The Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill - Smarter Every Day 192 (VR Series)

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I'm a huge fan of Ready Player One. Here's our podcast episode on Ready Player One:
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Damping Ratio
Control loop
Impedance Control
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Comments 80
Thiago P. Silva
Thiago P. Silva 4 hours ago
quero saber se o gato derrubou 5:32
commander 84
commander 84 5 hours ago
Benefit of treadmill loose weight while having fun
Justin Swift
Justin Swift 7 hours ago
Can we see an update?
Der Ceysorr
Der Ceysorr 8 hours ago
Wer kommt von Basti 😄
Clitorious B.I.G.
Clitorious B.I.G. 10 hours ago
try it drunk! it will work better!
Kaiya Barrera
Kaiya Barrera 13 hours ago
How many cats do you have your cats are in the back
Ahmad Qadir
Ahmad Qadir 16 hours ago
This why i think full dive vr is way better than vision based vr because of how much hardware we need to make to actually make the experience "real" compared to the concept of full dive vr all the experience we go through is simulated straight to our brains Although full dive vr is going to be WAAAAY more complicated than todays vr but when we do make one its going to be one of the best invention of humankind
MrJJW Games
MrJJW Games 21 hour ago
Did anyone see the cat
RO DP 22 hours ago
5:28 that cat 😋
Tomáš Kánský
Tomáš Kánský 22 hours ago
Neuralink will solve the intend problem. Can’t wait :)
Neil joshua De jesus
Fresh Clips
Fresh Clips Day ago
The oasis is on it's way
꧁༽пØØT̀ пØØT̀ W卂Rz!༼꧂ tm
it is x and z not x and y u idiot
Sonny Smythe
Sonny Smythe Day ago
It's been two years but they still have not released that thing into production... I am dissappointed... not really but I would love for it to be finished by April, 2021.
Golly GothGirl
Only reason this is okay is cuz you czn stay fit as a gamer and going for a walk after a solid month of gaming isn't a system shock 👌
I Don’t Know
I love how in one of the shots that he’s just narrating his cat is in the background just nocking things off the shelves.
Dhiraj Pansambal
What if we make the guy also wear the electronic saktes.. which give you 2 digree freedom..
Dhiraj Pansambal
Dhiraj Pansambal 17 hours ago
@LegendLength I was thinking like if the skates with RC stunt car wheels you check RC stunt Car videos . And then these skates would pair with you machine.. But anyways you would figure it out.. best wishes... for team .
LegendLength 18 hours ago
I think skates are a good alternative solution. There's a similar one that's been out for a few years where you simply wear socks and your feet slide on the surface. Has some limitations though.
tomato blast
tomato blast Day ago
People be talkin' about Ready Player One but forgot about that movie's world setting. Yep, a true dystopia. Meanwhile, in SAO, just a world with a new video game to play.
NecroLord Day ago
why dont they just make a floor thats slippery then have supports around your body so that you dont fall
Sarujan Rupan
In the future, this infinadeck will be known as 'the OG one'
Leineadayes PUBGM
ready player one vibes
Bear Day ago
Very good, but we are far from optimal. Can't wait to see virtual reality applied to FPS games
Can u run on the thing?
Korney Kretov
looks like PID system, with same computational problems
Supernova Day ago
They need to call up Moran Ceft, the machine could actually read our minds and get precious reaction time.
Mike Blythe
Mike Blythe Day ago
Please can you share some footage of someone who is really experienced with using the Infinadeck! Keen to see some running and moving really quickly.
Corrective T9
Corrective T9 2 days ago
7:23 I recommend calibration of a head camera above the player and add a few more cameras on the bars . These sensors would need to calibrate speed, and directional movement such as micro gestures. Developing sensor pads on your treadmill could help with directional adjustments. Remember flow needs to follow the laws of physics. Weight , tension, gravity, friction. Anything that applies force will cost energy. So keeping each track relatively functioning evenly allows for better movement alongside using smaller parts for more delicate motions.
