachother, they were actually talking about the cars, not trying to create eye candy.
Александр com.
Ninja ShadowGang
Ninja ShadowGang 16 days ago
Yessir mustang
POGS TV 19 days ago
hammond better
POGS TV 19 days ago
POGS TV 19 days ago
i hope hammond may and clarkson
Hasnain Ali
Hasnain Ali 21 day ago
That was awesome👌
FFMB K3N 24 days ago
is that Joey from FREINDS🤔
Aziz Aljadaan
Aziz Aljadaan 28 days ago
pls stop top gear or bring the old top gear who is with me
Letmoo _
Letmoo _ 28 days ago
I was expecting Jeremy Clarkson's voice lol
tom 28 days ago
they r damaging this cars on this gravel...
We-have no-planet-B
Where are the right moderators?
Nick N
Nick N 29 days ago
Oops, wrong top gear.. goodbye.
Nightcore Family
Nightcore Family 29 days ago
they should stage less to make the show a bit more fun to watch old top gear was barely anything staged and if it was it was funny, but this is just not fun
Kyle D
Kyle D Month ago
Clarkson would drink the moonshine, May wouldn't be ready when they asked "are you ready" and Hammond would be making fun of Clarkson's car
Underthetoporwat1425 Aka throw away
V8 muscle cars? i don't think a Jag F-TYPE and a Mclaren is a V8 muscle car but a V8 super car
Rino720 _
Rino720 _ Month ago
The old top gear is better
Taterkaze Month ago
Completely stupid. A waste of Harris & Block's talents. Joey just isn't right for car stuff.
Max Kauppinen
Max Kauppinen Month ago
“You know what else rhymes with block? Co-“ The famous words of Rory
Edwin Lown IV
Edwin Lown IV Month ago
after this i wanted to drift a 90s pickup
Clifford Tandeo
Clifford Tandeo Month ago
Came here for Ken, stayed coz of the editing job
김남훈 Month ago
I miss old top gear
walli ahmad
walli ahmad Month ago
This is the second copy of the top gear (the one with the ogs Hammond Clarkson and May)
Wayne :
Wayne : 2 months ago
Who are these 3 clowns? #Flopgear
Severi Boyyy
Severi Boyyy 2 months ago
Omg its can am maverick
Mr_TankTop 09
Mr_TankTop 09 2 months ago
This should be a showcase event in forza horizon 😂😂😂
david pasquan
david pasquan 2 months ago
lamo so .............
Aðalbjörn Guðbrandsson
this surely is scripted.
Joseph P
Joseph P 2 months ago
Damn this was good. Top Gear when can we schedule a delivery of any of those vehicles to my house?Compliments of Ken. He;s also my buddy I also call him special K.
Anders Vinther
Anders Vinther 2 months ago
where has top gear, however, become boring
K Den
K Den 2 months ago
This is still a thing? Sounds like there just reading scripts now. No chemistry at all. GRAND TOUR for life bitches
Thor Soele
Thor Soele 2 months ago
So Block is "stig" lol
TheGrandTour08 BMW08
Well, the new top gear isn't top gear, without people just complaining that it's horrible, when it's not.
TheGrandTour08 BMW08
TO ALL THOSE HATERS: do you know how much time money and concidaration goes into making these films. There not like the old trio, but the entertainment is still good. Whilst you sit there eating crisps, and typing at a computer or phone, these people are doing something. AT LEAST APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE CONTINUING TO MAKE SOME ENTERTAINMENT. they could have stopped completely, so stop your whining, and be quiet. And you can't say CHRIS HARRIS IS BAD. P. S. IF YOU REALLY DON'T LIKE THIS, THEN DON'T WATCH IT.
nathaniel dizon
nathaniel dizon 2 months ago
Ervin Carey
Ervin Carey 2 months ago
u gotta do more shit like this
Panda _Boy_09
Panda _Boy_09 2 months ago
Not too bad but if the old legends were here, this would be a game off hitting the police
Cristobal Nuñez
Cristobal Nuñez 2 months ago
But in real life...
Underthetoporwat1425 Aka throw away
"Hey ken you know what rhymes with block? co-" ken: *drives away before the sentence gets finished*
Winter Salas
Winter Salas 2 months ago
So why is matt driving a barricade dressed as bumblebee?
bright eyes
bright eyes 2 months ago
is this meant to be top gear or some thing ummmm naaaaaa bring the old one back. dam ken block can drive
Electroctgon 2 months ago
Furret The Fuzzy Noodle
Buncha wusses hating on this
Mikawskii 2 months ago
Alright , gonna do this with the boys
Big Seksi
Big Seksi 2 months ago
Got lucky...
