The Incomparable Joaquin Phoenix

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Ellen talked to Joaquin about his new film, his life, and so much more.


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Jan 7, 2015




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Cherie Laukka
Cherie Laukka 2 hours ago
I am a major Joaquin Phoenix fan. A fine actor,
Bella 6 hours ago
Beautiful man, inside and out! I have a HUGE crush on him
Johnbryanc 16 hours ago
It would be cool if he or maybe a talk show pranked the audience
Lorraine Strickland
Lorraine Strickland 17 hours ago
Ever since I watched Joaquín Phoenix do his Speech at the Oscars,Im more determined now than ever to go Vegan ,I've been a Vegetarian for nearly two years and I've wanted to make the switch to Vegan for a long time.when Joaquín made that powerful Speech I knew that I wanted to do even more than I'm already doing to help Animals and by showing Compassion to all Living things,for Love Truly is all you really Need, Not ,money, greed, power they are the Evil and we all Need more Love and Understanding in all of our lives.💕🐷🐮🐤🐴🐗💕💕💕
Akowa Akowa
Akowa Akowa 2 days ago
He is a wonderful actor.
Nick Halden
Nick Halden 2 days ago
The least most genuine guy.
thefunkyone247 3 days ago
Love him ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Otman Ch
Otman Ch 4 days ago
I thought this was after Joker u have to get him back in the show
Angela Smith
Angela Smith 5 days ago
This guy is AWESOME!
Birwin Abustan
Birwin Abustan 5 days ago
Ellen here is the only interviewer who gave Joaquin the floor. You can feel it. She adjusts to shy Joaq.
Shiniman 5 days ago
5 years later still not back on ellen
Isabella M
Isabella M 6 days ago
Rosendal Jr.
Rosendal Jr. 6 days ago
i miss happy talkshow Phoenix
大名 6 days ago
I was waiting for joachim to say how about another jokes...😂😁
Jasper Bearfoot
Jasper Bearfoot 7 days ago
sophie marianne li
he's quite a comedian
Sophie 8 days ago
Love this man :) vegan for 40 years massive respect, not only he's a good, no BS actor but also a compassionate human being :)
sophie marianne li
"omg joker dude"
ranveer manipal
ranveer manipal 8 days ago
He cares about his coffee!
philheath arni
philheath arni 8 days ago
He plays joker in the real life.
Sagar 8 days ago
Imagine ellen trying to scare Joaquin with Joker....
Animation bleak
Animation bleak 8 days ago
Who is here after oscar speech?
Riri Airi
Riri Airi 9 days ago
Oh Joaquin it’s not enough that you’re one of the greatest actors of all time but you must go and be a vegan too. How I love you so!! 😍😍😍
Sohail Pathan
Sohail Pathan 9 days ago
Guys he won Oscar
Rajbeer Singh
Rajbeer Singh 9 days ago
Hope he doesn't shoot Ellen! 😛
Nathaly Delgado
Nathaly Delgado 10 days ago
He might b a good actor but I’m not fan of his persona
anny farinas
anny farinas 10 days ago
He looks exactly like his dad
Alexander Capn
Alexander Capn 10 days ago
Anyone else went here after Murray's death on the talk show?
Nicole Meneses
Nicole Meneses 10 days ago
He is the strangest, most likeable person ever
kimma508 10 days ago
Congratulations on a well deserved Oscar Joaquin!!!
Saurav Uzumaki
Saurav Uzumaki 11 days ago
his character in 3:09 looks like that 1 guy in GTA 5
Stephanie Christine
Joaquin is so funny 😄💕
Avenge Basketball
Avenge Basketball 11 days ago
Joaquin Phoenix should act as The Witcher for Netflix.
Matt M
Matt M 11 days ago
How many of you Joaquin fans stopped using dairy products? This guy is a ruh-todd, as Alan Garner once said.
World Guild
World Guild 11 days ago
He was actor in Buffalo Soldier
D Krishan
D Krishan 11 days ago
Who's here after his Oscar win?
Nitin Tiwari
Nitin Tiwari 11 days ago
I just love this man's voice 🤦
sivakumar subramaniam
Is the same guy who gave a tremendous speech in the Oscar? Just a vast difference.
Vicodyn 11 days ago
I've feel like I've worked in a couple warehouses with a few Joaquin's.
PsyQoBoy 11 days ago
That's actually the Joker playing as Joaquin.
SonYohan 11 days ago
Anyone here after seeing joker?
Melanie R
Melanie R 11 days ago
Aakash S Talks
Aakash S Talks 12 days ago
Imagine a gunshot at the end🤣
Shen Claire
Shen Claire 12 days ago
go away Ellen!!!!11!!1!
Poks Baks
Poks Baks 12 days ago
Is it just me but he Joaquin looks like John Lennon in shades.
Universal Mama
Universal Mama 12 days ago
Who is here after oscar Hit my sub button for sure Thank you
allie r
allie r 12 days ago
how come that 1:19 - 1:53 is exactly the same conversation he had with jimmy kimmel on his show ?? like EXACTLY the same words and pronunciation?!!!?!!!?
Camel Fetus
Camel Fetus 12 days ago
this joaquin phoenix has no idea what’s coming
Nguyen Thanh
Nguyen Thanh 12 days ago
Hes charming 😊
michel diaz nocetti
Did he lie at the end AGAIN!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️
Alyssa Jean
Alyssa Jean 12 days ago
I love how cool and laid back Joaquin is and I love his eyes... thank you Joaquin for everything you do and thank you for the future. You're amazing
Fauzan Jamil
Fauzan Jamil 12 days ago
He won the oscar.
Ketchupboyz 12 days ago
He is a real Joker!
Keshav Garodiya
Keshav Garodiya 12 days ago
Ellen is nice, if only Joaquin came on the Ellen show instead of the Murray show we could have had a very different joker
Carolina Morales-Alicea
I love Joaquin. He was comfortable in this interview.
Anime clips and moments
Joaquin is my spirit animal
Johnny Little
Johnny Little 12 days ago
She’s good with him. More Ellen and less Fallon
Josh Whitney
Josh Whitney 12 days ago
Most amazing actor along with Daniel Day lewis.
Kim Ingram
Kim Ingram 12 days ago
I thought I was the only one that can’t even look at Styrofoam 😳😂
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