the kardashians are using their followers as actual currency

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kylie jenner you're already rich enough to purchase my soul why do you need moRE
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Apr 8, 2020




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dangelowallace 6 months ago
showed up with a longer vid since i've been gone🥰 anyway is there anything else weird going on that i should talk about this week?
Mighty Ravenger
Mighty Ravenger 6 days ago
Says the guy who normally does 40-50 minute videos nowadays 😂
Stephen Month ago
it seems like money laundering to me
Omole Celine
Omole Celine Month ago
You are very cute
G. M.
G. M. Month ago
Actually, I have received a mail already few times from the company who does this giveaway with kylie jenner, they promised me to get many followers if I pay to get involved in the campaign of course. Actually, what they're doing is a legal scam. Of course I didn't want to participate, I'm not stupid, but obviously they always find people who are willing to participate. I still have those mails. Actually, I receive often very weird mails from seriously and professionally looking companies, I think those mails could make a very interesting material for RUvid video.
Hannah Van Overbeek
Hey! This might be helpful info for you. A friend of mine owns a business and she was approached by curated businesses. They were charging her $14K for being part of the Chloe and Scott campaign. In addition they do 65 of these promos per brand. So they’re making around $910K on Chloe and she has one of the fewer followers than the others. So I’d imagine it goes up.
Jason Cruz
Jason Cruz 13 hours ago
16:39 okay google what is *foreshadowing*
Minnie Mouse but worse
why do you look like Sid the science kid with 67 bachelor’s degrees and went to Harvard
maggie saunders
fools!youexpectedaname, jokesonyou,idon'thaveone!
yeah, this company is super sketch
Yeahok Vid
Yeahok Vid Day ago
Can’t believe he really said kcharlie and not KARLIE???
Iarland 2 days ago
HAD 250k subs.
Pizza Shark
Pizza Shark 2 days ago
16:31 little does he know
Brenna Reed
Brenna Reed 2 days ago
Watching this when he has 1.68 Million subs... King
Reticulus 3 days ago
The whole being triggered from a little sus casted their way along with linking their legal team is such a Trump move that I don't know if I can be convinced on how fake that business is now.
Meghan Gillies
Meghan Gillies 4 days ago
Thought my music started auto playing 0:43 Love Oh Wonder
Isabelle Hoopman
Isabelle Hoopman 5 days ago
Honestly I dont even know who half the people are that he talls about but I like listening.
Alexander Calderon
I do like you because you research but video its to long, that family its discussing we know since like... humm 10 years ago. No more media good or bad.
Maya Thomas
Maya Thomas 5 days ago
0:42 wait hold up my man listens to oh wonder?
nyla . .
nyla . . 5 days ago
Download fetch rewards and use my code FUJ39
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe 6 days ago
Kris Jenner really did take her five attractive daughters with no talent and make them billionaires though that's impressive as hell
Jessica F.
Jessica F. 6 days ago
Facts. Good Video! I don’t get Celebrities worship in general because most Celebrities are actually overpaid, overrated etc.. for doing nothing special. Even if they have talent and can sing or dance or act or whatever very well it’s still overpaid and people put them in a pedestal. The thing is if we get scammed, if they are rich or famous is all our fault. It’s because of us and the attention and money we give to them. It would be so so easy to change this stupid Stan culture but whatever. Isn’t it ridiculous that they become millionaires and billionaires and still feel the need to scam? Or don’t even talk about real world problems (racism,capitalism,sexism,depression,The Devil,climate,drug addiction Etc..) and don’t even try to change them and help? Even with all of that money and attention (of course not only celebrities all of the high shit classes) they can’t stop poverty, illnesses,ignorance etc.? Mmmh weird. P.s I talked about 90% (if not more) of them, I know that some of them are good people who deserves it and help and do their best etc.
Pabz 7 days ago
“i want 1 million people to see this video”
Jenna L'Heureux
Jenna L'Heureux 8 days ago
what in the black mirror
Gillian Williams
Gillian Williams 8 days ago
Found you via the S thing I was curious. Watched a few of your vids and decided. - Well *I LIKE YOU!* tell it like it really is 😁 brilliant!
GooseMan69 420
GooseMan69 420 8 days ago
What is it its awesome black commentary channels and braces? I know of two good commentary channels with black men and they both have braces
Laila Haskell
Laila Haskell 9 days ago
He barely says Um or like- smart
TheMangoDiaries 10 days ago
Suburban mom wine night invite lmao bye Dangelo🤣🤣🤣
Cristina Frankel
Cristina Frankel 11 days ago
Liking a RUvid video is like super liking someone on a dating app. You deserve my super like.
Purva Sharma
Purva Sharma 12 days ago
Just wanted to say what I read in a comment on one of your videos actually.. These kardashians and so many such people are just manipulating money to create more money without contributing anything valuable to society. It's such a scam
Melissa Allison
Melissa Allison 12 days ago
K-Charlie 🤣🤣🤣
JSR 12 days ago
3:25 Do a video exposing Kenneth Copeland's scams.
