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Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci star in Martin Scorsese’s THE IRISHMAN, a saga of organized crime in post-war America told through the eyes of World War II veteran Frank Sheeran, a hustler and hitman who worked alongside some of the most notorious figures of the 20th century. Spanning decades, the film chronicles one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in American history, the disappearance of legendary union boss Jimmy Hoffa, and offers a journey through the hidden corridors of organized crime: its inner workings, rivalries and connections to mainstream politics. Now playing in theaters and on Netflix.
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The Irishman | Al Pacino | Netflix
Hitman Frank Sheeran looks back at the secrets he kept as a loyal member of the Bufalino crime family in this acclaimed film from Martin Scorsese.


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Nov 27, 2019




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Comments 100
तकरप लरक
why does he shout so much
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn 2 months ago
Jack Nicholson was better as Hoffa and Hoffa was better
Thao Hien Duong
Thao Hien Duong 2 months ago
Martin Scorsese makes a film netflix can't refuse
Rock N' Roll
Rock N' Roll 3 months ago
For those people who said Pacino overacting clearly hasn't seen his older movies, he's always on fire in all of his movies, if he's not angry in a movie then it's not Al Pacino
Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh 3 months ago
Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh 3 months ago
"You people"
Ron L
Ron L 4 months ago
The absolute best actor of our time!!! Michael Corleone to Jimmy Hoffa! 🏆
Dдnэsh Pяiдмвоdo
damn this man went to a drug lord to a mafia
lmontader0rder lmontadar0rder
احرقوا علم العرب لا يمثلون شرعية
lmontader0rder lmontadar0rder
احرقوا علم الامم لا تمثل شرعية
lmontader0rder lmontadar0rder
احرق علم المغرب
lmontader0rder lmontadar0rder
احرق علم امريكا
Dany Saputra
Dany Saputra 5 months ago
Does anyone know the title of the music which plays throughout the video? Thank you.
One of the best actors
Willian rodrigues pereira
I am enchated by the Al Pacino acting in this movie, so f*cking good!!! s2
Rais Kazi
Rais Kazi 7 months ago
He should've got Oscar for Jimmy Hoffa role.
Akhil Chandran
Akhil Chandran 7 months ago
Just saw the movie. Oscar doesnot deserve Al pachino.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 7 months ago
The Godfather 4
Pratham Bhatia
Pratham Bhatia 7 months ago
Michael Corleone
Coach Jams Guru privat
Alpacino he the best irishman
Bucky Brown
Bucky Brown 8 months ago
DeNiro will NEVER touch Pacino. Just look at their body of work. DeNiro sold out years ago to Hollywood. And never goes on stage as Al does. No contest.
Shoaib Imran
Shoaib Imran 8 months ago
That makeup on al pacinos face is hideous
bmwnasher 8 months ago
God of the movies, Eric Clapton god of the Guitar.
Alessandro Catolfi Salvoni
he stole the hole movie
venom74799 8 months ago
The Epstein story
Berke Güneş
Berke Güneş 8 months ago
Arshman m
Arshman m 8 months ago
Best classic movie i really like this movie .
aljanat5 8 months ago
I wrote this script as well as Joker an Origin Story and sent both in 2017 to Mr Martin Scorsese with a request to bring on board, Joe Pesci. Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano and Anna Paquin. I also advised hiring ILM. He did not disappoint.
Paul Huerta
Paul Huerta 8 months ago
Al Muthafucking Pacino as Yimmy Hoffa
VEM m 9 months ago
I like u man Pacino, but Godfather respectfully (maybe not) boy o boy u ain't sounding nothin like Hoffa in this movie.
Juliana Ciornei
Juliana Ciornei 9 months ago
Ilie&Jaida Suth
Ilie&Jaida Suth 9 months ago
But another jojo movie
Kevin Fogarty
Kevin Fogarty 9 months ago
All 3 main characters were A+++ performances. Brilliant.
Alessandro Catolfi Salvoni
he stole te movie great acting
The Zombie Squad
The Zombie Squad 9 months ago
what do you say I buy you a cup of coffee...
