The Insane Guitar Skills of JOHN MAYER & KEITH URBAN

Guitar Pilgrim
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John Mayer & Keith Urban = a match made in guitarheaven
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"There is nothing quite so tragic as a young cynic, because it means the person has gone from knowing nothing to believing nothing.’’
Maya Angelou


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Jul 24, 2020




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Comments 100
BeeKing85 3 days ago
First couple times i watched this performance I thought Keith Urban's solo was great. Then if you watch close, he actually has a guitar strap malfunction in the middle of this solo and scrambles to get it back on, mean while John Mayer cleary sees and wants to help. But Keith gets it together right in time to get right back into the solo. Makes the solo even greater when you know that he had this malfunction, but keep his cool and went right back into the solo without a hitch, can barely tell. Both brilliant guitar players.
telefan2 3 days ago
Brilliant demo and explanation of one of my favourite videos. Thank you 👏👌
Slowris 4 days ago
love this vid. your video style reminds me of Paul Davids. keep up the great work :)
Rick 5 days ago
Nice MMO Mouse. What are you playing, sir?
Artzineonline 9 days ago
Your ability to illustrate the important elements of these performances, and the enthusiasm with which you do it, makes watching you videos addictive, fun and educational. Although of course while being entertaining and educational, your videos are also rather inspirational, for guitar aficionados like myself (who will never be professional but dream of one day to play a complete song without mistakes) Your videos bring down to earth and give a glimpse of that mysterious realm of virtuoso guitar players like Clapton, et al. by showing that it's based on theory, but enhance by talent.. To make a long story short: DAMN!!
Jakeslessons 11 days ago
lmao "i dont need no dorian scale, the hell with you!" this guy cracks me up and inspires me at the same time. love you man!
Miguel B
Miguel B 19 days ago
Your video is amazing. It turned me on to John Mayer and Kieth Urban video of don't let me down. I keep rewatching it over and over. You brought my attention to the excerllence of their guitar playing. Amazing video and an amazing analysis of this amazing performance.
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 21 day ago
love your work mate!!
Jonathan Riojas
Jonathan Riojas 22 days ago
Can you do one with John Mayer and John Scofield?
Papa Torr
Papa Torr 23 days ago
John Mayer's vocals suck on this song.
Guitar Pilgrim
Guitar Pilgrim 21 day ago
they ussualy do :)
Surfrby 25 days ago
you know you have one of the best channels/videos on YT,you always have interesting ideas and content that nobody else would ever think of, its fresh and original, please keep doing what you do
Purambi Purambi
Purambi Purambi 25 days ago
Very helpful and interesting!
Tomas Eduardo
Tomas Eduardo 25 days ago
Guitar Pilgrim, I love your videos. What video of yours discusses your guitars, pickups, What Amp you use, and effects, to get that thick, raunchy, but not too nasty overdrive or distortion. I would like a simple setup that a simpleton like me can dial in. Would appreciated a nice intro to your gear and playing style. Thanks so much. Every time I come on here I like what you are doing, so had to subscribe to your channel.
Frankie Bell
Frankie Bell 26 days ago
Check out Gary Moore
Mustafa Husin Baabad
The owner of this channel is not, in any way, less competent than the persons he is talking about. You are a very good player too, in fact, when you immitate the play, most of the time you generate better sound. Cheers from Indonesia.
Guitar Pilgrim
Guitar Pilgrim 25 days ago
Terima kasih Mustafa!
Abhinish Singh
Abhinish Singh 27 days ago
No scale no thought just feel❤️❤️❤️
Abhinish Singh
Abhinish Singh 27 days ago
He's John Mayer he can play anything..🤣😍 that's what I liked the most 🤣🤣
Samba Pame
Samba Pame 28 days ago
Awesome Video to Amazine Wider ❤️
bigthunder 900w
bigthunder 900w 28 days ago
Nicely done!! Thanks for the lesson
matt martian
matt martian 29 days ago
How bout Vinnie Moore Vs Paul Gilbert ?
jimmy5634 29 days ago
A lot of those Mayer embellishments are Hendrix inspired and copied.