Corrective T9
Corrective T9 2 days ago
Point of G , weight, friction is a biggy. And touch pad footing
Froilan Abagat
Froilan Abagat 2 days ago
Why don't you just put a ball on there
4-D Legend Colorado
*so what happened?*
Philip T1UPN
Philip T1UPN 2 days ago
2020 and we've got, vr gloves, a vr suit, vr shoes, and vr treadmills and obviously headsets. *_everyday we get closer to ready player one_*
Aidan Ahern
Aidan Ahern 2 days ago
They should incorporate EEG tech to predict the movement before it happens.
700 Megabytes
700 Megabytes 2 days ago
I had the awesome opportunity back in the early 90’s to work with the W Industries Virtuality machines. I was a floor manager at an entertainment complex call Exhilarama in Crestwood Missouri. I worked with the standup and sit down units. I can remember many a night after we closed, spending all night and into the next morning playing and exploring all of the in’s and outs of what the units could do! I really wish I could’ve stuck with it! Unfortunately it was way ahead of its time and many mistakes were made. I’m now in the trades and have been for the last 25 years. I bet my life would have turned out a lot differently if I would have decided to continue in that field.
flygonboy 127
flygonboy 127 2 days ago
5:30 o my gosh the cat tho
Anthony Somes
Anthony Somes 2 days ago
Think of a mouse ball. Before they came lasers. What if the deck was a hundred or even a thousand of these? They would need controlled resistance. But then you could truly have a 360 movement. Vs just x and y.
Eu 2 days ago
Am i the only one who thinks this is ready player one?
Carl de Même-Gars
I didnt think that this treadmill Thing will get a Thing in VR. It looks way to hard and unnatural like hes Walking. Think to stand into this circle will disturb the immersive feeling
Ray Carter
Ray Carter 3 days ago
That’s why in the movie they had to wear a harness.
ssshaker700 3 days ago
who else thought this is gordon ramasy for the first 3 seconds
Syamil Nazri watako
I need this for my online class 😂
Denis Sultu
Denis Sultu 3 days ago
Since the user is wearing a headset, can't they use EEG to map user brain signal to the treadmill?
DanielMcBrain 3 days ago
It is a probability problem, the expected value of the possible moves the user can do. Hard stuff.
Clout Attack
Clout Attack 3 days ago
5:28 why the cat was there then he become a book
Latent Gnosis
Latent Gnosis 3 days ago
The “tread mill” also known as the “tread wheel” was first introduced in the height of the Roman Empire, around the late first century. When the Romans found they had a need to lift heavier weight, they incorporated the treadmill, replacing the winch in their cranes. The men would walk within the wheel itself and because the treadmill had a larger diameter, they were able to lift double the weight with half the crew. U.S purpose of the Treadmill. During the Victorian Era, British engineer William Cubitt invented the prison treadmill. Installed for hard labor, these treadmills were designed as a means to usefully employ convicts and use their power to be productive. The prisoner would simply work the wheel to produce power to grind corn and pump water, although some served no purpose at all other than punishment. I say jump roping is and always will be better than a treadmill, in the means of exercise but not for VR..👊👊😂😂
sugeng prihadi
sugeng prihadi 3 days ago
Why dont you put the mechanism of old school mouse??
Snehil 3 days ago
I'm an Engineering Freshman (noob). Correct me if I'm wrong, why can't they use PID here? Afaik, positional tracking is pretty much spot on in Oculus Motion Trackers. All you need to do is implement a 2D PID control.
Hugo Stiglitz
Hugo Stiglitz 3 days ago
I can see flight simulator manufacturers adding great tech value to this!
Lev1corpus 3 days ago
They should make it maybe two or three times bigger so that over dampening or under dampening wouldn’t have to much negative effect and they could make they actual treadmill faster and more responsive
Indie Developer
Indie Developer 3 days ago
4:11 Thats The worst way to use an integral reference.. :p
Minging Mobutu
Minging Mobutu 3 days ago
They could have the CPU determine velocity by putting a scale underneath which weighs you as part of a start and uses that to determine how much force your feet are imparting on the deck which would allow the CPU to adjust more smoothly with the player
Lucas Pedersoli
Lucas Pedersoli 3 days ago
I guess if the problem is intent it could potentially be solved with AI. Whatever game you are playing AI analyzes yours and other player’s movement based on context and makes a prediction. I have no idea how this things work though, but it’s what those who do that tell us that’s what AI is capable of doing.
gruodismedia 3 days ago
u`ve got to bind your brain with the treadmil so that you both work as one
Tucker Hill
Tucker Hill 4 days ago
Did anyone see the cat
Der HerrDirektor
Der HerrDirektor 4 days ago
They should use gait-analysis with cameras and ditch the central point approach... That way, they can have a shorter delay and more continuous activation.