Don Montana
Don Montana 9 months ago
Karizmanın vücut bulmuş hâli AL PACİNO
صالح عبدالله
Manuel Castillo
Manuel Castillo 9 months ago
What's so hard to understand? This is my union!
Jason Wolfe
Jason Wolfe 9 months ago
Give this man an Oscar for this please
Fernando Madrigal
Fernando Madrigal 9 months ago
What is the song of the vídeo??? 🙃🙃
Sergio Oconitrillo
Sergio Oconitrillo 9 months ago
Will be a really fukng BIG loss for Hollywood when Pacino and De Niro dies ... the are simply the BEST !!!
Ayush S
Ayush S 9 months ago
*"Get in the fuckin car"* Robert De Niro 2019
Kristoff Seisler
Kristoff Seisler 9 months ago
1:55 only difference is Robert De Niro instead of Johnny Depp.
Ramon Andrei Vitan
Ramon Andrei Vitan 9 months ago
Oscar for Al Pacino!
Fahad Khawar
Fahad Khawar 9 months ago
When ever Al appeared he stole the screen even from de Niro
Br Greg
Br Greg 9 months ago
It’s a pleasure to watch my favorite actor finally be in a part of the greatest team in the history of film
BAHRI TEPE 9 months ago
This 3 Guys Are Legends
johnpaul medina
johnpaul medina 9 months ago
umm music ?
BATTERIESc 9 months ago
I have to say Pacino was the only 1 of the big 3 in my opinion, that knocked it out of the park. A total professional.
Divine_D 9 months ago
Pacino was the best part of this movie. I was smiling so much my face hurt.😂
Random Channel
Random Channel 9 months ago
r rahman
r rahman 9 months ago
Easily the greatest and classiest artist in acting.
Eni Tesoro
Eni Tesoro 9 months ago
You .....people. XD
MegaSilverBlood 9 months ago
it felt sooooo good to watch De Niro, Pacino and Pesci BRING. IT. ON. I mean everyone was just phenomenal, you could see, Scorsese made them be on their best again
Lea 2020
Lea 2020 9 months ago
Ageing has changed Al clearly but what has never changed is his ability to act through his eyes and show immense emotion
Firas MHENNI 9 months ago
like: thanks netflix
R 21
R 21 9 months ago
Pacino love you you are top
Pp Vk
Pp Vk 9 months ago
Best part is where he says nothing, but just eats and scowls at his adversaries
mukandy23 9 months ago
I was halfway into the movie until I realized Al Pacino was Jimmy Hoffa. The whole time I wondered where he was
NBAGrandpa 9 months ago
"If something funny happens to me, they're done". he wasn't lying tho.
책이랑 놀자[Hannah]
As long as netflix won't stop participate making movie like this I wouldn't switch to disney plus!! Marvel is okay...but can't compare to this kinda movie. Love to watch 3 actors at once since the god father!! 😭😭😭
Christos Zacharias
Christos Zacharias 9 months ago
Best actor of all time! Who-ahhhhhh
Mr. Xzanders
Mr. Xzanders 9 months ago
I'm sorry for Brad Pitt but Pacino deserves the Academy Award for Supporting Actor
Martin Smith
Martin Smith 9 months ago
Energetic, powerful, passionate, epic performance by Al Pacino!
Divine_D 9 months ago
Finally watched this...Mr. Pacino, your Oscar is waiting for you...😍
Nitesh Khatiwada
Nitesh Khatiwada 9 months ago
Netflix deserves half the credit this movie receives !!!
Gregory Cruse
Gregory Cruse 9 months ago
I loved every minute of it
ТурбоТОП 9 months ago
al pacino is so winning that oscar for best supporing role
Jami Raquai
Jami Raquai 9 months ago
Its first movie of Scorsese with Pacino?