Reid James
Reid James 27 days ago
Yeah but his embellishments go beyond Hendrix into a realm where he’s pretty much soloing while singing verses
Ozer Arkis
Ozer Arkis Month ago
practive 3 years 6 hours/daily you ll be fine.
Chetan Dhar
Chetan Dhar Month ago
Finally somebody highlighted this duo in a video!
Denzel Joergen
Denzel Joergen Month ago
imma break the 420 counts of comments with a subtle--- ---*NICE*
John Frymyer
John Frymyer Month ago
I must say, in the traditional Prose of my Native California: "Dude, you rock. Your skills and commentary are totally aweseom and I would love to one day meet you and shake your hand.
Chase Month ago
Love this breakdown
propop1 Month ago
I'm no player, but I always thought this performance with Keith was excellent... Watch "John Butler Trio & Keith Urban - Funky Tonight Live - Arias" on RUvid ruvid.net/video/video-BDFMaSMr5YA.html
clary jace
clary jace Month ago
Both great singer and guitarist to their songs😍 But i just quite little know KEITH URBAN SONGS AND I LOVED HIS VOICE SINGING ❤️
Shelo08 K
Shelo08 K Month ago
Hey, It sounds so good. What amp your using in this video?
Vernon Duguay
Vernon Duguay Month ago
ouf what a rush yeahhhhh
Some Oldays Vibes
Your guitar sound amazing jhahahahah
Mark Feldman
Mark Feldman Month ago
Nice job explaining man! I'm a blues style feel kind of player. I don't read music per say but I understand chord patterns well... Again nice Job man! I like your approach to teaching it....plus two great players there!
Jay Porje
Jay Porje Month ago
Keith's are some of the most tastiest melodies I've ehard of late, from all across genres. Underrated guitarist. Him and Brad Paisley
Jay Porje
Jay Porje Month ago
@ColejgH I saw him at American Idol somebody sang his song, liked it, listened to to the original. He"s amaizing. Try Brad Paisley too. Keith and him have a song called Start A, its all shreddary
ColejgH Month ago
Didn't even realize he was this good, always brushed him off as another country singer, you know?
John Sparkman
John Sparkman Month ago
Awesome break down, even for the novice guitarist That doesn’t understand everything going on… You sure know how to help us along
HaveAtIT Month ago
@Guitar Pilgram Check out Jack Pearson and Derek Trucks playing "In memory of Elizabeth Reed". Jack starts putting on a clinic at 16.40 ruvid.net/video/video-RjXMi5DKmDg.html
Awkipintee Month ago
Great cover and excellent video. You are really good at teaching “feel”... Thanks brother 🙏
Evil Sean
Evil Sean Month ago
im loving your teaching style ... if only i had this 40 years ago ... i would be an ...old god.. seriously though ... your enthusiasm , the happy time vibe ...all the encouragement ... amazing yup when i was learning it was all threats and deadlines ... made me hate the trumpet and singing ... im ok now on upright bass , keys and stringed instruments ( various) ... including way too many guitars ( cant find a workhorse favourite ) keep up the good work ...it REALLY IS good... might i suggest a lesson on how to integrate with other musicians ... like how to jam with other ppl without stepping on their toes thank you again from the bottom of my heart ...you really have made my day just finding you
PeterPeter Pumpkin Eater
Well put! Exactly why I'm here. Never too late to improve!
Joseph Femoyer
Joseph Femoyer Month ago
The Pilgrim dosent leave any holes in the lesson,he gives u everything you need,right here.hes very talented.watch all of his lessons
Joseph Femoyer
Joseph Femoyer Month ago
Mr PILGRIM is an excellent teacher n I have had many but The Pilgrim makes the lesson interesting so he holds u attention,ur not bored.not every teacher is good but GP is THE BEST
Solo Tra la folla
Ok you do not likeJM, but on me they played very good bpth. 50_50
Jeffrey Parrish
Jeffrey Parrish Month ago
wow! Thanks for breaking all of this down. Guitar is amazing.
