The Human Sacrifice Call Center

Ryan George
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Please help out -- every little sacrifice helps.
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Jan 28, 2020




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Comments 100
SpecT 4 hours ago
I am here to legally sacrifice a sibling
Jack Maehoph
Jack Maehoph 10 hours ago
Matt: "Hello sir, my name is Matt & I represent the Church of Scientology. I was wondering if you had a moment to talk about our lord a savior today?" Annoyed Zordonist: "Sorry Matt, but the Church of Scientology isn't a thing anymore." "Hail Zordon!"
Evo Day ago
Has anyone realised his ringtone is his outro
Snake Plissiken
When he said "Put canada on the phone," The other guy shouldv'e said "I will, right after you put Zordon on the phone"
Padparadscha 2 days ago
This doesn't sound half bad, how do I sign up for the religion, not to be human sacrifices though
Caleb Sutten
Caleb Sutten 2 days ago
First person to eat a 100 year old egg.
wtf did i just watch 😂
chris Froat
chris Froat 2 days ago
Actually a weirdly valid point by crazy cult guy: Most things have no natural value, we as a society simply got together and said "no this is important now and I'm willing to trade my life away or kill over it." I weirdly agree with him on that. Not enough to approve of how they're warping our lord and Savior Zordon's message, everyone knows he demands teenagers with attitude as sacrifices not grown men.
Goff Agdamag
Goff Agdamag 2 days ago
so this is how "always try to close the sale" work
Kendall Hall
Kendall Hall 3 days ago
I love how this has so much real was right on
Phenyx Swartz
Phenyx Swartz 3 days ago
Krisyan Nuruha
Krisyan Nuruha 3 days ago
Me who already read Sapiens book : hmmm i know its reference
Dante Van-Duinen
Dante Van-Duinen 4 days ago
Congrats on 569k subs
LuciusNoscoper1 4 days ago
*Then he did a backflip, snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day*
The_gacha_starstruck gamer
I neel to no god, Expect Ryen
Acorneyelid 5 days ago
Hail Zordon
Nicholas Yaeger
Nicholas Yaeger 6 days ago
“Listen me and my cat were gonna sit down for dinner
Joe Gill
Joe Gill 6 days ago
What is that picture in the back
Hype Kabyy 19
Hype Kabyy 19 6 days ago
Ryan George is the only good part of screen rant
Pokerface 7 days ago
"You can't sacrifice to a fictional character!" Why not? People do it to the Christian/Jewish/Muslim god all the time.
Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black 8 days ago
behold a pale horse William cooper ruvid.net/video/video-d14VqXB18PI.html ruvid.net/video/video-JPAk-5Dqn9A.html
The Harlequin
The Harlequin 8 days ago
Stopped believing in North America? So much for "Make America Great Again".
The Harlequin
The Harlequin 8 days ago
The Human Sacrifice Call Center? Dont they just call it the Apple Store now?
chayes 9 days ago
Jesus Christ loves you
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo 9 days ago
He's right about the concepts, but North America is a continent. I guess you could stop believing in a huge landmass, but I don't see how that would help anything.
Tristen Arctician
ohifonlyx33 9 days ago
wait... is this the Qanon thingy people keep talking about?
Cloudhazard 9 days ago
“We have 6 Billion members and counting...” “Down.”
David Shillaker
David Shillaker 10 days ago
Greetings from Canada!
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 10 days ago
What's the number?
KolourfulNeco 10 days ago
"eh yeah, so it is worthless" "Wow." "Yeh, hail Zordan!"
Elafi Milo
Elafi Milo 9 days ago
Oh, Producer Guy would *hate* that 😂
Commando303X 10 days ago
The whole human-sacrifice thing notwithstanding, some excellent points.
joe lim
joe lim 10 days ago
I was wondering if the call centre just used the fact that the man barely went out to trick him
scoots291 10 days ago
Same day sacrifice that's do convenient
G-Forces 11 days ago
Human sacrifice guy: we don't believe in money any more. Me: so basically communism?
Ursa 11 days ago
I like how this cult has more logic to it than the Qanon cult.
Ariana Capraro
Ariana Capraro 11 days ago
Yeah, hail Zordon 😂😂😂
JoebobSauceKing 11 days ago
You’re Canadian it’s spelt ‘centre’!!!
R Farmery
R Farmery 11 days ago
This is my favourite Ryan George video ever.
BlackLion 12 days ago
Okay, the human sacrifice thing aside, this cult sounds pretty lit. No capitalism, no nationalism...