Oriv_kaboom Nathaniel
I thought was Pecsi's performance as Russ is really being overlooked and Deniro was brilliant.. Al is always gonna shine
David Smith
David Smith 9 months ago
Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I helped my father Vito paint a house and end up on the floor.
takmaps 9 months ago
In the mafia when they say we'll bring you back after, that means you're dead
ahmed ronaldokahn
ahmed ronaldokahn 9 months ago
"Barzini will move against you first. He'll set up a meeting with someone that you absolutely trust. Guaranteeing your safety. And then, at that meeting you'll be assasinated." Who understands, understands.
Marcos Renann
Marcos Renann 9 months ago
" I mean, you know, threatening people once in a while okay I understand.. but all the time????? "
Juan Martín Correa
Juan Martín Correa 9 months ago
Al is great here! Hope he get nominated for an Oscar. Still, cant stop thinking how much Ray Liotta looks like Jimmy Hoffa, that could have worked nice too.
Kathleen Papaleo
Kathleen Papaleo 9 months ago
"He's turned into a f&=kin eggplant!".
B 1
B 1 9 months ago
Them 64 dislikes are cocksuckers
Divine_D 9 months ago
@B 1 :D
B 1
B 1 9 months ago
Yeah that's what I meant
Divine_D 9 months ago
More like cockaroaches...
雪曉櫻 9 months ago
Yepac Shakur
Yepac Shakur 9 months ago
Can’t believe ppl are comparing this BORING ass movie to goodfellas let alone Casino. This shit was absolutely boring. I am never watching this film again.
Hem Chandra
Hem Chandra 9 months ago
Al Pacino the greatest.. What a performance..
Jay Rayka
Jay Rayka 9 months ago
Oscar for pàcino akka jimmy huaffa ❤❤❤
Ben Machin
Ben Machin 9 months ago
Best Supporting Actor goes to... Al Pacino
Hank SH
Hank SH 9 months ago
Al Pacino is such a thief. Stole every scene he was in. 10/10
Jeffrey 8 months ago
He stole the movie from de niro
Rhys Gleeson
Rhys Gleeson 9 months ago
Hank SH absolutely agree. Definitely the best part of the movie
Zenith 9 months ago
AL Pacino and Joe Pesci stole the show for Irishman
Arisblood 9 months ago
My favorite scene " I apologize after you apologize for being late....YOU MOTHERFKNGG WOP COKSUCKER". hehe
surya kumar
surya kumar 9 months ago
surya kumar
surya kumar 9 months ago
worst movie ever made....slowing down my exaggeration for evry scene in movie
David Mercado-Morales
Oscar for Pacino.
Zaf Mo
Zaf Mo 9 months ago
i love martin, but this shit was boring
Arjun Rk
Arjun Rk 9 months ago
Anybody here seen Jack Nicholson's interpretation of Hoffa?
Olivier Imre
Olivier Imre 9 months ago
@Arjun Rk obviously not
Arjun Rk
Arjun Rk 9 months ago
@Olivier Imre You didn't enjoy Pacino's version?
Olivier Imre
Olivier Imre 9 months ago
it became a classic thanks to this turd
ياسر العمري
Jimmy Montana ..
darkness _kid
darkness _kid 9 months ago
To be honest Al did a great Performances, he absolutely deserves an Oscar
Z 9 months ago
Al Pacino deserves an Oscar for The Irishman
Joan Hanningt
Joan Hanningt 10 months ago
Brilliant the godfathers of the acting world never moved of the chair once was glued to the tv needs an all the oscars that can be given a true crime story told how it was🥊🥊🥊☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️🍪
FlaatBeat 10 months ago
Already watched it twice. I love that movie . It s so amazing to see all those legends acting together .
Ben Regan
Ben Regan 10 months ago
Fantastic film, so well done and all about family and loyalty.
Ragnar's Finest
Ragnar's Finest 10 months ago
3.5 hours long!!!!
Fiaz Rahman
Fiaz Rahman 10 months ago
Just watched it so amazing
substitute91 10 months ago
Hi Frank, this is Jimmy Hoffa. - This line just gets and seals it. Anyway, the scene between Hoffa and Russel at the comedy club , thats an instant classic. Pacino blows up but Pesci doesnt. ....and , "It is what it is" .
Who comes up to a meeting with Short's on?
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