The Joke Police TICK me off!!! - idubbbz complains

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My apologies for the incessant sound of my sweater-cord hitting the plastic w/ the mic on it. It ended up fucking the audio for this whole gig. I aint re-recording it!! I AINT DOIN' IT!!!! SUE ME IF YOU HAVE TO!!!!
Thanks for watching, keep up the great jokes
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Aug 21, 2018




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Comments 100
darkolar 7 hours ago
IDubbbzTV is really one punch man when he was punching half of the building blew up
angelp 2 days ago
Xavier: Renegade Angel
Aidan Carr
Aidan Carr 2 days ago
This was my 5,000th liked video
The Greek Hijacker
Well, this aged like a steaming pile of shit
Matt 5 days ago
Lol, if someone makes dozens of weird pedo tweets, they're probably not right in the head. it means they're thinking about that subject a lot. But, cool, muh freedom of speech and all that
Bubble Pirate
Bubble Pirate 7 days ago
On the rhumbnail my mans looked like Michael Reeves
Mr random stuff
Mr random stuff 7 days ago
That man failed nnn
johnny bird
johnny bird 8 days ago
I hope you get cancelled.
Filthy Trash
Filthy Trash 2 days ago
Please fuck off
Shield User
Shield User 3 days ago
you're the absolute reason this video was created
Lamborghini Prius
TGS Fade // VoLt Azon
The giant cock going through the joke polices ear and into their Brian is fucking massive and I wished it’d reach full penetration and completely disable them already.
Faire Play
Faire Play 9 days ago
Man iDubbbz lookin fresh in that thumbnail
Seamus Wootton
Seamus Wootton 11 days ago
We need this today
rxndomly Hxppy
rxndomly Hxppy 11 days ago
Idubbz been saying ACAB since Jesus.
MasterEth 12 days ago
this says alot about society
Finks 043
Finks 043 13 days ago
Somebody should show h3 this video
Ziggy The Adventurer
1:13 Ashton Birdie (whitty)
Chicken Smoothie
Chicken Smoothie 14 days ago
Wait... is idups pregnant????
Golden Lion
Golden Lion 4 days ago
Idups preganananat?!
Depresso’s Espresso
This guy literally predicted cancel culture, Alt TikTok, and no❤️ girls a few years before. Gen z is soft.
k g
k g 15 days ago
Were u born yesterday? Act like cancel culture is a new phenomenon lmao
Triskota 17 days ago
"where's the punchline?" "there is no punchline"
TadTod27 19 days ago
I didn't get any of the jokes he mentioned
WordlessArtYT 21 day ago
it's funny cause karen saw this and was like: he read my script???
The meme central
The meme central 22 days ago
If you think a joke is a statement you are a joke
randomstring 22 days ago
I have the solution to avoid being insulted or triggered by things like jokes online: Get off the Internet. Just, don't expose yourself to it.
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones 23 days ago
I like a good joke, but the whole pedo shit happening in Hollywood is concerning no?
k g
k g 15 days ago
It’s not only happening in Hollywood bro
Fbi 24 days ago
I find YOU funny :)
Señor bone Man
Señor bone Man 24 days ago
What is skin color and pink Idubbzes penis
Python Blade
Python Blade 24 days ago
I get what he is saying because you can know something is a joke and dont criticize that joke. But it's not your personal type of humor. Think idubbbz has a really good point
Grandma 25 days ago
Isnt that a cyberpower keyboard that comes with the pc
Siniestro 25 days ago
we have a saying here when something is bitter... "this is more bitter than an old woman's fart"....and this people are even bitterrerrr whatever...
Dumbass Fucking-a-toothbrush
If iDubbbz is still in contact with George Miller maybe he can convince him to go back to filthy frank... maybe.
