The INSANE Legal Battle Over Truck Nuts

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You’ve seen them on trailer hitches around the country: nuts on trucks. But did you know that for their entire existence, these novel and very often nasty accessories have been embroiled in legal turmoil? Well wonder no longer. It’s time to get nutty.
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Jul 13, 2020




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Comments 60
Dick Sledge
Dick Sledge 2 hours ago
I'm guilty of truck nut ownership. Had some blue balls on my truck hung real low. Plus the truck was lowered so they bounced off the ground all the time. Even had my boss pull up to me, said you dropped these as he handed my balls to me. Yes they were tasteless but I got a lot of laughs from those scraped up nutz.
Mark Ruiz
Mark Ruiz 2 hours ago
When you guys say "American” exclude me please.
LancerXDS 3 hours ago
I just want one so I can piss people off. Anyone with me?
Fail Zero
Fail Zero 6 hours ago
I would put truck nuts on my BMW just to piss people off.
Fail Zero
Fail Zero 6 hours ago
"Too pornographic"... have they seen Instagram lately?
William Beck
William Beck 12 hours ago
I can think of nothing more disgusting than this “ product “ and now I turn off this garbage !
Your my workers Im the boss
Originality is near the end my friends :( unfortunately I can confidently say everything has been done before. Damn this might be my last yt video
Your my workers Im the boss
"Its a little sus" haha you ruined this video for me 🤣
Romeo Atwal
Romeo Atwal 15 hours ago
13:40 Damn, what about Peel P50 owners
wholelottaneon 18 hours ago
this whole episode pretty sus
Kameron Butterfield
Kameron Butterfield 20 hours ago
Look you should just let it go how else are we ment to know who the douches of the road
Kenneth B
Kenneth B Day ago
Back in 80s i used a balloon with golf balls. So i can say i came up with it.
Martin Rojas
Martin Rojas Day ago
When I was a kid I thought gay men used them, now that I'm older I known only gay men use them
Gaetano Heliot
This is so america
Arden Kroesbergen
This reminds me of the two bomb bunker companies who are constantly at each other's throats.
Goudy Day ago
I think they are gay lovers
Fivespeed 302
Ham pressed, gobbles up nuts. 😂
Yih Tat Tan
Yih Tat Tan Day ago
They both are friends, just playing around to create hype. What do you expect from two old men selling truck fucking balls?
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Lmao i'm dead, "who nutted first?" lmao
I hate you guys... I was AFK because I had to deal with boiling water and had to listen to the WHOLE %^&$%^@ COMMERCIAL about NUT trimming !!! aaaaaaaaaah !!!
a.j. Avants
a.j. Avants 2 days ago
Hanging actual bull nutz from your truck was the same as sticking deer legs in your truck bed. Been around long before any of these guys. Lol
Crave Horizon
Crave Horizon 2 days ago
We don’t need to know this shit
Muhammad Faizann
Muhammad Faizann 2 days ago
Deez nuts Lmao 😂 this episode was so weird yet funny
ferp420 2 days ago
what the hell manscape no real man would scape shibit cant watch this channel anymore thats it its over
Grant Myers
Grant Myers 2 days ago
I was thinking of a couple basketballs in a burlap sack under my big lifted diesel truck.
Who you looking at? abs
0:03 I think the Credits should go to RoadKill
ilichio 2 days ago
hahahahaha a grandma with nuts XD what's cool about that?! US-americans are really weird, it looks like netflix have an infinite amount of material for tiger king like shows D:
NameYourChannel 2 days ago
Whoever has nuts on their truck must be batting for the wrong team.. All cars/trucks are considered ladies. And there's good reason for that.
waters s
waters s 2 days ago
I had a set of 3inch nuts from a natural gas pad welded to chain under my truck for a bit
do0fuss 2 days ago
Abby the spoon Lady @ 2:41
Joel Joplin
Joel Joplin 2 days ago
That clown joke got me. Solid.
Main man Marco
Main man Marco 3 days ago
They should pass a wrinkle phase
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 3 days ago
Khannell 3 days ago
Ned: “What’s next? Donkey dick windshield wipers?!” Please tell me someone gets this
Fluid _Gus
Fluid _Gus 3 days ago
There should be custom nuts like take a pic of your nuts send it to them and then they designed the same as your nuts
they sell those at Canadian Tire lol
Steve Peterson
Steve Peterson 3 days ago
So I have a set of blue led light up truck nuts for my lifted suburban
BuriTTo Rico
BuriTTo Rico 3 days ago
Donut has BALLS to post this video at youtube and getting monietized.
Rifkinn 3 days ago
Next up, we have truck nutz that can show you the temperature
Hemil Patel
Hemil Patel 3 days ago
I have to save, they do not appeal to me. I m sorry 😔😔😔🤣🤣🤣🤣. These is stupid. I will never destroy look of my truck or car with these stupid things. Though I don't mind if other put them on.
Moises Ayala
Moises Ayala 3 days ago
"Who does that?" AN AMERICAN. Who can put what the hell he likes
MrSaturn619 4 days ago
*has transformers 2 flashbacks*
Bean148 4 days ago
Wasn’t the Tesla trucks nut sensor a little too big?
Epic Garage
Epic Garage 4 days ago
Trolls with nuts
James Carlo
James Carlo 4 days ago
Sciron 4 days ago
If you have these things you are clearly self conscious about something.
Savage Gonzo
Savage Gonzo 4 days ago
I've knicked my balls so many times shaving with other clippers i dont want to try ANY clippers xD
N Ybarra
N Ybarra 4 days ago
Savage for them nutz 🤣
Failed Canvas
Failed Canvas 4 days ago
This is the most I've heard the word "Nuts" being said in one sitting
Jackson _
Jackson _ 4 days ago
I think manscaped lost sales after that.
swinglow33 4 days ago
I find it nutty that this video has over a million views.
Family Email
Family Email 4 days ago
Been about 20 years now fads come back get ready for a truck nutz craze people you can see it now
PATRIOT MAN 4 days ago
I always thought the people that put those truck nuts on their vehicles were just stupid. You don't see people with vagina's on their trucks simply because they are driving the vehicles with nuts hanging from them.
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan 4 days ago
Did I just watch a video on two grown men fighting about who made the best decorative scrotum for the back of your vehicle?
Jon Mendez
Jon Mendez 4 days ago
I lost brain cells watching this
Philip Morgan
Philip Morgan 4 days ago
I'm can'ting so hard right now
Jonathan Phung
Jonathan Phung 4 days ago
Should’ve had a nut counter!
Randy's Rides
Randy's Rides 5 days ago
I think we should ban anything that resembles reality. Obviously people can't handle it.
Deplorable Covfefe
The real ones were tennis balls in a hose stocking. That was clever and amusing. The plastic store bought ones are just tacky and childish.
braxton fogle
braxton fogle 5 days ago
shit you think that's harsh this kid that bullied me in middle school got cancer and I told him that's what you get for bullying people then he died from his cancer I was that happiest kid ever and I'm not ashamed its called karma its a bitch don't you know
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