The iPhone 11 Models!

Marques Brownlee
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iPhone 11? iPhone XI? Either way. Tick tock tock.
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Jul 17, 2019

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Comments 16 641
Marcos Vinícius Petri
I have an iphone X, and then I skipped the XS because it wasn't that different and it was so expensive... if this have just a third lens, I will skip it too. The only feature I wish my phone had was the ability to read any NFC tag, but other than that, maybe next 1-2 years?
Frank Hoogveld
Frank Hoogveld 49 minutes ago
Zach Benjamin
Zach Benjamin Hour ago
Yo, Ryan Higa predicted the iPhone 😂
Keagan Moore
Keagan Moore 2 hours ago
Wow, how did he get it already? N if that’s really it, I gotta say I’m disappointed and I upgrade every year. Not liking this one bit. It’s time for a drastic change not incremental changes.
JB 3 hours ago
Skip for sure.
Juan Sebastián Visbal
I'm quite certain Jony I've did NOT design this,
Hans Lecaros
Hans Lecaros 9 hours ago
FUGLY from Crapple!!!! It’s a good thing the board at Apple has many concerns about Cook’s ways... hopefully he will step down and bring a refresh to the already in trouble company.
Saad Marafi
Saad Marafi 9 hours ago
I have iPhone X and I would skip that one for sure.
Vatsal Beri
Vatsal Beri 10 hours ago
Skip for sure . They ain’t even trying to make it better . And spending that load of money for this ?? Honestly I love my xr and gonna stick with it .
munera valli
munera valli 11 hours ago
I would
XCVI Mac 13 hours ago
So is the camera going to be full frame ?
Kevin C
Kevin C 13 hours ago
1:04 purposefully flexing HU NMDs
Anise Munns
Anise Munns 14 hours ago
Apple hasn’t been impressive since Steve died😫...I’m getting a Note☺️!
Las Aventuras De PePe
I’m still using the iphone 7 plus and I skipping this iphone just because I want usb c and apple pencil s with my iphone 📲 I don’t know how long is going to take for that but I’ll wait for it patiently!! Or update slowly anybody selling an iphone xs plus for a good price 🤣🤣 I willing to negotiate
Frostbyte Gaming
Frostbyte Gaming 18 hours ago
I’ll just wait till next year to upgrade
A random person
A random person 20 hours ago
This video got taken and uploaded to Moldavian news, didn't even bother to pretend. Originality lvl up
Eazy Quezada
Eazy Quezada 21 hour ago
its a skip for me
Andrew Orr
Andrew Orr 21 hour ago
I'm still sticking with my iPhone 6S until it breaks!
Maya k
Maya k 21 hour ago
it’s not ugly..it’s *oogly*
kennedy francis
kennedy francis 22 hours ago
When will it launch in India
Rod Clarke
Rod Clarke Day ago
I don't care about the look of the camera if it's an upgrade for travelling, a home button becomes a vulnerable spot in iPhone cases because they need to be flimsy so as the fingerprint is readable. Unless there is a reliability issue I may buy this phone.
Robomb TheBest
is this a for sure design or still just a rumor
G4M3RCLUB Day ago
of course i will skip because it is ugly design and i am 100% sure it will be so expensive
Steve jobs laughing his ass off right now.. lol
Faris Guerouate
Yeah, I’ll stick with my iPhone X for a few more yesrs
Faris Guerouate
rip jony ive
frost381 Day ago
Not sure why everyone hates the new look lol. its not that bad lol
sept1973 Day ago
Pass its ugly 🤮
Garima Sharma
mkbhd why r u looking like a hobo
Bill Petterson
Bill Petterson 2 days ago
i just want a better camera so i'd get it for that reason only.
MG the Engineer
MG the Engineer 2 days ago
I skipped the 10 and the 10s because of the notch. New camera doesn’t bother me as much as the ugly notch.
Jake Westin
Jake Westin 2 days ago
The white one looks aiight
WS HH 2 days ago
I am keeping my iPhone XR for a while like if you are going to keep your phone for 2019
Yung X Trapson
Yung X Trapson 3 hours ago
WS HH xr jet black
scottia show
scottia show 2 days ago
I’ve been any Apple fanboy all my life. But I must say Apple is really starting to loose it. Can’t wait for the delivery of my s10
Ry Ry The Science Guy
Really miss the home button. Wish they could add in a home button with Touch ID in a new design somehow.
iPurple 2 days ago
I usually upgrade every year, seeing apple disappoint once again with these rumours, I preordered my note 10+ today
Seema Gupta
Seema Gupta 2 days ago
After Apple releases it All the RUvidrs are fine with the bump.
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 2 days ago
I would probably skip it.
Sam Britt
Sam Britt 2 days ago
I don’t get it at this point it looks like they running out of ideas but still manage to keep people paying thousands of dollars for something that’s only gonna be out for a year then come out the next year with another ugly ass phone that’s twice as much business corporations especially apple are really idiots but smart at the same time. I’m sticking with my xs max for a while didn’t even plan on buyin this phone or even the x but 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
daniel alvarez
daniel alvarez 2 days ago
definitely skipping this iteration, sorry to say but it looks just too ugly! the looks of the iphone are diving down since he past away...
Jonathan Brady
Jonathan Brady 2 days ago
I wouldn't buy this thing. It's sooooo UGLY!