2 salty
2 salty 26 days ago
Ngl idubbbz looks kinda hot In this video (im a man No homo)
Just Rom
Just Rom 26 days ago
אחי הוא שם פאודהההה
DEADZ 28 days ago
Idubbbz punches faster than my stepfather. He punches at Mach 7
Zesti 29 days ago
4:31 idubbbz predicted karen
Seven Apollo
Seven Apollo Month ago
Are those people stupid? He's talking about the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes
GreenStrqfe Month ago
its kazooie
its kazooie Month ago
Black white and red all over is it a bloody penguin
I SEE BEER :] Month ago
┗(•ˇ_ˇ•)―→ ┌(・。・)┘♪
D Denlow
D Denlow Month ago
Content cop is the real joke policeman... and he's not welcome anymore by the joke police. :(
Nerd Neck
Nerd Neck Month ago
The joke police are mainly the liberals
Mimi LuvvxXx6
Mimi LuvvxXx6 Month ago
2020: *James Gunn is revealed to be one of the many big Hollywood names on Jeffrey Epstein's frequent flier list* *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme slowly starts to play*
Drake Frost
Drake Frost Month ago
I see all the videos in your end screens and I'm sad that all of them were taken down. I wanted to watch them.
Christian Hannah
Dude the thumbnail looks like a completely different person
hexago. Month ago
who is that lesbian in the thumbnail
Sesi Mondo
Sesi Mondo Month ago
I miss this Ian.
Will MakeContentOneDay
Joke Police is just pre-cancel culture
Violet Fields
Violet Fields Month ago
I’m holding in a huge shit
Notorious Crepe
Notorious Crepe Month ago
I haven’t nutted in so long . There is cum molding in my testicles.
Mr NoseyBonk
Mr NoseyBonk Month ago
this video is very relevant nowadays
Folley Month ago
whos that guy in the thumb nail?
Chipzzzy Month ago
Could this be considered as a content serpico
rouge Month ago
One of my friends was a joke officer and because of him our group is currently having a mini civil war
dustdoorknob Month ago
This is why we have the Internet Historian.
Steven John Foster
these sickos need sent to be deleted from social platforms sarah sliverMAN patton oswalt, chrissy teigen, james gun podestas clintons
Frank Fontaine
Frank Fontaine Month ago
The joke police would soon be known as cancel culture.
Dead Channel
Dead Channel Month ago
He looks like Michael Reeves and Anthony Padilla at the same time
MCcookiebreath Month ago
prepare your asses gen z is just getting more hysterical and dumb the older they get.
Ismael Correa
Ismael Correa Month ago
James Gunn is on Epstein’s flight logs that’s why I think his tweets actually mean something you don’t go to his pleasure island for nothing you fucking twat
SPACEBAR Month ago
The Nambla One Was a Bit Scetchy, Considering Most of Us Hadn't a Clue What It Was Then❌❌❌
BillyBoy710 Aka Allah
Ben Shakiro do be spitting fax tho
Heres a rule of thumb to keep in mind about jokes. Is it punching up or is it punching down? What's the context? There's no such thing as a joke that isn't political on some level or has some kind of political valence to it. People from all sides of the political spectrum will over-react or under-react or whatever depending on your politics
earth iz flat
earth iz flat Month ago
This video is not a joke it's just statements
Lachie Everett
Lachie Everett Month ago
I have the same mic on his desk :)
Leon Dewar
Leon Dewar Month ago
Spittin facts
Andrew Breeden
Andrew Breeden Month ago
The James Gunn tweets made me like guardians of the galaxy even more
ReValid Month ago
This video is yet more relevant then ever before. Cancel culture needs to be canceled!
Swag Yolo 69
Swag Yolo 69 Month ago
Soooo lit
Comedy Police, Hands Up
Dont worry, Mr Dubbz, weve rebranded. The Joke Police are no more.
Henry Jackson
Henry Jackson 29 days ago
This is the comedy police! The joke's too funny!
Paul T
Paul T Month ago
This is great stuff Ian.
sometimes when i'm horny i stick my dick in the dirt and pretend its a carrot
Holy Jebronies
Holy Jebronies Month ago
are u saying that amy shumer is funny?
Comedy Police, Hands Up
Yes, we're all saying that.