Lord Karasu
Lord Karasu 12 days ago
2:50-holy shit
Shuvo Speaking
Shuvo Speaking 12 days ago
Thursday shouldn't be a thing either, cause time is just a made up concept that just helps us organize life.... Wait. Is anything real? Who am I? WHAT AM I? 😒
ace animates
ace animates 13 days ago
tokyomilmil 13 days ago
Srsly jokes aside, that’s an amazing amount of patience for a telephone sales pitch, especially considering this coming from a guy only talking to his cat normally!
Spartan 7644
Spartan 7644 13 days ago
There's about 7 billion people in the world, this cult has 6 BILLION followers
Jacob Herr
Jacob Herr 13 days ago
I want to point out that this video is 3 minutes and 33 seconds long
Obama Bin Ladin
Obama Bin Ladin 13 days ago
He has polish but not English subtitles lmao
Random Guy
Random Guy 14 days ago
Technically "paper" cash in america is made of dyed cloth
Cristian 888
Cristian 888 14 days ago
So when are they going to stop believing in gravity
Fruit YT
Fruit YT 14 days ago
Wait- this dude is from screen rant right? Oh it's in his bio!
Chinglaen Shana
Chinglaen Shana 14 days ago
You son of a gun. I'm in. 👉👉👉👉
Deathbringersora 14 days ago
I never seen a telemarketer be so honest, not a single lie.
Maya Lackman
Maya Lackman 14 days ago
I am a telemarketer and I can vouch for this videos accuracy. 10/10
Vidhant Sharma
Vidhant Sharma 14 days ago
I am interested
Shmueli 15 days ago
Hail Zordon
Pie Dud
Pie Dud 15 days ago
Please give us a part two
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya 15 days ago
The money thing is actually really true.
Krisyan Nuruha
Krisyan Nuruha 20 hours ago
@A White well currency have very long history and various version in different place and yes some start from food because its the easiest to see value in it for everyone, but its evolved because various reason which one of them is because food can't be last forever (if you don't use it, its root or damaged).. gold become good currency because we love shinny object, we not consume it so it wont disappear and last long, not like other metal which is impact to its stability as currency.. but i'm not fans to gold standar because its have limited source and just found in some place.. so some country who don't have gold mines is destined to be poor, and weak country who can't protect themshelves doomed to be destroyed by stronger country who want to monopoly gold mines.. war for teritorial is not avoidable.. its still happen till now for country with rich oil.. weak country with oil just become puppet for stronger country.. they can't find peace because someone always want to exploit their resource.. their land become playground for proxy war between stronger country.. right now new currency between country is technology and culture.. you can't attack some country to steal their tech or culture and in the end there no benefits for teritorial war.. there still war like economycal war between USA and Chinesse but at least i don't have to afraid that some random bullet or bom will kill me tomorrow because of that war.. even there still damage, but there's no shortage of food.. so you at least can still live.. btw fun fact : in reality till now we still have various currency, like in jail cigarette is become currency.. even prisoner who not smoke still use it as currency because he/she now can trade it with someting else.. currency is quite interesting subject to discuss
A White
A White Day ago
​@Krisyan Nuruha not quite. for a long, long time, humans have liked shiny things. It's good for jewelry and decoration. it's almost fascinating how long it's stayed relevant, though you are correct that it's personally useless. Now you wanna know a good currency, SALT. that was the must useful currency ever. "I don't believe in that currency anymore." "Well darn" *goes home to preserve food.*
Krisyan Nuruha
Krisyan Nuruha 3 days ago
@The Perfect Mix gold is just metallic version of money.. if i don't want to trade my food with your gold, your gold become useless.. if you don't want to trade my food with your gold, i still can eat my food..
The Perfect Mix
The Perfect Mix 6 days ago
Yeah the gold standard ended awhile ago and everyone just went with it
Aaron Smallwood
Aaron Smallwood 15 days ago
Why can't the true Lord zordon just sacrifice the other black ranger and the green ranger
ralf dsouza
ralf dsouza 15 days ago
How can my timeline be dumber than the zordans timeline?
Ammotheron 15 days ago
god: How did you turn so many people into believing you. zordon : “Actually it’s super easy: barely an inconvenience!”
Robert Keating
Robert Keating 16 days ago
I guess I worship Zordon now because everything he said actually made sense. So many of the world's conflicts (like war and corruption) would cease to exist if money and country affiliations were no longer a thing. So Hail Zordon! Any hot female Zordonites...?
William Graeme
William Graeme 16 days ago
Freaking hilarious!