Todd Baker
Todd Baker Month ago
Sorry but I would never spend a dime on a Strat
Musty68 Month ago
Are you fucken kidding me can’t to greats just jam without some want to be insulting them instead enjoy the brotherhood
supremeBrick O_o
This is like pual David's second cousin
Nathan Hoffner
Nathan Hoffner Month ago
John Mayer & Keith Urban - 'Til Summer Comes Around is way better to me.
ed gurung
ed gurung Month ago
I know keith is a great guitarist but i just dont like the twangy sound of that tele
Martin Crane
Martin Crane Month ago
Solo's like these have been played for years and years. By many many artists. It's great that the next/todays generation should have their own interpretations of what are the same scales/notes that have been played since the birth of Rock and Roll.
The Noob Player
The Noob Player Month ago
Thanks I learned a lot
Sandra. Wonderful duet Bull
You are darn good yourself,thanks for sharing. 💐🕊🥀🙏🎚
butch oblick
butch oblick Month ago
you sir have a great tone.............
SkyVector Aerial
Urban is really good, but he can't hang with Mayer.
Javigar13 Month ago
Keith, what an amazing guitar hero se tend to forget. I won't comment on Mayer
dulourencini Month ago
Sensacional! Obrigado!
HowGreatIsOurGod GreatMindShift
You are my new music teacher. Just watching your videos today makes me recommit to my guitar again after abandoning for some years
c lalrelliana
c lalrelliana Month ago
In my opinion Keith is good john is legend
Eric Base
Eric Base Month ago
your tone sounds delicious
Santino Dino
Santino Dino Month ago
You are actually playing it better than they are I don't think they do justice to the song but I think what you're doing sounds great.. what they're doing is actually botching up a great song with over envelopments
Eloy Miron
Eloy Miron Month ago
He did screw up on the words
Chief Running Turtle
What is the name of the song playing during the end credits, please? Great review, btw.
Erik Russo
Erik Russo Month ago
Best cover of this song ever made
Katfish Jak
Katfish Jak Month ago
Great guitarists doing a not so great cover of this song. I appreciate the analysis of their attempt by Pilgrim and the tabs. The voicings of the chords are awkward. No doubt the two can both play the hell out the guitar but I am not getting the greatness of this piece. One thing that I can say is that I am a lot better of a guitar player than I give myself credit.
Steve van Velvet
Let me say it again: you are the BEST guitar teacher on RUvid!
Hitalo Carlos
Hitalo Carlos Month ago
Texas special pickups?
Orville Gibson
Orville Gibson Month ago
Keith Urban kicked off his career playing a bar gig every Friday night at the Normanby Hotel in Brisbane. I was a regular. He was a handy lad on a 'jo too, and could also pull off some harp.
atta1798 Month ago
Urban is more original ...
Leigh Anne Thomas
Interesting! I stopped listening to what came on the radio once I got to be a teen and figured out most of the 'hits' were actual flops. So, and missed both of these guys good stuff. I would like to hear them more now after watching this video based more on the musicianship. Waiting for John to pop out his Layla. I know he's got it in him but he's said during the shut down that he's not into writing. I reckon just not inspired enough.
nothingclever99 Month ago
Oh please... Two of the most over-rated twits to ever pick up a guitar.
Jason Langevin
Jason Langevin Month ago
I think John Mayer is the best man here.
Glen Cruciani
Glen Cruciani Month ago
Nice job breaking it down!!!
Jim M
Jim M Month ago
hi,can u do a lesson on rhythm per johnny winter-nothing left?
HexRegulus Month ago
I’m so tired of people saying Mayer is a great guitarist. Come on. So overrated
youlino Month ago
Meyer more resourcefull and expressive..
John Cardoza
John Cardoza Month ago
I miss live music and that solo gave me chills, thanks for this video and great content on your channel
the_armada Month ago
What model strat is he using?