Brighty 2 days ago
Samsung execs: ha ha ha, they done fucked up now b
Michał Wąsik
Michał Wąsik 2 days ago
New feature in iPhone 11: Induction hob! but you have to buy the pan separately for only $599
Michał Wąsik
Michał Wąsik 2 days ago
Brighty but it’s an Apple pan, it’s better than the other ones :D Dude, i’m using iPhone 8 now and i was thinking that i’m going to buu iphone 11 after first renders but when i saw that... well
Brighty 2 days ago
I can see the effort of your joke, but your argument is invalid because induction hob compatible pans are quite cheap and often same price as regular pans
Dayanna Alvarez
Dayanna Alvarez 2 days ago
Even myself (an Iphone X owner) the first time I saw the Iphone x I was like "that looks so stupid" and now I see it as normal and nice, but there is something about this phone camera design that doesn't add up at all, like if they didn't think the phone design as a whole, because even the Iphone x notch was really integrate into the phone's design and aesthetic, at first it looked stupid but it never looked out of place or ugly like this does, this just doesn't look like an Apple phone, If I would want a Huawei designe then I would buy a Huawei phone.
Shawn Myrelle
Shawn Myrelle 2 days ago
That camera looks like a mechanical lesion. I’ll stick with my iPhone 8 Plus a little longer 😬😬😬
Syphyl FOT
Syphyl FOT 3 days ago
Lmao people still buy iPhones 🤣 this shit is the same as it's been for years, notice how many times he says *same* I'm done lmaooo
Mohsin Waqar
Mohsin Waqar 3 days ago
But the specs shown in this video disappointing me because of lack of 3d touch and same 4 Gb ram and all that
Mohsin Waqar
Mohsin Waqar 3 days ago
I wana buy i phone 11 max this year September..upgrade from s10 plus
IDthief 3 days ago
looks just like iphone 7 with more cameras.
Luminous Dark
Luminous Dark 3 days ago
Skipped until iPhone 12
Abdo Yasine
Abdo Yasine 3 days ago
Toni Pajamas
Toni Pajamas 3 days ago
I bought the iPhone XS a day ago MAX I love the gold
Shimone Yisrael
Shimone Yisrael 3 days ago
I'm skipping
Wassim Wehbe
Wassim Wehbe 3 days ago
Iphone 7 + charging case perfect and coming soon the note10+
MAVIC 514 3 days ago
Fuck the 11 it looks like apple want just our money.
MAVIC 514 3 days ago
I want 3d touch
Md Ratul
Md Ratul 3 days ago
this phone is just shit in every way. there is a reason Apple isnt number one anymore and this is why. if u want to buy a new phone get a samsung or a pixel
Junbin Cai
Junbin Cai 3 days ago
just wondering if they will decrease the price for xs or xs max after the releases
gaurav sahu
gaurav sahu 3 days ago
I ll get the xs at a cheaper price
Daniel Hruška
Daniel Hruška 3 days ago
Waiting for a proper SE upgrade, sooo… skipping.
Nabeel Mohammed
Nabeel Mohammed 3 days ago
Andrew Figueiredo
Currently have a note 9 And I have so many issues with it and I switched from the iPhone x to this. Definitely wishing I stayed with apple right about now. Issues from Android auto always crashing, Bluetooth conectivity always disconnecting and the battery draining rapidly since the oneui update. Now just waiting for a chance to switch back.
Arthur Quid
Arthur Quid 3 days ago
The Camera bump is hideous....Wont stop it selling though.
Emmanuel G
Emmanuel G 3 days ago
Samsung: makes an in-screen fingerprint sensor Oneplus: makes an all-screen phone Apple: *tumor camera*
o monster
o monster 7 hours ago
Do u understand that the in screen finger print sensor is shit?
Roscodot Emmas
Roscodot Emmas 3 days ago
With this camera bump gonna make apple decrease in sales, when it got launched...BeT
Anuj Doshi
Anuj Doshi 3 days ago
Definitely skip!
R_XU *
R_XU * 3 days ago
That's the most virgin camera in a smartphone.
Petrichor Cosmetics
What an UGLY design ! Wont be buying this one, despite the fact that i have been upgrading each year they have brought one out!! Ugh!
Mary Claire Toth
Mary Claire Toth 4 days ago
JShim Media
JShim Media 4 days ago
I’m wondering if the polar pro iris nd filters will cover all three cameras...
Tom 4 days ago
They better not remove the keyboard cursor using force touch
dámgo, jáke
dámgo, jáke 4 days ago
why do I have to watch this overprice thing
Zahni Sylvester
Zahni Sylvester 4 days ago
I’m rocking an iPhone 8
Tanner Emmers
Tanner Emmers 4 days ago
If they would go up and down instead of that bad square would look so much better, also it needs to have type c. My Mac does why can't my iPhone
Beto Dell
Beto Dell 4 days ago
How are company’s able to innovate or evolve if everything that comes out, people are like “OMG that’s so ugly!!” Just shut up.
Tartcake 4 days ago
I am definitely an S type of person, so I’m skipping the no S iphone 11
Best Ideas
Best Ideas 4 days ago
Go pro iPhone ??????
Jeffrey Hines
Jeffrey Hines 4 days ago
Test 123
Test 123 4 days ago
Test 123
Test 123 4 days ago
Test 123
Test 123 4 days ago
no scoppe
Test 123
Test 123 4 days ago
Test 123
Test 123 4 days ago
Jeffrey Hines
Jeffrey Hines 4 days ago
Test 123
Test 123 4 days ago
Test 123
Test 123 4 days ago
poop cock
Test 123
Test 123 4 days ago
nightowl0322 4 days ago
If I were to upgrade, I would wait for something better. This ones a no.
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