Robert OberAU
Robert OberAU 2 months ago
These guys can't drive as well as the old gang.
Jack Jack
Jack Jack 2 months ago
Is not the same, You just can't replace those 3 maniacs which is Jeremy, Hammond and Mr Slow... You just can't
J’aime les Teleteubies
Why black is the first arrested ?
Micka Dedel
Micka Dedel 2 months ago
Joe retourne dans friends là tu es nul
Gravy B
Gravy B 3 months ago
I hated it with these meatsticks
Jason Pos
Jason Pos 3 months ago
What was that? Who are these people?
RECKLESS 3 months ago
This was filmed in springville Utah which is where I live, so that’s awesome!
Milano Martins
Milano Martins 3 months ago
Muit bom uuuuu estava uma delicia
Milano Martins
Milano Martins 3 months ago
Nuit bom
Milano Martins
Milano Martins 3 months ago
Nuit bom
Milano Martins
Milano Martins 3 months ago
Muit bom
Milano Martins
Milano Martins 3 months ago
Muit bom o filmi uuuuuu
Attila 3 months ago
top gear never should've fired richard this would've been so much better with all 3 of the originals
Adam Dehner
Adam Dehner 3 months ago
Top Gear without Hammond Clarkson and May is trash.
Golab08 3 months ago
Mehh... It's not the same... It's sad, because the real Top Gear was on air, when I was too young to appreciate good 'ol british humour and also I wasn't interested in cars. Now I own a car, started to love it and I want to know more about the world of motorization. The old trio was the best. Legends.
Soldia Playz
Soldia Playz 3 months ago
I'm only here for Matt's insanity and Ken's even more insanity
Your Card Hack
Your Card Hack 3 months ago
Top gear makes better Fast and Furious
Maliki P
Maliki P 3 months ago
That looks so fun🤙🏽
Kean Nigel Aguirre
Kean Nigel Aguirre 3 months ago
Salik Yousuf
Salik Yousuf 3 months ago
This is not fun it should have been done by jeremy, richard and captain slow.
Mates Ptacek
Mates Ptacek 3 months ago
This Is not a top gear
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara 3 months ago
anyone else watch this on top gear usa?
burt simmons
burt simmons 3 months ago
adolf yeetler
adolf yeetler 3 months ago
This reminds me of transformers
rub ber
rub ber 3 months ago
yes yes the OLD OG top gear is better..everyone knows guys! driving wasnt as nice..but the humor is what made it
Nino Gorgone
Nino Gorgone 3 months ago
this is shit without Clarkson hammond and may
SsaintS X
SsaintS X 3 months ago
I swear they have an American on English top gear now
planemod 3 months ago
Good acting -_-
f Stop
f Stop 3 months ago
This is pash
Flappy_Boi 3 months ago
come on! they are not even tryin'
Vasile Majaru
Vasile Majaru 3 months ago
P. Sandra Tangkulung
Chris Harris makes it look so easy, its not that good of a review😂 i would’ve crashed
P. Sandra Tangkulung
oh Ken saves this show they should just make him a presenter or a regular guest
xrod 666
xrod 666 4 months ago
If they would have done it with the hoonicorn it would have been a very short video lol
TrapStudios 4 months ago
Imagine if Ken Block was an actual police officer
StrikeKillers Gaming
When some three people are trying to copy down the original trio. This is just a rip off #miss old times top gear
iFrostyxx 4 months ago
Roger John Roy
Roger John Roy 4 months ago
The new top gear is so boring top gear you did a bad job
Sebastian Feisst
Sebastian Feisst 4 months ago
I think Klarkson was more funny
Andrea Spinazzè
Andrea Spinazzè 4 months ago
They can't replace Jeremy Richard and James
fawaz. kc
fawaz. kc 4 months ago
there is block,, so its got some views
relm riders
relm riders 4 months ago
Well not me
VSpecy 4 months ago
Wheres what is this
nayaka Arkana.R
nayaka Arkana.R 4 months ago
Nah,this is turning american,not british like the old chaps
Prik 4 months ago
Where does top gear get the budget for this
Max Mitchell
Max Mitchell 4 months ago
shouldve given ken a proper car lmao
fabioairala 4 months ago
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiijaaaaaaaaaaaa el mejor video que e visto con estos muchachos y Ken block wiiijaaa
ESVORL 4 months ago
What is the name of this buggy? I want to buy one
Aaron CODA
Aaron CODA 5 months ago
Only watched for Ken block. Listening to these guys talk made me want to mute the video. So glad I stopped watching top gear when the show left the show
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