Thoughts on Two
Thoughts on Two 14 days ago
whoa you don't know Patrick Bet David? Curated business probably follows him just for following him.
RayRay socraycray
RayRay socraycray 15 days ago
I got that from cardi b fb too it was a “live stream “ but it was a old loop video smh 😅😅
Faith Sarin
Faith Sarin 15 days ago
peep the oh wonder reference @ 0:44, yet another reason why I follow this guy man he really doesn’t disappoint 😭
Mchannnel 15 days ago
another k name: Katrina, Kimmy, Karina, Karia, Kayla, Katie etc so there's fuck ton left for them to use
HAL 9000
HAL 9000 15 days ago
How is this not against Instagram's TOS? Doesn't it manipulate those accounts' metrics and mess with their targeting algorithms? Then again, maybe Instagram is okay with fake engagement numbers to pump up the value of their ad deals.
Destiny Bierman
Destiny Bierman 16 days ago
More like Karly 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Lorena Palacios
Lorena Palacios 16 days ago
If I would have watched this video 1 year earlier I would have named my son Kcharlie 🤣
Jerod Wolf
Jerod Wolf 17 days ago
D’Angelo, you gotta work on your glasses game, i feel like every minute you push up your glasses lol
creating lex
creating lex 17 days ago
D'Angelo manifested his 1 Million Sub Count. *maybe hE bOuGhT them* C:
The Cowlick Show
The Cowlick Show 17 days ago
i wish my name was k’charlie
terripink08 18 days ago
I will draw K’charlie
Mikash Skincare
Mikash Skincare 20 days ago
Haha just came across this RUvid video. Yes I was in the curated businesses giveaway with Australian influencers. It helps with growing your account and yes alotttttt of unfollows won’t do it again.
LO๖ۣۜR乙 21 day ago
Freethe Ands
Freethe Ands 21 day ago
He's married?? Bleak.
AGUST D 21 day ago
8:17 why does she look exactly like my math teacher from last year
ioio 21 day ago
I need to name my kid kcharli
Im pretty sure the kardashians got famous thru kim kardashian and she got famous for a sex tape with ray j 💀
R Pickhardt
R Pickhardt 22 days ago
Jetwing 22 days ago
"There famous for there many.... I don't know why there famous." honestly who dose?
Ava Deng
Ava Deng 23 days ago
Stvrky Playz
Stvrky Playz 24 days ago
when u find out his age........ :(
Eleanor Mason
Eleanor Mason 26 days ago
You said 'Kcharlie', and I had to give you a like. Caught me off guard and gave me a genuine laugh, thank you sir *doffs cap*
Tanvi Desai
Tanvi Desai 26 days ago
But does anyone realize that these may actually be effective in pulling customers that end up liking these products? I mean, out of the people that sign up and start following these random brands, some of them may actually end up enjoying what they're looking at and eventually buying it. So you don't get a LOT of new customers, but you do open up opportunities for some of them.
DoriAme 26 days ago
talk about joana ceddia or relatable youtubers
Mafe .07
Mafe .07 26 days ago
Y'know there was an actually follower loop going on between small art accounts in which you had to follow a list of 5 people and the put your name on the list and send it to 15 people it was pretty cool
like if you can relate
He's so calm
Chilli Chilli
Chilli Chilli 27 days ago
Another thing: that BAG was been and always will be so UGLY ! But for real, why is that bag so popular I dont understand.... 😲
Chilli Chilli
Chilli Chilli 27 days ago
I always knew they were fake about everything. Imagine living that poor sad life...
Angie Becerra-Flores
I feel like the only one famous one is Kendall she's litterally the only one that deserves to be famous but that's bc shes a model
hisoka stitch
hisoka stitch 28 days ago
Karineilious Kardashian
Sunny shah
Sunny shah 28 days ago
Like them or not, the Kardashians are great business women, and marketers. They've made hundreds of millions of dollars through branding themselves, not that many people can do that.
Saskia Sillaste
Saskia Sillaste 29 days ago
I ran into your channel a few days ago and I just wanted to say ur great!
Jerry the Magical Llama
On topic: I guess this is why about 2 or 3 random Indian accounts follow me despite the fact I am a teenager living in rural Northeast New England 😐 Extra question: why is it almost always Indian accounts? I know they have the second highest population but why not, idk, French accounts, Thai accounts, Russian accounts, random other countries etc. I know it's Instagram that's sending these random people to me but like a quarter of all my followers are strangers from India
Eva May Barrett
Eva May Barrett Month ago
Haha haha excuse me lol “I don’t think you can send a cease and desist in the comments section on Instagram”
Katie Challacombe
not D’Angelo also listening to my favourite band Oh Wonder is such a vibe
howl Month ago
their business IS fame, you answered your own question lol thanks for this video always wondered about this lol
TheKingisDead 64
They're famous because Kim does science.