MIDIT Month ago
I love how when he talks about needing a higher IQ to watch Rick and Morty he smiles a bit and then it cuts
Super NOS
Super NOS Month ago
2:03 Idubbbz just transformed into Onision
E_M_E_T Month ago
fuck now i want a mcchicken
VRi Justin Marx
VRi Justin Marx Month ago
I'm thinking after another generation some of this stuff around Twitter and so forth so on Will be normalized and understood on a slightly deeper level than it is from people who are just walking into it late in life.
Anonymous Doe
Anonymous Doe 2 months ago
Ian you’re saying context matters. But of course it doesn’t!
Anonymous Doe
Anonymous Doe 2 months ago
Ian’s a secret Ben Shapiro listener and closeted anti-PC conservative
Tristen Arctician
Tristen Arctician 2 months ago
Hi dubbz
Monger 2 months ago
BlueSparks 2 months ago
Look I know what you're trying to say with this video but seeing as how Gunn is allegedly in Epstein's flight logs and apparently has connections to NAMBLA I have a hard time believing those were merely innocent jokes.
Ethan Crozier
Ethan Crozier 2 months ago
Dude my humor is so dark a cop shot it
Cair Nichts
Cair Nichts 2 months ago
Best timing ever.
Cody Morley
Cody Morley 2 months ago
Wait. The fuck? My dude, you ARE the joke police.
Filthy Trash
Filthy Trash 2 days ago
No he isn't
Eli J
Eli J 2 months ago
What? No he isn't
Billnye therussainspy
No he's the content cop
Awesomeflipper Gamer
Game critics are the perfect example of shitty opinions. For example they said days gone sucks. User score said people loved it. I think it's literally one of the best games ever made.
Kermit The Senpai
Kermit The Senpai 2 months ago
Goktor 2 months ago
twitter in a nutshell: u either complain about something or everything or u try to be funny
Jere Vandewalle
Jere Vandewalle 2 months ago
How bout instead of fixing Twitter we end it. Or we push all the leftists on there and wall then off where they should be
TFPrime217 2 months ago
*Shane Dawson has entered the chat*
Hugsforall 2 months ago
I don't really find a lot of this stuff offensive, just disappointing. I'm getting tired of shock value humor, it's lazy and cheap. Not because it offends my sensibilities, but because comedians overuse it to the point where it stops being funny, and just becomes annoying. To me, it is no different than someone who over does knock-knock jokes or over references a slightly funny anecdote. It's just important to discriminate between calling someone a bad comedian and a bad person. There is nothing wrong with critiquing a person's work, that is how we improve, but we shouldn't extrapolate that to assumptions about their character. It's all about balance.
O. B.
O. B. 2 months ago
People don't seem to know what a joke is anymore, they take everything at face value.
GSH 2 months ago
Petros Kostianis
Petros Kostianis 2 months ago
Count Dankula has entered the chat....
Babadoe 2 months ago
Anyone here from everything great about
Tyler Bailey
Tyler Bailey 2 months ago
1:15 who is this girl?
Anthony Hall
Anthony Hall 2 months ago
At the angle you film, the painting on the wall makes it look like your hair is crazy
Jack Bar
Jack Bar 2 months ago
Lol that expendables joke was ahead of its time
Techpriest Of The Omnissiah
Æ Œ æ
Noah Blaszak
Noah Blaszak 2 months ago
Your just making fun of libtards. They are the most uptight, stupid, self absorbed pieces of shit on the planet.
Man like CM
Man like CM 2 months ago
I’m glad people cancelled shane Dawson before cancel culture falls
Horzinicla 2 months ago
@kGedge YO how so?
kGedge YO
kGedge YO 2 months ago
Man like CM you’re literally the type of person idubbbz is complaining about smfh
Sean Zoilo
Sean Zoilo 2 months ago
Yooo, He actually got Anthony Padilla to be in his thumbnail, what a chad.
Zohaib Bukhari
Zohaib Bukhari 2 months ago
James Gunn tweets feel like I’m reading cards against humanity cards
John Conager
John Conager 27 days ago
This is why you’re a virgin
annus ahmer
annus ahmer 2 months ago
Anyone know about the salt my bartender fill me in
The Queen
The Queen 2 months ago
This video is so relevant right now
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