The Incomparable Joaquin Phoenix

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Ellen talked to Joaquin about his new film, his life, and so much more.


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Jan 7, 2015




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Comments 80
Nitin Prasad
Nitin Prasad 2 days ago
How about another joke Ellen?
Seidenschnabel Federflügel
I guess this is the fifth time watching this. 😊😊😊😍♥️
Johnny Sack
Johnny Sack 3 days ago
"I know you love doing talk shows"
huma huma
huma huma 5 days ago
It was so heart-warming when he was talking about his birthday
dgarza art
dgarza art 7 days ago
He's funny! Also, a stellar actor.
Maahn I really miss his brother river Phoenix
Tanaka Buff
Tanaka Buff 13 days ago
Another joke Ellen
20tejas 17 days ago
he was preparing for joker from a long time
Vidyadhar Potla
Vidyadhar Potla 18 days ago
the great joaquin phoenix !
Isa Gaming
Isa Gaming 19 days ago
lord ofdeath236
lord ofdeath236 19 days ago
Wanna hear another Joke, Ellen ?
therese fassie
therese fassie 20 days ago
Joaquin Phoenix looks EXACTLY like his dad now that he is in his 40s.it's almost scary😲
戴云聪 21 day ago
I know Joaquin when I watched on the Joker
Viber Music
Viber Music 23 days ago
Heath Ledger: the joker Jared Leto: a joke Joaquin Phoenix: THE JOKER
Saumya Singh
Saumya Singh 24 days ago
Which movie is he prompting in this video????
"Inherent Vice"
salvador brooks
salvador brooks 25 days ago
the movie the joker is amazing (the best movie legit)
FuriouSxTigeR 25 days ago
Dude Joaquin’s hair is literally perfect
drazulao 22 days ago
The whole of him is perfect.
vst 26 days ago
She is amazed that he lies when everybody is doing it? This world is full of liars with mask on their faces.
Vivek Kumar Singh
Vivek Kumar Singh 27 days ago
He really doesn't like talk show.. ask robert di nero
Aiyan Ahmed
Aiyan Ahmed 28 days ago
Soo he was joker before 5 year also
Abhishek Month ago
Imaging if he come in joker outfit for show
Rajan Dixit
Rajan Dixit Month ago
when an Introvert becomes an actor. pre edit :- I didn't find any comment like that so I commented and I know it will get many likes because I saw that comment on many video which have Joaquin in with alot of likes...
SiRuShTi Month ago
2:37 I seriously thought he was gonna pull out his pistol and shoot ellen in the head.
16 and pregnant my ass
im on a joaquin marathon too because i feel like joaquin
Daxton Knight
Daxton Knight Month ago
Obsessed with River RIP, but I can't stand Joaquin at all.
Jordan CT
Jordan CT Month ago
Easily one of the best Talkshow hosts ever. Ellen has a unique gift on adjusting to different personalities, making people feel comfortable. Not many people possess that kind of ability to be able to do that.
Miss Thor
Miss Thor Month ago
He is so adorable
Man crush ❤
MillennialsSuck Month ago
Dude is higher than his brother was before he succumbed to his unfortunate overdose. Just another day in the life of a celebrity. Sad.
Mihir Month ago
Joaquin feels so comfortable around Ellen than any other host
Panchito Comunica
Watching this because I discover that Joaquin Phoenix will have a baby, I’m so excited I’m sure they going to call him River.
The Coon
The Coon Month ago
Turns out Ellen was just another Murray after all.
Nikhil Yadav
Nikhil Yadav Month ago
subash s
subash s Month ago
Rare footage:Dory interviewing Joker successfully
Let's See
Let's See Month ago
"I know you love doing talk shows". This line hits different after Joker
I like his voice
HW Month ago
Julissa Month ago
I lovveeee his humor. Oh my god. He just says what’s on his mind and it’s so real. It’s so hard for me to find someone who shares my type of humor.
Plush Brothers 88
Oh 5 years ago... I was like "where is JOKER?"
cocoluverful Month ago
He’s really charming
Nawaf Oxbow
Nawaf Oxbow Month ago
“Everybody lies in talk shows, thats what they do” - joker
Mateen Aslam
Mateen Aslam Month ago
I was keen when he'll take his GUN OUT!!