F. U.
F. U. 4 days ago
This is not the way to go. Instead, use something like a giant touchpad, make it slippery (special socks could be enough), make sure you lock the player in place for example by sitting in sth. like a swing and then he walks and the touchpad just tracks where the feet connect. Thats it right?
Ragnaro k
Ragnaro k 4 days ago
oil monkey
oil monkey 4 days ago
Why couldn't they have a man powered treadmill? Or have a bunch of tiny little track pieces and just have little slot thing were they can move in?
Cocolord 95
Cocolord 95 4 days ago
Why does it need to account for your acceleration and movement, could it just be a platform that allows you to walk in any direction and the circle is use as a barrier to stop you from going to far, seems like extra unnecessary work
johnnyzli 4 days ago
why nobody uses, non-eletric way, like you are inside of big hamster ball, that you move using own mussels, strait,left-right,all angles, just use machine motors to stoop ball when you want to stop
Scott Jago
Scott Jago 4 days ago
Passive treadmilling is superior to active treadmilling in positional sensing and integration into gaming.
Levo GAMES 4 days ago
I wonder if they can use brainwaves to feed an algorithm to "predict" what movement you are going to do in order to optimize the movement. Like when you think "slow down" (obviously not consciously, just the muscle memory type of signal) then it can already act to account for that. They would need to read live brain waves and process them in real time.
Logi Gamer
Logi Gamer 4 days ago
A Karen would hate these people cuz they are like 'GAMERS ARE DUMB' watch them react to this!!
G for George
G for George 4 days ago
this is like ready player 1
Czech Death
Czech Death 4 days ago
This is the end of fat nerds meme xD
zarur tax
zarur tax 5 days ago
or they just lift up the person in the air :0 and have him wear a motion detection suits or a couple of motion detectors :0.
Marco Maltese
Marco Maltese 5 days ago
I think the guys took on an impossible challenge. With actual technology, I don't think this feels good enough to be bought at whatever price they will manage to put it, surely not less than 5000 dollars...
Ninja 5 days ago
T ur cat destroyed something
Davoodimation Animation
Aka ready player 1
Joe Fec
Joe Fec 5 days ago
Great video. I wonder how they're doing now. Its people like this, smaller creators, that move fast , that create our world.
Dominick Diviaio
Dominick Diviaio 5 days ago
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
jamie valle
jamie valle 5 days ago
Question: if syncing with the floor and the human body is difficult, why dont they make the floor loose that the human body move the floor it self and have senser under that floor detect in which direction the floor is moving and have that display in VR so basically the user will physically move the floor and have the user station in the middle and only the legs will move the floor which in turn move the avatar
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 5 days ago
Soon sword art online will happen
DanDeMan 5 days ago
Couldn't you just make the treadmill work by using the power of your legs then translate that into the game? Surely this is just over complicating it. I was thinking something like how the old mouse's worked with those balls in.
kcvriess 5 days ago
This treadmill is just a drunkenness simulator. Way to much lag. The "Omni" made by Virtuix, has it's downsides too, but seems more usable.
Soohyung Lee
Soohyung Lee 5 days ago
ith a treadmill made of treadmith
Vincent Williams
Vincent Williams 5 days ago
So the answers may be to read the players mind or the change in neurone firing when a player decide to move.
oriana garrido
oriana garrido 6 days ago
i would do more exercise at home with this..
My dream has come through
Numero7 Mojeangering
If you make the thread bigger you would be able to move freely while it slowly recenters you to navigate infinitely
Joseph Zicaro
Joseph Zicaro 6 days ago
5:34 velocity and acceleration have direction, so there's a contradiction
Joseph Zicaro
Joseph Zicaro 6 days ago
4:09 Newton is turning in his grave
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