The Houston Astros celebrate 2019 American League Pennant, Altuve named MVP | FOX MLB

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Watch the full trophy presentation as the Houston Astros celebrate winning the 2019 American League Pennant, with Jose Altuve named MVP of the ALCS. They will move on to face the Washington Nationals in the World Series, Houston's second World Series appearance in three seasons.
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The Houston Astros celebrate 2019 American League Pennant, Altuve named MVP | FOX MLB
Fox Sports


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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Alejandro Pontier
Astros is the most cheaters team in the Mlb. This team won't deserve to win this championship And Altuve is a disgrace for in the MLB history.l was respect this team a lot since 2017 and winning 2017 World Series championship trophy I thought that team is going to giving the best, my opinion personal is this .astros spots their fans of Astros believe of them now is the most technology in the MLB Network history. I lost a lot of respect for them this organization let me down. Houston Astros is not legally the 2017 World Series Champion , New York Yankees is will be to win the World Series Championship trophy for twice. Go Yankees because you deserve it .
Ashley Lotzgesell
Ashley Lotzgesell 2 months ago
Jose altve you are the man
Matt Sheppeck
Matt Sheppeck 3 months ago
Hey houston; how would you like to cheat another series? 🧐
David Mysza
David Mysza 3 months ago
everyone in the comments from 3 months ago probably take back everything they said
Marcus Adams
Marcus Adams 3 months ago
I too love watching cheaters get MVP!!
gcforTRUTH 4 months ago
gcforTRUTH 4 months ago
The Bull's Horns
The Bull's Horns 4 months ago
I would like to thank the guy with the video feed.I would like to thank the guy who buzzes my buzzer.Thank you fans for being so fooled.
DecrypterA 4 months ago
#CheatGate #WireGate #TrashCanGate #ElectricalSignStealingGate “They take good at bats” Luhnow Translation: Astros hitters knew what was coming (at home)
Defrap22 4 months ago
Mvp should have gone to the guy relaying signs to the players
Defrap22 4 months ago
2:45 "no worries guys, i took off the buzzer so you can touch my shirt now"
Drone Flights
Drone Flights 4 months ago
2:12 because trash cans and buzzers obviously..
Drone Flights
Drone Flights 4 months ago
Ugh. This is gross. Where’s is your buzzer altuve?
Manuel P.
Manuel P. 4 months ago
They cheated!!
Stephen McNiff
Stephen McNiff 4 months ago
Yankees fan here and honestly at 3:41 pause as confetti falls down. Gold confetti looks like what was on reddick's chest in the interview, doubt it's tape.
peter okeefe
peter okeefe 4 months ago
banned for life all players on the team.....revoke championship and award it to yankees....this is beyond disgusting...maybe next year they will put out a "nancy kerrigan"(break arm) on chapman or whoever they face..owner should lose team allowing alot more than just CHEATING!!!
Disruptii 4 months ago
LM FAO 4 months ago
Hey Houston how’d you like cheaters
sfv6 4 months ago
Jiltedin2007 5 months ago
Hey Houston, how would you like to be Banned from Baseball?
Clint Davis
Clint Davis 5 months ago
JackGeezy 5 months ago
Houston Astericks
Jim Mcfarland
Jim Mcfarland 6 months ago
Cheaters. #StripTheTitle
Phil Montejano
Phil Montejano 6 months ago
Houston is changing their name to The Houston Stealers!
Nuke China
Nuke China 6 months ago
This aged like skim milk.
Tyler Z
Tyler Z 6 months ago
Astros Cheated
Pappa Watson
Pappa Watson 6 months ago
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 7 months ago
Mirquella Santos
Mirquella Santos 7 months ago
The National pitcher whipped Altube and Ozuna's behinds pretty hard and I loved it cause the Astros were way too inflated. Viva the Nationals.
Julius Ulit
Julius Ulit 7 months ago
The only thing missing in his resume is WS MVP
Cherry Snow
Cherry Snow 7 months ago
A.J. Hinch played with my favorite team the great Oakland Athletics from 1998-2000. Great job with this team.
my Joe
my Joe 7 months ago
MAGA Supporter
MAGA Supporter 7 months ago
The Stros' will be going home soon. Let's go Yankees.
Walz Hi
Walz Hi 7 months ago
Who care
John Barber
John Barber 7 months ago
Houston Assmunches.
Alex ZA
Alex ZA 7 months ago
Julio Calvo
Julio Calvo 7 months ago
Altuve papaaa no juega carrito...
Edtrice Durant
Edtrice Durant 7 months ago
Dam trophy is as big as he is
Axle Grind
Axle Grind 7 months ago
too much celebration too soon. there's a good chance they wind up in second place.
Rose G.
Rose G. 7 months ago
Very exciting!!
Alan Gamino
Alan Gamino 7 months ago
Where's all of my beloved Astros & Jose Altuve fans right there!!