Jes _007
Jes _007 Month ago
Besrat G9
Besrat G9 Month ago
ELEN is a pro
Chibu Azike
Chibu Azike Month ago
Joaquin Phoenix is my spirit animal
JKevz Reyes
JKevz Reyes Month ago
*"how 'bout another joke, ellen?"*
Official Complexayeed
"How about another joke,Ellen?"
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar Month ago
"I know you love doing talk shows" Noone will say this after seeing Joker
ok 237
ok 237 2 months ago
Nouf A
Nouf A 2 months ago
He is great, you can tell that Ellen was a little bit nervous.
Doctor Health Coaching
He sipped water many times. Thats a long talk for an introvert.
slovenija 101
slovenija 101 2 months ago
maybe one ahh that made me chuckle
Moi 2 months ago
It's wierd that Joaquin is the funnier one even tho it's Ellen's show
Dr. Anshul Goel
Dr. Anshul Goel 2 months ago
Waiting for the gun to come out 😅
Bañdána Bonèß
Bañdána Bonèß 2 months ago
i kinda see talk shows differently after watching joker
kyle stephen
kyle stephen 2 months ago
cityguy0189 2 months ago
2 insignificant people sit and talk. and we have to watch them. What has the world come up to!
Who's forcing you to watch this?
Artist Manthan Yagnik
I just watched movie joker on 24th april 2020 during corona pendemic lockdown period and i m in Joaquin phoenix hangover .... And watching all videos he is in....
Artist Manthan Yagnik
I just imagined joaquin turning in a serious mood and watching ellen and saying "u r awfull ellen... U called me to your show to make fun of me"
Pranith B
Pranith B 2 months ago
2 jokers 2 Oscars.........
Dont Stop
Dont Stop 2 months ago
You Wanna hear another joke, Ellen?
Ann Midas
Ann Midas 2 months ago
Is it just me or am I really scared to watch every his interviews?
Ankit C
Ankit C 2 months ago
Ellen is looking nervous , isnt she?
Léonie Mélodie
Léonie Mélodie 2 months ago
Has anyone else noticed he had "Peta" written on his hand?
Charles Teague
Charles Teague 2 months ago
How about another joke Ellen?
Hammad Khan
Hammad Khan 2 months ago
Everything aside, that freaking voice man..so unique.
לוסיה מור
לוסיה מור 2 months ago
Amazing man. Such a Beautifull soul♥️🙏
Պապ Թագավոր
the great JOKER
President Joon
President Joon 2 months ago
Don’t forget he was the main character in ‘Her’, that movie is so underrated
Paru M
Paru M 2 months ago
I am a fan of his voice 🤩
Robert Curay
Robert Curay 2 months ago
you are an oscar JOAQUIN
Rylee L
Rylee L 3 months ago
He seems so much more open and comfortable here than he does on Jimmy Kimmel. Shouts out to Ellen for just... being better
Bella Considine
Bella Considine 3 months ago
ellen is on coke
manu carvalho
manu carvalho 3 months ago
Psychological assessment of joaquin made by me: "Shyness is linked to fear, while introversion is just a preference for being alone, it does not imply nervousness or anxiety". Taking into account the need that joaquin has to be with friends, family and, watching an interview made by his sisters, it is visible that he likes to talk, he is not an introvert, he is an extrovert. but, he vomits before awards, he has anxiety attacks, in addition to vomiting weeks before starting to shoot a new movie, so he is shy. this shyness prevents him from talking about his life in public for fear of being judged.
Ashish Nath
Ashish Nath 3 months ago
"What about another joke ellen "
Rice CookerTM
Rice CookerTM 3 months ago
How about another joke Ellen?
Hydra 54
Hydra 54 3 months ago
How About Another Joke Ellen?
Dave Murray
Dave Murray 3 months ago
OH gosh I truly love that guy. ♥♥♥
Katelynn Strouth
Katelynn Strouth 3 months ago
of all the talk show hosts, he seams most comfortable with ellen. maybe its cause all the other ones are guys, so when hes with a girl he doesnt feel like he has to be all tough?
Biblical GOD is only true GOD.
Joker. Wow. !!!!
Najiyah Zalik
Najiyah Zalik 3 months ago
oh my god this guy is hilariousss. He's just being himself hahahaha
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