Chelsea Burden
Chelsea Burden Month ago
This is the first video of yours I’ve ever watched and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing you’re insights and knowledge, you seem to be a very intelligent bright young man, thank you again and I just wanted to say don’t be hard on yourself (it doesn’t look like you are or anything but I feel like a lot of us are too hard on ourselves myself included) Also I think they post with the bags bag (lol) because they know that women like to shop and the aesthetic of the bag makes women want it more if that makes sense
Maritza Nadine
Maritza Nadine Month ago
Why is he an fbi wth??
Megan Van Der Laan
SA isn't Australia my dude. Its south africa.🤣
Namrata Bhosle
Namrata Bhosle Month ago
veronique _yphan
here after kendall deleted her “giveaway” post
sam bayley
sam bayley Month ago
plot twist The Kardashians own Curated Buisinesses
Invictum Lupus
Invictum Lupus Month ago
You can add the brother-in-law, Scott Dissick, into the mix. His Instagram does these posts constantly.
Stephen Month ago
money laundering is up
kingwordss kingwordss
You've been told that "The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know" and so you've stayed in that relationship because you think it's better to hold on to what you know than to start afresh. In this podcast we'll be talking about the courage to change and letting go! anchor.fm/kingwordss/episodes/You-can-change-too-ek5acj
Grace Schweitzer
Ur voice is really calming, I was having a really terrible day and I was feeling kind of panicky and I just clicked on ur video and I feel so much better somehow
JiensyC Month ago
Haha I love the last line
Clyde MacTavish
Clyde MacTavish Month ago
"the kardashians are using their followers as currency" color me shocked
Jessi Santos Pena
Ooooohhhhh this is what happens if you actually pay to be a part of those scams that say “get 100k” followers etc etc
Arianna Janelle
Arianna Janelle Month ago
Social media is the payload.
kyla rose
kyla rose Month ago
you make wonderful videos! you can tell that you are very mature, well spoken, and intelligent. 💞
Leave me Alone
Leave me Alone Month ago
kharlie kardashian
Lee Monahan
Lee Monahan Month ago
I see this kinda business thing all the time. my most recent find, W:arm S:eas, a cont4iner sh1pmnt comp
阿湯 Month ago
My ig account was once hacked, and I have a very small account only 100+ followers mostly friends and families. The way I found I was hacked is that my tl suddenly full of middle eastern guys. I then inspected my follows and deleted all the accounts I that don't remember following. I figured this is how those companies help their customers gain followers, by hacking!
Andrea Nicole
Andrea Nicole Month ago
“Could you imagine if they had one more kid, then they just *ran out of names to misspell with K* ?” LMAO I’m dead!!! 😂😂😂
Kortney Correa
Kortney Correa Month ago
"Imagine if they ran out of names to misspell with a K" Me: *awkwardly thinks about MY family. (Kimberly, Kevin, Kaily, Kelcy, Kassidy, Kortney) :/
Sharmin Begum
Sharmin Begum Month ago
A B B I T T Month ago
The next kardashian is Kachow
Ijahala Pottinger
Can I just say, I love to listen to you talk 😍 I love your videos! I’m so happy I found this channel
Zorana Petrushevska
kendall just posted a pic like that
Monica Cespedes
Monica Cespedes Month ago
I do not give a f*** about all the ppl u talk, I just like listening and seeing you lol, do u play guitar? do u sing? please tell me u sing!!!! sing for usssss lol love uuu!!!
ghost Month ago
Y I k e s
Hailey 123
Hailey 123 Month ago
Watching this when you have over 1.5 million subscribers 😊
Azalea Month ago
Mars Alenda
Mars Alenda Month ago
Hello, I am from _______’s legal team, this comment is a valid and real demand to cease and desist from everything, you’ll be hearing from my “lawyers” via Snapchat
India Samara
India Samara Month ago
It’s pretty obvious the responder from “curated business” is one of the kardasians. That’s exactly how they talk. They most likely made up the business/contest to get more attention and they created the whole thing themselves.There is NO PR TEAM. Its them lol.
Siphelele Malembe
"Hi welcome back to me talking about whatever I want" 😂
alex hell
alex hell Month ago
Imagine DEFENDING the kardashians/jenners lol
Gee May
Gee May Month ago
Love all of your content 💕👌🏻
tanvi :D
tanvi :D Month ago
why does his side channel have more subscribers than his main IM
Jaydah Month ago
Khlamydia Kardashian
Mxsscoast _
Mxsscoast _ Month ago
I don't believe anyone actually keeps all of these bags. Theyre just paying to take pics with them in exchange for likes and comments. Then they pack em all back up and send em back. And is it a coincidence that the winners all live in LA??
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