Nancy Mullendore
Nancy Mullendore 7 months ago
David Kolb
David Kolb 7 months ago
Look, I know the Nationals beat the Dodgers, But they will be no match for Houston...
timmy 7 months ago
eat your heart out Hal FIRE CASHMAN
David Ortega
David Ortega 7 months ago
My equipo también fueron MVP palabras de HUMILDAD! Hats off boy! #Respect
XnonZ 7 months ago
Astros #1
Streaming Online
Streaming Online 7 months ago
really deserve
Newt Scamander
Newt Scamander 7 months ago
Shoulda been Marvin Hudson tbh
Sam BassettLumber
Sam BassettLumber 7 months ago
We are going all the way!!!
Juan Suriel
Juan Suriel 7 months ago
That what you need in a team a Great team player can't wait to see this world series. Astros $$$$$$$$
Silent Sneak20
Silent Sneak20 7 months ago
Astros in a tough 7
Jose doroteo El grano de oro
Houston Houston we gone to World Series. NASA
Max Ometepeño
Max Ometepeño 7 months ago
Love Astros love Altuve, I am from LA Dodgers are the worst baseball team ever
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly 7 months ago
Looks like New Year's eve in a nut house.
Money Long
Money Long 7 months ago
Welcome back welcome back welcome back😎😎😋
cometastral 7 months ago
Easy win for the Nationals
Earnest T Bass
Earnest T Bass 7 months ago
As a Red Sox fan I am extremely pleased!😄🤣 Thaaa Yankees lose
Juan Suriel
Juan Suriel 7 months ago
Yankees vs the Houston Astros waz my first game I saw in the old Yankee Stadium $$$$$$$$ MVP
Brian Drescher
Brian Drescher 7 months ago
He's my little buddy
Deangelo Mills
Deangelo Mills 7 months ago
H-TOWN stand up
No Mames Guey
No Mames Guey 7 months ago
Nothing more annoying than having folks on the stage that don’t belong there. (Owner’s spouses are the worst!)
No Mames Guey
No Mames Guey 7 months ago
Nothing more annoying than having folks on the stage that don’t belong there. (Owner’s spouses are the worst!)
Salvador Venegas
Salvador Venegas 7 months ago
Chapman should retire after that pitch to Jose Altuve
Frankincensed 7 months ago
Enjoyed you beating the Evil Empire. Now you can loose to the Nats in six
Raul Gongora
Raul Gongora 7 months ago
Son la mayoria antiyankees y viven en un pais de yankees.malagradecidos que trumplos deporten.atodos
Brailin peña
Brailin peña 7 months ago
From here in the Dominican Republic enjoying here fan of the astro💪💪
Raul Gongora
Raul Gongora 7 months ago
Son todos unos envidiosos nos vamos a preparar.mejor que udes.y se Los vamos arrebatar esto no se quede asi .envidiosos nunca seran como los yankees en lahistoria envidiosos usdes resusitaron el otro dia .envidiosos
Arthur Garza
Arthur Garza 7 months ago
Jesus Christ....it's just a game and y'all fools act like they solved world hunger.
Franky Garcia
Franky Garcia 7 months ago
Yesss,,,congratulations,,,and go astros,,❤️👍🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆✌️
Brandon Torres
Brandon Torres 7 months ago
As a Yankee fan, this was truly heartbreaking. But congrats to Houston and good luck in the World Series.
Monica Reedy
Monica Reedy 7 months ago
Brandon, U R A Class Act ! it was a REAL Battle Out THER So HOLD, U R HEAD UP High ! & They R a TALENTED Group ! U R ("Welcome")anytime in H-Town !
Edtrice Durant
Edtrice Durant 7 months ago
Brandon Torres man that’s wassup . Been seeing a lot of rude yankee fans , but gig ups to you for the salute
rickinrolla 7 months ago
Thanks Brandon, better luck next time. Surely the Yankees will be in the mix next year.
optymyst26 7 months ago
Brandon Torres hated feeling like this in 2018 against the Red Sox, I like yall moto “ next man up” almost like ours “never settle” both teams are fun to watch, but can raise your blood pressure in close games. Respect to New York from a Stros fan
Yury Estrada
Yury Estrada 7 months ago
Yes Astros for championship
Laurence 7 months ago
....been wearing my ballcap, proudly. Go, 'Stros!!!
Isaac McGee
Isaac McGee 7 months ago
Go Astros
Roberto Alcantara
Roberto Alcantara 7 months ago
el mejor es altuve
VRSNSMV BVILOMS 7 months ago
Somos Campeones!!!
DeshaunBetter 7 months ago
Grand Wonder
Grand Wonder 7 months ago
How ‘bout them Stros, yo?
draxcir 7 months ago
Yankees blew it.
Jhonattan Cermeño
Jhonattan Cermeño 7 months ago
Tenía q ser venezolano papá Altuve y magallanero 🇻🇪🇻🇪💪💪💪
J Mack24
J Mack24 7 months ago
Astros in 5 💯
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