HRH: The High Holy Hoity-Toity
This reminded me of the “live organ donation” sketch in Monty Python’s, ‘The Meaning of Life’.
Keanu Threeves
Keanu Threeves 14 days ago
You can experience this in real life if you go to China! If you sign up within 10 minutes, you won't be forced to peel onions until your fingernails fall off!
Kevin Mills
Kevin Mills 16 days ago
"Yeah, hail Zordon."
Francis Fatta
Francis Fatta 16 days ago
Believing in zordon huh? I’m in
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer 17 days ago
Is the color off on my monitor or does this guy have like pink eyes and pinks shirts and all the pink? They look like white shirts that went through the wash with a bright red sweater.. O.o
Ketan Kulkarni
Ketan Kulkarni 17 days ago
Money is imaginary. It's value totally depends on the concesus to use it as currency. Damn, dude I thought you were just a movie parody guy, turns out you are actually well educated & a movie commenter! (Hope I'm not offending anyone lol!) Well, done! 👍
Sarah 18 days ago
You can use the money as toilet paper?
Lars Erik Volden
Lars Erik Volden 18 days ago
Society is pretty much 60% imagination and 35% theater. Oh and like 5% geography.
Brent Groen
Brent Groen 18 days ago
I read it as hurricane service lmao
Myles W
Myles W 19 days ago
This is actually right.
Albert Klarname
Albert Klarname 20 days ago
Yeah, that‘s definitely how global warming is gonna shake out.
Roshan Varm’s Films
1:21-That's like ecosia (the search engine) saying they've planted 100,000,000 trees, but most people don't click on the ads to plant trees each time they search something.
Chandler Alves
Chandler Alves 20 days ago
Came here for a video on human sacrifices to pass the time and got a philosophy lesson that will make me rethink my life. That my friend is false advertising! 😂
MuffinCountry 20 days ago
I remember when this was brand new. Good times.
Peter Wendt
Peter Wendt 21 day ago
Does Ryan George have violet eyes?
devlin9871 21 day ago
Besides the human sacrifice thing that sounded like a much better world.
gardian buddy blah blah
Is that dexter in background
Just some Guy without a decent Mustache
wow, i laughed so hard i started floating. oh look i can see myself on the floor below me. Whoops Whopsie
Zoltar 21 day ago
If money means nothing can I have all your money?
Agon Leed
Agon Leed 20 days ago
So you just collect trash? Weirdo
Avaaz Zmn
Avaaz Zmn 21 day ago
Well if other sacrificers are in, I'm in... 😅
Akawaio Girl
Akawaio Girl 22 days ago
thereal_FlipFlop 22 days ago
Why does this video remind me of cinnamon toast crunch?
blue claws entertainment
This would be a amazing prank, if you could try not to laugh.
geekgroupie42 22 days ago
reminds me of the "live organ donations" sketch by Monty Python
[Name Is Unavailable]
>"Humans Sacrifice Call Center" >"Same day sacrifice" Me : Same day sacrifice with who? Ryan only has Cat as his friend. And the Cat is not a Human. Unless *Human* Sacrifice Call Center starts to sacrifice cats too. Or maybe Ryan and Anthony are going for same day sacrifice.
erdldad 23 days ago
There are so many deep and well though-out points in this, it's great.
Connor McNamara
Connor McNamara 23 days ago
I have the Hershey squirts
hal hibben
hal hibben 23 days ago
That woman has the same eyebrows as Anthony...
Sam Coll
Sam Coll 23 days ago
Bill Gates type beat
StrangeworldEU 24 days ago
tfw you accidentally create an anarcho-communist utopia except you also include a sacrifice religion. You know, this world you made might be worth something if you drop the sacrifice part
Stadium 3 News
Stadium 3 News 25 days ago
It's not paper, it's technically cloth.
MAZZ0Murder 25 days ago
Zordon's not the great ally to good that we thought he was!
Dominickick Sass
Dominickick Sass 25 days ago
I got an add with this dude in it
Ben Collins
Ben Collins 25 days ago
This came out pre-COVID and yet it works even better having it set during COVID.
Zordon 25 days ago
It sure is super easy barely an inconvenience to take over the world.
Steven Banks
Steven Banks 26 days ago
I see you have a mini-split A/C.
Blaze 26 days ago
I was wondering why Zordon was in his wall
Jane Doe
Jane Doe 27 days ago
Have you already done a "first person to lead" video?
gavin graves
gavin graves 29 days ago
“This is what’s been going on on cable,” honestly I died laughing at that part.
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