S V Month ago
these two will be remembered as the guitar gods of the 2000s
jj Month ago
I’m sorry but noodling around over two chords no matter how tasteful doesn’t make you an insane guitar player...they’re great for sure but thoroughly overrated.
jj Month ago
Forturizer Gaming I just think a lot of good guitarists in this world can do what they did and they get more recognition simply because they’re famous recording artists. If some session player played these exact parts people would think it was great but not amazing or groundbreaking
Forturizer Gaming
but it does though the feeling and emotion they put into playing is insane, even if they only played one note the whole solo they could still make it sound amazing. you don't have to be flashy to be an insane guitar player. the amount of chords you play over the top off doesn't make you any better or worse either.
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas Month ago
Excellent video. That's a proper guitar lesson you've given us.
Steven Coulter
Steven Coulter Month ago
Urban has those distinct vocal guitar lines that don't fall into the "guitar licks" catalog. I'm a huge John Mayer fanboy, and I think that his playing in this song may have been a bit cleaner, and I love his blues influence, but I think that most non-guitar players would gravitate towards the melodic lines of Keith Urban in this instance. Excellent video!
J Paenga
J Paenga Month ago
I saw Keith Urban playing in a bar in Melbourne back in the early 90s. I've been playing for 45 yrs so I'm not impressed easily. I remember thinking Wow that guy is really fuchen good and it was no surprise to me when he became famous. Excellent breakdown of their solos and really nice playing bro... really nice.👍
Thers a lot moree than him ...small world?????
Magzie Month ago
Bro! I love this kind of content, can you make "SWEET THING" keith urban and John Mayer Solo guitar
theSven.Johnson Month ago
nice Vid, but i think the picture of the F# 11 is wrong at 3:10
Liam Pitcher
Liam Pitcher Month ago
“The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.” ― Ludwig van Beethoven
MetallicA29 Month ago
Urban is a badass, but his new music is too poppy.
Gary Emptyfield
Gary Emptyfield Month ago
jake marlow
jake marlow Month ago
Great analysis. Both are awesome guitar players, but John is more technically knowledgeable and advanced. I would bet John did the arrangement because that open F#m is something he would totally do.
Omar Zraibi
Omar Zraibi Month ago
Hi mate ! I apreciate too much what you are doing globally and particularly when you share your knowledge, experience and explananation. You are making guitar learning too easy to a beginer like me. If you have time please do the same with John Petrucci. Thank you from the bottom of the soul !
Guitar Pilgrim
Guitar Pilgrim Month ago
Appreciated Omar, thanks for tuning in brother
Abhinish Singh
Abhinish Singh Month ago
This is one of my best concerts ever coz so much of things going on one after other❣️🤦🏻‍♂️👀man how can you even think of these live God damn👏👏👏
Codruta Balla
Codruta Balla Month ago
Keith is Keith! I don"t know ho you are. Keith is simply and uniquely! Is a hero in guitar and itempretiaison!❤
ThisisDan Month ago
Two incredible players. Thanks for the great lesson!
Albert Lazar
Albert Lazar Month ago
Kerri On
Kerri On Month ago
I would say John and Keith look like two men making love on their guitar’s as someone else noted! Great song
Bibesh Thapaliya
Same note same key I just emphasize different note ! Wtf myan
Carter Watson
Carter Watson Month ago
🤩my two idols & hero
Tadi Desire Chakapfava
Where has this channel been al my life😂😂
Leonard DiPaolo
Leonard DiPaolo 2 months ago
I played around with this and noticed that EMaj7 would sound really cool instead of straight EMajor with the emphasis on the Eb note.
Zina Christie
Zina Christie 2 months ago
Keithurban best of all times in my eyes!!! 🔥 🔥
Landon Bryce
Landon Bryce 2 months ago
i think brad paisley is a better player than keith urban imo. kieth is right up there at the top
Fabricio Veloso
Fabricio Veloso 2 months ago
John is great, Keith is great, but you are the best! Fantastic video, tks!!!
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